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51 He made a way to his in. 61 So that he forsook the dignation, and spared not their tabernacle in Silo; even the foul from death; but gave their tent that he had pitched a. life over to the peftilence. mong men. 52 And smote all the first

6. He delivered their power born in Egypt; the most prin-into captivity, and their beau. cipal and mightiest in the ty into the enemies hand. dwellings of Ham.

63 He gave his people over 53 But as for his own peo- also to the sword, and was ple, he led them forth like wroth with his inheritance. sheep, and carried them in the 64 The fire consumed their wilderness like a flock.

young men, and their maidens 54 He brought them out were not given to marriage. safely, that they should not 65 Their priests were Nain fear, and overwhelmed their with the sword, and there enemies with the sea.

were no widows to make la55 And brought them with-mentation. in the borders of his fanctuary;

66 So the Lord awaked as even to his mountain which he one out of sleep, and like a purchased with his right hand. giant refreshed with wine.

56 He cast out the heathen 67 He smote his enemies also before them, caused their | in the hinder parts, and put land to be divided amongthem them to a perpetual shame. for an heritage, and made the 68 He refused the tabernatribes of Israel to dwell in their cle of Joseph, and chose nor tents.

the tribe of Ephraim ; 57 So they tempted and 69 But chose the tribe of displeased the most high God, Judah, even the hill of Sion and kept not his testimonies ; which he loved,

58 But turned their backs, 70 And there he built his and fell away like their fore- temple on high, and laid the fathers; starting aside like a foundation of it like the broken bow.

earth which he hath establish59 For they grieved him ed for ever. . with their hill-altars, and pro- 71 He chose David also his voked him to displeasure with servant, and took him away their images.

from the sheep folds, 60 When God heard this, 72 As he was following the he was wroth, and took sore ews great with young ones, he displeasure at Ifrael; took him, that he might feed


Jacob his power.

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Jacob his people, and Israel|fins, but have mercy upon us, his inheritance.

and that soon; for we are come 73 So he fed them with a to great misery. faithful and true heart, and 9 Help us, o God of our ruled them prudently with all salvation, for the glory of thy

Name; O deliver us, and be

merciful unto our sins for thy PSA L M 79

Name's fake.

10 Wherefore do the heaGod, the heathen are then say, Where is now their

come into thine inherit. God? ance, thy holy temple have 11 O let the vengeance of they defiled, and made Jeru. thy fervants blood that is falem an heap of stones. shed be openly shewed up

2 The dead bodies of thy on the heathen in our sight. servants have they given to be 12 O let the sorrowful sighmeat unto the fowls of the ing of the prisoners come before air, and the flesh of thy faints thee ; according to the greatunto the beasts of the land. ness of thy power, preserve thou

3 Their blood have they those that are appointed to die. shed like water on every side 13 And for the blaspheof Jerusalem, and there was my wherewith our neighbours no inan to bury them. have blafphemed thee, re

4 We are becomie an open ward thou them, O Lord, shame to our enemies; a very leven-fold into their bosom. scorn and derision unto them 14 So we, that are thy peothat are round about us. ple, and sheep of thy pasture,

5 Lord, how long wile chou shall give thee thanks for be angry; shall thy jealousy ever, and will alway be shewburn like fire for ever?

ing forth thy praise from 6. Pour out thine indig- neration to generation. the heathen

PSALM 80. that have not known thee, Ear, O and upon kingdoms that Israel, thou that leadeft have not called upon thy Jofeph like a sheep; shew Name.

thyself also, thou that fitreft 7 For they have devoured upon the cherubims. Jacob, and laid waste his 2 Before Ephraim, Benjadwelling place.

min, and Manafles; ftir up thy 8 o remember not our old strength, and come and help us.

nation upon

3 Turn us again, O God; heaven; behold, and visit this shew the light of thy counte- vine ; nance, and we shall be whole. 15 And the place of the

4 O Lord God of hofts, vineyard that thy right hand how long wilt thou be angry hath planted, and the branch with thy people that prayeth? that thou madeit so strong for

5 Thou feedelt them with thyself; the bread of tears, and givest 16 It is burnt with fire, and them plenteousness of tears to cut down; they shall perish drink.

at the rebuke of thy coun6 Thou hast made us a ve- tenance. ry strife unto our neighbours, 17 Let thy hand be upon and our enemies laugh us to the man of thy right hand, scorn.

and upon the son of man, 7 Turn us again, thou God whom thou madest so strong of hosts ; shew the light of for thine own self. thy countenance, and we shall 18 And so will not we go be whole.

back from thee; Olet us live, 8 Thou hast brought a vine and we shall call upon thy out of Egypt; thou hast cast Name. out the heathen, and planted it. 19 Turn us again, O Lord

9 Thou madeft room for it, God of hosts; shew the light and when it had taken root, ic of thy countenance, and we filled the land.

shall be whole. 10 The hills were covered

PSALM 81. with the shadow of it, and the boughs thereof were like ING aloud unto God the goodly cedar trees.

our strength ; make a 11 She stretched out her cheerful noise unto the God of branches unto the sea, and Jacob. her boughs unto the river. 2 Take the psalm, bring

12 Why hast thou then bro bither the tabret, the pleasant ken down her hedge, that all harp with the lute. they that go by, pluck off her 3 Blow up the trumpet in

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the new moon, even in the 13 The wild boar out of the time appointed, and upon cur wood doch root it up, and the folemn feast day. wild beasts of the field devourit. 4 For this was made a sta.

14 Turn thee again, thou cute for Israel, and a law of God cf hosts, look down from the God of Jacob.

grapes ?

the pots.


5 This he ordained in Jo- 16 The haters of the Lord feph for a testimony, when should have been found liars; he came out of the land of but their time should have Egypt, and had heard a strange endured for ever. language.

17 He should have fed them 6 I eased his shoulder from also with the finest wheat. the burden, and his hands flour, and with hony out of were delivered from making the ftony rock should I have

satisfied thee. 7 Thou calledst upon me in

PSALM 82. troubles, and I delivered thee; I heard thee what time as OD ftandeth in the conthe storm fell upon thee.

gregation of princes; he 8 I proved thee also at the is a judge among gods. waters of strife.

2 How long will ye give 9 Hear, O my people, and wrong judgment, and accept I will affure thee, o Israel, the persons of the ungodly? if thou wilt hearken unto me, 3 Defend the poor and fa

10 There shall no strange therless ; see that such as are in god be in thee; neither shalt need and necessity have right. thou worship any other god. 4 Deliver the out-cast and

11 I am the Lord thy God, poor ; save them from the who brought thee out of the hand of the ungodly. land of Egypt ; open thy.

5 They will not be learned mouth wide, and I shall fill it. nor understand, but walk on still

12 But my people would in darkness; all the foundations not hear my voice, and IT- of the earth are out of course. rael would not obey me.

6 I have said, Ye are gods, gave them

up un- and ye are all the children of to their own hearts lusts, and the most Highest. let them follow their own 7 But ye shall die like men, imaginations.

and fall like one of the princes. 14 O that my people would 8. Arile, O God, and judge have hearkened unto me ; for thou the earth; for thou shalt if Israel had walked in my take all heathen to thine inhe. ways,

ritance. 15 I should foon have put

PSALM 83. down their enemies, and turned my hand against their ad. Old not thy tongue, versaries.

God, keep not still fi


13 So I


cret ones.

lence; refrain not thyself, O 13 O my God, make them God.

like unto a wheel, and as the 2 For lo thine enemies make stubble before the wind; a murmuring, and they that 14 Like as the fire that hate thee have lift up their head. burneth up the wood, and as

3 They have imagined craf- the Aame that consumeth the tily against thy people, and mountains ; taken counsel against thy se. 15 Persecute them even so

with thy tempeft, and make 4. They have said, Come, them afraid with thy storm, and let us root them out, that 16 Make their faces ashathey be no more a people, and med, O Lord, that they may that the name of Israel may be seek thy Name. no more in remembrance.

17 Let them be confound5 For they have cast their ed and vexed ever more and heads together with one con- more; let them be put to sent, and are confederate a shame, and perish. gainst thee;

18 And they shall know that 6 The tabernacles of the Ethou whose name is Jehovah, domites and the Ismaelites ; art only the most Highest over the Moabites and Hagarenes; all the earth. 7 Gebal, and Ammon, ard

P SALM 84. Amalech; the Philistines, with them that dwell at Tyre.

How amiable are thy 8 Affur also is joined with dwellings, thou Lord them, and have holpen the of hosts! children of Lor,

2 My soul hath a desire and 9 But do thou to them as longing to enter into the courts unto the Midianites, unto Si- of the Lord; my heart and my fera, and unto Jabin at the flesh rejoice in the living God. brook of Kison ;

3 Yea, the sparrow hath 10 Who 'perished at En- found her an house, and the dor, and became as the dung swallow a nest, where she may of the earth.

lay her young; even thy altars, 11 Make them and their O Lord of hosts, my King princes like Oreb and Zeb ; and my God. yea, make all their princes 4 Bleffed are they that dwell like as Zeba and Salmana, in thy house, they will be al

12 Who say, Let us take way praising thee. to ourselves the houses of 5 Blessed: is the man whose . God in poffeffion.


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