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Collectit hes ane greit power of men.

The quhilk rycht sone quhen king Henrie did 45,245


He sped him hame rycht sone into the tyde;
Of his cuming he had no will to byde.
This Alexander that tyme neuirtheles,
Thocht he wes gone thocht he wald haif


Of peax or weir cum as it wald to hand; 45,250

Richt sone he enterit in Northumberland,
And thair he la at greit laser and lenth,
Seigit and wan ilk castell, tour and strenth;
Syne to the erd richt law he kest thame doun,
Quhen that wes done passit to Carlill toun. 45,2es
With litill sturt baith toun and castell wan,
Of that conditioun, thairin euirilk man
Sould leuit be to pas but ony skaith
Of thair bodie, and of thair guidis baith.
And sua he did richt frelie leit thame go, 45,250

Syne in the toun and the castell also,
Left men of weir and watchis for to keip
Vpone the wall quhen vtheris war on sleip.
To Norhame 1 syne the narrest way he tuke,
About that hous he watchit lang and woik, 45,255

Of stone and lyme that stude so wonder strang.
Quhen he had lyne about that hous so lang,
Withoutin furder other nicht or da,
He left the hous and syne come hame his wa.
Syne king Henrie with mekle brag and bost, 45,270
Quhen he hard tell that skaillit wes his ost,
Quhilk with his power than bayth nycht and da,
La waittand still quhill he wes past awa,
Richt suddanlie syne enterit in Scotland.
The toun of Beruik on the se did stand, 45,275
With the castell into the tyme hes' tane;
Syne forder mair furth with his ost hes gane,”
With fyre and spulge baith by daill and doun,
Withoutin stop ay onto Haddingtone.
Dumbar castell, becauss it wes so strang,
He wald nocht seig nor 3it tarie so lang;
He stude greit aw thair langar to remane,
Thairfoir rycht sone he sped him hame agane.
Neirby the tyme that thir kingis did so,
The cardinall, that callit wes Guallo,
Of all thir weiris quhen he hard rehers,
That samin tyme his office did exerce,
And cursit hes by his power of law
King Alexander and his lordis aw.
Syne interdytit all Scotland siclike,
Declairand ilk man for ane heretike,
As he alledgit, sayand tha sould wirk
In contrare the fredome of halie kirk.
3it neuirtheles king Alexander sone,
To be revengit of the thing wes done
Be king Henrie bot laitlie of befoir,
Collectit hes ane power than far moir
Na that he had befoir winder his band,
Quhen that he hereit all Northumberland.
That tyme he thocht for to revengit be,
Or mony one vpoun ane da sould de.
The archibischop of 3ork in tha dais,
And Sarisberrie, as my author says,
Thir tua gude men with mony vther mo,
Dreidand full soir that all to wrak suld go,
Thir tua greit princes beand at so greit feid,
Without richt sone tha saw for sum remeid,
Tharfoir that tyme, thair purpois to fulfill,
In Scotland come king Alexander till,

1 In MS. Morhame.

Lib. 13, f209.
Col. 1.

1 In MS. hed. | * In MS. agane.







Haiffand that tyme the power of Ingland, 45,310

Trewis till tak, to obliss, and mak band,
And to compone for all thing moir and lea,
To gif agane and for to mak redres.
And so tha did into that samin place,
Or tha departit fra the kingis grace, 45,315

With solistatioun of thame and greit cuir,
Tha tuke trewis for lang tyme till induir.
Of this conditioun, without pledge or pane,
That Alexander suld restoir agane
The toun of Carlill, and the castell to, 45,320

Till king Henrie, and he siclike till do
The toun that tyme and castell of Beruik,
Till him agane for to restoir siclike;
And Alexander suld haif all the cuir
To the Re-Corss that standis in Stone-mure, 45,32*
In heretage, siclike as wes befoir
Possessit wes with gude Malcome Canmoir.
Quhen this wes done with all thair haill consent,
Thir tua bischopis hame onto Lundoun went,
Confermand thair all thing that tha had done; 45,330
To Beruik syne tha come agane full sone,
Thair in1 that place quhair that the tryst wes set,
With Alexander and his lordis met,
Absoluand him and his lordis ilkone,
Fra all proces wes2 led on thame bigone. 45,S35

The interdictioun of Scotland also,
Relaxit hes be power of Gualo.
Off ^ork the bischop, ane rycht nobill man,
Wes executor of the office than.

Fra his power the kirkmen les and moir 45,340

Exceptit wes, for-quhy Gualo befoir
Considderit weill that tyme that he suld haue
Far moir jurisdictioun nor ony of all the laue:

1 In MS. in '*• f * &» MS. wed.

Col. 2. And for this caus that I haif said tow heir,

He summond thame in Anwik to compeir. 45,345

And so tha did befoir him self richt sone,

To heir and se how all thing suld be done;

Befoir him thair quhen tha war all present,

This ilk Gualo declarit his intent,

Sayand, without tha maid him conditioun, 45,350

Ilk man till pa for his remissioun

To him ane sowme efter his facultie,

Tha suld for him all wnabsoluit be.

Into the tyme richt mony hes done so;

iit neuirtheles, of all the laif far mo 45,355

To his desyr wald nocht consent ane fit,

Sic symonye wnlefull till commit:

Sayand it wes expres agane the law

Of God and man, alss far as tha culd knaw,

Sic spirituall thing other to sell or by. 45,350

This ilk Gualo than for that samin quhy,

Era his handis that tha suld nocht sua chaip,

Thair absolutioun that tyme to the paip

Beferrit hes thair till absoluit be,

Or than at hame all in sic proces die, 45,355

Or than the sowme that he taxit thame so ;1

Cheis thame, he said, ane of thir thre till do.

Thir bischopis2 all, quhen tha hard him sa sua,

So stomatak at him ilkone war tha,

Or tha wald byde at his sentence and dome, 45,370

Tha chois erar for to pas to Home,

Fra that sentence thair for to be relaxt,

Agane the law or tha wald pa sic taxt.

And so tha did sone efter syne but fentie,

Onto the paip of Gualo did complente; 45,375

Schawand to him the haill fassoun in feir,

Ilk word be word as I haif said tow heir.

1 In MS. do. | «In MS. princes.

That samin tyme the Inglismen also,

The soir complaynt wes maid of this Gualo,

Befoir the paip than oppinlie hes1 tald, 48,3S0

With semony how he bayth bocht and sauld

Sic spirituall thing, wnlefull till be done.

Quhairfoir the paip, richt suddantlie and sone,

Out of Ingland this cardinall gart call

Befoir him self sittand in tribunall. 45,3S5

The justice sait that da him self had vsit,

Quhair this Gualo befoir him wes accusit

Be ane prelat of Scotland come to pleinte,

Befoir thame all war present in that sente,

Richt quyetlie his vices did rehers, 45,3S0

In sic ordour as I sail now rehers.

So he begouth, and leit him wnderstand,

Quhen this Gualo come first into Ingland,

With sic indult and so greit facultie,

Quhilk grantit wes be his auctoritie, 45,305

Into that tyme he execute all wrang,

For auerice that he had vsit lang;

Quhairin the first, the fais of king Johnne,

That secularis war, absoluit thame richt sone

War penitent and tuke pennance thairfoir,2 45,400

But ony money other les or moir:

The kirkmen all without tribut or taxt,

With him that tyme wes neuir ane relaxt.

The secund thing quhairof he him accusit,

Throw his ill counsall that king Henrie vsit, 45,405

He causit him to brek the peax and band

Wes maid befoir betuix him and Scotland,

And with his power Scotland syne invaid,

Quhair greit distructione in the tyme wes maid;

Of men and beist richt greit mortalitie, 45,410

"With fyre and blude that pitie wes to se. Lib.i3,f.209b.

1 la MS. vei.

»In MS. thairfar.

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