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Ugive thanks; yea, unto

1 O God, how long shall for all the earth is full of darkthe adversary do this disho ness, and cruel habitations. nour ? How long shall the ene- 22 O let not the simple go my blaspheme thy Name, for away ashamed; but let the ever ?

poor and needy give praise 12 Why withdrawest thou unto thy Name. thy hand? Why pluckest thou 23 Arise, O God, maintain not thy right hand out of thy thine own cause; remember bosom to consume the enemy? how the foolish man blasphe

13 For God is my King of meth thee daily. old; the help that is done up- 24 Forget not the voice of on earth, he doeth it himself. thine enemies; the presumpti

14. Thou didst divide the on of them that hate thee, insea through thy power; thou creaseth ever more and more. brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters.

PSALM 75. 15 Thou smotest the heads of Leviathan in pieces, and Nto thee, O God, do we gavest him to be meat for the

yea, unto people in the wilderness. thee do we give thanks.

16 Thou broughtest out 2 Thy name also is so nigh, fountains, and waters out of and that do thy wonderous the hard rocks; thou driedftworks declare. up mighty waters.

3 When I receive the con17 The day is thine, and the gregation, I shall judge ac. night is thine ; thou halt pre-cording unto right. pared the light and the sun. 4 The earth is weak, and

18 Thou haft set all the bor-all the inhabiters thereof; I ders of the earth; thou hast bear up the pillars of it. made summer and winter. 5 I said unto the fools, Deal

19 Remember this, O Lord, not so madly; and to the unhow the enemy hath rebuked, godly, Set not up your and how the foolish people hath horn. blafphemed thy Name. 6 Set not up your horn on

200 deliver not the soul of high, and speak not with a thy turtle dove unto the mul- ftiff neck. titude of the enemies, and for- 7. For promotion cometh get not the congregation of neither from the east, nor the poor for ever

.. from the west, nor yet from 21 Look upon the covenant ;l the south.

for ever.

8 And why? God is the 8 Thou didft cause thy Judge, he putteth down one, judgment to be heard from and setteth up another. heaven ; the earth trembled, 9

For in the hand of the and was still. Lord there is a cup, and the 9 When God arose to judg. wine is red; it is full mixt, and ment, and to help all the he poureth out of the fame. meek upon earth.

10 As for the dregs thereof, 10 The fierceness of man all the ungodly of the earth shall turn to thy praise, and thall drink them, and fuck the fierceness of them fhalt them out.

thou refrain. II But I will talk of the 11 Promise unto the Lord God of Jacob, and praise him your God, and keep it, all

ye that are round about him ; 12 All the horns of the un- bring presents unto him that godly also will I break, and ought to be feared. the horns of the righteous shall 12 He shall refrain the spirit be exalted.

of princes, and is wonderful PSALM 76.

among the kings of the earth.

N Jewry is God known; his
Name is

in Israel.

my 2 At Salem is his taberna. cle, and his dwelling in Sion. I cry with my voice, and he

3 There brake he the ar- shall hearken unto me. rows of the bow, the shield, 2 In the time of my trouble the sword, and the battle, I fought the Lord; my fore

4 Thou art of more honour ran, and ceased nog in the and might than the hills of night season; my soul refused the robbers.

comfort. 5 The proud are robbed,


When I am in heaviness, they have sept their neep, and I will think upon God; when all the men whose hands were my heart is vexed, I will com. mighty, have found nothing. plain.

6 At thy rebuke, O God of 4 Thou holdest mine eyes Jacob, both the chariot and waking; I am so feeble that I horse are fallen.

cannot speak. 7 Thou, even thou art to be 5 I have considered the days

and who may stand in of old, and the years that are thy sight when thou art angry? I paft.

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feared ;


6 I call to remembrance my 18 The voice of thy thunfong, and in the night I com- der was heard round about, mune with mine own heart, the lightnings Thoné upon the and search out my spirits. ground, the earth was moved,

7 Will the Lord absent him and shook withal. felf for ever? And will he be

19 Thy way is in the fea, no more intreated ?

and thy paths in the great wa. 8 Is his mercy clean gone for ters, and thy footsteps are ever? And is his promile come not known. utterly to an end for evermore? 20 Thou leddeft thy peo

9 Hath God forgotten tople like sheep, by the hand of be gracious ? And will he Moses and Aaron. fhut up his loving-kindness in difpleasure ?

PSALM 78. 10 And I said, It is mine own infirmity; but I will remem- Ear my law, O my peober the years of the right hand ple; incline your ear's of the most Highest.

unto the words of my mouth. ul will remember the works 2 I will open my mouth in of the Lord, and call to mind a parable, I will declare hard thy wonders of old time. fentences of old;

12 I will think also of all thy 3 Which we have heard works, and my talking shall and known, and such as our be of thy doings.

fathers have told us; 13 Thy way, O God, is ho- 4 That we should not hide ly; who is so great a God, as them from the children of the Our God?

generations to come; but to 14 Thouart the God that do thew the honour of the Lord, eth wonders, and hast declared his mighty and wonderful thy power among the people. works that he hath done. 15 Thou hast mightily de- 5

He made a covenant with livered thy people; even the Jacob, and gave Israel a law, fons of Jacob and Jofeph. which he commanded our fore

16 The waters saw thee, o fathers to teach their children; God, the waters saw thee, and 6 That their posterity might were afraid ; the depths also know it, and the children were troubled.

which were yet unborn ; 17 The clouds poured out 7 To the intent that when water, the air thundered, and they came up, they might thine arrows went abroad. shew their children the fame;

8 That they might put their 18 Yet for all this they fin: trust in God, and not to for- ned more against him, and get the works of God, but to provoked the most Highest keep his commandments;

in the wilderness. 9 And not to be as their

19. They tempted God in forefathers, a faithless and their hearts, and required meat stubborn generation; a gene for their luft. ration that fet not their heart a- 20 They spake against God right, and whose spirit cleaveth | also, faying, Shall God prea not stedfastly unto God; pare a table in the wilderness?

10 Like as the children of 21 He smote the stony rock Ephraim, who being harnes- indeed, that the water gushed fed, and carrying bows, turned out, and the streains Aowed themselves back in the day of withal; but can he give bread battle.

also, or provide Acth for his 11 They kept not the cove people? nant of God, and would not 22 When the Lord heard walk in his law;

this, he was wroth; so the 12 But forgat what he had fire was kindled in Jacob, and done, and the wonderful works there came up heavy difthat he had shewed for them. pleasure against Ifrael,

13 Marvellous things did 23 Because they believed he in the sight of our forefa- not in God, and put not their thers, in the land of Egypt; cruft in his help. even in the field of Zoan. 24 So he commanded the

14 He divided the fea, and clouds above, and opened the let them go through; he made doors of heaven. to stand on an 25 He rained down Manna

also upon them for to eat, and 15 In the day-time also he gave them foot from heaven. led them with a cloud, and all 26 So man did eat angels the night through with a light food; for he fent them meat

enough. 16 He clave the hard rocks 27 He caused the east-wind in the wilderness, and gave to blow under heaven, and them drink thereof, as it had through his power he brought been out of the great depth. in the south-west wind.

17 He brought waters out 28 He rained flesh upon them of the ftony rock, fo that it as thick as dust, and feathered gulhed out like the rivers. fowls like as the fand of the sea.

the waters heap

of fire.

of the enemy;

29 He let it fall among their not suffer his whole displeasure tents, even round about their to arise. habitation.

40 For he considered that 30 So they did eat, and were they were but flesh, and that well filled, for he gave them they were even a wind that their own desire; they were palseth away, and cometh not not disappointed of their luft. again.

31 But while the meat was 41 Many a time did they yet in their mouths, the hea- provoke him in the wilderness, vy wrath of God came upon and grieved him in the desert. them, and New the wealthiest 42 They turned back, and of them; yea, and smote tempted God, and moved the down the choten men that holy One in Israel, were in Ifrael.

43 They thought not of his 32 But for all this they fin- hand, and of the day when he ned yet more, and believed delivered them from the hand not his wonderous works.

33 Therefore their days did 44 How he had wrought his he consume in vanity, and miracles in Egypt, and his their years in trouble. wonders in the field of Zoan.

34 When he new them, they 45 He turned their waters sought him, and turned them into blood, so that they might early, and enquired after God. not drink of the rivers.

35 And they remembered 46 He sent lice among them, that God was their strength, and devoured them up, and and that the high God was frogs to destroy them. their redeemer.

47 He gave their fruit un36 Nevertheless, they did to the caterpillar, and their labut flatter him with their bour unto the grashopper. . mouth, and diffembled with 48 He destroyed their vines him in their tongue.

with hail stones, and their 37 For their heart was not mulberry-trees with the frost. whole with him, neither con- 49 He smote their cattle altinued they stedfast in his co- lo with hailftones, and their venant,

flocks with hot thunder-bolts. 38 But he was fo merciful, 50 He cast upon them the that he forgave their misdeeds, furiousness of his wrath, anand destroyed them not. ger, displeasure, and trouble,

39 Yea, many a time turned and sent evil angels among he his wrath away, and would them.

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