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ment, and preservation of said road; and he shall pay for superior court for Olio county, for the sum he, she, or the same out of the fund arising from the tolls; he shall they may be in arrear, with interest and damages as is have power to appoint and remove at pleasure, the col above provided for in the case of defaulting superintendlectors of tolls, and to take from such collector or collec ents : Provided, That such collector or collectors, his, tors, bond with good security, conditioned for his, her, or her, or their security or securities, his or their heirs, exetheir faithfully discharging his, her, or their duty, and ac cutors, or administrators, shall [have] "had ten days' precounting for and paying over to such superintendent, or vious notice of such motion. When the said collector his successors in office, all monies or tolls by him, her, or shall have paid over to the superintendent, the superin. them collected or received; and it shall be the duty of tendent shall give him duplicate receipts therefor, one of the superintendent every six months, before the county which he, the said collector, upon pain of forfeiting, or superior court for Ohio county, or before some one by fifty dollars for every failure, shall file with the clerk of either of said courts appointed for that purpose, to ren the county court of Ohio county. The bonds hereby re. der, under oath, an account of all moneys by him receive quired of superintendents or collectors shall be made ed or expended, particularly setting forth, in such ac payable to the President and Directors of the Board of count, the time when, and from whom, he shall have re. Public Works, and be deposited, for sase keeping, with ceived such money, and the time when, and to whom, the Clerk of the county court of Ohio county. But all and on what account, the same shall have been disbursed moneys, and all fines and forfeitures recovered of them, or expended. He shall, before he shall bave entered on or either of them, shall be collected and received by the the duties of said office, take, before the county court of superintendent, in office, or by such person as the counOhio county, or some justice of the peace for said coun. ty court of Ohio county may appoint to receive the same. ty, an oath, that he will faithfully, justly, and impartially The said superintendent, and the said collector or collecdischarge the duties of his said office; and he shall, also, tors, shall be allowed by the county court of Ohio a rea. before said court, enter into bond, with two good securi. sonable compensation for their services ; to be by them ties, at least, in the penalty of ten thousand dollars, con respectively retained out of said tolls, or the proceeds ditioned for his faithfully performing, in all things, the thereof: Provided however, That the compensation to duties of his office of superintendent, to account, as is the superintendent shall not exceed three hundred and before provided for, and also to pay over to his successor thirty.three and one third dollars per annum. And for or successors in office, or to such persons as the county the better order and management of the said, fund, and court of Ohio county may, for this purpose, name and the preservation of said road, the said superintendent appoint, all tolls by him received, and not expended, by and collector or collectors, shall observe and conform to virtue of the provisions of this act. He shall, immediate. such instructions as the President and Directors of the ly on the receipt thereof, deposite in the Northwestern Board of Public Works may, from time to time, prescribe. Bank of Virginia, all monies by him received for tolls or That, as soon as the said gates and toll-houses shall be otherwise, and the same, as superintendent, check for, as erected, it shall be the duty of the said toll collector or he may want the same in repairing, improving, or pre collectors, and they are hereby required to demand and serving said road. And in case of death, resignation, or receive, for passing the said gates, the tolls and rates removal from office, or from the State, any and all monies hereafter mentioned: and they may stop any person ridstanding to his cre:lit in bank, as superintendent, shall be ing, leading, or driving, any horses, catile, sulky, chair, passed to the credit of his successor in office. If the su phaeton, cart, chaise, wagon, sleigh, sled, or other carperintendent shall fail or omit, for two calendar months, riage of burden or pleasure, from passing through the to render his accoun's as is before required, he shall, for said gate or gates, until they shall have respectively paid every such failure, forfeit and pay, for the benefit of said for passing the same; that is to say : if there be but one road fund, five hundred dollars, to be recovered as is after gate, for every score of sheep or hogs, six and a quarter provided for; or, if he shall fail or omit to pay over all mo. cents; for every score of cattle, twelve and a half cents; nies in his hands as is before required, it shall be lawful, for every led or drove horse, three cents ; for every in the name of the President and Directors of the Board mule or ass, led or driven, three cent: ; for every horse of public works, to obtain judgment against him, his se and rider, six and a quarter cents; for every sled or curity or securities, his or their heirs, executors or ad. sleighi, drawn by one horse, or ox, six and a quarter ministrators, upon motion in the county or superior courts cents; for every horse or ox in addition, three cents; for of Ohio county, upon giving ten days notice to such su for every dearborne, sulky, chair, or chaise, with one perintendent, his security or securities, his or their heirs, horse, six and a quarter cents; for every horse in addition, executors or administrators. In all motions, actions, or six and a quarter cents; for every chariot, coach, coachee, bills in chancery, against such superintendent, his secu stage, or phaeton with two horses, twelve and a half rity or securities, his or their heirs, executors or admin. cents ; for every horse in addition, six and a quarter istrators, whenever judgment or decree shall be pronoun. cents; for every other carriage of pleasure, by whatever ced against the defendant or defendants, for any money name it may be called, the like sum, according to the by such superintendents wrongfully detained, such judg. number of wheels and horses drawing the same ; for eve. ment shall be for the principal sum due, with interest ry cart, or wagon, whose wheels do not exceed two and thereon from the time at which the principal su n shall a balf inches in breadth, twelve and a half cents; for each have been due, together with fifteen per centum damages horse or ox drawing the same, four cents; for every cart thereon, to be made and levied in manner provided for by or wagon whose wheels shall exceed two and a half inches law.

in breadth, and not exceeding four inches, six and a The said collectors shall, monibly, or oftener, if re quarter cents; for every horse or ox drawing the same, quired by the superintendent, under oath, account for, three cents; and for everyother cart or wagon wliosewheels and pay to the superintendent then in office, all moneys shall exceed fourinches, and not exceeding five in breadth, or tolls collected by him or them, and which shall re four cents; for every horse or ox drawing the same, two main, after deducting his or their compensation ; and if cents; and all other wagons or carts, whose wheels shall such collector or collectors shall fail herein, it shall be exceed six inches in breadth, shall pass said gates free lawful for the superintendent, in the name of the Presi and clear of all tolls : Provided, however, That nothing in dent and Directors of the Board of Public Works, to ob. this act shall be so construed as to anthorize any tolls to tain judgment against such collector or collectors, his, be received or collected from any person passing to or her, or their security or securities, his or their heirs, from public worship, or to or from a visit to a friend, or executors, or administrators, by motion in the county or other place within ihe county in which he resides, or to

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or from any musters, elections, or courts, or to or from ment, in the county or superior court of Ohio county, be his common business on his farm or woodland, or to or fined in a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or from a funeral, or to or from a mill or school, or to or imprisonment in the jail of the county not exceeding from his common place of trading or marketing within six months, or both, at the discretion of the court , and tlie county in which he resides, including the wagons, if any person shall purposely fill, choke, or otherwise carriages, and horses or oxen drawing the same : Provid obstruct any of the side drains, valleys, gutters, or cui. ed, also, That no toll shall be received or collected for verts of said road now made, or hereafter to be made, or the passage of any stage or coach conveying the United shall connect any private road or cart way with said Cum. States mail, or borses bearing the same, or any wagon or berland road), or if any surveyor of a county road siiall carriage laden with property of the United States, or any connect the same with the said Cumberland road, without cavalry or other troops, army, or military stores belong making at the point of connection, a stone culvert or ing to the same, or to any of the States comprising thie paved valley, or other good and sufficient fixture so as to Union, or any person or persons on duty in military ser. secure a free passage for the water along such side drain vice of the United States, or of the militia of the States : where such private or county road or cartway connects And provided, further, That the superintendent may with said Cumberland road, and so as to secure such Cumcommute the rates of tolls witli any person or persons by berland road from injury by reason of such county or pritaking of him or them a certain sum annually, in lieu of vate road, or way, being connected with said Cumberthe tolls aforesaid : And provided, further, if two gales land road, every person so offending shall, upon convicshall be erecied on said road, then only one half of the tion thereof, be, for every such offence, fined in a sum said rates or tolls shall be received or collected at each not less than five dollars, nor more than twenty dollars ; gate; and that the superintendent and three discreet free

and if any person sliall stand his wagon and team, or holders of Ohio county, to be appointed for this purpose either of them, over night upon the pavement of said by the county court of Ohio county, stall determine the road now inade, or which may liereafter be made, or number of gates (not exceeding two as aforesaid) and the shall at any other time stand a wagon and team, or either site or location of such gate or gates: and said superin of them, upon the said pavement for the purpose of tendent and persons to be appointed by the county court feeding, or if he shall, in any other manner, purposely as aforesaid, are duly authorized to purchase, for the and wilfully obstruct the travel upon said road, or if he purpose of erecting a toll house or toll-louses on said

shall fast-lock or rough lock either of the wheels of any road, as much ground as they shall deem necessary and wagon, coach, chaise, gig, sulky, carriage, or other two advantageous to said road fund ; lo be paid for out of the or four-wheeled vehicle while travelling upon said road tolls aforesaid.

as now made, or as it may hereafter be made, (excepting, Be it further enacled, That the moneys so collected, however, such parts of said road as may be, at the time and all fines, penalties, and forfeitures, accruing under of said locking, covered with ice,) every person so offend. this act, shall constitute a fund, to be denominated the ing shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in a sum not Cumberland road fund, and shall be applied by the su less than two, por more than twenty dollars. perintendent to be appointed as aforesaid, solely and ex. Be it further enacted, That all fines, penalties, and forclusively to the preservation, repair, and improvement feitures, incurred under llie provisions of this act, may be of said road, and the expenses incident thereto, and to recovered by presentment or indictment in the county or no other purpose whalever.

superior courts of Obio county, or by information or action Be it further enacted, That the General Assembly re: of debt in the naine of the Governor, for the use of said serves to itself at any future session thereof, without the road fund, in the same courts; or, the said fines,penalties, consent of Congress, to change, alter, or amend this act: and forfeitures, where the same shall be less than twenty Provided, that the same shall not be so changed, alter- dollars, may be recovered by action of debt in the name ed, or amended, as to reduce or increase the rates of toll and for the use aforesaid, before any justice of the peace hereby established, below or above a sum necessary to for Ohio county; but an appeal may be had, as in other defray the expenses incident to the repair and preserva cases, to the next monthly court of Ohio county, from the tion of said road, to the erection of gates and toll houses judgment of any justice of the peace, when the same shall thereon, and for the payment of the fees or salaries of the be a greater sum than five dollars, exclusive of costs, and superintendent, the collector of tolls, and of such other it shall be the duty of the superintendent and collectors of agents as may be necessarily employed in the pres rva tolls to prosecute all offences against the provisions of this tion and repair of the said road, according to the true act, and he or they shall not be liable for costs where the intent and meaning of this act.

person or persons prosecuteil shall be acquilted, unless Be it further enacted, That directors shall be set up at the court or justice will certify that the prosecution is proper and convenient situation, to caution all conductors groundless and without good cause. and drivers of carriages or wagons on the road, as afore Be it further enucled, That if more than one gate be said, that they shall always pass on the left of each erected upon said road,

shall be lawful for any person, other, under the penalty of five dollars for every offence ; desirous to do so, to pay the whole toll at any one gate, and there shall also be set up, at some conspicuous place and, thereupon, the collector shall grant him a proper cerat each gate, a board, on which shall be legibly printed tificate thereof, which certificate shall be a sufficient warthe rates of toll as is provided for in this act; and if rant to procure inis passage through the other gate. any toll collector shall unreasonably delay or hinder any Be it further enacted, That this act shall not have any passenger or traveller at any of the gates, or shall de. force or effect till the Government of the United States mand or receive more toll than is by this act established, shall assent to the same. he shall, for each any every such offence, forfeit and pay to the party aggrieved, ihe sum of len dollars.

VIRGINIA, Richmond city to wit: Be it further enacted, That if any person shall pur

I, George W. Mumford, Clerk of the House of Deleposely and maliciously deface, or otherwise injure any of gates, and Keeper of the Rolls of Virginia, do certify that the milestones, parapet walls, culverts, or bridges, or the foregoing is a true copy of an act concerning the Cumany masonry whatsoever, or any of the gates or roll berland Road, passed February the seventh, eighteen hur. houses of, or belonging to the said Cumberland road, in dred and thirty two. this State, as the same is now constructed, or may here.

Given under my hand this thirteenth day of February, after be constructed, every person so offending, upon

eighteen hundred and thirty-two. conviction thereof, or judgment, information, or present. Approved: March 2, 1832.

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AN ACT to secure to mechanics and others payment of the building; and where the proceedings are by scire

for labor done and materials furnished in the erection facias, the writ shall be served in like manner as a sum. of buildings in the District of Columbia.

mons upon the persons named therein, if to be found withBe it enacted, &c. That all and every dwelling house, in the county, and if not found within the county, then by or other building, hereafter constructed and crected with fixing a copy of the writ upon the door of the building in the City of Washington, in the town of Alexandria, or against which the claim is filed; and upon the return of in Georgetown, in the District of Columbia, shall be service and failure of the defendants to appear, the court subject to the payment of the debts contracted for, or by shall render judgment as in the case of a summons; but if reason of any work done or materials fuund and provided they, or either of them, appear, they may plead and make by any brickmaker, bricklayer, stonecutter, mason, lime defence, and the like proceedings shall be had as in permerchant, carpenter, painter and glazier, ironmonger, sonal actions for the recovery of debts: Provided, That no blacksmith, plasterer, and lumaber merchant, or any oth judgment rendered in such scire facias, shall warrant the er person or persons employed in furnishing materials issuing an execution, except against the building or for, or in the erecting and constructing such house or oth buildings upon which the lien existed as aforesaid. er building, before any other lien which originated sub Approved: March 2, 1833. sequent to the commencement of such house or other building. But if such dwelling house, or other building, AN ACT to authorize the County Commissioners for the or any portion thereof, shall have been constructed under

County of Peoria, in the State of Illinois, to enter a contract or contracts entered into by the owner thereof, or bis or her agent, with any person or persons, no per

fractional quarter section of land for a seat of justice,

and for other purposes. son who may have done work for such contractor or contractors, or furnished materials to him, or on his order

Be it enacled, &c. That ibe commissioners for the counor authority, shall have or possess any lien on said house

ty of Peoria, in the State of Illinois, be, and they are here. or other building, for work done or materials so furnished,

by, authorized to enter with the Register and Receiver

of the public lands at Springfield, in said State, (for the unless the person or persons employed by such contract. or to do work on, or furnish materials for, such building,

use of said county,) the residue of the northeast fractional sha!!, within thirty days after being so employed, give quarter of section number nine, in township number notice in writing, to the owner or owners of such build- eight north, in range number eight east: Provided, that ing, or to his or to their agent, that he or they are so

nothing in this act shall be so construed as to interfere employed to work or to furnish materials, and that they

with the claim or claims of any other person or persons, to claim the benefit of the lien granted by this act. And if said fractional quarter section. such house or other building should not sell for a sum

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the heirs or le. sufficient to pay all the demands for such work and mate. gal representatives of J. Latham, deceased, be, and they rials, then, and in such case, the same shall be averaged,

are hereby, authorized to withdraw, and relocate the and each of the creditors paid a sum proportionate to

claim which was illegally located on said fractional quartheir several demands: Provided, always, That no such

ter section, upon any other quarter section of public land debt for work and materials shall remain a lien on the

to which it may, by law, be applicable. said houses or other buildings longer than two years from

Approved: March 2, 1833. the commencement of the building thereof, unless an ac. tion for the recovery of the same be instituted, or the

AN ACT authorizing an alteration in the Election Dis. claim filed, within three months after performing the work

tricts for Members of the Legislative Council of the or furnishing the materials, in the office of the clerk of

Territory of Michigan. the court for the county in which the building shall be Be it enacted, &c. That the Legislative Council of the situated: And provided, also, That each and every per- Territory of Michigan be, and hereby is, authorized to son, having received satisfaction for his or their debt, for provide for such alterations in the Election Districts of which a claim has been or shall be filed, or action brought said Territory, as will more effec:ually secure to the dif. as aforesaid, shall, at the request of any person interested

ferent sections of said Territory a more equal representain the building on which the same was a lien, or in having tion in said Legislative Council

. the same lien removed, or of his or their legal represen

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That if the said Letalive, on payment of the costs of the claim or action, and gislative Council shall have adjourned before the first day on tender of the costs office for entering the satisfac of April next, the Governor of said Territory shall, by tion, within six days after such request made, enter satis. proclamation, district the said Territory according to the faction of the claim in the office where such claim was or provisions of the foregoing section. shall be filed, or such action brought, which shull forever Approved : March 2, 1833. thereafter discharge, defeat, and release the same; and if such persons, having received such satisfaction as afore- AN ACT supplementary to an act, entitled “ An act said, by himself or his attorney, shall not, within six days concerning a Seminary of Learning in the Territory of aster request and payment of the costs of the claim or ac Arkansas," approved the seventh of March, one thoution, and tender as aforesaid, by himself or his attorney,

sand eight hundred and twenty-seven. duly authorized, enter satistaction as aforesaid, he, she, or Be it enacted, &c. That the Governor of the Territory they, neglecting or refusing so to do, shall forfeit and pay of Arkansas shall select twenty of the sections of public unto the party or parties aggrieved any sum of money, land reserved by the act, entitled “ An act concerning a not exceeding one-half of the debt, for which the claim Seminary of Learning in the Territory of Arkansas,” apwas filed, or action brought as aforesaid, to be sued for proved the second of March, eighteen hundred and twenand demanded by the person or persons indemnified, in ty-seven ; and, after advertising and proclaiming them for like manner as other debts are now recovered by the ex. sale in the several newspapers printed in Arkansas, and isting laws for the recovery of debts.

such other papers as he may deem expedient, he shall Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, And in all cases of proceed to sell the same for cash, at some notorious place lien created by this act, the person having a claim filed in Little Rock, to be designated in said advertisement, 10 agreeably to its provisions, may, at his election, proceed the highest bidder. to recover it by personal action, according to the nature Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, that the said Go. of the demand, against the debtor, bis executors, or au vernor shall proclaim and sell the same, in quantities not ministrators, or by scire facias against the debtor or owner | exceeding one half section, nor shall any sale be made

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for a price less than one dollar and twenty-five cents per for surveys of public lands in the State of Louisiana, not

It shall be the duty of the Governor to give to the approved before the first day of April next, shall be purchaser a certificate of his purchase ; and he shall also presented, with the proper returns of such surveys, to make a return to the Register and Receiver of the Land the office of the Surveyor General of public lands for the Office at Little Rock, of the quantity sold, the number State of Louisiana, for settlement or allowance. of the section, range, township, and such other descrip Approved : March 2, 1833. tion of the land as he may deem necessary, the price for which each parcel sold, and to whom sold ; and he shall AN ACT granting certain lots to the President and Di. also communicate to the Legislature of the Territory of rectors of the Georgetown College in the District of Arkansas a duplicate of the same, upon which a patent Columbia. shall issue to the purchasers as in other cases of sales of Be it enacted, &c. That there shall be, and hereby are, public lands.

granted to the President and Directors of Georgetown Sec. 3. And be it further enacled, That the money aris- College, in the District of Columbia, lots in the city of ing from the sales of the said twenty sections, or such Washington, to the amount, in value, of twenty five thou portions of them as may be sold from time to time, after sand dollars, which said lots shall be selected and valued paying the reasonable expenses incurred in making se by the Commissioner of the Public Buildings, when relections of the two townships under the before recited quested by the said President and Directors ; and when act, and the expenses of selling the same under this act, the said lots shall be so selected and valued, the same shall be applied to the erection of suitable buildings for a shall be vested in the said corporation, in fee simple, to seminary of learning at such place as may be designated, be by them held and disposed of in the following manner; and under such terms and conditions as may be prescrib- that is to say : the said corporation, by proper and lawed by the Legislature of Arkansas.

ful act or acts, under their corporate seal, shall sell and Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the dispose of said lots, as soon as reasonably practicable, duty of the Governor of said Territory to pay the nett pro for the best price or prices they can obtain, and shall ceeds of said sales into the office of the Treasurer of said vest the proceeds of the same in some public stock, or Territory, who shall be responsible for the same as other stock of some incorporated bank. public moneys; and who shall not pay out the whole, or Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, when the said any part thereof, for any other objects or purposes than lots aforesaid shall be selected and valued as afuresaid, such as are provided for by the act of ihe second of the said Commissioner shall make return of the numbers March, eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, to which and descriprion thereof to the clerk of the circuit court this is a supplement, and by this act, and in obedience to of the county of Washington ; to be by him recorded the laws of the Legislature of said Territory, made to car among the records of the land titles in the said county. ry into effect the provisions of this act, and the said re Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the proceeds cited act.

of the sales aforesaid, so to be vested, shall not be other. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the Governor wise used by the said President and Directors than as a of the said territory shall be authorized to lease, for a capital, to be by them forever hereafter kept rested as term not exceeding five years, at any one time, the re aforesaid ; and ihe dividends, or interest, thereupon acmainder of the two townships granted by the said act, and cruing, shall, by them, be used and applied in aid of the to apply the proceeds arising therefrom to the purposes revenues of the said college, to the establishment and enaforesaid ; and he shall render, once in two years, an ac. dowment of such professorships therein as now are, or count of the same to the Legislature of said Territory, hereafter shall be, established by the President and Diand pay over the money to the Treasurer of said Ter rectors; and to and for no other purpose whatever. ritory.

Approved : March 2, 1833. Approved : March 2, 1833.

AN ACT to amend an act, entiiled “ An act to grant a AN ACT supplemental to the act entitled “ An act for quantity of land in the State of Illinois, for the purpose

the final adjustment of land claims in Missouri.” of aiding in opening a canal to connect the waters of

Be it enacted, &c. That the provisions of the act to Illinois river with those of Lake Michigan" and to al. which this is a supplement, shall be extended to, and low further time to the State of Ohio for commencing embrace in its operations, every claim to a donation of the Miami Canal from Dayton 10 Lake Erie. land in the State of Missouri, held in virtue of settlement Be it enacted, &c. That the lands granted to the State and cultivation ; and the commissioners appointed under of Illinois by the act to which this is an amendment, may the above recited act, shall proceed to consider, decide, be used and disposed of by said State, for the purpose and report upon the aforesaid claims, under the provi- of making a rail road instead of a canal as in said act con. sions of the several acts of Congress heretofore passed templated ; and that the time for commencing and comin relation to said claims, and under such provisions and pleting said canal or rail road, whichever the State of restrictions of the act to which this is a supplement, as Illinois may choose to make, be and is extended five may be applicable thereto.

years: Provided, That if a rail road is made in place of Sec. 2." And be it further enncted, That it shall and a canal, the State of Illinois shall be subject to the same may be lawful for the Recorder and Commissioners afore. duties and obligations, and the Government of the United said, to continue to take the testimony of all such claims States shall be entitled to, and have the same privileges as heretofore described, for and during the term of two on said rail road, which they would have had through the years, from the date of the act to which this is a supple. canal, if it had been opened. ment, any law to the contrary not withistanding.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacled, That the further Approved : March 2, 1833.

time of five years be allowed the State of Ohio to com.

mence the Miami canal from Dayton to Lake Erie, AN ACT authorizing the removal of the Office of Sur. in addition to the time now allowed therefore by law.

veyor General of Public Lands South of Tennessee. Approved : March 2, 1833.

Be it enacted, &c. That after the 1st day of April next, the Office of the Surveyor General of Public Lands AN ACT to incorporate the Georgetown Free School and South of Tennessee, shall be kept at Jackson, the seat Orphan Asylum, in the District of Columbia. of Government of the State of Mississippi.

Be it enacled, &c. That Stephen Dubuisson, Lewis Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all accounts Carbery, Peter O'Donnoghue, Edward B. King, Enoch

[blocks in formation]

King, Charles King, Ignatius Clarke, Bernard Brien, A. tracle, occupation, or profession, under such conditions H. Boucher, John R. May, and Joseph Brooks, and their as may be determined by the by-laws, a copy of which successors' in office, are hereby made, declared, and conditions shall be delivered to, and they shall be bind. constituted, a corporation and body politic, in law and in ing on, every person to whom any child may be so bound; fact, to bave continuance forever, under the name, style, that children may be received into the schools for daily and title, of the Georgetown Free School and Orphan attendance, whose parents or guardians are, or may be, Asylum.

unable to pay for their instruction, or whose parents or Sec. 2. And be il further enacted, That all and singular guardians may contribute towards the support of the the lands, lenemenis, rents, legacies, annuities, rights, Free School and Asylum, under such regulations as may privileges, goods and chattels, that may herealier be be made in the by-laws. given, granted, soll, devised, or bequeathed, to the Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That any vacancy Georgetown Free School and Orphan Asyluin, be, and which, from death, resignation, or otherwise, may hapthey are hereby, vested in, and confirmed 10, the said pen in the board of trustees, shall be filled according to corporation ; and that they may purchase, take, receive, ihe mode to be prescribed in the by-laws; that they may and enjoy any lands, tenements, rends, annuities, righıs, hold such meetings as they shall think proper, and, to or privileges, or any goods, chattels, or other effects, of give form to their proceedings, may appoint such officers what kind or nature soever, which shall or may hereafter as they may deem necessary, and provide proper checks be given, granted, solu, bequeathed, or devised unto and responsibilities for the security of the property and them, or either of them, as Trustees of the said Free funds of the corporation aforesaid; that they shall keep a School and Asylum, by any person or persons, bodies journal of their proceedings, upon which the by-laws politic or corporate, capable of making sucli grant, and shall be recorded; and that they shall make report at the to dispose of the same : Provided, The clear annual in. annual meeting to be held in June, of the affairs and concome of property to be acquired by said corporation dition of the institution for the preceding year. shall at nolime exceed the sum of five thousand dollars. Approved: March 2, 1833.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said cor. poration, by the name and style aforesaid, be, and shall AN ACT to authorize the President of the United States be hereafter, capable, in law and equity, to sue and be

to cause the public surveys to be connected with the sued, to plead and be impleaded, within the District of

Jine of demarcation between the States of Indiana and Columbia, and elsewhere, in as effectual a manner as Illinois. other persons or corporations can sue or be sued ; and

Be it enacted, &c. That the President of the United that they shall adopt and use a common seal, and the same lo use, alter, or exchange, at pleasure ; that they

Slates be, and hereby is, authorized and required to may appoint such officers as they shall deem necessary

cause the public lands lying along the line of demarcation

between the States of Indiana and Illinois, as established and proper, to assign them their duties, and regulate their compensation, and to remove any or all of them, and

by the joint sanction of those Stales, to be surveyed in

connection with said line on either side thereof. appoint others, as often as they shall think fit; and the said corporation shall make such by laws as may be use

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary ful for the Government and support, and for the general

of the Treasury be, and hereby is, authorized to allow for accomplishment of the objects of the said Asylum, as

the service to be performed under this act, such further bereinafter mentioned and not inconsistent with the laws

compensation, in addition to (the) regular price now allof the United States, or the laws in force in the District

thorized by law, as to him

shall appear to be just and reaof Columbia, for the time being, and the same to alter, sonable, to be paid out of the regular appropriation for amend, or abrogale, at pleasure.

surveying public lands northwest of the Ohio river. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That there shall be

Approved: March 2, 1833. a meeting of the regular annual contributors to the support of the Georgetown Free School and Orphan Asylum,

AN ACT further to extend the powers of the Board of in the month of June in each year, the hour and day and

Canal Commissioners for the improvement of the Tenmanner of giving notice for which to be regulated by the

nessee River, in the State of Alabama. by-laws; at which meeting, by those who, from the by Be it enacted, &c. That the Commissioners appointed laws, may be qualified 10 vote, nine female managers

by the State of Alabama to superintend the improvement shail be elected, who shall appoint a President and Se.

of the Tennessee river, and their successors in office, be, cretary, and may Dil vacancies in their own board until and they are hereby, authorized to suspend the improve. the next annual election; and that their duties shall be

ment of so much of said river as is below Florence, in regulated by the by-laws.

said Stale, and every other part of the same, until the Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That, with ihe con canal and other improvements between Lamb's ferry and sent and approbation of the parent, g'ardian, or friends, Campbell's ferry shall have been completed, any thing in who may have the care of any male or female child, or

the act entitled “ An act to grant certain relir:quished where a child may be destitute of any friend or protector, and unappropriated lands to the State of Alabama, for the same may be received into the Georgetown Free the purpose of improving the navigation of the Tennes. School and Orphan Asylum, under such regulations as see, Coosa, Cahawba, and Black Warrior rivers," approvmay be made by the by-laws, and tiere protected, in ed twenty-third of May, one thousand eight hundred and structed, and supported; and that they sliall 'not thereafter twenty-eight, to the contrary not withstanding. be wi hdrawn, or be at liberty themselves to withdraw, Approved: March 2, 1833. from the Free School and Asylum, without the consent or dismissal of the corporation aforesaid, until, if a male, AN ACT prescribing the mode by which Patents for he shall have attained ihe age of twenty-one years, or, if

Public Lands shall be signed and executed. a female, the age of eighteen years; but, up to the ages Be il enacted, &c. That it shall be lawful for the Presi. aforesaid, respectively, they shall remain subject to the dent of the United States, by and with the advice and direction of the said corporation, unless they may, by the consent of the Senate, to appoint a Secretary, with a same, be exonerated from service previous to attaining salary of one thousand five hundred dollars per annum, those ages, respectively, and the said corporation shall whose duty it shall be, under the direction of the Presi. bave the power to bind any child under their care, for dent, to sign his name, and for him, all patents for lands the purpose of acquiring a knowledge of some useful sold or granted under the authority of the United States.

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