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Apperson, J. T..-Armstrong, Wm. Bean, H. J. Belknap, E. H.-Blundell, J. E. Bowditch, J. T. Condon, S. W. Crook, A. H. Crosno, C. B. Derby, W. R.. Earhart, R. P. Fell, T. E. ----Fisher, C. G... Fisher, J. J... Gambee, E. B.. Geer, T. T. Gilbert, W. B. Gilham, G. W.. Goodnough, Charles Hahn, John. Harrington, S. R. Haskell, N. C.--Howard, C. J. Hume, W.T. Hunter, James A.Jennings, A. C.--Kirk, T.J. Labrie, E. E... Ladd. Wm. M. Laughlin, R. R.Layman, Samuel Maxwell, J. W.. McCoy, E. O...

Oregon City, Clackamas County

Salem, Marion County Pendleton, Umatilla County

Monroe, Benton County
Canyonville, Douglas County

Ashland, Jackson County
Eugene City, Lane County
Ellensburg, Curry County

_ Toledo, Benton County
Lafayette, Yamhill County
Portland, Multnomah County
Heppner, Morrow County

Dallas, Polk County Portland, Multnomah County

Alba, Umatilla County

Macleay, Marion County Portland, Multnomah County

Harney, Grant County Island City, Union County

-Astoria, Clatsop County East Portland, Multnomah County

-- Baker City, Baker County Kerbyville. Josephine County Portland, Multnomah County Enterprise, Wallowa County

Irving, Lane County Pendleton, Umatilla County

Wilbur, Douglas County
Portland, Multnomah County
North Yamhill, Yambill County

Woodburn, Marion County
Netarts, Tillamook County

--Grant, Wasco County

Miller, R. A.
Miller, R. C.--
Moore, J. C.----
Morelock, J. B. R.--
Moss, S. P.
Myers, J.-
Napton, H. P.
Northup, H. H.
Paquet, Peter.
Parker, H. B.
Paulsen, Thomas.
Pope, J. V.--
Powell, F. S.---
Price, W. K.
Ricker, C. E.
Roberts, John H.--
Roe, J. L.---
Short, R. V...
Smith, E. L..
Stafford, J. M.---
Strowbridge, J. A.---
Thomas, J. A..
Thompson, D. P.--
Waldo, J. B..
Weed, Judson
Williamson, J. N.-
Wilson, John Q.----

- Jacksonville, Jackson County

Lebanon, Linn County Greenville, Washington County Brownsville, Linn County

Paisley, Lake County

Scio, Linn County

Vale, Malheur County Portland, Multnomah County Oregon City, Clackamas County

-Astoria, Clatsop County _Garden Home, Washington County -Forest Grove, Washington County

Monmouth, Polk County

Tolo, Jackson County Gardiner, Douglas County

Myrtle Point, Coos County --Summerville, Union County Wilson ville, Clackamas County Hood River, Wasco County

Eugene City, Lane County Portland, Multnomah County --Arlington, Gilliam County Portland, Multnomah County

--Salem, Marion County Venonia, Columbia County Prineville, Crook County -Salem, Marion County



Committee on Elections-Williamson, Jennings, Fell, Pope and Price.

On Ways and Means-Apperson, Earhart and Moss.
On Education-Blundell, Armstrong and Kirk.
On JudiciaryHarrington, Waldo, Bean, Condon and Bowditch.
On Claims-Gilbert, Goodnough and Jennings.
On Military Affairs—Ladd, Northup and Miller of Jackson.
On Roads and Highways - Paulsen, Hume and Hunter.
On Engrossed Bills-Roberts, Harrington and Myers.
On Enrolled BillsCondon, Roe and Gambee.
On Indian Affairs-Bean, Moore and Stafford.
On Printing-Crook, Hume and Miller of Jackson.
On Corporations—Laughlin, Northup and Fell.
On Commerce—Thompson, Parker, Thomas, Short and Morelock.
On Counties—Crosno, Weed, Laughlin, Blundell and Moss.
On Federal Relations—Parker, Weed and Bowditch.
On Mining-Haskell, Howard and Price.
On Public Lands-Gilham, Ricker and Napton.
On Internal Improvements—Stafford, Fisher of Polk and Hahn.
On Public BuildingsGeer, Earhart and Napton.
On Agriculture-Powell, Roe and Labrie.
On Alcoholic Traffic-Layman, Fisher of Multnomah and Derby.

On Railways and Transportation-Maxwell, Strowbridge, McCoy, Wilson and Miller of Linn.

On Assessment and Taxation—Waldo, Williamson, Paquet, Belknap and Gambee.

On Fisheries-Hahn, Fisher of Multnomah, McCoy, Crook and Bowditch.






SALEM, Oregon,

January 14, 1889. This being the day fixed by the law of the State of Oregon for the meeting of the legislative assembly, the house of the fifteenth biennial session of the legislative assembly of the State of Oregon was called to order at 11 o'clock by Hon. A. C. Jennings, Chief Clerk of the last house.

On motion of Mr. Blundell of Douglas, Hon. J. H. Roberts of Coos county was chosen temporary Speaker.

Mr. Earhart of Multnomah moved that a committee of five be appointed on credentials.


On motion of Mr. Harrington of Multnomah, J. T. Gregg was chosen as temporary Chief Clerk.

On motion of Mr. Apperson of Clackamas, 0. P. Miller was chosen Assistant Chief Clerk.

The temporary Speaker appointed as committee on credentials Messrs. Earhart of Multnomah, Blundell of Douglas, Laughlin of Yamhill, Miller of Jackson, and Bean of Umatilla.

On motion of Mr. Paquet, the house took a recess until 3 o'clock P. M.


House called to order at 3 o'clock P. M., temporary Speaker Roberts in the chair.

The committee on credentials submitted the following report, which, on motion of Mr. Apperson of Clackamas, was adopted:

REPORT. Mr. Speaker:

We your committee on credentials beg leave to report the following persons as entitled to seats in the house, to-wit:

Baker-N. C. Haskell.
Benton-E. H. Belknap, C. B. Crosno.
Clackamas—J. T. Apperson, Peter Paquet, R. V. Short.
Clatsop—John Hahn, H. B. Parker.
Columbia-Judson Weed.
Coos and Curry-A. H. Crook.
Crook-J. N. Williamson.
Coos—John H. Roberts.
Douglas-J. E. Blundell, E. E. Labrie, C. E. Ricker.
Gilliam-J. A. Thomas,
Grant-G. W. Gillham.
Jackson J. T. Bowditch, R. A. Miller, W. K. Price.
Josephine-C. J. Howard.
Lake and Klamath-S. P. Moss.
Lane-S. W. Condon, A. C. Jennings, J. M. Stafford.
Linn–J. Myers, R. C. Miller, J. B. R. Morelock.
Malheur-H. P. Napton.

Marion-Wm. Armstrong, T. T. Geer, Samuel Layman, J. B. Waldo, John Q. Wilson.

Morrow—T. E. Fell.

Multnomah-R. P. Earhart, J. J. Fisher, W. B. Gilbert, S. R. Harrington, W. T. Hume, Wm. M. Ladd, H. H. Northup, J. A. Strowbridge, D. P. Thompson.

Polk--C. G. Fisher, F. S. Powell.
Tillamook and Yamhill-J. W. Maxwell.
Umatilla—H. J. Bean, E. B. Gambee, T. J. Kirk.
Union--Chas. Goodnough, J. L. Roe.
Wallowa-James A. Hunter.
Wasco-E. O. McCoy, E. L. Smith.
Washington—J. C. Moore, Thos. Paulsen, J. V. Pope.
Yamhill—W. R. Derby, R. R. Laughlin.
Respectfully submitted,


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