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No. 230. A Joint Resolution to require the payment of $185.90 to C. J.

Ramage, as Special Judge.

No. 231. A Joint Resolution to refund to J. A. Huger, of Beaufort county,

$296.85, overpaid taxes for the years 1910, 1911 and 1912.

No. 232. A Joint Resolution to provide for payment of one hundred and

four dollars and seventeen cents ($104.17) to J. O. Cann for
services as rural policeman in Abbeville county.

No. 233. A Joint Resolution to require the County Board of Commissioners

of Berkeley county to provide a suitable protection for the

public records in the office of the Clerk of Court.
No. 234. A Joint Resolution to provide for the payment of thirty-five and

85-100 dollars to The R. L. Bryan Company for books for the

Supreme Court Library.
No. 235. A Joint Resolution extending the time for the payment and col-

lection of commutation tax in Dillon and Newberry counties.
No. 236. A Joint Resolution to authorize, empower and order the Treasurer

of Union county to transfer certain funds left over as a bal-
ance from the fiscal year ending December 31, 1911, to the
account of past indebtedness for the year 1913, and to become

immediately available.
No. 237. A Joint Resolution to authorize the County Treasurer of Laurens

county to refund to W. M. Irby $50.00 deposited with the Clerk
of Court of said county in 1904 as a bond for one Hugh Hen-

No. 238. A Joint Resolution to validate the recent election in the town

of Greer for Mayor and Aldermen, and for Commissioners of
Public Works, and to validate the election authorizing the

issue of bonds, and to validate the bonds voted in said section.
No. 239. A Joint Resolution to reimburse the County Treasurer of Anderson

county for certain State taxes refunded by him.
No. 240. A Joint Resolution to provide for an investigation of the financial

condition of Spartanburg county.
No. 241. A Joint Resolution authorizing and requiring the Comptroller

General of the State of South Carolina to draw his warrant in
favor of the South Carolina Industrial School for the sum of
$13,758.59, unexpended balance of appropriation, and author-
izing and requiring the State Treasurer to pay the same; the
said trustees to expend the said money for the purpose of
building and erecting two cottages for said school, or for such

other purposes as they may find necessary or deem expedient.
No. 242. A Joint Resolution to continue the State Hospital Commission.
No. 243. A Joint Resolution to propose an amendment to Article X of the

Constittuion, by adding thereto Section 16, to empower the
cities of Sumter and Darlington and the towns of Belmont and
Walhalla to assess abutting property for permanent improve-

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Rep. Com.

Com. Fr:

Rep. Com. Fr. Conf.
C. N. S.
Ind. Post.
E. W. S. O.
R. W. S. 0.

.Report of Committee,
Second Reading.
Third Reading.
Other Proceedings.
Committee of Free Conference.
Report of Committee of Free Conference.

Laid on Table.
Continued Next Session.
. Indefinitely Postponed.
..Enacting Words Stricken Out.
Resolving Words Stricken Out.


Journal Clerk.

65—S. J.-(500)


S. 2. Mr. McLAURIN: A Bill to amend Section 2518, Volume I, Civil Code, 1912, so
as to make legal rate of interest six per cent. per annum.

Int. 54; rep. com. 208; c. n. s. 684; op. 426,

S. 3.-Mr. NICHOLSON: A Bill to regulate the admission of foreign iite insurance
companies into South Carolina to do business therein, and to impose license fees thereon.

Int. 54; rep. com. 188; c. n. S. 375; op. 295.

S. 4.--Mr APPELT: A Bill to provide for rural policemen for Clarendon county.
Int. 54; rep. com. 75; amd. 142; 2r. 113; op. 451; 3r. 142; rat. 452.

S. 7.—Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to allow the foreman of the grand jury, or acting fore-
man, to swear witnesses in the grand jury room.

Int. 54; rep. com. 75; 2r. 113; It. 176.

S. 8.-Mr. LAWSON: A Bill to amend Section 1743, Volume I, Civil Code, 1912, by
adding thereto a proviso as to Bethlehem School District No. 17, Darlington county.

Int, 54; rep. com. 75; 2r. 113; op. 451; 3r. 176; rat. 452.

S. 9.-Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to make an appropriation to the Medical College of
the State of South Carolina, and to provide for scholarships in said college.

Int. 73; rep. com. 173; com. 173; rej. 173.

S. 10.-Mr. LAWSON: A Bill to authorize the town of Lamar, in Darlington county,
upon a petition of a majority of its freeholders, and a vote of a majority of its elec-
tors qualified to vote at an election thereon, to issue not more than seven thousand dollars
in bonds in aid of the South Carolina Western Railway, and to levy and collect taxes
to pay the interest on the said bonds and the principal thereof.

Int. 74; rep. com. 111; 2r. 194; op. 450; 3r. 223; mes. 399; rat. 451.

S. 11.-Mr. WESTON: A Bill to create a State Life Fund for the granting of life
insurance and paying annuities, and to provide for the administration of the same.

Int. 74; rep. com. 601; c. n. s. 653.

S. 12.--Mr. WESTON: A Bill to provide for the licensing and supervision of com-
panies lending money on real estate mortgages or collateral secured by real estate mort.

Int. 74; rep. com. 188; It. 860.

S. 13.--Mr. WESTON: A Bill to provide for the classification of property in this
State in respect to insurance against loss by fire, lightning, tempest on land, or sprinkler
leakage; to require the filing of rates by insurance companies; to prevent discrimination
in rates, and to forbid agreement between companies or their agents as to the rates
of insurance or compensation of agents.

Int. 74; rep. com. 601; rej. 601.

S. 14.-Mr. WESTON: A Bill to regulate the manufacture, storage, sale and dis-
tribution of matches, and to provide penalties for the violation thereof.

Int. 74; rep. com. 251; c. n. s. 684.

S. 15.--Mr. NICHOLSON: A Bill to amend Section 282, Chapter XIII, of Volume
I, Code of Laws of South Carolina, relating to primary elections, by adding thereto
additional sections, to be known as Sections 282a, 282b, 282c, 282d, 282e, 2$2f.

Int. 74; rep. com; 251, 388; amp. 498, 595; amd. 595, 622; 2r. 523; ref. j. c. 251; aye
and nay 569, 622, 623; cont. 623; op. 427, 569,

S. 16.—Mr. BEAMGUARD: A Bill to exempt certain citizens of King's Mountain
and Bethel thownships, in York county, from the tax levies of 1912.

Int. 74; rep. com. 111; 2r. 143; op. 469; 3r. 176; rat. 470.

S. 17.-Mr. LANEY: A Bill to provide for the inspection, analysis and tests of oils
for illuminating purposes, and for use in stoves and of gasoline for use in internal
combustion engines, and to fix penalties for the violation of the same.

Int. 74; rep. com. 221, 252; amd. 392, 396; 2r. 396; rec. 245; op. 796; 3r. 404; mes.
869; rat. 798; v. 870; p. 0. v. 872.

S. 18.--Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to amend Section 185 of Code of Laws of South
Carolina, 1912, Volume II (Code of Civil Procedure), relating to publication of sum-


Int. 75; rep. com. 111; amd. 143, 176; 2r. 143; op. 689; 3r. 176; rat. 691.

S. 19.-Mr. WESTON: A Bill to amend Section 422, of Code of Laws of South
Carolina, 1912, Volume II (Criminal Code), relating to child labor.

Int. 110; rep. com. 477; unf. r. It. 575; c. n. s. 575.

S. 20.—Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to authorize school trustees in certain districts to
purchase and maintain libraries.

Int. 110; rep. com. 252; amd. 288; 2r. 288; op. 687; 3r. 304; rat. 690.

S. 21.—Mr. SHARPE: A Bill to repeal an Act entitled "An Act to provide for road
inspectors for Lexington county, and define their duties," approved the third day of
February, A. D. 1911.

Int. 110; 2r. 143; op. 450; 3r. 176; rat. 451.

S. 22.-Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill further regulating the powers and duties of grand

Int. 110; rep. com. 112; amd. 143; 2r. 143; e. w. s. o. 224.

S. 23.-Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to regulate the business of loaning on personal

Int. 110; rep. com. 174; com. 173.

S. 24.-Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to fix the cost and fees of the Judges of Probate in
this State.

Int. 110; rep. com. 151, 337; rec. 215; c. n. S. 491.

S. 25.—Mr. SINKLER: A Bill to accept the conveyance and transfer of the property
of the Medical College of the State of South Carolina, and to establish a State Medical

Int. 110; rep. com. 271; amd. 474, 475; 2r. 473; aye and nay 474; It. 509; op. 426, 468.

S. 26.—Mr. MARS; A Bill to abolish the hosiery mill now maintained and operated
within the wall of the State Penitentiary.

Int. 110; rep. com. 189, 271; 2r. 523; rec. 215; It. 840; op. 426.
S. 27.—Mr. EARLE: A Bill to reduce passenger rates on railroads in this State.
Int. 110; rep. com. 354; It. 773; op. 527; recom. 874; c. n. s. 874.

S. 28.--Mr. PATTERSON: A Bill to repeal an Act entitled "An Act to create a new
school district within the township of Barnwell, in Barnwell county, to be known as
the Barnwell Graded School District, and to authorize the levy and collection of a local
tax therein, and to put the said school district under the control of the General School

Int. 110; rep. com. 189; 2r. 213; op. 616; 3r. 237; mes. 585; rat. 619.

S. 31.—Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to require transportation companies to keep records
of shipments of liquor.

Int. 111; rep. com, 189; rej. 290.

S. 34.--Mr. SHARPE: A Bill to prohibit the use of the words "bank or banking"
by any person or persons engaged in business other than a legalized banking corpora-
tion, and to provide punishment thereof.

Int. 141; rep. com. 189; amd. 289; 2r. 289; mes. 627; aye any nay 289, 347, 348; op.
307, 346, 688; 3r. 348; rat. 691.

S. 35.--Mr. APPELT: A Bill tó prohibit Magistrates from permitting the compro-
mise of criminal cases after warrants have been issued, except in cases of simple assault
and battery.

Int. 141; rep. com. 221; amd. 396, 405; 2r. 397; 3r. 405.

S. 36.--Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to define what alcoholic drinks and beverages may
be sold in this State.

Int. 141; rep. com. 189; amp. 374; c. n. S. 491; op. 360.

S. 37.-Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to prevent city officials froin accepting free service,
free tickets or franks of any kind from a public service corporation.

Int. 141.

S. 38.—Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to amend Section 2662, Code of Laws, 1912, so as
to enlarge the borrowing powers of directors.

Int. 141; rep. com. 152; 2r. 215; mes. 625; aye and nay 215; 3r. 224.

S. 39.---Mr. CARLISLE: A Bill to enable Inman School District No. 26 to collect
a contingent fee under certain conditions.

Int. 141'; rep. com. 174; amd. 212; 2r. 194; op. 451; 3r. 212; mes. 322; rat. 451.

S. 40.—Mr. HOUGH: A Bill to exempt medical examiners of life insurance com-
panies from license fees.

Int. 142; rep. com, 189; 2r. 213; op. 687; 3r. 238; rat. 690.

S. 41.-Mr. KETCHIN: A Bill to amend Section 3 of an Act entitled "An Act to
authorize the county boards of the various counties to appropriate money out of the
general county funds, to be used in co-operation ith State officials having charge of
live stock sanitary work and United States Department of Agriculture eradication of
cattle ticks and infectious diseases of live stock, etc."

Int. 142; rep. com. 189; amd. 244; 2r. 241, 245; op. 577; 3r. 258; rat. 580.

S. 42.--Mr. PATTERSON: A Bill to repeal an Act entitled "An Act to provide for
rural policeinen in the county of Barnwell," approved February 17, A. D. 1911.

Int. 142; rep. com, 152; 2r. 194; 3r. 212; mes. 432.

S. 43.—Mr. GOODWIN: A Bill to amend Section 608, Volume II, Criniinal Code of
1912, relating to numbers on motor vehicles.

Int. 142; rep. com. 152; amd. 224, 226; 2r. 213; aye and nay 224, 225, 284; rej. 226;
op. 226; res, cal. 269; ind. post. 284.

S. 44.-Mr. SULLIVAN: A Bill to provide for the establishment and maintenance
of a rural police system in Anderson county; to discontinue Dispensary Constables in
said county, and to devolve the duties heretofore performed by them upon the rural

Int. 149; rep. con. 190; 2r. 213; mes. 625; 3r. 238.

S. 45.—Mr. McLAURIN: A Bill to regulate the ginning, baling, inspecting, ware-
housing and marketing of cotton and other products.

Int. 149; rep. com, 252; c. n. S. 483; op. 291, 307, 398, 457, 468.

S. 46.-Mr. WESTON: A Bill to provide for the transfer and annexation of a cer-
tain portion of Lexington county to Richland county, and to alter the county lines of
said counties to conform thereto.

Int. 149; rep. com. 174; 2r. 213; mes. 625; 3r. 282,
S. 47-Mr. HALL: A Bill to provide a system of compulsory school attendance.
Int. 149; rep. com. 252; c. n. s. 574.

S. 48.-Mr. HALL: A Bill to ratify the amendment to Article X of the Constitution
by adding thereto Section 15, to empower the towns of Gaffney and Woodruff and the
cities of Chester and Georgetown to assess abutting property for permaent improve.

Int, 149; rep. com. 174; 2r. 216; aye and nay 216, 239; op. 687; 3r. 238; rat. 689.

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