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In the mid:l!e of it are inscribed these words, I am tbe bread of life.". On the north side of the chancel is this inscription, as supposed by the Doctor's orders, VIRGINIBUS

-increase in Wisdom and Understanding ;" and opposite an the south side, PUERISQUE-aud in favour with Go/ and Man."

Ser Appeto Bioga Brit..

The turn of his mind was naturally folenin; and he usually, when at home in the country, spent many hours in a day walking along the tombs in his own church-yard ; His conversation as well as writings, had all a reference to a future life; and this turn of mind mixed itself even with his improvements in gardening : He had, for instance, an alcove, with a bench so well painted in it, that, at a distance, it seemed to be real, but, upon a nearer approach, the deception was perceive ed, and this motto appeared, ,

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* In bis last ilness, a friend of the Doctor calling to know bow be did, and mentioning the death of a persuri, u bo ball been in a decline a long time, said he was quite worn to a sbell by the time be died; tery likely, replied the Ducior, lut what is become of ibe kernel ?

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* The Night Thoughts undoubtedly have their defects, as well as beauties; but 'tis generally allowed the latter ure far more numerous, and so remarkably striking and conspicuous to the discerning Reader, as, in his view, to eclipse the failings which otherwise might be discovered


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