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Into ane taikin and memoriall.

Quhair this wes done [now] Bawstane Craig tha call,
Quhair all thair stanis hapnit vpone cace
Cassin togidder in that samin place. 45,5S5

The erle of Catnes alss that tyme wes he,
Becaus he sufferit sic thingis for to be
"Without remeid, and wald mak no ganestand,
Forfaltit wes thairfoir of all his land.

Syne efter this, as ^e sall weill presume, 45,590

Ane legat send wes fra the paip of Rome

To Alexander for his hie curage,i

With mony pardoun and greit priuilege,

Oft thankand him that stude at sic defence

Of halie kirk, syne maid sic recompence 45,595

Without fauour as he had gart than,

For the distructione of that nobill man.

Ane man of gude, of literature and fame,

Quhilk callit wes than Gilbert to his name,

Ane halie man withoutin falt or cryme, 45,eoo

Bischop of Catnes wes maid into the tyme.

The priuilege that fra the paip wes send,

Becaus he wes ane man that sic thing kend,

To him that tyme conseruitour to be,

Committit wes the haill auctoritie. 45,805

This ilk Gilbert, as that my author sais,

Ane sanct in hevin is haldin in thir dais.

In the thrid ^eir syne efter all this thing, c0l. 2.

This Alexander of Scotland that wes king,

With Annangard his mother that wes quene, 45,510

Haldand his £uill, as my author did mene,

Quhen euerie man wes in solace and pla,

Efter the £uill vpoun Vphalie da,

Into the hall quhar that tha sat at none,

For caus that tyme he thocht most oportune, 45,018

The erle of Catnes in that samin place,

On his kneia befoir the kingis grace,

Quhair that his mother that tyme wes present,

Richt humblie than with law and meik intent,

He askit grace rycht piteouslie that tyme, 45,520

And clengit him of the slauchter and cryme

Of Adamus, ane just man and ane trew,

Bischop of Catnes laitlie as I schew.

That samin tyme as my author meyne,

At the requeist of Armangard the quene, 45,525

His mother wes, and mony vther mo,

And for the honour of the tyme also,

King Alexander hartlie in the tyme

Forgevin hes him all faltis and cryme;

And all his landis also les and moir, 45,530

To him agane richt frelie did restoir.

This samin erle, as that my authour sais,

Efter that tyme richt lang and mony dais,

Althocht he wes forgevin with the king,

Becaus he wes nocht saikles of that thing, 45,835

The hand of God sone efterwart thairfoir,

Hes puneist him rycht cruellie and soir.

Into hes bed, wnwist of ony wicht,

Rycht quietlie wes slane vpone the nicht;

That nane suld wit syne efter how it was, 45,540

The hous and him tha brint baith into ass.

Thus endit he withoutin ony moir,

In the same falt he faillit in befoir.

Neirby this tyme as ^e sail wnderstand,

The blak freiris come first into Scotland. 45,545

King Alexander quhen he wes in France,

As sum man said, of aduenture and chance

With Sanct Dominick him awin self he met,

Quhair he till him ane fixit da hes set,

At his requeist wes greitlie to commend, 45,950

Of his brether in Scotland for to send.

Quhilk war ressauit with the kingis grace

With greit honour, syne biggit thame ane place

At lhair plesure, and ay sensyne for-thi,

The langar ay tha haif done multiply. 45,055

Sanct Frances ordour sone efter tha dais

Come first in Scotland, as my author sais;

The quhilk ordour, as we may preif in deid,

Of perfectioun all vther dois exceid.

Sone efter this as ^e haif hard me sa, 45,850

The nobill lord Alkne of Gallowa,

Constabill of Scotland in his tyme wes he,

Quhilk gydit justice with greit equitie

To riche and puir, without fraude or fen^ie,

Wes neuir man of him had caus to plen^e, 45,055

With greit mening that tyme" of mony one,

He take his leif and to his graif is gone:

No langar heir he list to mak repair.

Thre dochteris left behind him to be air;

All Gallowa, the quhilk befoir he gydit, 45,570

"Richt equallie amang thir thre diuydit,

Befoir his deith ilkone thair awin suld ken,

Syne weddit thame with thre ^oung nobill men.

Ane bastard sone also that tyme hed he,

I can nocht tell be quhat auctoritie 45,575

Or richt euill counsall sum had gevin him to, Col. 1

All Gallowa that tyme he maid on do.

Becaus lord Allane had no sone bot he,

On him thairfoir to sic auctoritie,

Throw ill counsall quhilk causit oft discord, 45,5S0

Of Gallowa he held him self the lord.

And quha thairin maid contrapleid or pley,

Or war so bald his bidding dissobey,

Richt suddantlie, with greit malice and ire,

Persewit thame baith than with blude and fyre. 45,0S5

Wes neuir sene nother with lord nor lard,

As he with him, had sic ane graceles gard;
For-quhy that tyme ilkone till him did draw,
Forloppin lownia that durst not bide the law,
VOL. ill. o

Baith theif and tratour that culd neuir be trew, 45,890

Thikfald to him all in the tyme tha drew.

Onto the number of ten thousand men,

Dalie he led ouir mony gill and glen:

Thir brybouris bald, withoutin ony baid,

Ilk da greit spul^ie in sindrie partis maid. 45,e»a

King Alexander, of this quhen he wes war,

The eiie of Marche callit Patrik Dumbar,

And Walter Stewart lord of Dundonald,

Thir tua lordis, with mony berne full bald,

In contrair him that samin tyme send he 45,700

In Oallowa with his aUctoritie,

Quhilk viucust him and slew him thair in feild;

Fyve thousand als than of his men wer keild,

And all the laif that war nocht slane or tane,

Out of Scotland tha baneist thame ilkane. 45,705

Rodger Quincin quhilk wes ane man of gude,

Ane lord he wes and of richt nobill blude,

The eldest sister also of the thrie,

Lord Alanis ddchter that tyme mareit he;

The constabill than of Scotland he wes maid, 45,710

The quhilk he brukit with tha landis braid,

And all his airis till ane richt lang tyme.

Syne efterwart, for greit tressoun and cryme,

Forfaltit wes; and for that samin querrell,

Translatit syne wes1 to the erle of Arrell 45,715

That ilk office, with haill auctoritie;

Of Scotland than the constabill maid wes he,

Quhilk tit sensyne, withoutin ony leis,

That samin office tha bruke tit in peice.

All beand done as I haif said tow heir, 45,720

To Alexander come ane messingeir

Out of Ingland, the quhilk to him that scheW

Betuix the king and his lordis of new,

1 In MS. syne wes sync.

Quhat wes the causs he culd nocht rycht weill tell,

Rycht suddantlie ane greit discord thair felL 46,725

King Alexander for that sarain caus,

As he richt weill that culd alledge the lawes,

For to reforme all wrangis and discord,

Quhairfoir that tyme with mony rycht wyss lord,

That tyme in Ingland passit hes, but leifl, 45,730

Quhair he richt sone all scisma hes gart ceis.

Rycht mony tryst, as my author recordis,

He drew richt oft betuix the king and lordis,

"With greit travell lang efter he come hidder,

Quhill he richt weill aggreit thame togidder. 48,785

Quhen this wes done, for mair merit and me id,

In pilgremage to Sanct Thomas he teid,

Of Canterberrie, diuotlie on his feit.

His pilgremage quhen that he had compleit,

In Lundoun toun, as my author did tell, 45,740

His toungest sister, callit Issobell,

The quhilk with him in Ingland he gart pas, Col. 2.

Aue nobill man the erle of Northfolk was,

To him that tyme in mariage he gaif,

Quhome of he wes rycht weill content to haif. 45,745

How Jeane The Quene And King Alexanders
Wyffe Depabtit In Ingland Out Of This
Lyffe, And Of King Alexanderis Comeing
Hame In Scotland, And Efter Weddit
The Erle Of Goweris Dochter, And How
Patrik, Erle Of Athoill, Was Slane.

Sone efter this now that ^e heir me mene,

Gude Jeane of Scotland that tyme that wes quene,

To Alexander was weddit wyfe also,

The quhilk -with him in Ingland he gart go,

Aganis dead becaus scho micht nocht stryve, 45,750

Departit hes out of this present lyfe,

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