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Address by LORD NEAVES, one of the Lords of Session, President of the Sec-

tion ............

Colonel Sir J. E. ALEXANDER on Sanitary Measures for Scottish Villages .. 200

Lydia E. BECKER on some Maxims of Political Economy as applied to the

Employment of Women, and the Education of Girls .......

Mr. WILLIAM BOTLEY on Land Tenure .......

......... 202

Mr. Thomas J. Boyd on Educational Hospital Reform: The Scheme of the

Edinburgh Merchant Company...................

Mr. SAMUEL BROWN on the Measurement of Man and his Faculties ........ 210

Sheriff CLEGHORN on the Wellington Reformatory ........


Mr. F. P. FELLOWES on a proposed Doomsday Book, giving the Value of the

Governmental Property as a basis for a sound system of National Finance

and Accounts ...................

Mr. WILLIAM HOYLE on Political Economy, Pauperism, the Labour Questiun,

and the Liquor Traffic ......

Mr. A. JYRAM-Row on the present state of Education in India, and its bear-

ings on the question of Social Science. .....


Mr. CHARLES LAMPORT on Naval Efficiency and Dockyard Economy ...... 212

Mr. W. MBEAN on the Edinburgh Industrial Home for Fallen Women, Aln-

wick Hill, near Liberton ....

Mr. JAMES MEIKLE on the Mode for Assessing for the Poor-Rates

Mr. W. A. PETERKIN on the Administration of the Poor Law ........

Mr. GEORGE SETON on the Illegitimacy of Banffshire ...


- on the Expediency of recording Still-Births .......... 215

- on certain Cases of Questioned Legitimacy under the

Operation of the Scottish Registration Act (17 & 18 Vict. c. 80) ........

Dr. GEORGE SMITH on Indian Statistics and Official Reports ..............

Mr. WILLIAM STEPHENSON on the Scientific Aspects of Children's Hospitals 221

Mr. G. JOHNSTONE STONEY on the Relation between British and Metrical

Measures .............

Mr. W. TAYLOR on the Manual Labour Classes of England, Wales, and

Scotland ..

Mr. JAMES VALENTINE on Oensus Reform...


Mr. R. BAILEY WALKER On the Organization of Societies, nationally and locally

considered ......

Mr. WILLIAM WESTGARTI on the Law of Capital ............ ..........

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Mr. A. B. Brown on a direct-acting Combined Steam and Hydraulic Crane . 231

Mr. ALEXANDER BUCHAN on the Rainfall of Scotland ...... ....... 232

on the Rainfall of the Northern Hemisphere in July,

as contrasted with that of January, with Remarks on Atmospheric Circula-

tion ...............

............ 232

- on the Great Heat of August 2nd-4th, 1868 ...... 232

Mr. Thomas Carr on a new Mill for Disintegrating Wheat ... ........... 233

Mr. R. DOUGLAs on the Corliss Engine .............


· Mr. R. F. FAIRLIE on the Gauge of Railways ........

............. 234

Mr. A. E. FLETCHER on the Rhysimeter, an Instrument for Measuring the

Speed of Flowing Water or of Ships ....


Mr. LAVINGTON E. FLETCHER on Steam-boiler Legislation ............. 236

Mr. Thomas GILLOTT on Designing Pointed Roofs ............. .......... 239

Mr. JAMES LESLIE's Description of a Salmon-ladder meant to suit the vary-

ing levels of a Lake or Reservoir .........

.......... 239

Mr. J. D. MORRISON on a new System of Warming and Ventilation........ 240

Mr. R. A. PEACOCK on Chain-Cable Testing, and proposed New Testing-Link 240

Mr. E. C. C. STANFORD on the Carbon Closet System .................... 240

Mr. C. WILLIAM SIEMENS on the Steam Blast ....


Mr. THOMAS STEVENSON, Automatic Gauge for the Discharge of Water over

................ 241

- -- Thermometer of Translation for recording the Daily

Changes of Temperature ......

Mr. MICHAL Scott on improved Ships of War. .....


Mr. W. Thomson on a Road Steamer..


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%, after line 32, insert ANATOMY AND PYSIOLOGY.
XV, „ 25, „ Address by Mr. John Evans to the Department of Ethno-

logy and Anthropology.
xxxii, line 31, for Glasgow read Edinburgh.
129, Transactions of Sections, after line 11, insert ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY.


ERRATUM IN THE PRESENT VOLUME. Page 177, Tranɛactions of the Sections, line 33, for 0'58 read 0":58.





THE ASSOCIATION contemplates no interference with the ground occupied by other institutions. Its objects are :--To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry,—to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another and with foreign philosophers,—to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.


Admission of Members and Associates. All persons who have attended the first Meeting shall be entitled to become Members of the Association, upon subscribing an obligation to conform to its Rules.

The Fellows and Members of Chartered Literary and Philosophical Societies publishing Transactions, in the British Empire, shall be entitled, in like manner, to become Members of the Association.

The Officers and Members of the Councils, or Managing Committees, of Philosophical Institutions shall be entitled, in like manner, to become Members of the Association.

All Members of a Philosophical Institution recommended by its Council or Managing Committee shall be entitled, in like manner, to become Members of the Association.

Persons not belonging to such Institutions shall be elected by the General Committee or Council, to become Life Members of the Association, Annual Subscribers, or Associates for the year, subject to the approval of a General Meeting

Compositions, Subscriptions, and Privileges. LIFE MEMBERS shall pay, on admission, the sum of Ten Pounds. They shall receive gratuitously the Reports of the Association which may be published after the date of such payment. They are eligible to all the of the Association.

ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS shall pay, on admission, the sum of Two Po and in each following year the sum of One Pound. They shall ru gratuitously the Reports of the Association for the year of their adm and for the years in which they continue to pay without intermission Annual Subscription. By omitting to pay this Subscription in any pai lar year, Members of this class (Annual Subscribers) lose for that an future years the privilege of receiving the volumes of the Association gi but they may resume their Membership and other privileges at any sequent Meeting of the Association, paying on each such occasion the su One Pound. They are eligible to all the Offices of the Association.

ASSOCIATES for the year shall pay on admission the sum of One Pa They shall not receive gratuitously the Reports of the Association, no eligible to serve on Committees, or to hold any office.

The Association consists of the following classes :

1. Life Members admitted from 1831 to 1845 inclusive, who have on admission Five Pounds as a composition.

2. Life Members who in 1846, or in subsequent years, have paid on mission Ten Pounds as a composition.

3. Annual Members admitted from 1831 to 1839 inclusive, subject to payment of One Pound annually. [May resume their Membership after termission of Annual Payment.)

4. Annual Members admitted in any year since 1839, subject to the p ment of Two Pounds for the first year, and One Pound in each following y May resume their Membership after intermission of Annual Payment.]

5. Associates for the year, subject to the payment of One Pound.
6. Corresponding Members nominated by the Council.

And the Members and Associates will be entitled to receive the ann
volume of Reports, gratis, or to purchase it at reduced (or Members') pr.
according to the following specification, viz. :-
1. Gratis.-Old Life Members who have paid Five Pounds as a com

sition for Annual Payments, and previous to 1845 a furt sum of Two Pounds as a Book Subscription, or, since 1845

further sum of Five Pounds. New Life Members who have paid Ten Pounds as a compositi Annual Members who have not intermitted their Annual Su

scription. 2. At reduced or Members' Prices, viz. two-thirds of the Publicati

Price.- Old Life Members who have paid Five Pounds a:
composition for Annual Payments, but no further sum as

Book Subscription.
Annual Members who have intermitted their Annual Subscriptic
Associates for the year. [Privilege confined to the volume 1

that year only.]
3. Members may purchase (for the purpose of completing their sets) an

of the first seventeen volumes of Transactions of the Associ tion, and of which more than 100 copies remain, at one-third the Publication Price. Application to be made at the Offi of the Association, 22 Albemarle Street, London, W.

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