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not, then, be well conceived upon what principle his trial, of the correspondence between his excellency, the acting discharge, and restoration of his vessel, can be urged as an Minister of Foreign Affairs and myself, in the case of the insult to the Mexican flag.

American schooner Bethlehem, seized at Campeche; also, Your excellency requests that a full statement of all Mr. Monasterio’s reply to my note of the 15th of Septemclaims on the part of citizens of the United States may be ber last, in the case of the schooner Peter D. Vroom; also, presented for consideration; but from the manner in which that to my note of the 20th of September, in the case of those already in the possession of this Government have the brig Aurora; and, also, a reply from the same to my been disposed of, the undersigned can see no good likely note of the 9th of September, in the case of William Halto result from such a course. If those that might be pre- | let and Zalmon Hull. sented should be all acknowledged as just, yet, so long as

I have the honor to be, with the greatest respect, your the several cases of unprovoked and inexcusable outrage obedient servant,

POWHATAN ELLIS. inflicted on the officers and flag of his country, which have Hon. Joun Forsyth, Secretary of Stale. been heretofore submitted to the Mexican Executive, remain unsatisfactorily answered, he would have but one

Mr. Ellis to Mr. Monasterio. course to pursue ; nor could he find himself justified in departing from it, when he remembers, in connexion with

LEGATION OF THE U. S. OF AMERICA, the past, the recent occurrences at Vera Cruz in the seizure

Mexico, November 14, 1836. of the American brig Fourth-of-July, and the re-appoint

The undersigned, chargé d'affaires of the United States ment of the former commandant general of Santa Anna de of America, has the honor to represent to your excellency Tamaulipas to an important military post. The first was that it again becomes his duty to notice an aggression on in disregard of every principle of public law; and, in the the flag of his country by the authorities of the Supreme second, it cannot have been forgotten that that functionary

Mexican Government. was but lately removed from office for his arbitrary impris

The American schooner Bethlehem, S. H. Moore, masonment of an officer and boat's crew of the United States ter, with a cargo regularly despatched from the Balize, cutter Jefferson, with a promise (as one of the express Honduras, for Tampico, was forced by want of water and conditions had in the arrangement of the affair) that fur- provisions, towards the close of August last, to put into ther and exemplary punishment should be visited upon the

the port of Campeche. Whilst proceeding thither, she offender. Instead of punishment, he has received reward.

was, on the 20 of September, boarded by Captain ThompWith all these facts before him, the undersigned entertains

son, of the Mexican navy, who took possession of the no hope of a satisfactory adjustinent of the questions in schooner, and sent her mister, crew, and papers on board controversy between the United States of America and

the flag-ship of the Mexican squadron in the Gulf of MexMexico. He has patiently waited three weeks for some

ico. They were there detained (some of the sailors in evidence of a more favorable disposition to render justice irons) until the 224 of the same month, when the master to bis injured country, but he has waited in vain; and,

and crew were released from their imprisonment; but the whatever may be the consequences, he now feels it to be papers were retained by the commander of the squadron. his duty, in compliance with instructions, to request that

On the landing of Captain Moore, he was notified by an his excellency the President ad interim will be pleased to

escribano that his vessel had been condemned by the disfurnish him with the necessary passports to leave the Mex-trict court to be confiscated, and he to be banished five ican republic, and that suitable orders may be given for a

years from the trade. The schooner is now in the use of guard to protect hiin un the road to Vera Cruz.

the Mexican squadron as a store-ship. These proceedings The undersigned profits of this occasion to tender to his

were had without the party accused (the master) being excellency, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, the present at his trial, or informed of the charges alleged assurance of bis high and distinguished consideration.

against him, or heard in his defence either personally or by POWHATAN ELLIS.

counsel; and he was, both before and after his trial, refued a copy of the espediente which had been drawn up

against him, and which purported to contain the grounds Mr. Ellis to Mr. Monasterio.

upon which his own and his vessel's condemation were LEGATION OF THE U. STATES OF AMERICA,

based. Mexico, December 22, 1836.

The undersigned requests that your excellency will be

pleased to order a copy of all the judicial proceedings had The undersigned, chargé d'affaires of the United States in this case to be furnished to the parties interested; that of America, has the honor to inform your excellency that you will further institute an investigation as to the legality he will take his departure from this capital on Monday of these proceedings; and that, if they be found erroneous, morning next, at four o'clock A. M., for Vera Cruz; and you will cause the vessel, her cargo, and papers, to be requests that his excellency the President ad interim of forthwith delivered over to the master, with equitable damthe Mexican republic will be pleased to furnish him with

ages for their detention. his passports on the 24th instant, and that orders may be

The undersigned again presents to your excellency the given for a suitable guard to escort him on the road to his

assurance of his personal esteem and consideration. destination.

POWHATAN ELLIS, The undersigned begs leave to renew to his excellency His Ex. Jose MARIA Ortiz MONASTERIO, José Maria Ortiz Monasterio, the acting Minister of Foreign

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs. Atlairs, the assurance of his most distinguisheel consideration and high personal esteem. POWHATAN ELLIS,

Mr. Monasterio to Mr. Ellis. To his Excellency Jose MARIA Ortiz MONASTERIO,

[Translation. ] Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Mexico, November 17, 1836. Mr. Ellis to Mr. Forsyth. -Extract.

The undersigned, chief clerk, acting Secretary of Rela

tions, has the honor to inform the honorable Powhatan LEGATION OF THE U. 8. OF AMERICA,

Ellis that, with a view to a convenient decision upon the Mexico, December 23, 1836. matter, he has referred to the Minister of Justice his note SIR: I do myself the honor herewith to transmit a copy of the 14th instant, relative to the transaction at Campeche,

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in which the North American schooner Bethlehem was cord of the sale, &c., proved ineffectual. In this he has concerned. The undersigned will communicate the result committed a fault, which, without doubt, will be reprito your excellency, and meanwhile offers assurances of his manded by the honorable Mr. Ellis, taking proper precauvery distinguished consideration.

tions that he shall not repeat the same, and that he shall JOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO. conform to the duties which are prescribed for him, withTo the Hon. PowIATAN ELLIS,

out abandoning them for inappropriate and unfounded preChargé d'Affaires of U. S. of America. tensions.

That now referred to was unquestionably such, as has Mr. Monasterio to Mr. Ellis.

been already shown, and as the honorable chargé d'affaires

of the United States will be convinced, by the simple fact [Translation.]

that the consul at Vera Cruz was not the lawful represenPALACE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT,

tative of the owners or insurers of the schooner Peter D. Mexico, November 21, 1836.

Vroom, inasmuch as he could not exhibit the power which The undersigned, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, accredited him as such, or if he should now do so, it could has the honor to announce to the Hon. Powhatan Ellis, not justify his course at the proper tiine before the tribunal that he has received through the Department of Justice the who had cognizance of the affair-in which only case, ercorresponding information in the case of the American cept he had been admitted as the representative, could he schooner l'eler D. Vroom, which formed the subject of the have reason to complain of their proceedings. note addressed by the honorable Mr. Ellis to the under- The undersigned, before concluding this note, ought to signed, under date of the 19th September last. The re- call the attention of the honorable P. Elis 10 a representalalion therein made, so far as regards the incidents touch- tion which has been addressed to the Supreme Governing this vessel, corresponds to that which appears from the ment, with the respective justification, by Mr. Crecencio information aforesaid, but differs in the aspect under which Boves, the consignee of the schooner Peter D. Vroom, the conduct observed by the mercantile tribunal at Vera complaining that the consul of the United States in Vera Cruz is represented, as well as that observed by the consul Cruz had refused to furnish him with a copy, as he ouglit of the United States at that port. A formal abandonment to have done, of the protest made in his office upon the of the cargo having been made by Mr. Crecencio Boves, wreck of the same, by her captain, Mr. E. F. Kelly; and to whom it came consigned, the tribunal, in the fulfilment as this negative cannot be founded in any reason of justice of its duties, ought to have proceeded, and in fact did pro- because of its being a document which it was not at his ceed, to name a person to take charge of the same, with option to withhold from the legitimate party, as is Mr. power to effect a sale, and deposite its product in favor of Boves, and whatever may have been the differences bethe owners or insurers of the vessel; and the consu) afore- tween the said consul and the mercantile tribunal at Vera said ought to have co operated in such measures, since it Cruz, with respect to the cargo of said vessel, bis ercelis to this that his functions are limited, in cases of this na-lency the President has seen with much regret this resistture. The nomination of this person as depositary, would ance, which so seriously affects the interests of a Mexican, not have been made if there had been any other possessed and he therefore promises himself, from the justice of the of powers of agency from said owners or insurers: the con- honorable Mr. Ellis, that he will be pleased to instruct that sul had none such ; consequently this charge could not functionary to proceed without delay to make out the cerfall upon him; and this it is that has given rise to the com- tificate in question. plaint advanced by the honorable Mr. Ellis ; but he will The undersigned improves this occasion to renew to the now see that the tribunal, without this requisite, could chargé d'affaires of the United States of America the asnot grant to the consul the deposite of the cargo, as he de- surances of his very distinguished consideration and es. manded; since, from his consular character alone, it was

JOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO. not competent to him; and that he was not provided with To the Hon. PowHATAN Ellis, the necessary powers, is very clear, since he confessed

Chargé d'Affaires of the United States of America. from the beginning that he neither knew nor could he conjecture who were the insurers of said vessel, nor were they afterwards presented, because, although he had a private

Mr. Monasterio to Mr. Ellis. letter from the captain of the same, Mr. E. F. Kelly, it

[Translation. ) was for another object, and 10 be used after the sale of the effects saved from the wreck of the Peter D. Vroom. It

PALACE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, results from this exposition, that the consul of the United

Mexico, November 30, 1836. States had no right to ask that he should be intrusted with The undersigned, chief clerk, acting Secretary of Relathe deposite and management of the cargo in question; tions, has received a communication from the Minister of that the mercantile tribunal of Vera Cruz denied his re- Justice, relative to the occurrence at Campeachy, with request, founded precisely upon the orders of the Supreme spect to the American brig Aurora ; whence it appears that Government of the 26th of August and 4th of October, the consul of the United States at that port caluminated the 1831, which the honorable Mr. Ellis quotes, inasmuch as district judge of Yucatan, by assuring the honorable Powthese grant to foreign consuls an intervention in the pro: hatan Ellis that the judge, upon his demand thereof, had ceedings, but not the management of the interests and refused him a copy of the judicial proceedings in relation to commission in cases like that referred to; and that, not be- the said vessel ; for they were delivered at his request when ing the legal attorney of the parties interested, he pretend the suit was scarcely commenced, although there is a law ed to a thing which he might have well supposed would which provides that the parties concerned shall not receive not be granted, because of its being contrary to the legal such papers which they may ask for until the cause shall provisions in the case.

be concluded. The papers referred to were given to the The consul in question ought therefore to have confined consul too, notwithstanding his petition for them was not himeelf to the exerciso of his functions, without seeking to couched in the language of the country or written upon the represent another character which does not belong to him; / proper stamped paper, which formalities are indispensable in but very far from this, seeing that the tribunal would not the courts of the country, and are binding as well upon forgrant it to him, he positively refused to comply with them, eigners as Mexicans : but the judge of the district diepensed for all the exertions which were made to obtain his conseni with them on this occasion in favor of the American consul, and co-operation in the acknowledgment of the court-re. through abhorrence of disagreeable disputes, although aware


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that the admission of such informal petitions was without a “EXCELLENT Sir: Night before last I received your precedent, and unknown in practice.

excellency's note of the 29th November last, with the acThe copy in question having been, therefore, ready companying representation relative to the complaint made since the 4th of May, of the present year, and the consul by the chargé d'atfaires of the United States of the North, aforesaid having been advised that it was at his disposition, in consequence of the arrest of the persons of William the honorable Mr. Ellis will now see the want of truth Hallett and Zalmon Hull, at Matamoras, on the 17th Febwith which that functionary has complained to his excel- ruary of the present year; and in compliance with the call lency against the judge of the district for having denied the which your excellency has been pleased to make upon me, same, thereby inducing the belief that an infraction of the I report the following touching that transaction : treaty existing between this republic and the United States When I arrived at Matamoras with the division which of America had been committed. What is certain is, that I commanded in the campaign of Texas, I was assured the consul refused to receive the copy alluded to, leaving it that the greater part of the citizens of the United States in the office of the clerk of the court, and refused to pay of the North, resident in that city, were in alliance with the respective charges, saying that it could avail him those who in Texas had declared war against the Mexican nothing, because the trial s is not concluded, and that as nation, and that in consequence they were in the hal it of soon as it was, he would ask for a complete copy of all the transmitting to the enemy such information of our forces, proceedings. These double dealings on the part of that proceedings, &c. as they might deem acceptable. Finding functionary, the insulting protest which he addressed to myself in a situation to prevent this evil, I took such prethe judge of the district, as the latter has informed the Su- caution as it was my duty to take in order to do so. preme Government, and the wantonness with which he division under my command was about marching upon bluines and criminates the authorities, without the least Texas, and I had been informed that the North Americans foundation, as is seen in the present case, oblige his excel. were preparing to give notice to the enemy of my depar. lency the President ad interiin to request that the honor- ture from Matamoras, the force which accompanied me, able Mr. Ellis will convey to him the expression of that and all else that they might think worthy of communicajust disapprobation which his conduct merits, and take such tion to them. On the same day of the 17th February measures as will prevent a repetition of it, and cause him before cited, the forces under my command marched from to conduct himself in all future transactions with that har- | Matamoras with the object of meeting Doctor Grant, who, mony and co-operation which are so necessary, and from with a portion of the enemy, had approached within twenty which he has so unfortunately deviated, as appears from leagues of that city, and whilst making dispositions for this exposition, and as the undersigned informed the hon- their departure, I was informed by an officer that some orable chargé d'affaires in his note of the 30th of May last, strangers had that moment left for Texas. With the con. referring to this same subject of the brig Aurora.

sent of the commandant general of those departments I The undersigned, in making this communication to the ordered that an officer and a detachment of four dragoons honorable Mr. Ellis, as resulting from that which he ad- should keep themselves on the watch, and apprehend said dressed to the undersigned on the 20th of September last / strangers on their departure from the city aforementioned. past, has the honor of renewing to him the assurance of his In fact, it was observed that two of them did leave the city, very distinguished consideration and esteem.

ard present themselves on its outskirts, in front of the deJOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO. tachment; they instantly fled, and attempted to escape ; To the Hon. Powhatan Ellis,

the troop followed and apprehended them in a house which Chargé d'Affaires of the V. S. of America. they had entered. They reported to me what had occurred,

and gave me some papers and despatches which the prisonMr. Monasterio to Mr. Ellis.

ers had with them. I communicated the whole to the com[Translation.]

mandant general aforesaid, placing at his disposition the PALACE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT,

two men who had been arrested. It presently appeared Mexico, December 13, 1836. that one of them was provided with a passport for his The undersigned, chief clerk, acting Secretary of Rela- journey, from the military commandant of the plaza; all tions, has the honor to inform the honorable Powhatan

his papers were immediately returned to him in the same Ellis that General José Urrea, of whom information was

state in which they had been taken from him. The dra

goons had secured some beasts which were found in the requested relative to the arrest at Matamoras, in February last, of William Hallett and Zalmon Hull, citizens yard of the house in which the strangers wore apprehend.

ed, fearing that they might escape upon them; these were of the United States, has made the communication, a copy of which is annexed for Mr. Ellis's information by returned by my order as soon as I was informed of the cir

After the whole of the business was over, we the undersigned, who adds, that, as this intelligence does ascertained that the house in which the strangers aforesaid not fulfil the wishes of the Supreme Government, with

had been arrested, was that occupied by the consul of North regard to an explanation of the acts in question, a more

America in Matamoras, who addressed an official note to circumstantial account has been required of the commandant general of that department; the result of which requi; the campaign, and do not know the result

. I will, how

the commandant general upon the subject. I marched for sition ihe undersigned will transmit to the honorable chargé d'affaires of the United States of the North, to whom he re

ever, add that, on my departure from Matamoras, knowing

that two or three foreigners who had left that city by the news the assurances of his very distinguished consideration and esteem.

way of Brazo de Santiago, leaving their route, had taken

that to San Patricio, the point theni occupied by the enemy, JOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO. To the Hon. Powiatan Ellis,

I despatched a party of dragoons in pursuit of them, and Chargé d'Affaires of the U. S. of America.

upon their being apprehended it was found that they had passports from the military commandant, Colonel Mariano

Guerra, but these were to allow their passage to the cities Mr. Tornel to Mr. Monasterio.

of Regnosa and Camargo, a route entirely different from [Translation.)

that which they were pursuing. DEPARTMENT OF WAR AND MARINE,

I submitied them to due examination, and some susMexico, December 6, 1836. picious circumstances having turned up, I sent them also His excellency General Joseph Urrea, in an official note to Matamoras, to be placed at the disposal of the commandof the 4th instant, reports to me as follows:

ant general for such purpose as he might think fit. Thie

[blocks in formation]

is as much as I can inform your excellency upon the sub-communication from Mr. Ellis, flattering itself that in it ject, and, returning the statement of the affair, I have the would be found at last new and positive assurances that honor to renew to you the assurance of my esteem. the United States have never desired, nor do they now de

And I have the honor to transcribe it for your excel-sire, to offend voluntarily nor really to injure a neighborlency, agrecably to what I informed you on the 29th ulti- | ing nation, who has been wanting in nothing to them. mo, in relation to your official note of the 2d of the same Unfortunately, Mr. Ellis has not thought proper thus lo month.

act up to this time; and the Government of the underGod and liberty.


signed cannot longer delay awarding to Mr. Gorostiza that The Acling Minister of Foreign Affairs.

act of justice which it owes to him, in relieving him from

the weight of responsibility which he has taken upon bis Mr. Ellis to Mr. Forsyth.

own shoulders.

The undersigned can, with truth, assure Mr. Ellis that LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,

his Government has not only been always ready to receive Mexico, December 27, 1836.

the promised explanations upon this particular, but it has Sir: Enclosed I forward for your information copies of moreover desired, with as much anxiety as sincerity, that two notes from Mr. Monasterio, the acting Minister of they might be of the most friendly and equitable nature. Foreign Affairs, addressed to this legation, one under date

The undersigned improves this occasion to renew to Mr. of the 21st instant, touching the withdrawal of Mr. Goros- Ellis the assurances of his very distinguished consideration. tiza from Washington city with his legation, and the other

JOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO. of the 24th, in reply to my note of the 22d of the same To the Hon. PowiaTAN Ellis, month, requesting to be informed of the causes which

Chargé d'Affuires of the U. S. A. have led to my proposed departure from the Mexican republic. After my long correspondence with this Govern

Mr. Monasterio to Mr. Ellis. ment (a copy of which has already been forwarded to the Department of State) on the various subjects embraced in

[Translation.] your instructions of the 20th of July last past, I can view

PALACE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, such an inquiry in no other light than as an uncorteous

Mcxico, December 24, 1836. refusal of my passports, and therefore deem an answer to

The undersigned, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, it unnecessary. I shall leave here to-morrow morning on

received yesterday, at half-past two o'clock in the evening, my way to Vera Cruz, and will avail myself of the earliest

the note of the honorable Mr. P. Ellis, dated the 22d inopportunity to reach Washington city. With undiminished respect, I have the honor to be your Monday morning next, from this capital, in the direction of

stant, in which he asks his passport in order to depart on obedient servant,


Vera Cruz; and having given an account of it to his exSecretary of State, Washington city.

cellency the President ad interim, he cannot but be surprised that the honorable Mr. Ellis should intend leaving

this republic with so much impetuosity, (con tanta rioMr. Monasterio to Mr. Ellis.

lencia,) and more particularly when he does not distinctly

understand the motive for such a determination. [Translation. )

Because of this, and the step which Mr. Ellis proposes PALACE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT,

to take being of so much transcendency and importance, Mexico, December 21, 1836. which would naturally affect the relations between the The undersigned, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, in

Mexican republic and the United States of America, his compliance with orders which he has received from the excellency desires that the honorable Mr. P. Ellis will be excellent President ad interim of the republic, has the honor pleased to state, definitely, what are the causes which have now to address Mr. P. Ellis, chargé d'affaires of the Uni- prompted him to ask his passport, thereby putting an end ted States, in order to inform him that the Mexican Gov.

to the mission with which his Government has intrusted ernment, after having heard attentively D. Manuel E. de

him--to the end that the responsibility wbich is thus atGorostiza, late envoy extraordinary and minister plenipo- tempted to be thrown upon the Mexican nation may, in tentiary of this republic in said States, and after having all future time, attach to its proper source. examined frankly and impartially all the correspondence

The undersigned has the honor to renew to the honorawhich passed between that gentleinan and Messrs. Forsyth able charge d'affaires of the United States of America, and Dickins, in consequence of the violation of the Mexi

the assurance of his very distinguished consideration and

esteem. can territory by the troops under the command of General Gaines, cannot but coincide in every respect with what that

JOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO. envoy has done in resisting so uncalled for an offence; and

To the Hon. PowHATAN ELLIS, it has, therefore, approved, as he has done, his withdrawal

Chargé d'Affaires of the U. 8. of America. from Washington, with his legation, because of having been convinced that he could not obtain that just satisfaction which he demanded, notwithstanding he urged every

Mr. Monasterio to Mr. Ellis. argument and observation which reason and right could

[Translation. ) suggest.

PALACE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, The Mexican Government had nevertheless desired, be

Mexico, December 27, '1836. fore acting in a definite manner upon the conduct observed The undersigned, chief officer charged with the affairs by its envoy in Washington, that Mr. Ellis should have of the Department of Relations, has received orders from his previously given those explanations which were promised excellency the President, to address the honorable Mr. P. in the note of Mr. Dickins to Mr. Gorostiza of ihe 20th Ellis, chargé d'affaires of the United States of America, in October last, the only object of which, on the part of the order to communicate to him that the note which the un. United States, should have been to prevent, from the be- dersigned sent to Mr. Ellis, under date of the 24th instant, ginning, all possible misunderstanding in so grave a matter. The Mexican Government has, therefore, awaited in excellency, to investigate the real motives which induced

arose from the desire, most naturally entertained by his silence, and for the space of many days, the corresponding that gentleman to resolve to return to his country, leaving

[blocks in formation]

undetermined the important questions now at issue between Depositions of the American seamen imprisoned at Vera the two nations.

Cruz. The silence maintained by Mr. Ellis in leaving that note

CONSULATE OF THE U. S. OF AMERICA, unanswered, as well as another of the 23d instant, in

At Vera Cruz. which the undersigned declared that the Mexican Govern. ment was ready to receive the satisfaction which the Gov- Depositions of John Williams, Henry Habest, Samuel ernment of the United States offered to Mr. Gorostiza, to Long, Nathaniel Groves, Samuel Molden, Richard give through Mr. Ellis himself, induces his excellency to Freeman, James Hover, and John Davis, seamen of suppose that Mr. Ellis persists in his resolution to depart, and belonging to the United States ship Natchez, Wiland with that view considers his relations with the under- liam Mervine, Esq., commanding, and constituting a signed as suspendedl. Under this impression, his excel- boat's crew imprisoned at this place on the 21 day of lency orders the uudersigned to inform Mr. Ellis that, un- November, 1836. less some answer shall have been received from that gen- John Williams, aged 26 years, a native of Hamburg, tleman, by six o'clock this evening, the passport which he being duly and solemnly sworn, did depose, declare, and has requested shall be sent to him, and the escort will be say as follows: Tbat he, with Henry Habest, Samuel ready to accompany him for his protection, and to repeat Long, Nathaniel Groves, Samuel Molden, Richard Freeto him, in the name of the Mexican Government, the as- man, James Hover, and John Davis, seamen, and two surances which it has on all occasions given of its consid-stewards, under charge of Midshipman Renshaw, of and eration for the United States, and for its representative in belonging to the United States ship Natchez, commanded this capital.

by William Mervine, did, on the 20 day of November, The undersigned avails himself of this opportunity to set out and depart from the said ship for this place, in the renew to the honorable Mr. Ellis the assurances of his own third cutter, and where they arrived at about il o'clock in particular esteem.

the day. Hover being left in charge of the boal, the rest JOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO. of them took a walk into the town, and got something to To the Hon. PowHATas Ellis,

drink--received orders from Mr. Renshaw not to be out of Chargé d'Afjuires of the U. S. of America. the way. Steward gave them two shillings, which was

expended in liquor, and divided among them. Mr. Ren[Received at half past 7 o'clock in the evening of the 27th December.)

shaw coming to the mole, and on being asked to give thein Mr. Monasterio lo Mr. Ellis.

something to warm them, handed one one of them two

shillings, and told them not to get drunk upon it. Depo[Translation.]

nent and Habest went to the plaza to purchase a glass of PALACE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT,

grog for the boat's crew, and on returning to the mole Mexico, December 27, 1836. Habest was attacked by a fisherman, who insisted on fightThe undersigned, chief officer charged with the affairs ing him. Deponent used his exertions to get him away, but of the Department of Relations, conformably with what be

a person standing by, who spoke English, said, “ let them had the honor to state to the honorable Powhatan Lllis, fight, and give them fair play. .” Samuel Long and Richard in his note of this morning, not baving up to this moment

Freeman came up, and the latter remarked that if one fought, (7 o'clock in the evening) received any reply to the vari- all must fight. Foding themselves surrounded with a disous notes despatched, transmits, herewith, to Mr. Ellis, parity of numbers, about to assault them, and having no

arms with which they could defend themselves against the passport which he had requested, and the orders for the supply of the escort which may be requisite for the se

the force that was collecting, armed with clubs, studes, curity of his person on the journey ; informing him, at the

and knives, Freeman and Long retreated to the boat, and same tiine, that the escort which is to accompany him on

got the two boat hooks. Deponent was also proceed. his departure from this capital will be ready at such time ing to the boat, when he was struck with a cutlass over the and place as Mr. Ellis may indicate to the commandant back by one of the soldiers, several of whom had now argeneral.

rived on the mole, (deponent had not raised his hand The undersigned" has received orders from the President against any one.) He was likewise struck with

large to announce to Mr. Ellis that the Mexican legation near

stone throwu by one of the soldiers, (as he believes,) whilst the Government of the United States has been ordered standing at the boal, which nigh felled hiin to the ground. likewise to retire.

Mr. Renshaw had now arrived at the mole, and ordered The undersigned repeats to the honorable Mr. Ellis the deponent and the rest of them into the boat, and into assurances of his particular estrem.

which all at once got that were able so to do, for by this JOSE MARIA ORTIZ MONASTERIO.

time two of the boat's crew had been badly wounded by To the Hon. PowHATAN Ellis,

the soldiery or other persons of the country, and were ly. Chargé d'Affaires of V. S. of America.

ing upon the mole. The Mexican soldiery stood over those in the boat with their muskets direcled at thein;

and among whom were also observed several officers with , Extract of a letter from Mr. Burrough, United States

swords in hand. The officer of the boat begged ihem not cunsul at Peru Cruz, to Mr. Ellis.

to fire upon his men, and at the same commanded them

all to sit down and keep quiet. After some little time Vera Cruz, Junuary 10, 1837.

had elapsed, they were all ordered out of the boat, and I have to inform you that, in pursuance of your instruc- conducted to the guard house, where they remained in contions to receive and transmit to the Department of State finement until the next evening. They were now-all all despatches, &c., that might arrive at the post office of except the wounded, who were carried to the hospitalthis city to the address of the United States legation, Mex- conveyed to prison, at the south end of town, and there ico, I addressed a note to the administrator of the oflice, placed in a wet room, without bed or bedding of any kind, in anticipation of despatebes being received by the packet and supplied with barely enough to keep them alive, with daily expected from New York, requesting, as per instruc- a sentry conatantly over them. tions, that they might be delivered at this consulate, which After the lapse of about two weeks they were taken out, he has denied me. I shall make another application on and examined by“ a Mexican officer and the interpreter of their arrival, and, if then withheld from me, I can but en the port. Deponent subscribed his name to a paper on this ter protest against the act.

occasion, which, he was informed by the interprcier was a

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