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10 In God's word will I re- 7 They have laid a net for joice ; in the Lord's word will my feet, and prefed down my I comfort me.

soul; they have digged a pit 11 Yea, in God have I put before me, and are fallen into my trust; I will not be afraid the midst of it themselves. what man can do unto me. 8 My heart is fixed, o

12 Unto thee, O God, will God, my heart is fixed : I will I pay my vows; unto thee will fing, and give praise. I give thanks.

9 Awake up, my glory ; 13 For thou hast delivered awake, lute and harp; I my. my soul from death, and my self will awake right early. feet from falling, that I may 10 I will give thanks unto walk before God in the light thee, O Lord, among


peoof the living.

ple, and I will sing unto thee PSALM 57:

among the nations. E merciful unto me, o 11 For the greatness of thy

God, be merciful unto mercy reacheth unto the heame, for my soul trufteth in vens, and thy truth unto the thee; and under the shadow of clouds. thy wings shall be my refuge, 12 Set up thyself, O God, until this tyranny be over-past. above the heavens, and thy

2 I will call unto the most glory above all the earth. high God, even unto the God

thal shall perform the cause
which I have in hand.

RE your
minds set

He shall send from hea-


ye conven, and save me from the gregation ; and do ye judge reproof of him that would eat the thing that is right, Oye me up.

fons of men ? 4 God shall send forth his 2 Yea, ye imagine mifchief mercy and truth; my soul is in your heart upon the earth,

and your hands deal with 5 And I lie even among the wickedness. children of men, that are set 3 The ungodly are froon fire; whose teeth are spears ward, even from their mothers and arrows, and their tongue a womb; as soon as they are sharp sword.

born, they go astray, and 6 Set up, thyself, O God, speak lies. above the heavens, and thy 4 They are as venomous as glory above all the earth. the poison of a serpent; even

among lions.

like the deaf adder, that stop-1 for my soul; the mighty men peth her ears;

are gathered against me with5 Which refuseth to hear out any offence or fault of me, the voice of the charmer ; O Lord. charm he never fo wisely. 4 They run and prepare

6 Break their teeth, O God, themselves without my fault; in their mouths, smite the jaw- arise thou therefore to help bones of the lions, O Lord; me, and behold. let them fall away like water 5 Stand up, O Lord God that runneth ap ce, and when of hofts, thou God of Israel, they shoot their arrows led to visit all the heathen, and them be rooted out.

be not merciful unto them that 7 Let them consume away offendof maliciouswickedness. like a snail, and be like the un- 6 They go to and fro in timely fruit of a woman, and the evening, they grin like a let them not see the fun. dog, and run about through

8 Or ever your pots be the city. made hot with thorns; so let 7 Behold, they speak with indignation vex him, even as their mouth, and swords are in a thing that is raw.

their lips ; for who doth hear? 9 The righteous shall rejoice 8 But thou, O Lord, shalt when he seeth the vengeance; have them in derision, and he shall wash his footsteps in thou shalt laugh all the hea. the blood of the ungodly. then to fcorn. 10 So that a man fhall say,

9 My strength will I ascribe Verily there is a reward for unto thee; for thou art the the righteous; doubtless there God of my refuge. is a God that judgeth the 10 God fheweth me his earth.

goodness plenteously, and God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.

11 Slay them not, left my Eliver me from mine people forget it ; but scatter

enemies, O God; de-them abroad among the peofend me from them that rise ple, and put them down, O up against nie.

Lord, our defence. 2 O deliver me from the 12 For the fin of their wicked doers, and save me mouth, and for the words of from the blood-thirsty men.

their lips, they shall be taken 3 For lo, they lié waiting in their pride, and why ? their




preaching is of curfing and with thy right hand, and hear lies.

iz Consume them in thy % God hath spoken in his

wrath,consume them, that they holiness, I will rejoice and di-
may perish, and know that it vide Sichem, and mete out
isGod that ruleth in Jacob, and the valley of Succoth.
unto the ends of the world, 7 Gilead is mine, and Ma.

14 And in the evening they nasses is mine; Ephraim alfo will return, grin like a dog, is the strength of my head; and will go about the city. Judah is my law-giver,

15 They will run here and 8 Moab is my washpot, over there for meat, and grudge if | Edom will I cast out my shoe; they be not satisfied.

Philistia, be thou glad of me. 16 As for me, I will sing of 9

Who will lead me into thy power, and will praise thy the strong city? Who will mercy betimes in the morn- bring me into Édom? ing; for thou hast been my 10 Haft not thou cast us defence and refuge in the day out, O God? Wilt not thou, of my trouble.

O God, go out with our hosts? 17 Unto thee,

thee, O my 11 O be thou our help in strength, will I fing; for thou, trouble, for vain is the help of (O God, art my refuge, and man. my merciful God.

12 Through God will we do PSALM 60. great acts, for it is he that fhall

thou haft also been displeased, Hegiverear unto my prayer.

and scattered us abroad;


Ear my ; O turn thee unto us again.

2 Thou hast moved the 2 From the ends of the land, and divided it; heal the earth will I call upon thee, fores thereof, for it shaketh. when my heart is in heaviness.

3 Thou haft fhewed thy 30 let me up upon the people heavy things; tbou hart rock that is higher than I; for given us a drink of deadlywine. thou hast been my hope, and

4 Thou hast given a token a strong tower for me against for such as fear thee, that they the enemy. may triumph because of the 4 I will dwell in thy tabertruth.

nacle for ever, and


trust 5 Therefore were thy be shall be under the covering of loved delivered; help me I thy wings.

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5 For thou, O Lord, halt and my salvation ; he is my deheard my desires, and baft fence, so that I shall not fall. given an heritage unto those 7 In God is my health and that fear thy Name.

my glory, the rock of my 6 Thou shalt grant the might, and in God is my trust. King a long life, that his 8 0 put your trust in him years may endure throughout alway, ye people; pour out all generations.

your hearts before him, for 7 He shall dwell before God God is our hope. for ever; O prepare thy lov. 9 As for the children of men, ing mercy and faithfulness, they are but vanity ; the chilthat they may preserve him. dren of men are deceitful

upon 8 So will I always sing praise the weights, they are altogeunto thy Name, that I may ther lighter than vanity itself

. daily perform my vows.

100 trust not in wrong and

robbery, give not yourselves PSALM 62. unto vanity ; if riches increase,

set not your heart upon them. Y soul truly waitest still I God spake once, and

upon God, for of him twice I have also heard the cometh my salvation. same ; that power belongeth

2 He verily is my strength unto God; and my salvation; he is my 12 And that thou, Lord, art defence, so that I shall not merciful; for thou rewardest greatly fall.

every man according to his 3 How long will ye imagine work. mischief against every man; ye shall be lain all the fort of you;

PSALM 63 yea, as a tottering wall shall ye God, thou art my God; be, and like a broken hedge. early will I seek thee.

4 Their device is only how 2 My soul thirsteth for thee, to put him out whom God will my fesh also longeth after exalt; their delight is in lies, thee ; in a barren and dry land they give good words with where no water is. their mouth, but curse with 3 Thus have I looked for their heart.

thee in holiness, that I might 5 Nevertheless, my soul, behold thy power and glory. wait thou still upon God; for 4 For thy loving-kindness my hope is in him.

is better than the life itself; 6 He truly is my strength my lips shall praise thee.

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5 As long as I live will I fout their arrows, even bitter magnify thee on this manner, words. and lift up my hands in thy 4 That they may privily Name.

shoot at him that is perfect; 6 My soul shall be satisfied suddenly do they hit him, and even as it were with marrow fear not. and fatness, when my mouth 5 They encourage them. praiseth thee with joyful lips. selves in mischief, and com

7 Have I not remembered mune among themselves, how thee in my bed, and thought they may lay snares, and say, upon thee when I was waking? that no man shall see them.

8 Because thou hast been 6 They imagine wickedmy helper; therefore under ness, and practise it; that they the shadow of thy wings will keep secret among themselves, I rejoice.

every man in the deep of his 9 My soul hangeth upon heart. thee; thy right hand hath up- 7 But God shall suddenly holden me.

shoot at them with a swift 10 These also that seek the arrow, that they shall be hurt of my soul, they shall go

wounded. under the earth.

8 Yea, their own tongues 11 Let them fall upon the thall make them fall; infos edge of the sword, that they much that whoso seeth them, may be a portion for foxes. shall laugh them to scorn.

12 But the King shall rejoice 9 And all men that see it, in God; all they also that swear Ihall say, This hath God by him, shall be commended ; done ; for they shall perceive for the mouth of them that that it is his work. speak lies shall be stopped. 10 The righteous shall re. PSALM 64.

joice in the Lord, and put his

trust in him, and all they that Ear my voice, O God, in are true of heart shall be 了 1 my prayer; preserve my glad.

life from fear of the enemy.
2 Hide me from the ga.

P'S ALM 65. thering together of the froward, and from the insur- Hou, O God, art praised rection of wicked doers;

in Sion, and unto thee 3. Who have whet their shall the vow be performed in tongue like a sword, and shoot Jerusalem.


2 Thou



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