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"Syne Alexander, quhilk did him self defend

"Fra sic injure, as it wes richt weill kend,

"But any causs that tyme to him he hed,

"Of halie kirk the proces on him led, 45,415

"And on his lordis, withoutin causs or wyit

"Of ony cryme, and syne for moir dispyit,

"At his plesour, withoutin tour command,

"He interdytit that tyme all Scotland.

"And [all] but cryme, thocht tha war penitent, 45,420

"And efterwart till him obedient,

"King Alexander and his lordis ilkone

"Had absolutioun that tyme at him tone

"Gratis but gold, for weill he wist himsell,

"Thairtill on force he micht nocht thame compelL 45,425

"Syne the kirkmen that wer vnder his cuir,

"Saikles on ws the wyit alhaill he buir;

"For-quhy that tyme he knew rycht weill and wist

"Aganis him we micht nocht all resist;

"And for that caus he wald ws nocht releif 45,430

"Fra that proces, without ilkane wald geif

"Of gold ane sowme efter his facultie;

"The quhilk we thocht wes nocht lesum to be.

'' With auerice quhairwith he wes infectit,

"Incomparabill of cun^e hes collectit; 45,435

"The priuilege of halie kirk all wrang

"At his plesour thus he hes vsit lang."

Befoir thame all quhen this wes said rycht tyte,

Quhairof Gualo could nocht himself weill quyte,

The money all in Ingland than he wan, 45,440

Fra [tyme] thairin his legacie began,

And mekle moir, to this paip Innocens

That tyme he gaif for his beneuolence.

Far better war he had biddin at hame,

For-quhy he tint all his travell and fame. 45,445

The prelattis all that come of him to plente,

Thair with the paip into that samin sen^e

Relaxit war, and absoluit ilkone,

Fra that cursing, and syne all hame ar gone.

Sone efter syne, into that samin ^eir 45,450

That this wes done as I haif said ^ow heir,

The gude erle Dauid than of Huntlyngtoun,

At Ptholomey wes seigit and put doun,

That' wan sic gloir and honour in tha dais,

Syne all his tyme, as that my author sais, 45,455

Alas weill in peax as into weir wes he,

Ane man of wisdome and auctoritie,

That bruther wes to king Williame also,

That samin tyme he tuke his leif till go

Out of this lyfe, and did his saull restoir 45,450

Onto the King of all honour and gloir.

This king Henrie syne quhen he wes of aige,

And moir wisdome than quhen he wes ane page,

Ilk da be da alss wisdome moir did leir,

With moir desyr alway till pece nor weir; 45,455

And for that caus in iork than hes he met

With Alexander quhair the tryst wes set,

Into the tyme quhair that gude peax wes maid,

With subscriptioun and mony seill full braid,

Befor ane legat, callit Phillop to name, 45,470

Ane cardinall of greit honour and fame.

To fessin all with moir affinitie,

This ilk Henrie ane ^oung sister bed he,

Callit wes Jane, plesand of hie parage,

To Alexander gaif her in mariage. 45,475

King Alexander of Scotland also,

At hame that tyme he hed toung sisteris tuo,

For thair wedding that tyme aggreit he,

With Inglis lordis heast of degrie.

All this wes done quhilk ^e heir me record, 15,4S0

Into the teir of Jesu Christ oure Lord, Col. a.

Ane thousand ^eir and tua hundreth also, ,

And tuentie aJs withoutin ony mo.

In Cantirberrie, in the secund teir

Efter this tyme as I haif said ^ow heir, 45,4S5

Quhair present wes that tyme king Henreis grace,

And mony prelat in that samin place,

Be thair support togidder all at onis,

Of Sanct Thomas translatit wer the bonis

lutill ane ferter that tyme fra his graif, 45,490

With all honour that ane martir suld haif.

Neirby this tyme that ie heir me subsume,

Honorius, the quhilk wes paip of Rome,

To Innocens the quhilk that did succeid,

Ane legat send in Scotland, as we reid, 45,495

At king and lordis askand thair supple,

At thair plesour efter thair facultie;

Richt laulie than the quhilk did thame exhort,

With part of money that tha wald support

The Cristen men quhilk war than for to ga 45,500

In Halie Land to fecht with Goddis fa.

Thairtill ilkone rycht glaidlie thair did grant,

Suppois thame self thairof sould haif moir skant,

Ilkone that tyme efter his facultie,

Ane sowme of gold gaif in greit quantitie, 45,505

Quhair with this legat tuke his leif till go.

Sone efter syne than as it hapnit so,

Nocht ane penny thairof to Rome wes brocht;

I can noch[t] tell gif it wes trew or nocht,

Bot as he said so sall I to tow sa, 45,510

That he wes reft with thevis be the way;

This wes the son^e in the tyme he schew,

Judge ^e or nocht gif that sic thing wes trew.

Honorius, quhen he this knew and kend,

Ane vther legat syne agane he send 45,515

Into Scotland desyrand the same thing;

Quhairfoir the lordis that tyme and the king

Ane counsall maid, quhair tha decreittit sone,

In that mater quhat best wes till be done;

Concludit wes -with king and all the laue, 45,520

No mo legattis tha wald agane ressaue

Into that cace, for-quhy tha dred rycht soir,

That he suld do as done wes of befoir;

And for that cans tha leit him nocht remane

Of his erarid, hot sped him hame agane. 45,525

How King Alexander Mareit The Sister Of
King Henbie, And How Hubert, Greit
Justice Of Ingland, Kareit King Alex-
Anderis Sister, And How Gillespie Re-
Bellit Aganis The King, And How The
Erle Of Buchane, Johnne Cuming, Wes
Send To Him.

Sone efter syne that done wes all this thing,

Gude Alexander, of Scotland that wes king,

King Henreis sister weddit to his wyfie,

Thairwith in joy for to leid his lyfe.

A in- greit nobill as ;<• sall wnderstand, 45,530

Callit Hubert, greit justice of Ingland,

Of Alexander the sister than did wed

To be his spous, and brocht hir to his bed.

Confermit wes, throw that affinitie,

Sic peax and rest and greit tranquillitie 45,535

Betuix thir prencis, but pledgis or pane,

That no man traistit to se weir agane.

lit neuirtheles ane man but fayth or fame,

That callit wes Gillespie to his name, Lib.i3,f.2io.

Into Catnes aganis the king he rais, 45,540 Co1-lt

With greit p*ower to Inuernes syne gais:

Into his gaitis baith hereit, brint and slew,
Fra his handis thair chaipit than rycht few
Tuke nocht his part, and gaif to him consent,
Bycht suddantlie be him tha war all schent: 45,545

Syne Inuernes in bis wodnes and ire,

Baith kirk and toun, he brint all in ane fyre.

The erle of Buchane, bellicois and bald,

Johnne Cuming, of nobill blude and ald,

Ane nobill man as it wes rycht weill kend, 45,550

King Alexander in the tyme hes send, . .

With [greit] power haiffand auctoritie

Of this Gillespie to revengit be,

In gufle ordour baith on fit and hors,

Throw Mar, Buchane, and also in throw Ross, 45,555

Seikand richt far quhill he Gillespie fand,

Syne chaissit him throw mony sindrie land,

Withoutin rest in na place till remane,

Quhill he tua thousand and him self hes slane;

And all his men that tyme be the leist ane, 45,550

War other slane or than in handis tane.

Gillespeis heid, that maid sa febill end,

With his tua sonis to the king wes send.

That samin tyme, or neir thairby I ges,

Rycht cruell men that duelt into Catnes, 45,555

Thair bischop than, quhilk wes ane man of gude,

That cursit thame than, schortlie to conclude,

For to the kirk no teyndis tha wald pa,

With haill consent becaus that he did sua,

Tha seigit him into his awin place; 45,570

Syne finallie, withoutin mercie or grace,

Within ane hous that tyme quhair that he was,

Him and the hous tha brint baith into ass.

Onto the king quhen that this cace wes kend,

With greit power in Catnes sone he send; 45,675

Four hundreth men of thir faltaris hes tane,

Syne on ane gallons hangit thame ilkane;

And that thair surename sould na farder spred,

The barnis all into the tyme tha hed,

That sonis war, he causit for the nanis, 45,5S0

That samin tyme to cut fra thame thair stanis,

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