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2. They are corrupt, and the Lord turneth the captivity become abominable in their of his people, then shall Jacob

doings: there is none that rejoice, and Israel shall be e doeth good, no not one. glad.

3 The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children

PSALM 15. of men, to see if there were any that ,

Ord, and seek after God.

thy ?

or who 4 But they are all gone out of shall rest upon thy holy

hill ? si

the way, they are altogether become abominable: there is none

2 Even he that leadeth an that doth good, no not one.

uncorrupt life, and doth the 5 Their throat is an open thing which isright, and speakfepulchre, with their tongues

eth the truth from his heart. have they deceived: the poison

3 He that hath used no of afps is under their lips.

deceit in his tongue, nor done 6 Their mouth is full of evil to his neighbour ; and hath cursing and bitterness: their not fandered his neighbour. feet are swift to shed blood. 4

He that setteth not by ? Destruction and unhappi- himself, but is lowly in his ness is in their ways, and the own eyes; and maketh much way of peace have they not

of them that fear the Lord. known: there is no fear of

5 He that sweareth unto his God before their eyes.

neighbour, and disappointeth 8 Have they no knowledge, him not, though it were to that they are all such workers his own hinderance. of mischief: eating up my

6 He that hath not given his people as it were bread, and money upon usury, nor taken call not upon the Lord ?

reward against the innocent. 9 There were they brought

7 Whoso doeth these things, in great fear, even where no

shall never fall. fear was : for God is in the


PSALM 16. neration of the righteous. As

Reserve me made a mock at the counsel of thee have trust, the poor, because he putteth 2 O my soul, thou hast said his trust in the Lord.

unto the Lord; Thou art my 11 Who shall give salvation God, my goods are nothing unto frael out of Sion? When ' unto thee,

3 All my delight is upon the that goeth not out of feigned faints that are in the earth, and lips. upon such as excel in virtue, 2 Let my sentence come

4 But they that run after forth from thy presence ; and another god,' shall have great let thine eyes look upon the trouble.

thing that is equal. 5 Their drink-offerings of 3 Thou hast proyed and blood will I not offer ; neither visited mine heart in the night. make mention of their names feason; thou hast tried me, and within my lips.

shalt find no wickedness in me: 6 The Lord himself is the for I am utterly purposed that portion of mine inheritance, my mouth shall not offend. and of my cup: thou shalt 4 Because of men's works maintain niy lot

that are done against the words 7 The lot is fallen unto me of thy lips, I have kept me in a fair ground: yea, I have from the ways of the destroyer. a goodly heritage.

5 O hold thou up my go8 I will thank the Lord for ings in thy paths, that my giving me warning: my reins footsteps Hip not. also chasten me in the night- 6 I have called upon thee, season.

God, for thou shalt hear me: 9 I have set God always be incline thinę ear to me, and fore me: for he is on my right hearken unto my words. hand, therefore I shall not fall. 7 Shew thy marvellous lo

10 Wherefore my heart was ving kindness, thou that art glad, and my glory rejoiced; the Saviour of them which put my flesh also shall rest in hopes their trust in thee, fron fuch

11 For why ? thou shale not as refift thy right hand. leave my soul in hell ; neither 8 Keep me as the apple of shalt thou suffer thy holy One an eye: hide me under the to see corruption,

fhadow of thy wings, 12 Thou shalt shew me the 9 From the ungodly that path of life; in thy presence trouble me. Mine enemies is the fulness of joy; and at compass me round about to thy right hand there is pleafure take away my soul. for evermore.

10 They are inclosed in PSALM 17.

their own fat; and their mouth Ear the right, O Lord, speaketh proud things.

conlider my complaint, 11 They lie waiting in our and hearken unto my prayer, I way on every side, turning


their eyes down to the ground. Powings of ungodliness made

12 Like as a lion that is me afraid. greedy of his prey; and as it 4 The pains of hell came were a lion's whelp, lurking about me: the snares of death in secret places.

overtook me. 13 Up, Lord, disappoint 5 In my trouble I will call him, and cast him down : deli- upon the Lord; and complain ver my soul from the ungod- unto my God. ly, which is a sword of thine : 6 So shall he hear my voice

14. From the men of thy out of his holy temple, and hand, O Lord, from the men, my complaint shall come beI say,and from the evil world, fore him, it shall enter even which have their portion in into his ears. this life, whose bellies thou 7 The earth trembled and

fillest with thy hid treasure. quaked; the very foundations e 15 They have children at also of the hills shook, and : their desire, and leave the rest were removed, because he was of their substance for their wroth. babes.

8 There went a smoke out 16 But as for me, I will in his presence; and a confumbehold thy presence in righteo ing fire out of his mouth, so

ousness; and when I awake that coals were kindled at it. É up after thy likeness, I shall 9 He bowed the heavens be satisfied with it.

also, and came down, and it

was dark under his feet. PSALM 18.

10 He rode upon the Che.

rubins, and did fly, he came Will love thee, O Lord, Aying upon the wings of the

my strength; the Lord is wind. : my ftony rock,and my defence; U He made darkness his fe.

my Saviour, my God, and my cret place: his pavilion round might, in whom I will truft, my about him with dark water,and buckler, the horn also of my thick clouds to cover him. salvation, and my refuge. 12 At the brightness of his

2 I will call upon the Lord, presence his clouds removed which is worthy to be praised: hail-ftones, and coals of fire. so thall I be safe from mine 13 The Lord also thundered enemies.

out of heaven, and the High3 The sorrows of death est gave his thunder, hailcompassed me; and the over- stones, and coais of fire.

I w

14 He sent out his arrows, | dealing, and according unto and scattered them: he cast the cleanness of my hands in forth lightnings, and destroyed his eye-sight. them.

25 With the holy thou shalt 15 The springs of waters be holy: and with a perfect were seen, and the foundations man thou shalt be perfect. of the round world were dif- 26 With the clean thou shalt covered at thy chiding, Obe clean: and with the froward Lord; at the blasting of the thou shalt learn frowardness. breath of thy displeasure. 27 For thou shalt save the

16 He shall send down from people that are in adversity; on high to fetch me, and shall and salt bring down the high take me out of many waters. looks of the proud.

17 He shall deliver me from 28 Thou alto shall light my my strongest enemy, and from candle: the Lord my God shall them which hate me: for they make my darkness to be light. are too mighty for me.

29 For in thee I shall dif18 They prevented me in comfit an host of nen ; and the day of my trouble: but with the help of my God I shall the Lord was my upholder,

leap over the wall! 19 He brought me forth 30 The way of God is an also into a place of liberty: he undefiled way: the word of the brought me forth, even be- Lord also is tried in the fire; cause he had a favour unto me. he is the defender of all them

20 The Lord shall reward me that put their trust in him. after my righteous dealing: ac- 31 For who is God, but cording to the cleanness of my the Lord? or who hath any hands shall he recompense me. Itrength, except our God?

21 Because I have kept the 32 It is God that girdeth ways of the Lord; and have me with strength of war, and not forsaken my God, as the maketh my way perfect. wicked doth.

33 He maketh my feet like 22 For I have an eye unto all harts feet; and setteth me up his laws; and will not cast out on high. his commandments from me. 34 He teacheth mine hands

I was also uncorrupt be to fight, and mine arms shall fore him; and eschewed mine break even a bow of steel. own wickedness.

35 Thou hast given me the 24 Therefore shall the Lord defence of thy salvation : thy reward me after my righteous / right hand also shall hold me


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up, and thy loving correction shall fail, and be afraid out shall make me great.

of their prisons. 36 Thou shalt make room e- 47 The Lord liveth, and nough under me for to go, that blessed be my strong helper ; my footsteps shall not slide, and praised be the God of my

37 I will follow upon mine salvation. enemies, and overtake them; 48 Even the God the feeth neither will I turn again till 1 that I be avenged, and subhave destroyed them.

dueth the people unto me. 38 I will smite them, that 49 It is he that delivereth they shall not be able to stand ; me from my cruel enemies, but fall under my feet. and setteth me up above mine

39 Thou halt girded me adversaries: thou shalt rid me with strength unto the battel : from the wicked man. thou shalt throw down mine


For this cause will I give cnemies under me.

thanks unto thee, O Lord, a40 Thou hast made mine mong the Gentiles, and fing enemies also to turn their praises unto thy Name. backs upon me, and I shall 51 Great prosperity giveth destroy them that hate me. he unto his King, and sheweth

4. They shall cry, but there loving kindness unto David shall be none to help them : his anointed, and unto his yea, even unto the Lord shall feed for evermore, they cry, but he shall not hear them. 42 I will beat them as small

PSALM 19. as the dust before the wind : I will cast thein out as the HE heavens declare the clay in the streets.

glory of God; and the 43 Thou shalt deliver me firmament Theweth his handyfrom the strivings of the peo- work. ple; and thou shalt make me 2 One day telleth another ; the head of the heathen. and one night certifieth an

44 A people whom I have other. not known shall serve me. 3. There is neither speech,

45 As soon as they hear of nor language, but their voices me, they shall obey me: but are heard among them. the strange children shall dif- 4 Their found is gone out semble with me.

into all lands; and their words 46 The strange children ) into the ends of the world.


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