Gertrude and Beatrice, Or, The Queen of Hungary: A Historical Tragedy, in Five Acts

C. Mitchell, 1839 - 104 páginas

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Página i - The best in this kind are but shadows ; and the worst are no worse, if imagination amend them.
Página 25 - All ye woods, and trees, and bowers, All ye virtues and ye powers That inhabit in the lakes, In the pleasant springs or brakes, Move your feet To our sound, Whilst we greet . All this ground With his honour and his name That defends our flocks from blame. He is great, and he is just, He is ever good, and must Thus be honoured. Daffadillies, Roses, pinks, and loved lilies, Let us fling, Whilst we sing, Ever holy, Ever holy, Ever honoured, ever young ! Thus great Pan is ever sung ! [Exeunt all except...
Página 80 - This, this will be no strife of strength with strength. That feared I not. I brave each combatant, Whom I can look on, fixing eye to eye, Who full himself of courage kindles courage In me too.
Página 81 - Atheist of me. (Paces up and down — then stops short — remains a little while in a thoughtful posture.) Bankban's dead ! . . His widow's free to wed again : How's that ? . Shall she enjoy him all ? Whilst I stand wishing, And like a spirit damn'd, be robbed of hope? ( Goes to the side, and calls) — Doth any wait? . .Without! . . . What, mate with him...
Página v - ... ditties, bound up with the appropriate objects of their individual pursuit. Even those, who are equally admirers of the Comic and Tragic Muse, will find a convenience in this division, as they will hereby be better enabled to gratify the inclination of the moment, whether it tend to the grave or gay. And, as each play has been chronologically arranged, the reflecting mind will be able to see the progressive changes, that have taken place in dramatic composition, and mark the distinct aera of...

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