The Four Daughters of God: A Study of the Versions of this Allegory with Especial Reference to Those in Latin, French, and English ...

J. C. Winston, 1907 - 171 páginas

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Página 138 - Adam, and bids him beware Lucifer's example of impenitence. The angel is sent to banish them out of Paradise; but before causes to pass before his eyes, in shapes, a mask of all the evils of this life and world. He is humbled, relents, despairs : at last appears Mercy, comforts him, promises the Messiah ; then calls in Faith, Hope, and Charity; instructs him; he repents, gives God the glory, submits to his penalty. The Chorus briefly concludes.
Página 138 - Chorus sings of the battle and victory in heaven, against him and his accomplices: as before, after the first act, was sung a hymn of the creation.
Página 120 - Lord, I am thi dowtere, Trewthe, Thou wilt se I be not lore, Thyn unkynde creatures to save were rewthe, The offens of man hath grevyd the sore. Whan Adam had synnyd, thou seydest yore, That he xulde deye and go to helle, j ^ And now to blysse hym to restore, Twey contraryes mow not togedyr dwelle.
Página 123 - And in his hy3 wysdam lete hym deme. This is most fyttynge me xulde seme, ; And lete se how we ffowre may alle abyde, That mannys sowle it xulde perysche it wore sweme, Or that ony of us ffro othere xulde dyvyde. Veritas. In trowthe hereto I consente, I wole prey oure lorde it may so be. : Justicia. I Ryghtwysnes am wele contente, ffor in hym is very equyte.
Página 124 - Pes were exyled ffynyaly, So tweyn dethis must be 3ow fowre to cherysche, . But he that xal deye 30 must knawe, That in hym may ben non iniquyte, That helle may holde hym be no lawe, But that he may pas at hese lyberte.
Página 121 - Threwthe sseyth she hath evyr be than, I graunt it wel she hath be so, And thou seyst endlesly that mercy thou hast...
Página 124 - Trowthe, have sowte the erthe withowt and withinne, And in sothe ther kan non be fownde, That is of o day byrth withowte synne, Nor to that dethe wole be bownde. Misericordia. I, Mercy, have ronne the hevynly regyon rownde, And ther is non of that charyte', That ffor man wole suffre a deddly wounds, 1 cannott wete how this xal be.
Página 121 - Suffyr not thi sowlys than in sorwe to slepe, That helle hownde that hatyth the byddyth hym ho, Thi love man no lengere lete hym kepe.
Página 120 - A ! quod Jeremye, who xal gyff wellys to myn eynes, That I may wepe bothe day and nyght, To se oure bretheryn in so longe peynes? Here myschevys amende may thi meche myght ! 28 As grett as the se, Lord, was Adamys contryssyon ryght.
Página 122 - Mercy seyth best to my pleson, ffor yf mannys sowle xulde abyde in helle, Betwen God and man evyr xulde be dyvysyon, And than myght not I Pes dwelle.

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