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22 They gave me gall to eat, 33 The humble shall consider and when I was thirsty, they this, and be glad ; seek ye after gave me vinegar to drink. God, and your soul shall live.

23 Let their table be made 34 For the Lord heareth a snare to take themselves the poor, and despiseth not withal, and let the things that his prisoners. should have been for their 35 Let heaven and earth wealth, be unto them an oc- praise him, the sea and all that casion of falling.

moveth therein. 24 Let their eyes be blind- 36 For God will save Sion, ed, that they see not, and ever and build the cities of Judah, bow thou down their backs. that men may dwell there, and

25 Pour out thine indigna- have it in poffeffion. tion upon them, and let thy 37 The posterity also of his wrathful displeasure take hold servants shall inherit it, and of them,

they that love his Name shall 26 Let their habitation bedwell therein. void, and no man to dwell in PSALM 70. their tents.

Afte thee, O God, to de27 For they persecute him liver me ; make hafte whom thou hast smitten, and to help me, O Lord. they talk how they mạy vex

2 Let them be ashamed and them whom thou hast wound-confounded, that seek after ed.

my soul ; let them be turned 28 Let them fall from one backward and put to confuwickedness to another, and not lion, that wish me evil. come into thy righteousness. 3

Let them for their reward 29 Let them be wiped out be foon brought to shame, that of the book of the living, cry over me, There, there. and not be written among the

4 But let all those that seek righteous.

thee, be joyful and glad in 30 As for me, when I am thee, and let all such as delight poor and in heaviness, thy in thy salvation, say alway, help, O God, shall lift me up. The Lord be praised.

31 I will praise the Name 5 As for me, I am poor, of God with a song, and mag- and in misery; haste thee unnify it with thanksgiving.

to me, O God. 32 This also shall please the 6 Thou art my helper and Lord, better than a bullock my redeemer; O Lord, make that hath horns and hoofs. no long tarrying



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counsel together, saying, God PSALM 71.

hath forsaken him, perfecute

him, and take him ; for there N thee, O Lord, have I put is none to deliver him.

my trust, let me never be 10 Go not far from me, o put to confusion, but rid me, God; my God, hafte thee to and deliver me in thy righte help me. ousness; incline thine ear un- u Let them be confounded to me, and save me.

and perish that are against my 2 Be thou my strong hold, soul ; let them be covered with whereunto I may alway resort; shame and dishonour that seek thou hast promised to help me; to do me evil. for thou art my house of de- 12 As for me, I will раfence, and my castle. tiently abide alway, and will

3 Deliver me, O my God, praise thee more and more. out of the hand of the ungod- 13 My mouth shall daily ly; out of the hand of the un- speak of thy righteousness and righteous and cruel man, salvation; for I know no end

4 For thou, O Lord God, thereof. art the thing that I long for; 14 I will go forth in the thou art my hope, even from strength of the Lord God, my youth.

and will make mention of thy 5 Through thee have I been righteousness only. holden upever since I was born; 15 Thou, O God,haft taught thou art he that took me out me from my youth up until of my mother's womb, my now; therefore will I tell of praise shall be always of thee. thy wonderous works.

6 I am become as it were a 16 Fofsake me not, O God, monster unto many; but my in mine old age, when I am sure trust is in thee.

grey-headed; until I have 70 let my mouth be filled thewed thy strength unto this with thy praise, that I may generation, and thy power to sing of thy glory and honour all them that are yet for to all the day long.

come. 8 Caft me not away in the 17 Thyrighteousness, OGod, time of age ; forsake me not is very high, and great things when my strength faileth me. are they that thou hast done

9 For mine enemies speak O God, who is like unto thee? against me, and they that lay 18 O what great troubles wait for my soul take their and adversities halt thou shew


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ed me! and yet didst thou 6 He shall come down like turn and refreth me; yea, the rain into a fleece of wool ; and broughteft me from the even as the drops that water

deep of the earth again. the earth. t

19 Thou halt brought me 7 In his time shall the righto great honour, and com- teous flourish ; yea, and abunforted me on every side. dance of peace, 10 long as the 1.

20 Therefore will I praise moon endureth. thee and thy faithfulness, O 8 His dominion shall be God, playing upon an inftru. also from the one sea to the

ment of mufick ; unto thee other, and from the flood unwill I fing upon the harp, o to the world's end. thou holy One of Israel. 9 They that dwell in the

21 My lips will be fain when wilderness shall kneel before I sing unto thee, and so will him ; his enemies shall lick the my soul whom thou hast de- dust. livered.

10 The kings 'of Tharsis, 22 My tongue also shall talk and of the illes Thall give preof thy righteousness all the day sents; the kings of Arabia and long; for they are confounded Saba shall bring gifts. and brought unto shame, that 11 All kings shall fall down seek to do me evil.

before him ; all nations shall PSALM 72,

do him service. Ive the king thy judg. 12 For he shall deliver the

ments, O God, and thy poor when he crieth, the neerighteousness unto the king's dy also, and him that hath no fon.

helper. 2 Then shall he judge thy 13 He shall be favourable to people according unto right, the simple and needy, and shall and defend the poor.

preserve the souls of the poor. 3

The mountains also shall 14 He shall deliver their bring peace, and the little hills souls from fallhood and wrong, righteousness unto the people. and dear shall their blood be

4 He shall keep the simple in his sight. people bytheir right,defend the 15 He shall live, and unto children of the poor, and pu- him ihall be given of the gold nish the wrong-doer.

of Arabia ; prayer shall be 5 They shall fear thçe as long made ever unto him, and daily as the sun and moon endurech, Ihall he be praised. from one generationto another. 16 There shall be an heap of

corn caft.


upon the earth.

corn in the earth, high upon 7 Their eyes swell with fatthe hills; his fruit shall shakeness, and they do even what like Libanus, and shall be they lust. green in the city like grass 8 They corrupt other, and

speak of wicked blasphemy; 17 His Name Thall endure their talking is against the for ever, his Name shall remain most High. under the sun among the pos- 9 For they stretch forth their terities, which shall be bleed mouth unto the heaven, and through him, and all the hea- their tongue goeth through then shall praise him.

the world. 18 Blessed be the Lord God, 10 Therefore fall the people even the God of Israel, which unto them, and thereout fuck only doeth wonderous things; they no small advantage.

19 And blessed be the Name 11 Tush, say they, how of his Majesty for ever; and should God perceive it? Is all the earth shall be filled with there knowledge in the most his Majesty. Amen, Amen. High?

12 Lo, these are the ungodPSALM 73. ly, these prosper in the world,

and these have riches in posRuly God is loving unto session; and I said, Then have

Israel; even unto such I cleansed my heart in vain, as are of a clean heart. and washed mine hands in in

2 Nevertheless,my feet were nocency. almost gone; my treadings had 13 All the day long have I well-nigh Nipped.

been punished, and chastened 3 And why? I was grieved every morning. at the wicked ; I do also see the 14 Yea,and I had almostfaid ungodly in such prosperity. even as they ; but lo, then I

4 For they are in no peril of should have condemned the death; but are lustyandstrong. generation of thy childr

5 They come in no misfor- 15 Then thought I to untune like other people ; neither derstand this, but it was too are they plagued like other hard for me,

16 Until I went into the 6 And this is the cause that sanctuary of God, then underthey are so holden with pride, stood I the end of these men; and overwhelmed with cruel- 17 Namely, how thou dost

set them in Nippery places, and




O art

my reins.

castest them down, and de. stroyeft them.

18 Oh how suddenly do God, wherefore art thou they consume, perish, and absent from us so long? come to a fearful end !

why is thy wrath so hot against 19 Yea,even like as a dream the sheep of thy pasture ? when one awaketh ; fo Inalt

2 O think upon thy congrea thou make their image to va- gation, whom thou hast

purnish out of the city.

chased, and redeemed of old. i 20 Thus my heart was grie. 3 Think upon the tribe of ved, and it went even through thine inheritance, and mount

Sion, wherein thou hast dwelt. 21 So foolish was I, and ig. 4 Lift up thy feet, that thou norant; even as it were a beast mayest utterly destroy every before thee.

enemy, which hath done evil 22 Nevertheless, I am alway in thy fanctuary. ; by thee; for thou hast holden 5 Thine adversaries roar in me by my right hand.

the midst of thy congrega23 Thou Thalt guide me tions, and set up their banners with thy council, and after for tokens. that receive me with glory. 6 He that hewed timber

24 Whom have I in heaven afore out of the thick trees, but thee, and there is none was known to bring it to an upon earth that I desire in excellent work. comparison of thee?

7 But now they break down 25 My flesh, and my heart all the carved work thereof, faileth; but God is the strength with axes and hammers. of my heart, and my portion 8 They have set fire upon for ever.

thy holy places, and have de26 For lo, they that for- filed the dwelling place of thy fake thee ihall perish; thou Name, even unto the ground. haft destroyed all them that 9 Yea, they said in their commit fornication against hearts, Let us make havock of thee,

them altogether ; thus have 27 But it is good for me to they burnt up all the houses of hold me fast by God, to put God in the land. my trust in the Lord God, 10 We see not our tokens, and to speak of all thy works there is not one prophet more; in the gates of the daughter no, not one is there among us, of Sion.

that understandeth any more.

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