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Review, the first of which is given in the number your paper, which I have no doubt you desire in differ somewhat from the minister's, and his from for May and June. This is devoted to what is this direction, would involve necessarily the call the teacher's, and his from the artist's, and his termed the “Mechanism and Administration,” or ing in of helpers who would be willing to do good from the editor's; but all of us, we take it, need the external history of the event. The article is work in special lines of reviewing; and this, the following: statistical and critical, minute, and of course ac- until the paper has a larger income, much as a 1. Webster's, or Worcester's, Unabridged DicPolitics furnish the themes for two “labor of love."

tionary, according to lexicographical preference. accompanying articles, one on “The American

2. A fresh and accurate Atlas of the world.

...I FULLY understand and approve your Foreign Service,” by Hon. John Jay, the other on views as to freedom from theological bias in the

3. Haydn's Dictionary of Dates, or Hawes's “ The New Federal Administration,” unsigned, columns of the Literary World. I would jeal- Chronology of Ancient and Modern History, or an but perhaps by the author of the caustic review ously maintain it myself were I in control of such

equivalent. of President Grant's administration in a previous a journal.

4. Roget's Thesaurus of English Words. issue. Mr. Charlton T. Lewis comes to the res

5. Bartlett's Dictionary of Familiar Quotations. cue of “The Life Insurance Question,” a Mr.

... I ENCLOSE my subscription for this year.

Mr. Perkins's Best Reading would make a sixth James H. Rigg writes interestingly of the “ Dis- The Literary World answers a demand of long volume, and from this point the list would vary establishment of the Church of England," and standing on my part for just such a review of the

according to individual wants, and might be there is a valuable critique of Tennyson, by Bay

writers and writing of the day. I shall take great greatly extended in many directions. ard Taylor. The review of “Recent American pleasure in receiving and reading it, and in bring

“I am not a believer in sex in literature ; ing it under the notice of my friends. and European Books” is unworthy of the name,

but there are, I hold, certain general qualities · the division of “ Recent American Books

which seldom fail to distinguish the writing of pying precisely one page and fourteen lines, and


men from that of women. Internal evidence in covering only two books, both of which are old.

the case of the notice of “Friend Fritz," in the The last title in the Table of Contents as printed —“J. L. S.," of Jewett City, Ct., asks for the April World, forces me to the conclusion that it on the cover is “Contemporary Events.” The correct spelling of Shakespeare's name, and, to was written by a woman's pen. The late Presi“department” so dignified will be found to con- be particular, “how the old gentleman himself dent Walker used to tell us that a good guess sist of a single paragraph of twelve lines on the wrote it.” There seems to be but little doubt was equal to half-knowledge. In this case I am approaching extra session of Congress.

that Shakespeare, following a very frequent cus- quite sure that my guess is equivalent to full
tom of his age, spelt his name differently at dif- knowledge. Am I not right? T.” No.

ferent times. In one of his autographs, preserved
in the British Museum, he has written very evi-

... ONE of my Latin pupils who is an atten

tive reader of the Literary World, has called my dently Shakspere. In others, though the writing . . What seems to me to be the great desid

is so illegible as to make it difficult to decipher, attention to the following paragraph in the artieratum of such a periodical as the Literary World the name is written Shakspeare. On the title cle in the April number on “Landor's Imaginary

Conversations :" is to make the several articles, as it were, com- page of the quarto editions of his plays, also of

“The two following lines from his seventh Sonplete in themselves, so as to be reasonably satisfac- the editions of his poems published by himself, in tory to readers who are without any means or

the first two folios, on the family tomb, and in net, Landor says he never read without the heartopportunity for seeing the books which are the some legal documents, the name is spelt Shake-ache, seeing in them the first indication of love

and blindness : subjects of them. ... We can conceive of an speare. The probability is that out of the fifty

“Ut mihi adhuc refugam quærabant lumina noctem article founded upon the contents of a book which

five different recorded ways of spelling the name Nec matutinum sustinuere jubar.'

at that time, Shakspere was the most common would be very interesting and valuable, which

Here Landor's memory failed him slightly. would not seem to be a review of the book at all

, form adopted by scholars and the literary world. in English, and there is nothing in the seventh provincial form, but that Shakespeare was the

Milton's Sonnets were not written in Latin but and scarcely show at all from what source the

This latter form has been and still is in most gen. Sonnet corresponding with the fact here referred information which it contained was drawn; and a periodical consisting of such articles might be been formed in England called the “New Shakito, the weakness of his eyes. It is in the seventh

eral use, notwithstanding a society has recently very attractive and very valuable to the reader.

Elegy of the poet we findthe lines; the Elegies But this would be very unfair to the author and spere Society.”

were all written in Latin, but have been elegantly publisher.

- Referring to the answer in your April number translated into English verse. As it is difficult

(p. 178), to query whether "truest” etc., are cor- to see the force of such quotations without the I TRUST you will not be afraid to form rect, in which answer you say that the expressions connection, I will mention that the seventh Elegy your own opinions of books and their authors in question are from “a thoughtless usage," describes an imaginary scene where Cupid first and state them fairly and squarely - without ask

query : Does not good English usage permit overpowered Milton with his influence, and he ing yourself how this man - this set — this pub- comparatives and superlatives of some terms felt the first emotion of love. It was on a bright lisher or that— likes them. Satisfy yourself and whose meaning is logically incapable of the mod- May day in his nineteenth year.

There were, as you will satisfy the public. The Literary World ification ? For instance : "full," "straight," Landor says, even then indications of his blindshould be cosmopolitan and not provincial. To “ honest.” Note, however, that this query refers ness. His eyes were too weak to endure the this end pray give a wide berth to the Boston only to “ true” and not to “perfect” in the place morning light, and reluctantly parted with the reM..t.. al Admiration Society, which deserves

quoted. That word and "dead,” “square," tiring night. The first word of the quotation to be the laughing stock of all outsiders. "round,” etc., “eternal,” “almighty,” etc., are should be at not "ut.”

R. L. P. I HAVE thought that had Mr. Crocker both logically and by usage not comparable. It been able to continue his work he would have, in is a question partly of usage and partly of logic,

LITERARY NEWS. time, raised it to something more nearly like the

F. B. P. English critical journals, so far as they are liter- _“In The Literary World for April, you say - We have been much interested in looking ary and not political or scientific. Such a change of Perkins's Best Reading: “This is one of a over the advance sheets of the volume of revival would be justified by the increase in numbers of dozen works of reference which are indispensable sermons by ministers of Boston and vicinity which reading people here who appreciate broad and to every workman whose bench is a library table Lockwood, Brooks & Co. have in press for immeable criticism, not too "genial,” nor on the other and whose tools are books.' Please give the diate publication. Those who like sermons will hand “slashing." Publishers and readers alike names of those dozen works.” “T.” (Knoxville, find among these not a few of more than common would respect and favor such a paper taking an Tenn.) We said "a dozen” at a venture, per- freshness and interest; while several are disindependent position, and mainly regarding the haps, not meaning necessarily to indicate that courses of remarkable power. The titles and interests of sound criticism and the wise guidance precise number; nor would the same identical names of contributors are as follows: of uncritical readers. Such work on many books set answer the purpose of every “workman.” 1. “The Christian Believer's Burden." Rev. no one man can do well. The improvement of | The lawyer's indispensable reference-books would Dr. E. K. Alden, of South Boston.

is it not?

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2. “The Old Faith and the New.”. Rev. Dr. lowing touching preface: “The complément of barely passed the age of fifty, and his death was Lorimer, of the Tremont Temple.

• Bio3. “Learn of Me.” Dean Gray, of the Episcopal at least if the end of the author does not come graphical Sketches of the Loyalists of the Ameri

the Legend of the Ages will be published shortly, sudden.— The widely-known author of Theological School at Cambridge. 4. “The Soul's Separation from God.” Rev. before the end of the book.” In that volume he can Revolution,” Lorenzo Sabine, died in Boston, Dr. Mallalieu, of Boston.

also promised, for the present month of May, a April 14, at the age of seventy-four. Mr. Sabine, 5. “The Decay of Will.” Rev. S. E. Herrick, poetical work entitled "L'art d'être grandpere ;” though what is called a self-educated man, had

of Boston. 6. “Coming to One's Self.” Rev. Dr. Peabody, in October a history of the “Crime du 2 décem-led an industrious and useful life in politics and of Cambridge.

bre;” and in February, 1878, another volume of literature, and his published works, which are 7. "The Cry for a Cleansed Heart." Rev. A. poetry called “ Toute la Lyre.” Too much faith, several in number, are of recognized value in his

E. Dunning, of Boston Highlands. however, will not be put in these promises by torical and antiquarian circles.- Robert M. De8. “God's Controversy with His People.” Rev. those who remember that, since 1867, he has an- witt, one of the oldest of New York publishers,

Dr. Vinton, of Boston. 9. “God a Consuming Fire.” Rev. A. J. Gor- nounced the speedy publication of no less than is also dead. He was one of the incorporators of don, of Boston.

nine books, none of which have as yet appeared. the New York News Company. 10. “God Dismissed.” Prof. Caldwell, of the All these works there is reason to believe are Baptist Theological Institution at Newton.

-On entering to our editorial desk the other 11. “Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By.” Rev. Al completed, but are withheld for some personal morning we found upon it a mysterious package exander McKenzie, of Cambridge.

It has been said that Hugo has works 12. “Nothing to do with Christ.” Rev. W. W. in manuscript equal in number to those which he hand which of itself would anywhere arrest atten

enveloped in brown paper, and directed in a bold Newton, of Boston.

has already published. If this be true, he is not tion. Opening it, the contents proved to be the 13. “The Door Opened and Christ Within."

Rev. H. M. Grout, of Concord (the editor only one of the greatest, but also one of the most fair proof sheets of a new book nearly complete ; of the volume).


, writers of the day. The manuscripts of without title-page, however, and with no hint of 14. “Faith the Source of Faithfulness.” Joseph all his works already published he still pos- publisher's or author's name. Cook.

A rigorous comsesses —"a fortune ” in themselves as Arséne 15. “Our Two Harvests." Rev. Dr. Rufus Ellis,

pliance with our rule toward anonymous commuof Boston.

Houssaye says. One Paris admirer of the vener-nications would have promptly consigned this to 16. “The Gospel Invitation.” President Warren, able poet paid 1,200 francs for a single copy of the waste-basket, but something in the very first of Boston University. the Legend of the Ages printed on vellum. Who

sentence stayed our hand. It was this: 17. "The Permanence of Moral Character,” a says there is no such mania as bibliomania ? “Monday Lecture,” by Joseph Cook.

"Cephas's mother and my mother traded cradles

- J. R. Osgood & Co. will publish early in the in our infancy, so that we were both rolled on the 18. “The Prominence of the Atonement.” Prof.

Park, of the Theological Seminary at season two volumes of Joseph Cook's “Monday same rockers.”
Lectures,” entitled respectively “ Biology" and

Reading on we came to this:
“ Transcendentalism;” and later, possibly, a
— R. Worthington, of New York, announces third, comprising a selection from the “preludes”

“My mother,” said Cephas, “has an heirloom

china platter which cost eight dollars; and it has “From Ocean to Ocean,” the description of an to the lectures. These “preludes,” in the minds been in her family so long, that, if the money had expedition across Canada in 1872, and a book of some of Mr. Cook's hearers, have been the been put at compound interest, it would now which will take readers into a new region of the best part of the intellectual entertainment he has it is not very old either. And I am a firm be,

amount to more than sixty-five thousand dollars; continent of North America. T. Whittaker will regularly spread at Tremont Temple Monday liever in working miracles by compound interest.” put immediately to press a second volume of mis- noons. Among other spring announcements of cellaneous papers by the late Rev. Dr. Muhlen. Eastern publishers are the following: Good

Other striking thoughts and ways of putting burg, edited by Sister Anne, the superintendent holme's “Domestic Cyclopedia of Practical In- them, with bold picturings of nature and outdoor of St. Luke's Hospital and of St. Johnland. formation,” a work intended to cover the whole life, held the interest thus awakened, and before Henry Holt & Co. have nearly ready a curious range of household science, industry and art (H.

we knew it we had read the sheets all through. and interesting work on “Ancient Society,” by Holt & Co.); a “Manual of Practical Directions with no name by which to call the work, and no Lewis H. Morgan, of Rochester, N. Y.; “Idols for Economical Every Day Cookery," by Miss author's name to mention in connection with it, and Ideals,” with an essay on Christianity, by M. Corson of the New York Cooking School (Dodd,

we can only now further distinguish it by its D. Conway; and new editions of Richter's “Hes Mead & Co.); a new volume of Rev. E. Foster's chapter titles, some of which are these : “The perus ” and “Titan." "Cyclopedia of Prose Illustrations (T. Y.

Phantom of Tragabigzanda," "The Fishing Vil

lage,” “The English Helen,” “The Essex – Rev. Phillips Brooks's Lectures on Preach. Crowell); a discussion of the rights and wrongs ing, delivered to the students of the Theological of the North and South, under the title of “Is Woods,” and “Old Harbor;” and by saying that Seminary in New Haven, last winter, on the Our Republic a Failure ?” by E. H. Watson, of it is a piece of religious fiction of great originality Lyman Beecher Foundation, are now in press by Boston (Authors' Publishing Company); “Rev- and freshness, and of some singular merits. We E. P. Dutton & Co. of New York, and will be erend Green Willingwood,” a sketch of life have good reason to believe that it is a volume published early in the autumn.

among the clergy by Rev. Robert Fisher (do. of which we have been hearing off and on for do.); a new collection of Sunday School songssachusetts minister of rare intellectual gifts ; and,

several years, as being in hand by a former Mas. – The Nineteenth Century is not the only new entitled “Heavenward,” containing the best work periodical venture in England. Two others have of P. P. Bliss and James R. Murray (S. Brainard's if we are right in this conjecture, and are not misappeared in London, one the Marlborough, a re- Sons); and “Adirondack Tales," a series of hu- taken in our estimate, its publication will be an view of politics and society, and London, a week- morous sketches by Rev. W. H. H. Murray event in thoughtful and cultivated circles. By ly journal of politics, art, literature, music and (Golden Rule Publishing Co.). Messrs. Put- next month we shall hope to be able to speak of the drama. Nor is Cardinal Manning, in the nam's Sons also have in preparation a volume of

the volume more in detail. pages of the Nineteenth Century, the only histo- twelve sermons by leading ministers of different Mrs. Burnett, the author of That Lass o' rian of the Vatican Council; Prof. Friedrich has denominations, on “The Nature and Work of Lowrie's, was a Miss Hodgson, and was born in been engaged for some time on a comprehensive Christ.” Thompson, Brown & Co. announce a England, but came to this country at an early work upon that subject, the first part of which is new edition of “Cushing's Manual,” revised by age. Her home is in Knoxville, Tenn., where now in press, and will appear the present sum- Hon. E. L. Cushing of New Hampshire, a her husband pursues his profession as a physician mer. It will contain many documents of the first brother of the author.

and oculist. She is said to be one of the youngimportance, which have never been published. The Pope, too, is to have his life written, Mr. T. – The death of Mr. Walter Bagehot, which est of the contributors to Scribner's Monthly. Adolphus Trollope being engaged upon it. The occurred early in April, removes one of the ablest - Henri Van Laun, whose History of French work will be as strictly personal in its character writers on political science at a time when his Literature is reviewed elsewhere, was born in as the peculiarities of the subject will allow.

services were sorely needed. Mr. Bagehot was Belgium, of half-English parentage ; and was ed

the editor of the London Economist, and the ucated partly in England and partly on the Con– Victor Hugo sent his last work into the author of a number of works which have had a tinent. He is the translator of Taine's History world on his seventy-sixth birthday with the fol- wide circulation in the United States. He had of English Literature, and of Molière's works

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pp. 330.

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and the author of a series of French grammars; and severely condemned the miserable tactics of Worthy Women of Our First Century. Edited by Mrs.
and has also filled the chair of French in the Uni- a particular general ; I forget whom.' He left 0. J. Wister and Miss Agnes Irwin. 8vo. Pp. 328.
Glasgow for London in 1864; acted as special

Mignon. A Novel. By Mrs. Forrester.
versity of Edinburgh.
correspondent of the Morning Star during the 396. . $1.50.

Olivia Raleigh. By W. W. Follett Synge. 16mo. pp.
– Mr. A. H. Cassell, of Harleysville, Mont-Prusso-Austrian war, and, after being connected

212. $1.00.
with the London Review, Examiner and Daily
gomery Co., Pennsylvania, must certainly be News, he left journalism'in 1875. His account

Three Years at Wolverton. A School Story. By a Wol.

awarded an honorable place among bibliophiles. of his novels is far too meagre, and leaves too

Though a self-educated man, he has been all his much untold. His chief statement is that he likes

life a great reader, and

at the age of a little
his last the best : 'It undoubtedly contains the

The Cardinal's Daughter. A Sequel to “Ferne Flem-
best work of which I am capable.""

ing." By Mrs. Catherine A. Warfield. 16mo. pp. 366.
under sixty, he has a library of upwards of 10,000

volumes. It contains a great many old works, as

Pickwick Abroad. A Companion to the "Pickwick Pa-
choice as they are scarce, and a good variety of

pers." By George W. M. Reynolds. With Illustrations

by George Cruickshank. 8vo. Pp. 207. $1.00.
manuscripts on vellum, belonging to the sixteenth

Country Quarters. A Love Story. By the Countess of
and seventeenth centuries. Of elephant folios he

Blessington. Three English Volumes Complete in One.

pp. 560. $1.00.
has several hundred, of “Poor Richard's Alma-

Across Africa. By Verney Lovett Cameron, C. B., The Man with Five Wives. A Novel. By Alexander
nac”a full set, and of Bibles a large and interesting D. C. L., Commander Royal Navy, Gold Medalist Royal Dumas. 8vo. pp. 212. $1.00.

With Numerous Illustrations.
collection. One of his curiosities is said to be a 8vo. pp. 508. $5.00.


From Traditional to Rational Faith; or, The Way I
file containing one copy of every newspaper pub-

Nora's Love Test. A Novel. By Mary Cecil Hay. 8vo. Came from Baptist to Liberal Christianity. By R. Andrew

lished in the United States and British America, pp. 156. Paper, 50 cents.

16mo. pp. 219. $1.00.
Peru. Incidents of Travel and Explorations in the Land A Modern Mephistopheles. 16mo. pp. 290. $1.00.
though we suppose this statement is to be taken of the Incas. By E. George Squier, M. A., F. S. A. With
Illustrations. 8vo. pp. 599. $5.00.

A Winter Story. By Miss Peard. 16mo. Pp. 257. $1.00.
with some qualifications.

Miss Nancy's Pilgrimage. A Story of Travel, By Vir- graphical Fragment and Biographical Notes, with Personal

Bryan Waller Procter (Barry Cornwall). An Autobio-
– Mr. Charles Wyllys Elliott, whose recent ginia W. Johnson. 8vo. . , .

Sketches of Contemporaries, Unpublished Lyrics, and Let-

Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth. Edited with Notes. ters of Literary Friends. Ihmo.
writings on art topics as applied to home life By William J. Rolfe, A. M. With Engravings. Square

Pp. 306. $2.00.

have revived the fame of his earlier authorship,

pp. 260. 60 cents.

Two Men of Sandy Bar. A Drama. By Bret Harte.
is diligently pursuing his studies along a line of D. APPLETON & CO., NEW YORK.

16mo. pp. 161. $1.00.
antiquarian research, in a way which seems cer- Literature Primers. Edited by John Richard Green. Deephaven. By Sarah O. Jewett. 16mo. pp. 255. $1.25.
tain to yield some results of great interest a year logy. By John Peile. pp. 164. Each 45 cents.
Classical Geography. By H. F. Tozer. pp. 127. Philo- Poems of Places. Edited by Henry W. Longfellow.

Italy. Vol. I. pp. 278.; II., 262; III., 256. 16mo.
or two hence. The history of the development Nomisma; or “Legal Tender.” By Henri Cernuschi. Each $1.00.
of the household is, so far as we know, an un-

pp. 157. $1.25.

Out of The Question. A Comedy. By W. D. Howells.

The Principles of Sociology. By Herbert Spencer. Vol. 16mo. pp. 183. $1.25.
worked subject, and who is he that can better 1. izmo. $2.50.

uncover its riches than Mr. Elliott ? Is he not Two Lilies. A Novel By Julia Kavanagh.

A Book of American Explorers. By Thomas Wentworth
the Schliemann for this Mycenæ ? A course of

Higginson. Illustrated. 12mo. Pp. 367. $1.50.

Shakespeare, from an American Point of View; Includ-
lectures and one or two volumes would be none ing an Inquiry as to his Religious Faith, and his knowledge Curtis Guild. Large, 16mo. pp. 474. $2.50.

Abroad Again; or a Fresh Foray in Foreign Lands. By
of Law: with the Baconian Theory Considered. By George
too much attention to give to it.
Wilkes. 8vo. pp. 471.

The Supernatural Factor in Religious Revivals. By L.

T. Townsend, D. D. 16mo. pp. 311. $1.50.
- Mr. Tupper has come and gone. We do

not know that any more appropriate tribute has with Four Illustrations by Alfred Fredericks.
That Lass o' Lowrie's. By Frances Hodgson Burnett.

What is Art; or, Art Theories and Methods Concisely

pp. Stated. By S. G. W. Benjamin. 8vo. pp. 57. 75 cents.
been paid to him than the New York Tribune's, 269. $1.50.
of which we cut off for present use the head and

How to Camp Out. By John M. Gould. Illustrated. 32mo. pp. 62. 60 cents.

The Bridal Souvenir. Compiled by Rev. Samuel Cutler.
16mo. pp. 134. $1.00.
tail :


My Lady Help, and What She Taught Me. By Mrs.
“Now he leaves, but ere he leaves us, One

The Dark Colleen. A Novel by the author of “The

16mo. pp. 136. Paper, 50 cents.
more gentle song he weaves us, Says, 'Farewell! Queen of Connaught.” Crown 8vo. pp. 373. $1.25.

Will it Be? By Mrs. Helen J. Ford of Buffalo. Pp. 173.
in stanzas three, And on Wednesday goes to sea.

Rosine. J. G. Whyte Melville. 8vo. pp. 115. Paper, Paper, 50 cents.
We wish him a voyage home undisturbed 50 cents.

by nautical nausea ; and we shall look with in- A. S. BARNES & CO., NEW YORK.

Songs of Gratitude. A Collection of New Songs for
terest for the little poem which he will write upon A Critical History of the Late American War. By A. Sunday Schools and Worshiping Assemblies. By James
his return to dear Mother England: Mother Mahan.. With an Introductory Letter by Lieut.-Gen. M. H. Fillmore. Oblong 16mo. pp. 160.
mighty, mother mild, Welcome back your wan- W. Smith. 8vo. pp. 461. $3.00.

dering child, From the Yankees safe 'returning, MUCKLOW & SIMON, NEW YORK.

All his old affection burning! Hear a song he He Will Come; or, Meditations upon the Return of the

The Leopold Shakspere. The Poet's Works, in Chrono-
puts his heart in, And say, how are you, dearest Lord Jesus Christ to Reign over the Earth By Stephen logical Order, from the Text of Professor Delius, with "The
Martin ?”

With an Introduction by Stephen H. Two Noble Kinsmen” and “Edward III.," and an Intro-
Tyng, D, D.' Square 16mo. pp. 212. $1.25.

duction by F. J. Furnivall. Illustrated. sm. 4to. pp. 1056.
- Less is known than might be, to the general ANSON D. F. RANDOLPH & CO., NEW YORK.

The Life of Christ. By F. W. Farrar, D. D., Canon of
interest, of Mr. William Black, whose “Princess Misunderstood. Intended for those who are interested in Westminster. Nustrated with Steel Plates and Numerous
of Thule,” to say nothing of other of his works, it appears to a child, and to enter for half an hour into the
children; for those who are willing to stoop to view life as Wood Engravings. Parts 6-8. 8vo. Pp. 121 to 192. Each

25 cents.
has advanced him to the front rank of living nov- manifold small interests, hopes, joys and trials which make

up its sum.
pp. 300. Paper, 50 cents.

elists. His own account of himself, as recently

Six Little Cooks; or, Aunt Jane's Cooking Class. 12mo.

published in the Portrait, is thus reduced to

pp. 236. Cloth, $1.00.
its lowest terms by the London correspondent of Richard Hengist Horne. With a Preface and Memoir by

Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Addressed to
the Boston Advertiser :

Richard Henry Stoddard. Two volumes, pp. 323, 226. $2.50.

“The substance of it is that he was born in
Glasgow on the 13th or 15th of November – he tion for the Use of Teachers, School Officers, Parents and
The Cyclopedia of Education; A Dictionary of Informa-

E. H. HAMES & CO., Boston.
is not sure which — 1841 ; that he had a desultory Others. Edited by Henry Kiddle, Superintendeyt of Pub-

education ; that he set himself to translate Livy, lic Schools, New York City, and Alexander J. Schem, As- Congregational House, Beacon and Somerset Sts., Room 6.
form a collection of British plants, and construct sistant Superintendent of Public Schools, New York City.
a machine which should demonstrate perpetual

Published the first day of each month, at $1.50 per year,
I vol. Large 8vo. pp. 868. Sold only by Subscription.

in advance.
motion, at the same time. His early ambition E. P. DUTTON & CO., NEW YORK.

All papers are continued until there is a specific order to
was to be a landscape painter. He studied art The Witness of the Psalms to Christ and Christianity; effect at the expiration of the subscription.

stop; but such an order can be given at any time, to take
for a year or two. ‘As an artist I was a complete The Bampton Lectures, 1876. By W. Alexander, D. B.,

failure, and so qualified myself for becoming in Bishop of Derry. 8vo. pp. 332. $2.00.
after life, for a time, an art critic. He began his HENRY HOLT & CO., NEW YORK.

$20.00 per column, each insertion.
literary career by writing literary criticisms for a

All checks, drafts and money orders, should be made pay-

Bessie Lang. By Alice Corkran. 16mo. pp. 298. $1.25. able to E. H. HAMES & CO.
Glasgow journal; then he wrote sketches of ram-
bles in the country; then he was a musical and J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO., PHILADELPHIA.

P. O. Address, Box 1183.
dramatic critic; while on one occasion — though The Science of Language, Linguistics, Philology, Ety-

I really am ashamed to make this confession — 1 Keane, B. X. (London: Chapman & Hall.) ómo. pp.
mology. By Abel Hovelacque. Translated by A. H.

EDWARD H. HAMES, Publisher.
wrote a leading article on the American civil war, 340.

Composition by Thos. Todd. Press work by A. Mudge & Son.

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The Literary World.

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Webster's Unabridged. T FOURTH THOUSAND NOW READY.

The Æneid of Virgi).


The unprecedented sale of this work by Dr. Tyng, Jr., has

3000 Engravings; 1840 Pages Quarto. attracted the attention of the trade and reading public. Un-
“ Professor Conington's translation will certainly do much FOUR PAGES COLORED PLATES. terest and demand. Within a fortnight after its first issue,
to increase among the general public a right understanding A WHOLE LIBRARY IN ITSELF.

the publishers have pleasure in announcing that the fourth

Thousand is ready for delivery: In typography, paper, and
and appreciation of the great Roman poet."- Fraser's Mag-


binding "He Will Come" is all that can be desired by the

most fastidious critic. Its contents illustrate the proverb
or Now contains twenty-five per cent. more matter than that “Truth is stranger than fiction.". From the beginning
any other one volume English Dictionary published in this to the end a reader will not flag in his interest and enjoy-
country or Great Britain.

ment. The fourteen chapters are cumulative in their treat-

ment of the topic. They discuss:

1.-The Two advents; II.-The Glorions Appearing; III.-
Translated into English verse (Scott's Ballad Meter),

The sale is 20 times as great as the sale of any other large The Man From the Glory; IV.-The Glorious Man; V.-The

Glory Revealed in Us; VI.-The Glorious Rapture; VII.-A
More than 30,000 copies have been placed in the public Glimpse of the Glory; VIII.-Before the Man in the Glory;
schools of the United States.

IX.-The Four Crowns; X.-The Marriage of the Lamb;
Recommended by 28 State Superintendents of Schools. XI.—The Coming With Glory; XII.-- The Kingdom of Glory;

o Warmly recommended by Bancroft, Prescott, Motley, XIII.-The Glory Begun Below; XIV.–Then Cometh the
Geo. P. Marsh, Halleck, Whittier, Willis, Saxe, Elihu Bur-End.

ritt, Daniel Webster, Rufus Choate, H. Coleridge, Smart, Price, in rich cloth, $1.25; 216 pages.
Late Latin Professor in the University of Oxford. Horace Mann, Presidents Woolsey, Wayland, Hopkins, Nott,

Walker, Anderson, (more than FIFTY College Presidents in For sale by booksellers generally, or sent prepaid on re-
all,) and the best American and European scholars.

ceipt of price by
An elegant library edition, in large, clear type, handsomely Indispensable to every student of the English language."

-M. R. Waite, Chief Justice United States.
printed on toned paper. One volume, crown 8vo, cloth ex-

MUCKLOW & SIMON, Publishers,
The Highest Authority in Great Britain as well as in the
United States.

42d St. and Madison Ave., New York City.
tra, gilt top, $2.25; half calf, $4.00.

“The best practical English Dictionary ex.

tant.”- London Quarterly Review, Oct. 1873.
This translation of the Æneid, by Prof. Coxington, has



been universally admitted most attractive. It has gained Webster's National Pictorial Dictionary.



International Review

Best Sacred Songs


preëminence by its novelty, the singular felicity of its dic-Published by G. & C. MERRIAM, Springfield, Mass.
600 Engravings ; 1040 Pages Octavo.

Have Just Published

tion, its constant animation and great variety, united with

Webster's Abridgments.
consummate scholarship in its remarkable Adelity to the


nicer shades of meaning in the original.
Webster's Primary School Dictionary, 204 Engravings.

Common School

The very lightest, freshest, and yet most accurate metrical

High School

translation of Virgil that has yet been added to our litera-


461 pages, Evo, $3.00.
ture.”—London Eraminer.

Counting House “ with numerous illus-
trations and many valuable tables not to be found

“As we are enticed on by magic music, we cannot doubt elsewhere.
that Professor Conington has chosen the best meter."-Lon-
don Athenæum.


for May contains an article on
Numbers of the Literary World for JUNE and SEPTEMBER, THE PHILADELPHIA EXHIBITION. By
“It is scarcely possible within our present limits to do jus-1873. Address F. R. H., care the Literary World, Boston. Gen. FRANCIS A. WALKER, Late Chief of the Bureau of
tice to the critical and poetical qualities displayed in this

Awards. A very interesting and reliable account of its or-

ganization and administration, fully explaining, among
translation."- London Saturday Reriew.


other things, the American System of Awards.

“ It was reserved for Mr. Conington to give us a thoroughly

By Hon. John Jay, late U. S. Minister to Austria.
English phrase of poetry which has all the vigor as well as


the sense of Virgil."-Blackwood's Magazine.

Will be found in the new Sunday School Music Book, THE LIFE INSURANCE QUESTION.






late Professor of Literature aud Belles-Lettres in the Uni-

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versity of Edinburgh, and Editor of Blackwood's Maga- No one interested in Sunday school music should fail to PUBLISHERS' OFFICES at 111 and 113 William Street,
zine. 16mo, extra cloth, $1.50.
examine this new book. It is pronounced by all who have

NEW YORK; 34 and 36 Madison St., CHICAGO;

112 Camp St., NEW ORLEANS.
AYTOUN'S “Bon Gaultier's" Book of Ballads. By examined it, the best collection of

MILIAN.” 16mo, cloth, $1.50.
NOCTES AMBROSIANÆ. By Professor Wilson,
ever published, and is destined to attain a popularity second

Mr. Burroughs, as a careful observer of Nature, and one
J. G. LOCKHART, JAMES Hogg, and Dr. Maginn. Edited, to no work of the kind ever before issued.

of the most fascinating descriptive writers, is an author

whose reputation will constantly increase, for what he does
with Notes, by Dr. R. SHELTON MACKENZIE. With Por-

Price, 35 cents; $30 per hundred.

is not only an addition to our information, but to the good
traits. A handsome Library Edition. Six vols. (includ-

literature that we put on the shelf with Thoreau and White
ing Life of Professor Wilson by his daughter). Crown 8vo, Sold by all booksellers and music dealers. A copy mailed of Selborne.-HARTFORD COC Rant.
extra cloth, $10.50; half calf, $21.00.
on receipt of 35 cents by the publishers.

BIRDS AND POETS. With other Papers. By

John BURROUGHS, author of " Wake-Robin" and " Win-
LAMB'S ESSAYS OF ELIA. A new and choice

ter Sunshine." 16mo, cloth, $1.50.

Edition of these most delightful Essays-onPopular Fal-

In this new volume Mr. Burroughs has gathered his latest

papers and essays, and talks in his ever fresh and entertain-
lacies," " Old China," True Genius," Grace Before

CLEVELAND, OHIO. ing way of Birds and Poets," " Spring Poems," “ April."
Meat," etc., etc. A handsome crown 8vo, ou toned paper.

" Touches of Nature," "A Bird Medley,” “ Our Rural Di-
With a Steel Portrait of Lamb. Cloth, gilt top, $1.75.

vinity," "Emerson," etc., etc. The book will be warmly

welcomed by the large and steadily increasing circle of Mr.

Burroughs's readers and admirers.

We shall publish, May 1, a new Edition of

WAKE-ROBIN. By the same Author. Second Edi-
Corrected and revised, with a Sketch of his Life, by Thom-

tion, revised, enlarged, and illustrated. 16mo, cloth, $1.50.
As Noon TALFORD, and a fine Steel Portrait.

“Cushing's Manual” WINTER SUNSHINE. By the same Author. A

new edition, revised and enlarged, with frontispiece illus-

tration. 16mo, cloth, $1.50.
A very elegant edition of LAMB. Large clear type, on

Few men have written so naturally of Nature as has John
choice tinted paper. 5 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, $9.00.

Burroughs. His " Winter Sunshine" we regard as one of the

best out-door books in our literature. It was a natural suc-
And many more good editions of works suitable for the shire, brother of the Author; printed from new Electrotype which Messrs. Hurd & Houghton have just brought out in a

Revised by Hon. EDWARD L. CUSHING of New Hamp- cessor of " Wake-Robin," the delightful little work on birds
library. Catalogues sent by mail upon application.

plates and improved in style of manufacture. “Cushing's revised and enlarged edition, with illustrations.- Golden Rule.
MANUAL" is the authoritative guide in parliamentary rules
and practice all over the Union; in its new and improved

form it is still more confidently commended to favor.
W.J. WIDDLETON, Publisher,

The most Authoritative Expounder of American Parlia- History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630—1877.
mentary Law."-Charles Sumner.

By Lucits R. PAIGE. 8vo, cloth, $6.00.
Price 75 cts. For sale by all booksellers.
27 Howard St., New York.

For sale by Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of
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direct from the Publisher.

No. 23 Hawley St., Boston.


John Burroughs' Writings.



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