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SECTION 10. All the public schools, colleges, and universities of this State supported in whole or in part by the public funds, shall be free and open to all the children and youths of the State, without regard to race or color.

SECTION 11. The proceeds of all lands that have been or hereafter may be given by the United States to this State for educational purposes, and not otherwise appropriated by this State or the United States, and of all lands or other property given by individuals, or appropriated by the State for like purpose, and of all estates of deceased persons who have died without leaving a will or heir, shall be securely invested and sacredly preserved as State School Fund, and the annual interest and income of said fund, together with such other means as the General Assembly may provide, shall be faithfully appropriated for the purpose of establishing and maintaining free public schools, and for no other purposes or uses whatever.




SECTION 1. Institutions for the benefit of the insane, blind, deaf and dumb, and the poor, shall always be fostered and supported by this State, and shall be subject to such regulations as the General Assembly may enact.

SECTION 2. The Directors of the Penitentiary shall be elected or appointed, as the General Assembly may direct.

SECTION 3. The Directors of the benevolent and other State institutions, such as may be hereafter created, shall be appointed by the Governor, by and with the consent of the Senate ; and upon all nominations made by the Governor, the question shall be taken by yeas and nays, and entered upon the journals.

SECTION 4. The Governor shall have power to fill all vacancies that may occur in the offices aforesaid, until the next session of the General Assembly, and until a successor or successors shall be appointed and confirmed.

SECTION 5. The respective Counties of this State shall make such provision, as may be determined by law, for all those inhabitants who by reason of age, and infirmities or misfortunes, may have a claim upon the sympathy and aid of society

SECTION 6. The Physician of the Lunatic Asylum, who shall be superintendent of the same, shall be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate. All other necessary officers and employes shall be appointed by the Governor.




Secrmx 1. Corporations may be formed under general laws; but all such laws may from time to time be altered or repealed.

SECTION 2. The property of corporations now existing or hereafter created, shall be subject to taxation, except in cases otherwise provided for in this Constitution.

SECTION 3. No right of way shall be appropriated to the use of any corporation until full compensation therefor shall be first made, or secured by a deposit of money to the owner, irrespective of any benefit from any improvement proposed by such corporation, which compensation shall be ascertained by a jury of twelve men, in a Court of Record, as shall be prescribed by law.

SECTION 4. Dues from corporations shall be secured by such individual liability of the stockholders and other means, as may be prescribed by law.

SECTION 5. All general laws and special acts passed pursuant to this section, shall make provisions therein for fixing the personal liability of stockholders under proper- limitations; and shall vent and punish fraudulent misrepresentations as to the capital property and resources of such corporations; and shall also regulate the public use of all franchises which have heretofore been, or hereafter may be created or granted, by or under the authority of this State, and shall limit all: tolls, imposts, and other charges and demands under such lawa.

SECTION 6. The General Assembly shall grant no charter for banking purposes, nor renew any banking corporations now in existence, except upon the condition that the stockholders shall be liable to the amount of their respective share or shares of stock in such banking institution, for all its debts and liabilities, upon note, bill

, or otherwise; and upon the further condition that no director or other officer of said corporation shall borrow any money from said corporation ; and if any director or other officer shall be convicted upon indictment of directly or indirectly violating this Section, he shall be punished by fine or imprisonment, at the discretion of the Court. The books, papers, and accounts of all banks shall be open to inspection, under such regulations as may be prescribed by law.



SECTION 1. The Militia of this State shall consist of all ablebodied male citizens of the State between the ages of eighteen

and forty-five years, except such persons as are now, or may hereafter be, exempted by the laws of the United States, or who may be adverse to bearing arms, as provided for in this Constitution ; and shall be organized, armed, equipped and disciplined as the General Assembly may by law provide.

SECTION 2. The Governor shall have power to call out the militia to execute the laws, repel invasion, repress insurrection, and preserve the public peace.

SECTION 3. There shall be an Adjutant and Inspector-General elected by the qualified electors of the State, at the same time and in the same manner as other State officers, who shall rank as a Brigadier-General, and whose duties and compensation shall be prescribed by law. The Governor shall appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, such other staff officers as the General Assembly may direct.



SECTION 1. No person shall be elected or appointed to any office in this state, unless he possess the qualifications of an elector.

SECTION 2. Lotteries, and the sale of lottery tickets, for any pur. pose whatever, are prohibited, and the General Assembly shall prevent the same by penal laws.

SECTION 3. The State Library shall be subject to such regulations as the General Assembly may prescribe.

SECTION 4. The General Assembly may direct, by law, in what manner claims against the State may be established and adjusted.

SECTION 5. Divorces from the bonds of matrimony shall not be allowed but by the judgment of a Court, as shall be prescribed by law.

SECTION 6. No person who denies the existence of the Supreme Being shall hold any office under this Constitution.

SECTION 7. The printing of the laws, journals, bills, legislative documents and papers for each branch of the General Assembly with the printing required for the Executive and other department: of State, shall be let, on contract, in such manner as shall be pre scribed by law.

SECTION 8. The real and personal property of a woman, held az the time of her marriage, or that which she may thereafter acquire . either by gift, grant, inheritance, devise, or otherwise, shall no: be subject to levy and sale for her husband's debts ; but shall be held as her separate property and may be bequeathed, devised, og alienated by her the same as if she were unmarried; Provider

That no gift or grant from the husband to the wife shall be detrimental to the just claims of his creditors.

SECTION 9. The General Assembly shall provide for the removal of all causes, which may be pending when this Constitution goes into effect, to Courts created by the same.

SECTION 10. The election for all State officers shall take place at the same time as is provided for that of members of the General Assembly, and the election for those officers whose terms of service are for four years, shall be held at the time of each alternate general election



SECTION 1. Any amendment or amendments to this Constitution, may be proposed in the Senate or House of Representatives. If the same be agreed to by two-thirds of the members elected to each House, such amendment or amendments shall be entered on the journals respectively, with the yeas and nays taken thereon; and the same shall be submitted to the qualified electors of the State, at the next general election thereafter for Representatives, and if a majority of the electors qualified to vote for members of the General Assembly, voting thereon, shall vote in favor of such amendment or amendments, and two-thirds of each branch of the next General Assembly shall, after such an election, and before another, ratify the same amendment or amendments, by yeas and nays, the same shall become part of the Constitution: Provided, That such amendment or amendments shall have been read three times, on three several days in each House.

SECTION 2. If two or more amendments shall be submitted at the same time, they shall be submitted in such manner that the electors shall vote for or against each of such amendments separately.

SECTION 3. Whenever two-thirds of the members elected to each branch of the General Assembly shall think it necessary to call a Convention to revise, amend, or change this Constitution, they shall recommend to the electors to vote at the next election for Representatives, for or against a Convention; and if a majority of all the electors voting at said election shall have voted for a Convention, the General Assembly shall, at their next session, provide by law for calling the same; and such Convention shall consist of a number of members, not less than that of the most numerous branch of the General Assembly.

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