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Menzel's History of the Germans, 266.
Michael Angelo, documents concerning,


Milan, Plague of 1630, 42.
Military Colonies of Russia, 211.
Moerenhout, attempted murder of, 179.
Monatti, atrocities of, 61.

Monitorial system, 145.
Mugge (Theodor), Skizzen aus dem
Norden (Sketches from the North).
1844, 250.

Music in Germany, present state and
prospects of, 401.

Münster (Count), 271.
Mythology, Introduction to a scientific
system of 1844, 247.


Nachrichten über China, Buchara, &c.

Nemesis, Voyages and Services of. By
Commodore Hall, 432.

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. Alge-
meine Musikalische Zeitung. 1844.


Niccolini's Arnaldo di Brescia, 523.
Niebuhr's Lectures on Roman History,

from the first Punic War to the
death of Constantine, 1844, 450; de-
ficiencies of Niebuhr, 455; remarks
on Sylla, 456; false notions of Provi-
dence, 457; high attainments as a
scholar, 458; historical scepticism,

Notices of China, by the Rev. W. C.
Milne, 432.

Notes of a Recent Traveller on the
Armies and Military Power of
Russia, 194.

Norden, Skizzen aus dem, von Theodor
Mugge. 1844, 250.

Norwegen Konigreich, Statistisch be-
schrieben (The Kingdom of Norway
statistically described). By G. P
Blom. 1843, 250.
Nunziatura in Irlanda di Monsignor
Rinuccini, Arcivescovo di Fermo,
anni 1645 a 1649, per cura di G.
Aiazzi, 1.

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Palmer (Colonel), 505.

Pacific, French aggressions in the, 165,
Panama (Isthmus of), Survey of the,


Paskewitz, 218.
Perugino, Letter to Marchioness of
Mantua, 341.

Peste di Milano del 1630, (Volgariz-
zati per la prima volta dal originale
Latino dal Canonico Guiseppe della
Scala). 1842, 42.
Picpus Society, 175.
Plague of Milan in 1630, 42; Population
of the city before the plague, 49;
Passage of Troops, 51; Famine, 52;
Riots, 53; Ill-judged measures; pro-
gress of the contagion, 58; public
licentiousness and atrocities of the
Monatti, 61; Anointers, 63; tortures
to induce confession, 65; seasonable
miracle, 69.
Political Condition of Germany, 163.
Pomare (Queen), deposition of, 189.
Portraits of the Game and Wild Ani-

mals of Southern Africa, delineated
from life in their native haunts, from
the Cape Colony to the Tropic of
Capricorn. By Sir W. C. Harris.
London. 1844, 421; scenery of South-
ern Africa, 421; plants and flowers,
422; adventures on the Meritsane
river, 425; among the lions, 427.
Postans (Mrs.), Facts and fictions il-

lustrative of Oriental character, 248.
Pritchard (Mr.), Conduct, imprison-

ment, and expulsion of, 188-193.
Private Wars in India, 383.
Punjab, De l'Origine et des Mœurs
des Sicks. Par M. Benet.-Le Jour-
nal des Débats.-Journal of a march
from Delhi to Peshawur and thence
to Cabul, including travels in the
Punjab. By Lieut. W. Barr.-Delhi
Gazette for 1833-4.-Agra Ukhbar
for 1833-4.-Bombay Times for 1833-
4.-Bengal Hurkaru for 1833-4.-
Calcutta Star for 1833-4, 70.


Rambles and Recollections of an Indian
Official, 369; government of India;
native governments, 371; English in
India, 373; Hindús; Princes of Cen-
tral India; private wars, 383; Eng-
lish claims to the respect of the na-
tives, 388.


Recent contributions to the History of
Art, 325.

Recollections of Service in China. By
Capt. A. Cunynghame, 432.
Records of early Italian Art, 346.
Reynard the fox (Reinche der Fuchs),
history of, 515.

Rinuccini, Papal Nuncio to Ireland,
from 1645 to 1649, 1; departure from
Rochelle with money, arms, and am-
munition, 8; voyage, arrival in Ire-
land, 9; treaty with Glamorgan, 10;
unwillingness of the Irish clergy to
oppose Ormond, 12; jealousies of the
four provinces, 13; violent measures
of the Nuncio, 17; decline of his
power, 19, &c.

Ripamonti and Defoe, 57.
Roman History-Niebuhr, Michelet,
Merimée, Professor Becker, 450.
Roman Life, ancient aspect of, 453.
Rome, state of, in 1347, 351.
Rural and Domestic Life of Germany.
By William Howitt, 148.
Russian Invasion of India, 75.
Russia, Military Power of, 195; Sta-
tistics of Russian soldiers, 197; Im-
perial Guard; Russian drill, 201;
Cossacks, 205; Conscription; Fron-
tier Armies, 209; Military Colonies,
211; treatment of soldiers, 213;
rewards and punishments, 215; Yer-
moloff, 217; morale, 219.
Russia, Revelations of, or the Emperor
Nicholas and his Empire in 1844.


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Somnauth, Gates of, 509.

Speranze d'Italia. By Cesare Balbo, 526.
Statutes of the Florentine Painters, 335.
Stadion (Count), 279.
Stoddart and Conolly, Doubts concern-
ing the fate of, 235.
Strozzi (Felippo), Erection of Strozzi
palace, 338.

Sumptuary laws in Italy in 1299, 334.
Survey of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec
in 1842-3; Don José de Garay, 1844.
-L'Isthme de Panama, Examen his-
torique et géographique des diffé-
rentes directions suivant lesquelles
on pourroit le percer, et des moyens
à y employer, &c. 1844, 389; French
opposition to the project of a ship
canal, 390; practicability of crossing
the Isthmus, 398; cost of the under-
taking, 399.


Taiti (Isles), Esquisse Historique et
Géographique, précédée de Considé-

rations sur la Colonization dans
l'Océanie. Par M. M. Vincendon
Dumoulin.-O-Taïti, Histoire et
Enquête. Par Henri Lutterworth.-
Brief Statement of the aggressions of
the French on the island of Tahiti.
An appeal to British Christians and
the public generally, on behalf of the
Queen of Tahiti and her outraged
subjects. By S. T. Williams.-His-
tory of the London Missionary So-
ciety, 165; protection of subjects
engaged in commerce, 166; conver-
sion of Tahiti, 169; Ellis's history of
the Missionary Society, 171; affairs
of Messrs. Pritchard and Moeren-
hout, 172-3.
Tehuantepec, Survey of the Isthmus of.
By Don José de Garay, 389.
Thouars (Dupetit), conduct in Tahiti,


Thugut (Baron), personal sketch and
character of. By Baron von Hor-
mayr, 273.

Titian, Correspondence with the Mar-
quis of Mantua, 343.


Versuch einer getreuen Schilderung der
Republik Mejico, besonders in Be-
ziehung auf Geographie, Ethnogra-


phie und Statistik. Von Eduard
Muhlenpfordt. 1844, 259.
Vico, the Neapolitan jurist and philoso-
pher, 289; youthful struggles, 293;
commencement of his career as a
jurist, 294; hack writing; eulogium
on Antonio Caraffa, 295; claims on
the remembrance of posterity, 296.


Wagram, Battle of (Hormayr's Remi-
niscences), 286.
Wars in Germany, (Ibid.), 266.

Was ich erlebte (Events of my Life).
By H. Steffens. 1843, 26; difficul-
ties in narratives of modern wars, 27;
moral characteristics of the German
war in 1813, 30; Steffens' entrance
on public life, 32; character and por-
trait of Blucher, 33; of Scharnhorst,
35; of Stein, 37; battle of Lützen, 39.
Wolff (Dr.), Letters of, 221.


Yermolaff (Revelations of Russia), 217.


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