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American State Papers, a proposition for extending the Light-houses, a bill was received from the House on the
subscription to a continuation of the work; reso-

Jast evening of the session, and read a first time;
Jution ordered to be engrossed, and was after-

but Mr. Grundy objecting to its being read a se-
wards passed, 786.

cond time, and as it could not be so read at that
Calhoun, Mr., his resolutions declaratory of the nature and time but with unanimous consent, the bill was,
powers of the Government, 191, 750; laid on the

of course, rejected, 812.
table, 785.

Louisville and Portland canal, a bill to authorize the pur-
Chaplain, the Rev. Mr. Pise appointed, 6.

chase of the private stock in, 359; laid on the
Commercial statements, a resolution for printing the an.

table, 360.
nual statements of commerce and navigation was Members, a list of the, 1.
taken up, 6; agreed to, 7; considered and laid Military orders, a resolution calling upon the President
on the table, 10.

for copies of the military orders given to the
Constitutional powers, Mr. Clayton's resolution on the

forces in South Carolina, 377; postponed, 378;
subject, 231.

resumed, 405; agreed to, 433.
Crimes, a bill supplementary to an act for the more effi- Missouri canal, a bill granting land to enable the State to
cient punishment of crimes against the United

open a canal in the Big Swamp, 12.
States, 12.

Order, points of, 300, 480.
Cumberland road, a bill for continuing this road from Pension agency at Decatur, a bill for the establishment of,
Vandalia to Jefferson, 51; taken up, 119; re-

809; laid on the table, 810.
sumed, 359, and bill ordered to a third reading; Postage, a proposition for introducing a bill to reduce
bill passed, 486.

the rates of postage, 27; discussed; agreed to,
District Code of Laws, ordered to be printed in the re-

cess of Congress, 786.

Powers of the Government, three resolutions defining
Documents in the State Department, a resolution for em-

these powers, 191, 750; laid on the table, 785.
ploying temporary clerks for copying documents six resolutions offered as substitutes, 192.
in relation to the French treaty of indemnity, 79; President pro tempore balloted for; Mr. White, of Ten-
taken up, 122; agreed to, 123.

nessee, elected, 2.
Duties on imports, a bill further to provide for the col his acknowledgments to the Senate, 3.

lection of imposts, 150; taken up, 280, and or- President's message received, 3. (See the Appendix for
dered to be engrossed; bill passed, 688.

a copy of it.)
Endless life, a petition for land from persons who pro veto on the bill of last session, providing for the
fessed to have discovered endless life, referred,

final settlement of the claims of States for inte-

rest on advances to the United States during the
Explanation by Mr. Clay, in relation to a misunderstand.

late war, 3; laid on the table, 4.
ing between Mr. Poindexter and Mr. Webster, Presidential election, a day fixed for counting the electo-

ral votes, 359; the votes counted, and Andrew
Force bill. (See Duties.)

Jackson was declared to be elected President,
Frauds on the revenue, a resolution for inquiring into

and Martin Van Buren Vice President, 487.
the expediency of making further provision for Printer to Congress, the resolution for his election taken
thie protection of the revenue, 11, agreed to;
bill taken up, 244; ordered to be engrossed, Proclamation, a copy of the President's, in relation to
601; passed, 688.

South Carolina, called for, 99; proposition laid
French spoliations, a bill to provide for the satisfaction of on the table, 100; agreed to, 104.

claims due to certain American citizens, 5; re- Revenue. (See Frauds on, and Duties.)
ferred; reported with an amendment, 12; a bill Secretary of the Treasury called upon for a detailed state-
reported and taken up, 98; agreed to, 99.

ment of articles of foreign growth or manu-
Government, on the nature and powers of, (see Mr. Cal-

facture on which, in his opinion, the duties ought
houn's resolution,) 191, 750.

to be reduced, &c., 8; agreed to, 27.
Interest to States, a bill providing for the final settlement Senate called to order by the Secretary, 2.
of the claims of States, 6.

Sheathing copper, a bill to amend the act to amend the
Lands, public, notice given by Mr. Clay of his intention several acts imposing duties on imports, ordered
of again bringing forward his bill for disposing

to be engrossed, 661.
of the public land, 5; bill introduced, 6, and re- South Carolina resolutions, in reply to the President's
ferred to the Committee on Public Lands; bill

proclamation, 80.
reported with a proposed amendment; taken up, Spanish claims, a resolution instructing the Committee on
61; ordered to a third reading, 231; bill passed,

Foreign Relations to inquire into the expediency

of obtaining evidence deposited in the State De.
the amendments of the House to the bill were taken

partment, 38; agreed to.
up, 809, and agreed to.

Special order, a resolution for changing the hour of taking
a bill granting a township to Indiana, Illinois, Mis it up, agreed to, 359.

souri, and Alabama, a township each, for the pro- Standing committees appointed, 4.
motion of female education, 82; State of Ohio Tariff, a resolution introduced calling on the Secretary
added; laid on the table.

of the Treasury to furnish the project of a bill
patents, a bill describing the mode by which land

for reducing the duties on imports, in conformi-
patents may be signed, 150; bill passed, 150.

ty with the suggestions in his report, 6.
Vol. IX.-

up, 587.

Tariff, a bill to modify the various acts imposing duties

on imports, 462; the bill reported with amend.
ments, 601; the bill taken up and discussed,

690; laid on the table, 785.
resolutions, offered by Mr. Webster, 483; laid on

the table, 492.
the bill from the House to modify the existing ta.

riff, was received, and both bills were ordered
to lie on the table, 785; the bill from the
House taken up, 786; consideration resumed,

787; bill passed, 809.
Treasurer's annual report of the state of the finances, 3.
Votes of absentees, an unsuccessful motion to permit

their names to be recorded, 688.
Yeas and nays, on considering the resolution for a reduc.

tion of duties, 16.
resolution for the reduction of the rates of post-
on amendment to the resolution calling on the

Secretary of the Treasury for a statement of fo.

reign articles on which the duty may be reduce

ed, 50, 59, 60.
on postponing Mr. Clay's land bill, 81, 122.
on postponing the force bill, 187.
on the land bill, 229, 230, 231, 232, 235.
postponing the revenue collection bill, 246, 404.
striking out the 3d section of the revenue bill, 483.
references of the bill to modify the tariff, 486.
on the passage of the Cumberland road bill, 486.
on amendments to the revenue collection bill, 518,

519, 595, 601.
on a question touching the election of printer, 588.
engrossing the revenue collection bill, 601.
on the passage of do., 688.
on striking out the 2d section of the bill to mo-

dify the tariff, 724.
on adding a 9th section to the bill, 724.
on striking out the 3d and 6th sections of do., 724.
on adding a new section to do., 725.
on the passage of the bill, 809,

age, 49.



Bell, Mr., from New Hampshire, un modifying the tariff, Chambers, Mr., on electing public printer, 587, 588.
485, 718, 742.

revenue collection bill, 590.
Benton, Mr., from Missouri, on the reduction of postage, resolution for extending the subscription to Ameri-

can State Papers, 786.
Cumberland road, 51, 119.

Clay, Mr., from Kentucky, on the reduction of duty on
land bill, 208, 230.

foreign goods, 50, 51.
modification of the tariff, 485, 713, 720.

public lands, 67, 81, 112, :22, 233, 235, 237.
electing a printer to Congress, 587, 588.

French spoliations, 98, 99.
Bibb, Mr., from Kentucky, on printing commercial state force bill, 174, 178.
ments, 10.

on his bill for modifying the tariff, 462, 476, 480,
a reduction of certain duties, 26.

484, 690, 692, 694, 695, 696, 694, 701, 710,
reduction of postage 37, 46.

711, 713, 716, 718, 722, 726, 729, 749, 785,
public lands, 79.

786, 807.
the force bill, 174, 178.

Clayton, Mr., from Delaware, on the reduction of post-
revenue collection bill, 264, 280, 412, 413, 487,

age, 29, 30.
488, 489, 600.

Mr. Calhoun's resolutions, 237.
bill modifying the tariff, 701, 720, 807.

revenue collection bill, 378, 518.
Black, Mr., from Mississippi, on public lands, 104, 229. bill to modify the tariff, 693, 697, 698, 700, 709,
on the bill modifying the tariff, 702.

716, 717, 722, 726, 786, 800, 802.
Brown, Mr., from North Carolina, on a proposition for Dallas, Mr., from Pennsylvania, on the revenue collection
a reduction of duties, 17, 20, 25, 51.

bill, 414.
force bill, 183.

modifying the tariff, 486, 698, 726, 793.
revenue collection bill, 333, 413.

Dickerson, Mr., from New Jersey, on reduction of duties
calling for copies of military orders, 409.

on foreign goods, 60.
Buckner, Mr., from Missouri, on a reduction of duties, 27. on modifying the tariff, 478, 484, 692, 693, 694,
on reducing the rates of postage, 31, 42.

713, 720, 745, 749, 785.
public lands, 81, 82, 112, 122.

Ewing, Mr., from Ohio, on the reduction of postage, 39.
French spoliations, 98.

on the land bill, 159.
Cumberland road, 119, 121.

revenue collection bill, 518, 676.
modification of the tariff, 479, 485, 711, 713, electing public printer, 588.

modifying the tariff, 795.
Calhoun, Mr., from South Carolina, on call for a copy of Foot, Mr., from Connecticut, on printing commercial
the proclamation, 100.

statements, 10.
force bill, 184.

on a reduction of postage, 31, 35, 49.
the powers of the Government, 187, 192, 237, 238,

ditto of duties on foreign goods, 51, 60.
239, 240, 241, 243, 750, 785.

Mir. Calhoun's resolutions, 237.
land bill, 234.

calling for copies of military orders, 409.
the revenue collection bill, 249, 252, 253, 254, modifying the tariff, 480, 708, 717, 718.

255, 315, 403, 404, 500, 519, 589, 590, 591, revenue collection bill, 517.

electing public printer, 588.
on calling for copies of military orders, 408, 109. Forsyth, Mr., from Georgia, on copying documents in
modifying the tariff, 477, 485, 697, 699, 702, 715,

State Departinent, 79, 80, 123.
719, 791.

call for a copy of the South Carolina proclamation,
Chambers, Mr., from Maryland, on French spoliations, 98.

Curnberland road, 121.

on the land bill, 232, 233.
modifying the tariff, 480, 693, 719, 719.

Mr. Calhoun's l'esolutions, 243, 784.

Forsyth, Mr., from Georgia, on revenue collection bill, Moore, Mr., on modifying the tariff, 702.
403, 460, 589, 590, 592, 600.

Poindexter, Mi., from Mississippi, on calling on the Se.
modifying the tariff acts, 474, 476, 479, 480, 692,

cretary of the Treasury for the project of a tariff
693, 695, 699, 702, 717, 718, 724, 726, 802.

bill, 7.
Frelinghuysen, Mr., from New Jersey, on a reduction of on printing commercial statements, 9, 10.
duties, 19.

reduction of duties, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 27, 49, 50,
a reduction of postage, 43.

51, 59, 60, 61.
force bill, 182.

reduction of postage, 45.
revenue collection bill, 312, 347.

certain amendments proposed to the land bill, 104.
modifying the tariff, 720, 792, 802.

land bill, 112, 119, 122, 123, 150.
Grundy, Mr., from Tennessee, on a reduction of post bill providing for the signing of land patents, 150.
age, 27, 29, 30, 34, 37, 45.

force bill, 179.
call for a copy of South Carolina proclamation, 100, on calling for copies of military orders, 377, 405,

407, 409, 432.
land bill, 112, 174.

revenue collection bill, 404, 519, 589, 591, 602.
force bill, 174.

modifying the tariff, 474, 701.
Mr. Calhoun's resolutions, 192, 240, 785.

Rives, Mr., from Virginia, on the revenue collection bill,
revenue collection bill, 263, 403, 462, 488, 591,


Robbins, Mr., from Rhode Island, on modifying the tariff,
calling for copies of military orders, 405, 406, 408,

715, 786, 787.
409, 430, 432.

Silsbee, Mr., from Massachusetts, on copying documents
modifying the tariff, 484, 485.

in the State Department, 123.
Hendricks, Mr., from Indiana, on reduction of duties on the bill for modifying the tariff, 699, 719, 726,
foreign goods, 60.

742, 802.
Hill, Mr., from New Hampshire, on public lands, 193. Smith, Mr., from Maryland, on printing commercial state-
the bill for modifying the tariff, 703.

ments, 7, 9, 10.
Holmes, Mr., from Maine, on printing commercial state on reduction of duties, 13, 15, 18, 50, 59.
ments, 7, 8, 9.

Cumberland road, 119, 121.
on a reduction of duties, 15, 19, 51, 52.

force bill, 178.
a reduction of postage, 30, 36, 49.

calling for copies of military orders, 409.
Spanish claims, 38.

revenue collection bill, 517, 589, 592.
copying documents in State Department, 80.

sheathing copper bill, 661.
revenue collection bill, 348, 367, 413.

the bill modifying the tariff, 693, 694, 695, 698,
modifying the tariff, 474, 479, 483.

699, 704, 710, 716, 717, 719, 720, 724, 742,
electing public printer, 588.

the bill modifying the tariff, 697, 702, 708, 709, Sprague, Mr., from Maine, on a reduction of duties, 18.
713, 718, 749,805.

reduction of postage, 28, 32, 46.
Kane, Mr., from Illinois, on a reduction of postage, 41.

Spanish claims, 38.
on public lands, 61.

copying documents in Department of State, 123.
copying documents in State Department, 123.

revenue collection bill, 405.
modifying the tariff, 479, 699, 724.

modifying the tariff, 474, 713, 745, 805.
revenue collection bill, 590.

electing public printer, 588.
King, Mr., from Alabama, on a reduction of duties, 13, Tyler, Mr., from Virginia, on calling upon the Secretary
16, 59.

of the Treasury for the project of a tariff bill,
on a call for the proclamation respecting South Ca-

8, 11.
rolina, 99.

on a reduction of duties, 20, 24.
on the land bill, 122.

French spoliations, 99.
the force bill, 186.

revenue collection bill, 360, 401, 402, 405.
revenue collection bill, 403, 404, 488.

modifying the tariff, 701, 716.
calling for copies of military orders, 408, 409. Webster, Mr., from Massachusetts, on Spanish claims, 38.
modifying the tariff, 480, 485.

on French spoliations, 98, 99.
Knight, Mr., from Rhode Island, on the bill relating to land bill, 122.
sheathing copper, 661.

Mr. Calhoun's resolutions, 237, 240, 774, 785.
Mangum, Mr., from North Carolina, on calling upon the revenue collection bill, 404, 405, 409, 412, 413,
Secretary of the Treasury for a project of a

461, 518, 553, 590.
tariff bill, 8.

modifying the tariff, 478, 693, 709, 722, 723, 726,
on a reduction of duties, 21, 60.

727, 801.
force bill, 174, 183.

Wilkins, Mr., from Pennsylvania, on the force bill, 183,
Mr. Calhoun's resolutions, 192, 236, 237, 243.

revenue collection bill, 246, 403, 404, 590.

on Mr. Calhoun's resolutions, 243.
modifying the tariff, 799.

the revenue collection bill, 246, 403, 413,460,461,
Miller, Mr., from South Carolina, on reduction of post-

488, 590, 592, 687.

calling for copies of military orders, 409.
the force bill, 175, 185.

on modifying the tariff, 693, 694, 713, 720.
revenue collection bill, 251, 260, 430, 433, 595. Wright, Mr., from New York, on modifying the tariff,
Moore, Mr., from Alabama, on the land bill, 122, 204.

708, 717, 718, 726, 806.
on the revenue collection bill, 488, 489.

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age, 49.


Amendment of the constitution, providing that no mem-

aid the Topographical Burean in making a mine-
ber of Congress, during the time for which he

ralogical and geological map of the United States,
was elected, be appointed to any civil office of

1723; agreed to, 1725.
trust or profit under the United States, 893; Harbor bill, a bill making appropriations for carrying on
postponed bill to Monday next, 894.

certain works heretofore commenced, for the
a resolution, offered at the last session by Mr. Root,

improvement of harbors and rivers, &c., 1921;
for amending the constitution, was called up,


Hardware, a resolution instructing the Committee of Ways
Appointments to office of members of Congress, a resolu-

and Means to inquire into the expediency of re-
tion calling on the President to lay before the

pealing certain duties thereon, 1747, 1748.
House a list of all the appointments of members Lands, public, resolutions proposing to reduce the price
since the 13th of April, 1826, 901; agreed to,

of, &c. 837; subject considered, 873; laid on the

table, 893.
Appropriations for the navy. (See Naval service.)

settlers on, a bill to extend the provisions of the
Appropriation bill (general) for the year 1833, taken up, act of 1807, to prevent settlements, &c., report-
1921; ordered to a third reading, 1936.

ed 1743; committed, 1747.
Arsenal at Watervliet. (See Watervliet.)

a bill from the Senate to fix the minimum price of
Asylums for deaf, dumb, and blind, a bill granting a town-

the public lands, 1904; bill passed, 1920.
ship of land to the New England asylum, 890; Land claims, a bill to prevent the confirmation of fraudu-
bill rejected, 916.

lent land claims was referred to the Judiciary
Bank of the United States, a report from the Secretary of

Committee, 873.
the Treasury on, 838.

Land offices, a bill to change the location of certain land
a resolution calling for a copy of the correspond-

offices, 976; ordered to be engrossed.
ence, from the Secretary of the Treasury, 839. Land reports, a resolution directing the Clerk of the House
a bill authorizing the sale of the Bank stock of the

to cause to be collected, arranged, and printed
United States, reported, 1707; bill rejected,

for the use of the House, such of the reports of

the several boards of commissioners, &c., for the
report from the Committee of Ways and Means,

adjudication of land claims, in the several States
1898; taken up, 1922; agreed to, 1936.

and Territories, which were adverse to claim-
report from the minority of the committee, 1902.

ants, which have not heretofore been printed,
Buenos Ayres, resolution calling on the President to com-

with a suitable index, 1727; rejected, 1731.
municate the correspondence between this Go- Lent, James, jr., a member from New York, his death an-
vernment and the Republic of Buenos Ayres,

nounced, and resolutions entered into for bis fu-
900; agreed to, 901.

neral, 1762.
the President declines to communicate the copy of Lien laws, a bill giving to the workmen in the District of
the correspondence asked for, 926.

Columbia a lien upon houses which they build,
Chickasaw treaty, a resolution calling on the Clerk of the 870; ordered to be engrossed, 872.

House to communicate to the Senate a copy of Lyon, Matthew's, fine, a bill to refund it to his legal re-
the report and documents made by the Commit-

presentatives, 1010; bill taken up for considera.
tee on Public Lands, on the subject of the Chic-

tion, 1654.
kasaw treaty; motion negatived, 854.

Macomb, General, a bill for his relief ; the bill taken up
subject reconsidered, and ordered to lie on the ta-

for its third reading, 917; postponed for a week,
ble, 879.

918; referred to the Committee of Claims, 998.
Coin and bullion, a resolution calling on the Director of Massachusetts resolutions on the tariff. (See Tariff.)

the Mint to report to the ilouse the relative va. Members, a list of, 818.

lue of gold and silver bullion, agreed to, 864. Ministers to France, the President requested to communi-
Collection of revenue. (See Revenue Collection bill.)

cate the instructions given to them, 821; agreed
Columbia affairs. (See District of Columbia.)

to, 837.
District of Columbia, affairs of, 1812.

Naval service, a bill making appropriations for the, con-
Doddridge, Mr., from Virginia, his death announced, 818. sidered, 1665; ordered to be engrossed, 1675.
Doubtful powers, a verbal report thereon by Mr. Daniel, Ohio, falls of, petitions for the improvement of, 835.

Order, points of, discussed, 950, 1225, 1270, 1972,
Duties, a bill to exempt certain articles of merchandise

1290, 1515, 1521, 1567, 1634, 1661, 1662, 1699,
from duty, 944.

1701, 1729, 1757, 1759, 1760, 1822, 1823, 1824,
Duties on hardware. (See Hardware.)

i920, 1923.
Enforcement bill, motion to print additional copies of the Postage, a resolution instructing the Committee on the
report, 1675; agreed to, 1685.

Post Office to inquire into the expediency of re-
Federal courts, a resolution instructing the Judiciary Com-

ducing the rates of postage, 927.
mittee to inquire what regulation is necessary to President of the United States, his message at the opening
reduce the annual expense of holding said courts,

of Congress. (See Appendix.)
agreed to, 870.

veto of the harbor bill, 819.
Florida claims, a bill for the relief of certain inhabitants message dissected and referred, 822; subject re-
of East Florida, 998; the first section struck out,

sumed, 864.

Presidential election, the electoral votes counted, 1722.
the bill again brought up, 1685; bill recommitted, Public printer, election of, 1726.

Revenue laws, a memorial praying for relief under them,
Frontiers, a bill for the defence of, was taken up, 1727,

and agreed to.

Revenue collection bill, reported, 1653; taken up, 1811;
Geological surveys, a resolution proposing to inquire into ordered to a third reading, 1897; passed, 1903.
the expediency of authorizing the President of

See also 1939.
the United States to employ a suitable person to Rochambeaul, Marshal Count, a letter from General La.

fayette, with a petition from the granddaughters Tariff, a resolution calling on the Secretary of the Trea-
of the Marshal, praying for compensation for

sury for a list of articles on which the reduction
services performed by their grandfather to the

of six millions of duty may be made, 1089;
United States, 1763.

agreed to, 1273.
Salt duty, a memorial on the subject of rock salt manu. memorial and resolutions from Massachusetts on the
factured in Maine, 1156; referred, 1157.

tariff, 1478; discussed, 1522; motion to reconsi-
Sergeant-at-arms, Thomas B. Randolph, of Virginia, ap-

der, 1564; motion withdrawn, 1578.
pointed, 822.

Taxation and the tariff, Mr. Burges moved a preamble
Settlers on public lands. (See Lands.)

and resolutions on these subjects, 955; ordered
Silk culture, a resolution for procuring copies of the man-

to lie on the table, and be printed, 957.
ual on silk, introduced, 1762; agreed to, 1763. Treasury, Secretary of, bis annual report, 820.
Slavery in the District of Columbia, a memorial from Tribunal for claims, a resolution for instructing the Judi-
Pennsylvania for its abolishment therein, 1584:

ciary Committee to report on the expediency of
referred, 1585.

establishing such a tribunal, 957; agreed to,
South Carolina convention, a resolution calling on the

President for a copy of his proclamation, and of Veto of the harbor bill, 819.
the ordinance of South Carolina, to which it re- Watervliet arsenal, the proposed appropriation for it,
fers, 916; rejected, 917.

message from the President, communicating the Wickliffe's, Mr., address to the editors of this work on the
nullifying ordinance, &c., 1082.

decision of the Speaker on a point of order,
resolution requesting the President to communicate

what evidence he may have to authorize the be- Yeas and nays, on resolution touching the Chickasaw
lief that the Government and people of South

treaty, 854, 878.
Carolina meditated the taking possession of the on an amendment to the resolution calling for a list
forts of the United States, 1763; laid on the

of members appointed to Congress, 910.
table, 1764.

on the resolution as proposed, 911.
Southern assay offices, a bill to establish assay offices in on a call for a copy of the President's proclama-
the gold region, 886; bill laid aside, 890.

tion, &c., in relation to South Carolina, 917.
Standing committees appointed, 821.

on considering a proposition to distribute the
Surplus revenue, a resolution proposing to distribute the

surplus revenue amongst the several States,
surplus revenue amongst the several States, 1054;

the House refused to consider the proposition.

on a resolution calling for information from the
Tariff, a report from the Committee of Ways and Means,

Secretary of the Treasury on the tariff question,
on reducing and altering certain duties, 926.

report of the minority of the committee ordered on questions on the tariff bill, 1664, 1730, 1753,
to be printed, 1902.

1754, 1755, 1779, 1810.
a bill to reduce and otherwise alter the duties on on the bill for selling the stock of the United States
imports, reported by the Committee of Ways and

Bank, 1722.
Means, 958; tariff bill recommitted to a Com-

on the revenue collection bill, 1896, 1897.
mittee of the Whole, with instructions to report

passage of the land bill, 1920.
Mr. Clay's bill from the Senate in its stead, 1772. report of the Bank committee, 1936.




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Adams, Mr., from Massachusetts, on our relations with | Archer, Mr., from Virginia, on establishing Southern as-
Buenos Ayres, 900.

say offices, 888.
on appointment of members of Congress, 906, 907. on our relations with Buenos Ayres, 901.
resolutions calling on the Secretary of the Treasury the nullifying ordinance, 1083, 1086, 1087.

for tariff information, 1090, 1117, 1133, 1175, East Florida claims, 1687.
1228, 1478, 1527, 1564, 1572, 1577.

tariff, 1729.
on abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia, revenue collection bill, 1761.

Arnold, Mr., from Tennessee, on the nullifying ordinance,
on the tariff bill, 1609, 1616, 1640, 1810, 1817.

1083, 1089.
on making naval appropriations, 1673.

tariff, 1303, 1696, 1699, 1700.
East Florida claims, 1686.

enforcement bill, 1676.
revenue collection bill, 1818.

revenue collection bill, 1757, 1759, 1767, 1811.
the report of the minority of the Committee on the culture of silk, 1762.
Manufactures, 1865.

Ashley, Mr., from Missouri, on the tariff bill, 1635.
on ordering the printing of do., 1902.

Banks, Mr., from Pennsylvania, on the tariff, 1529.
Alexander, Mr., from Virginia, on the Massachusetts re. Barbour, Mr., from Virginia, on District of Columbia af.
solutions touching the tariff, 1568, 1640.

fairs, 1815.
bill for the relief of the heirs of Matthew Lyon, Barringer, Mr., from North Carolina, on appointment of

members of Congress, 910.
Anderson, Mr., from Maine, on making appropriations for on Matthew Lyon's fine, 1018, 1020, 1022.

1665, 1666.

on the tariff, 1616, 1637, 1734, 1750.
Angel, Mr., from New York, on Matthew Lyon's fine, on the bill for the relief of the beirs of Matthew

Lyon, 1654.
Appleton, Mr., from Massachusetts, on the tariff, 1194, Bates, Mr., from Massachusetts, on the tariff, 1478, 1655,
1431, 1453, 1434, 1579, 1580, 1634.

1664, 1762, 1809.

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