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402. Letters from Sylvia, complaining of an unnatural

Mother from a married Man in love with his

Ward-concerning a profligate Lover-Undu-

tifulness of Nephews.

403. Speculations of Coffee-house Politicians on the

Death of the King of France. .

404. On the Misapplication of Nature's Gifts.......

405. On the Improvement of Sacred Music.

406. Letters on the Joys and Satisfactions of private

Life-Translation of a Lapland Song.

407. Character of English Oratory-Use of proper


408. On the Study of human Nature--the Passions . UNKNOWN

409. Characteristics of Taste...

410. Adventures of Sir Roger de Coverley with a Wo

man of the Town—Translation of a chapter in

Canticles ..

and probably .

411-421. Essays on the Pleasures of the Imagina-


422. On Raillery-Characters of Callisthenes, Acetuf,

and Minutius

423. Advice to Gloriana respecting the studied Ad-

dresses of Strephon and Damon..

424. On good Humour - The Country Infirmary.

425. Beauties of the Evening-Vicissitudes of Night

and Day, a Drama...


426. Story of Basilius Valentine and his Son.

427. The Love of Defamation...

428. Various Subjects proposed for Speculation...

429. Infirmary for ill-humoured People Memorials


430. Increase of Beggars Impostors-improper free-

doms of married People...

431. Negligence of Parents-Letters of Richard and

Sabina Rentfree...

432. On Prejudice and Emulation-a sulky Wife

April day Jest....
433. Advantages of the Sexes associating History of

a male Republic.
434. History of a female Republic....
435. Female Dress Mixture of the Sexes in one Per-

son-Female Equestrians.....





436. A Visit to the Bear Garden.....
437. Character of Sempronia, a Match-maker-Letter

on naked Shoulders...
438. On a passionate Temper—the angry Bookseller

and calm Customer..
439. The manners of Courts—The Spy and the Car-


440. Proceedings of the Infirmary for ill-humoured

People .

441. Happiness of Dependance on the Supreme Being

442. The Author's address to his Correspondents-

Thesis proposed......

443. Letters from an English singer at Venice-Ad-

vice to the trading World-on Rudeness .

444. On Quack Advertisements...

445. On the new Stamp-Success of the Spectator.

446. Degeneracy of the Stage.

447. Influence of Custom-Moral deducted from it.,
448. On Breach of Promises coming late to Dinner

-Quarrel between Will Trap and Stint
449. Filial Piety of Fidelia—on the Collusion of Gla-


450. Letter on the Effects of the Love of Money.

451. On defamatory Publications.

452. On News-writers and Readers-Specimen of a


453. On pious Gratitude-Poem on it..
454. Advantages of being so easily pleased-different

Characters in a Tour through the Metropolis. . STEELE
455. Letters on Education from the Husband of a

Scold-on Money—the Use of Similies......
456. Miseries of Debt and Bankruptcy-Letter from a

Bankrupt, and Answer...
457. Proposal for a Newspaper of Whispers.
458. On true and false Modesty..
459. On religious Faith and Practice.
460. Paradise of Fools, a Vision.

Letter on Bowing and Curtsying at Church.. STEEI E
461. Version of the CXIVth Psalm.....

Complimentary Letter to the Spectator...

462. On pleasant Fellows—Pleasant Character of

Charles II ....

463. Weight of Wisdom and Riches, a Vision....

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