Recollections of a Housekeeper

Harper & Brothers, 1836 - 159 páginas

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Página 124 - ... after which, to the last moment of his life, he never heard the least allusion to the story, in whatever voice or tone it was mentioned, without getting up and retiring into the darkest corner of the room with great appearance. of distress. Then if you said, ' The baker was well paid,' or ' The baker was not hurt after all,' Camp came forth from his hiding-place, capered, and barked, and rejoiced.
Página 122 - Oh, young and lovely bride, watch well the first moments when your will conflicts with his to whom God and society have given the control. Reverence his wishes even when you do not his opinions.
Página 102 - Megaera: greedily they plucked The fruitage fair to sight, like that which grew Near that bituminous lake where Sodom flamed; This more delusive, not the touch, but taste Deceived; they fondly thinking to allay 565 Their appetite with gust, instead of fruit Chewed bitter ashes, which th...
Página 92 - Waked by the crowd, slow from his bench arose A comely full-spread porter, swoln with sleep: His calm, broad, thoughtless aspect breathed repose; And in sweet torpor he was plunged deep, Ne could himself from ceaseless yawning keep; While o'er his eyes the drowsy liquor ran, Through which his half-waked soul would faintly peep. Then taking his black staff, he call'd his man, And roused himself as much as rouse himself he can.
Página 115 - I have since heard it is called) corn, and beans, and grass, just as they had been eaten by the fowl. I perceived by his countenance that something was wrong, but he adroitly concealed the unsightly objects from our visitors, and refrained from making any remark " When our guests departed, he took me aside, and said, " < My dear child, you had materials enough on your table for twenty persons, but your cookery is deplorably deficient. Your mother neglected a very important part of your education....
Página 120 - I only observed, that on his occasional visits (for the office was his head-quarters), Fairy's back rose indignantly, and I felt mine disposed to mount too. At length, Growler finding the house so comfortable, came home at night with his master, and daringly laid his unwieldy form on the centre of the hearth-rug, while Fairy, routed from her luxurious station, stood upon her dignity, hissing and sputtering in one corner. For a long period a single look from me would make Edward banish Growler from...
Página 70 - As mine own shadow was this child to me, A second self, far dearer and more fair ; Which clothed in undissolving radiancy All those steep paths which languor and despair Of human things had made so dark and bare.
Página 70 - From day to day, from week to week, from year to year, always the same work, over and over again, only forever for new patients.
Página 67 - ... covered with blue homespun, lying on the dresser, and once, being in want of a skewer, detected one put for a mark at the following anecdote. " The celebrated Armelle, who died in the convent of Vannes, was placed by her parents who were villagers, as a menial servant in the house of a neighboring gentleman, with whom she lived five-and-thirty years (just Becky's age). During this time his groom, finding the kitchen-door fastened, had the curiosity to peep through the keyhole, where he discovered...
Página 122 - The beautiful independence thatsoars over and conquers an irritable temper is higher than any other. So surely as you believe faults of temper are beneath prayer and selfexamination, you are on dangerous ground; a fountain will spring up on your household hearth, of bitter and troubled waters. When this conviction came over me I threw myself on my knees, and prayed to God for a gentle, submissive temper.

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