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Sec. 2. And be il further enacted, that this act shall owner thereof, shall, in addition to the sim to be paid to continue and be in force until the fourth day of March, the United States, be, and hereby is, required to pay to one thousand cight hundred and thirty-seven, and no the owner of the improvements, the value of them as Jonger.

thus ascertained; and, if payment therefor shall not be Approved: March 2, 1833.

made upon the day on which the same was purchased,

the lot shall be again offered at public sale on the next AN ACT to revive the act entitled “ An act supplemen. day of sale, and such person shall not be capable of be.

lary to the several laws for the sale of public lands." coming the purchaser of that or of any other lot offered Be it enacted, &c. That in all cases in which persons

at that public sale: Provided, That, if any lot so offered were settlers or occupants of the public land prior to the

and bid off on the last day of the public sale sliall not be first day of May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty

thus paid for, the same may be entered at private sale, two, and were authorized to enter under the provisions upon paying to the United States the sum at which it was of the act, entitled, “An act supplementary to the seve

bid off, and to the owner of the improvements the preral laws for the sale of public lands,” approved April That the President be not authorized to offer any part of

viously ascertained value thereof: And provided further, 5th, one thousand eight hendred and thirty-two, and were prevented from making their entries, in consequence of

said town lots for sale, till he sliall be satisfied that the the public surveys not having been made and returned,

site proposed for said town is not included within the or where the land was not attached to any land district, released, or decided to be invalid.

limits of any conflicting Spanish title, which may not be or where the same has been reserved from sale in conse. quence of a disputed boundary between two States, or

Approved: March 2, 1833. between a State and Territory, the said occupants shall be permitied to enter the said lands on the same condi

AN ACT granting an additional quantity of land for the tions, in every respect, as were prescribed in said act,

location of Revolutionary bounty land warrants. within one year after the surveys are made, or the land

Be it enacled, &c. That the further quantity of twoaltached to a land district, or the boundary line establish

hundred thousand acres of land be, and the same is hereed; and if the land shall be proclaimed for sale before by, appropriated, in addition to the quantity beretofore the expiration of one year as aforesaid, then the said set appropria ed by the act entitled " an act for the relief

of certain officers and soldiers of the Virginia line and tlers or occupants sliall be permited to enter before the sale thereof.

navy, and of the Continental army during the Révolu

tionary war," approved the thirtieth May, one thousand Approved: March 2, 1833.

eight hundred and thirty, and the aet, entitled " An act

10 extend the time of issuing military land warrants to AN ACT to establish a town at St. Marks, in Florida.

officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary war," approved Be it enacted, &c. That the President of the United the thirteenth July, one thousand eight bundred and States be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause so much thiriy-two : which said appropriations shall be applied in of the public lands at or near St. Marks, in the Territory the manner provided by the said acis, to the unsatisfied of Florida, as lie may deern proper, lo be laid off into warrants, wliether original or duplicate, which have been town lois, not to contain more than one quarter of an or may be issued as therein directed, to the officers and ucre each, and into streets, avenues, and out lots, and soldiers, and others, as described in said acis: Provided, public squares, for the use of the town ; and, whenever that the said certificates of scrip shall be receivable in The survey of the same shall be completed, it shall be the payment of any of the public Lands liable to sale at priduty of the surveyor for the Territory of Florida, to

vale entry. cause two plais !hereof to be made out, ou which the

Approved: March 2, 1833. tuwn and out lots shall be respectively designated by progressive numbers ; one of which shall be transmitied, AN ACT to extend the provisions of the act of the with a copy of the fi. ld notes, to the Commissioner of third of Marchi, one thousand eight hundred and se. the General Land Office, and the other to the legister ven, entitled "An act to prevent settlements being of the Land Office for the proper district. Provided, made on lands eeded to the United States, until auTha the President may adopt, if he shall approve, such thorized by law." plan as may have been already reported to the General Be it enacted, &c. That all offences prescribed in the Land Office.

act, entitled “ An Act to prevent settlements being made Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, that the aforesaid on lands celled to the United States until authorized by tuwn and out lots at said site, with the exception of such law,” approved the third of March, one thousand eight of them as the President may reserve for fortifications, bundred and seven, when committed upon public lands shall be offered for sale to the highest bidder, under the not situated within any State, op organized Territorial direction of the Register and Receiver of the proper Government, shall be cognizable in the District Court land office, at such times and places as the President of the United States, held in the State nearest where shall, by public proclamation, designate for that purpose; the said offence may have been committed : and the of. and all lois remaining unsold a the closing of the public fenders, upon convic!ion, shall be punished according. sales shall be subject to entry at private sale at the pro- ly. And the said Court shall also have jurisdiciion io per Land Office: Provided, That no towr: lot shall be sold hear and determine all suits or prosecutions, insituted for less than twenty-five dollars, nor any out lot for less for the recovery of all fines and penalties imposed by the than at the rate of iwenty-five dollars per acre; and they said act. shall, in every other respect, be sold on the same terms Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be law. and conditions as are provided for the disposal of the ful for the President of the United States to direct the other public lands of the United States.

agents at Prairie du Chien, and Rock Island, or either of Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That previous to of. them, when offences against the said act shall be commit. fering the aforesaid town and out lots at public sale, the ted on lands recently acquired by treaty from the Sac and President of the United States shall cause tlie value of Fox Indians, 10 execute and perform all the duties re. any improvemenis that may have been made thereon to quired by the said act to be performed by the marshals be'ascert:vineri in such manner as die may prescribe for in such modle us to give full effect to the said act, in and thal purpose; and the purchaser at public sale of any lot over the lands acquired as aforesaid. upon which there are such inprevemen's, other thani Ule Approved : March 2, 1833,

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AN ACT to carry into effect the Convention between as he may prescribe, showing the proportion to which

the United States and his Majesty the King of the Two each may be entitled of the amount that may thereafter Sicilies, concluded at Naples on the fourteenth day of be received; and on the presentation of the said certifi. October, one thousand eight hundred and thiriy-lwo. cates at the Treasury; as the nett proceeds of the gene.

Be it enacted, &c. That the President of the United ral instalments, payable by the Neapolitan Government, States, by and with the advice and consent of the Se. shall have been received, such proportions thereof shall nate, shall appoint three Commissioners, who shall form be paid to the legal holders of the said certificates. a board, whose duty it shall be to receive and examine Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the all claims which may be presented to them under the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury, to cause the se. Convention between the United States and the King of veral instalments, with the interest thereon, payable to the Two Sicilies, of the fourteenth day of October, one the United States, in virtue of the said Convention, to be thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, which are pro received from the Neapolitan Government, and transferr. vided for by the said Convention, according to the provi. ed to the United States, in such manner as he may deem sions of the same, and the principles of justice,equity, and best, and the nett proceeds thereof to be paid into the the law of nations. The said Board shall have a Secre. Treasury, and the same are hereby appropriated, to satary, versed in the French and Italian languages, and a tisfy the awards herein provided for. clerk, both to be appointed by the President, by and Sec. 8. And be i: further enacted, That all communiwith the advice and consent of the Senate. And the cations to and from the Secretary of the Board of CommisCoinmissioners, Secretary, and Clerk, shall, before they sioners, on the business of the Commission, shall pass by enter on the duties of their offices, take oath well and mail free of postage. faithfully to perfurm the duties thereof.

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That as soon as said Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said Com. Commission shall be executed and completed, the remissioners shall be, and they are hereby, authorized to cords, documents, and all other papers, in the possession make all needful rules and regulations, not contravening of the commission or its officers, shall be deposited in the laws of the land, the provisions of this act, or the the office of the Secretary of State. provisions of the said Convention for carrying their said Approved, March 2, 1833 commission into full and complete effect.

Sec. 3. And be it further inacled, That the members AN ACT to authorize the Governor of the Territory of of the Board so constituted shall meet at the city oi Arkansas to sell the land granted to said Territory by Washington, and their salaries shall begin to be allowed an act of Congress approved the fifteenth of June, within thirty days after the exchange of the ratifications ore thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, and of the Convention shall have been proclaimed by the for other purposes. President of the United States; and, within one year Be it enacted, &c. That, whenever the Governor of from the time of said meeting, they shall terminate their the Territory of Arkansas shall furnish to the Secretary of duties. And the Secretary of State is required, as soon the 'Treasury a sufficient description of the boundaries of as the said proclamation of the President shall have the thousand acres of land, granted by an act of Congress been made, to give notice of the said meeting ; to be of the fifteenth of June, one thousand eight hundred and published in two newspapers in Washington, and in thirty-two, to the Territory of Arkansas, for the erection such other papers as he may think proper.

of a court-house and jail in the town of Little Rock, in the Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all records, Territory aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Secretary documents, or other papers, which sow are in, or here. of the Treasury to cause a patent to be issued for said afier during the continuance of this commission may thousand acres of land, to the Governor of Arkansas, and come into the possession of the Department of State, in his successors in office, in trust, for the benefit of the relation to such claims, shall be delivered to the com Territory of Arkansas, for the purpose of erecting a court mission aforesaid.

house and jail at Little Rock. Sec. 5. And be it further enacled, That the compen Sec. 2 And be it further enacled, That the Governor sation of the respective officers, for whose app intment of the said Territory of Arkansas be, and he is liereby fulprovision is made by this act, shall not exceed the fol. ly empowered and authorized to lay off into town lots, lowing sums, namely : To each of the said Commission-conforming, as near as practicable, to the present plan ers, at the rate of three thousand dollars per annum ; to of the town of Little Rock, so much of said 'grant of a the Secretary of the Board, at the rate of two thousand thousand acres of land as he may deem advisable so to be dollars per annum ; and to the clerk, at the rate of fif appropriated; and that he be further authorized to sell teen hundred dollars per annum. And the President of the same, from time to time, as the public interest may the United States shall be, and he is hereby, authorized require; and the residue of said grant, which may not be to make such provision for the contingent expenses of laid off into town lots corresponding with the plan of the the said commission, as shall appear to him reasonable said town of Litile Rock, he shall be authorized to dis. and proper ; and the said salaries and expenses shall be pose of, in such lo's or purcels as he may deem advisapaid out of any money in the Treasury, not otherwise ble; but, in ro case shall he be authorized to sell, unless appropriated.

he shall give public notice of such sale by an advertiseSec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the said com. ment in one or more newspapers printed in the Territo. missioners shall report to the Secretary of State, a list of ry of Arkansas; and said sale shall be public at the courtall the several awards made by them; a certified copy house in tlie town of Little Rock. thereof shall be by hiin transmitted to the Secretary of Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That, in case suitathe Treasury, who shall thereupon distribute in rateable ble situations cannot be had, free of cost to the Territo. proportions, among the persons in whose favor the ry, for the location of the Sta'e house, as well as for the awards shall have been made, such moneys as may have court house and jail in the town of Liitle Rock, the Gobeen received into the Treasury in virtue of this act, vernor aforesaid shall be, and he is hereby, fully authorized according to the proportions which their respective a to select and lay off suitable squares for each of those buildwards shall bear to the whole amount then received, ings, within the addition hereunto authorized to be adu. first deducting such sums of money as may be due the ed to the town of Little Rock; and that the squares so seUnited States from said persons in whose favor said lected and laid off shall be appropriated to the use of the awards shall be made; and shall cause certificates to be respective buildings for which they may be designated, 153ued by the Secretary of the Treasury, in such form and for no other purpose whatsoever, forever.

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Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, that the Governor ever it shall be made to appear that any applicant for a pen. shall execute deeds for the lots he may sell under the sion under said act entered the army of the revolution, in provisions of this act, to purchasers, so soon as the puro pursuance of a contract with the Government, trade previ. chasers shall pay off entirely the amount they may have ous to the eleventh day of April, one thousand seven hun. bid for any lot or lots, and all sales shall be for cash. dred and eighty-three, and continued in service until after

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That, so soon as the that period, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of War to Governor aforesaid shall dispose of lots, be shall apply the compute the period of any such applicant's service, from proceeds of said sales to the erection of a good and sub- the time he then entered the army, and until the date of stantial court-house and jail; and, after these shall have the definitive treaty of peace, and to allow him a pension been completed, should there be any funds remaining, accordingly. it shall be the duty of said Governor to apply the surplus Approved: March 2, 1833. thus remaining to the erection of a suitable and permanent house for the residence of the present and future A RESOLUTION for the relief of sundry owners of Governurs of Arkansas, during their continuance in office.

vessels sunk for the defence of Baltimore. Approved: March 2, 1833.

Resolved, &c. That the memorial of John S. Stiles, and AN ACT for the relief of the widows and orphans of the the memorial of the owners of vessels, taken and sunk

officers and seamen who were lost in the United States for the defence of Baltimore during the late war, with the schooner Sylph.

papers and documents referred to the Committee on

Claims of the House of Representatives in the cases Be it enacled, &c. That, the widows, if any such there aforesaid, be referred to the Third Auditor for his decision be, and in case there be no widow, the child or children, under the act of May twenty-nine, eighteen hundred and and if there be no child, then the parents or parent, and, thirty, "for the relief of sundry owners of vessels sunk if there be no parent, then the brothers or sisters, of the for thie defence of Baltimore ;" which decision shall be officers and seamen who were in the service of the United subject to the supervision of ihe Secretary of the Nary. States, and lost in the schooner Sylph, shall be entitled

Approved: March 2, 1833. to, and receive, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise approprialed, a sum equal to six months' pay of their respective deceased relatives aforesaid, in addi. 4 RESOLUTION authorizing the Secretary of War to tion to the pay due to the said deceased on the fifteenth

correct certain mistakes. day of August, one thousand eight hundred and thirty Resolved, &c. That if it shall be made satisfactorily to one, to which day the arrears of pay due to the said de- appear to the Secretary of War, that in the treaties con. ceased shall be allowed and paid by the accounting offi- cluded in one thousand eight hundred and thirty two, cers of the Navy Department.

with the Potawatamie Indians, in the State of Indiana, Approved : March 2, 1833.

that in the proper schedules accompanying the same,

mistakes were made in writing the names of persons to RESOLUTIONS.

whom payments were to be made, such mistakes may be

corrected and the payments made accordingly. A RESOLUTION authorizing the delivery of certain

Approved: March 2, 1833. papers in the Department of State to the Commissioners for Settling Claims under the Treaty with France, of A RESOLUTION providing for the continuation of the second of February one thousand eight hundred Gales and Seaton's Compilation of State Papers. and thirty-two.

Resolved, &c. That the provisions of the act of the seResolved, &c. That the Secretary of State be, and he is cond of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, hereby, authorized to deliver to the Commissioners for authorizing a subscription to a compilation of Congression. the Settlement of Claims under the treaty with France, al Documents, be, and the same are hereby, extended ratified and confirmed on the second day of February, one

to the continuation of said compilation proposed to be ex. thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, the evidences of ecuted by Gales and Seaton ; and that the copies of the any claim submitted to, and rejected by the commissi- said continuation when completed, shall be distributed to oners for the settlement of claims under the treaty with the members of the twenty-second Congress, and in such Spain, which was made on the twenty-second day of Feb- other manner as Congress shall he reafter direct : Proviruary, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, and final ded, The said continuation shall be limited to eight vol. ly ratified and confirmed on the twenty.second day of Feb. umes. ruary, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, which Approved: March 2, 1833. evidences shall be relurned to the Department of State when the Commission shall expire.

A RESOLUTION to place thirty copies of the Diplomatic Approved: February 19, 1833.

Correspondence of the American Revolution at the

disposition of the Secretary of State. A RESOLUTION in relation to the execution of the act supplementary 10 the "Act for thic relief of certain Correspondence of the Revolution, now in the custody of

Resolved, &c. That thirty copies of Sparks' Diplomatic surviving officers and soldiers of the Revolution." the Clerk of the House of Representatives, be placed at

Resolved, &c. That, in the execution of the act supple- the disposition of the Secretary of State, for the use of mentary to the "Act for the relief of certain surviving off the diplomatic agents of the United States in foreign cers and soldiers of the Revolution," approved June sev. countries. enth, one thou and eight hundred and thirty-two, wher. Approved: March 2, 1833.




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