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bring presents, and come into unto the world; the earth faw his courts.

it, and was afraid. 9 0 worship the Lord in 5 The hills melted like wax the beauty of holiness; Jet the at the presence of the Lord, whole earth stand in awe of at the presence of the Lord of him.

the whole earth. 10 Tell it out among the 6'The heavens have declared heathen, that the Lord is King, his righteousness, and all the and that it is he who hath people have seen his glory." made the world so fast that 7 Confounded be all they it cannot be moved, and how that worship carved images, that he shall judge the people and that delight in vain gods; righteoully.

worship him, all ye gods. u Let the heavens rejoice, 8 Sion heard of it, and re. and let the earth be glad; let joiced, and the daughters of the sea make a noise, and all Judah were glad, because of that therein is.

thy judgments, O Lord. 12 Let the field be joyful, 9 For thou, Lord, art highand all that is in it; then shall er than all that are in the all the trees of the wood re-earth; thou art exalted far joice before the Lord. above all gods.

13 For he cometh, for he 10 Oye that love the cometh to judge the earth, Lord, see that ye hate the thing and with righteousness to which is evil; the Lord prejudge the world, and the peo- serveth the souls of his faints, ple with his truth.

he shall deliver them from the

hand of the ungodly. PSALM 97.

11 There is sprung up a HE Lord is King, the light for the righteous, and earth

may be glad there- joyful gladness for such as are of, yea, the multitude of the true-hearted. isles may be glad thereof. 12 Rejoice in the Lord, ye

2 Clouds and darkness are righteous, and give thanks for round about him ; righteoul- a remembrance of his holiness. ness and judgment are the habitation of his seat.

PSALM 98. 3 There shall go a fire be. fore him, and burn up his e- Sing unto the Lord a nemies on every side.

new song, for he hath 4 His lightnings gave shine done marvellous things.

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2 With his own right hand, 2 The Lord is great in Sion, and with his holy arm, hath and high above all people. he gotten himself the victory. 3 They shall give thanks

3 The Lord declared his unto thy Name, which is falvation, his righteousness great, wonderful, and holy: hath he openly shewed in the 4 The king's power loveth sight of the heathen. judgment, thou hast prepared

4 He hath remembered his equity, thou hast executed mercy and truth toward the judgment, and righteousness house of Israel, and all the in Jacob. ends of the world have seen 5 O magnify the Lord our the salvation of our God. God, and fall down before

5 Shew yourselves joyful his footstool, for he is holy. unto the Lord, all ye lands; 6 Moses and Aaron among : sing, rejoice, and give thanks. his priests, and Samuel among

6 Praise the Lord upon the such as call upon his Name; harp; sing to the harp with a these called upon the Lord, psalm of thanksgiving. and he heard them.

7 With trumpets also and 7 He spake unto them out shawms, O fhew yourselves of the cloudy pillar; for they joyful before the Lord the kept his testimonies, and the King.

law that he gave them. . 8 Let the sea make a noise, 8 Thou heardest them, o and all that therein is; the Lord our God; thou forgavest world, and they that dwell them, o God, tho' thou pu. therein.

nilhedst their own inventions. 9 Let the foods clap their 9 O magnify the Lord our hands, and let the hills bejoy, God, and worship him upon ful together before the Lord; his holy hill; for the Lord for he is come to judge the our God is holy. earth.

PSALM 10 With righteousness shall Be joyful in Lord, all he judge the world, and the ye lands, serve the Lord people with equity.

with gladness, and come before PSALM 99:

his presence with a song. SHE Lord is King, be 2 Be ye sure that the Lord

the people never so im- he is God; it is he that hath patient ; he litteth between made us, and not we ourihe Cherubims, be the earth felves; we are his people, and never so unquiet.

the sheep of his pasture.




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3 O go your way into his person dwell in my house ; he gates with thanksgiving, and that telleth lies, shall not tarinto his courts with praile; be ry in my light. thankful unto him, and speak 11 I shall foon destroy all the good of his Name.

ungodly that are in the land, 4 For the Lord is gracious, that I may root out all wickhis mercy is everlasting, and ed doers from the city of the his truth endureth from gene. Lord. ration to generation.

PSALM 102,
PSALM 101.

Ear my prayer, O Lord,
Y song shall be of mercy and let my crying come

and judgment; unto unto thee, thee, O Lord, will I sing. 2 Hide not thy face from

2 O let me haye under. me in the time of my trouble ; standing in the way of godli- incline thinę ears unto ness.

when I call; O hear me, and 3. When wilt thou come un- that right foon. to me? I will walk in my house 3 For my days are consumwith a perfect heart.

ed away like smoke, and my 4 I will take no wicked bones are burnt up as it were thing in hand ; I hate the fins a fire-brand. of unfaithfulness; there shall 4. My heart is smitten down, no such cleave unto me. and withered like grass, so

5 A froward heart shall de that I forget to eat my bread. part from me; I will; not 5. For the voice of my know a wicked person. groaning, my bones will

6 Whofo privily slandereth Icarce cleave to my fesh. his neighbour, him will I de- 6 I am become like a pelistroy.

can in the wilderness, and like 7 Whoso hath also a proud an owl that is in the desert. look and high ftomach, I 7 I have watched, and am will not suffer him,

even as it, were a sparrow, 8 Mine


such that fitteth alone upon the as are faithful in the land, that house-top, they may dwell with me.

8 Mine enemies revile me 9. Whoso leadeth a godly all the day long, and they that life, he shall be


are mad upon me, are lworn 10 There shall no deceitful together against me,


9 For I have eaten alhes as 20 That he might hear the it were bread, and mingled mournings of such as are in my drink with weeping; captivity, and deliver the chil

10 And that because of dren appointed unto death;

thine indignation and wrath ; 21 That they may declare ..

for thou haft taken me up, the Name of the Lord in Sion, and caft me down.

and his worship in Jerusalem; 11 My days are gone like 22 When the people are gaa shadow, and I am withered thered together, and the kingo like grass.

doms also to serve the Lord. 12 But thou, O Lord, shalt 23 He brought down my 1 endure for ever, and thy re. strength in my journey, and

membrance throughout all thortened my days. generations.

24 But I said, O my God, Thou shalt arise, and have take me not away in the midst mercy upon Sion; for it is time of mine age, as for thy years, that thou have mercy upon they endure throughout all her, yea, the time is come. generations.

14 And why? thy servants 25 Thou, Lord, in the be. think upon her stones; and it ginning halt laid the foundapitieth them to see her in the tion of the earth, and the headuft.

vens are the work of thy hands. 15 The heathen shall fear thy 29 They shall perish, bus Name, O Lord, and all the thou shalt endure; they all shall kings of the earth thy Majesty ; wax old as doth a garment:

16 When the Lord shall 27 And as a vesture fhale build up Sion, and when his thou change them, and they glory shall appear ;

shall be changed; but thou art iz When he turneth him the same, and thy years shall unto the prayer of the poor not fail. destitute, and despiseth not 28 The children of thy fertheir desire.

vants shall continue, and their 18 This shall be written for seed shall stand fast in thy light. those that come after, and the

PSALM 103.
people which shall be born
shall praise the Lord.

Raise the Lord, O my
19 For he hath looked foul, and all that is within
down from his fanctuary ; me praise his holy Name.
out of the heaven did the 2 Braise the Lord, Omy soul,
Lord behold the earth; and forget 'not all his benefits ;



Who with wrong

3 Who forgiveth all thy sin, 15 The days of man are but and healeth allthineinfirmities; as grass; for he flourisheth as

4 Who saveth thy life from a lower of the field. destruction, and crowneth 16 For as soon as the wind thee with mercy and loving goeth over it, it is gone, and Lindness;

the place thereof shall know 5 Who satisfieth thy mouth it no more. with good things, maketh thee 17. But the merciful goodyoung and lusty as an eagle. ness of the Lord endureth for

6 The Lord executeth righ-ever and ever upon them that teousness and judgment, for fear him, and his righteousall them that are oppressed ness upon childrens children;

18 Even upon such as keep 7 He shewed his ways un- his covenant, and think upon to Moses; his works unto the his commandments to do them. children of Israel.

19 The Lord hath prepared 8 The Lord is full of com- his feat in heaven, and his pafsion and mercy, long-suf. kingdom ruleth over all. fering, and of great goodness. 20 O praise the Lord, ye

9 He will not alway be chi. angels of his, ye that excel in ding, neither keepeth he his strength, ye that fulfil his anger for ever.

commandment, and hearken 10 He hath not dealt with unto the voice of his words. us after our fios, nor reward- 21 O praise the Lord, all ed us according to our wick- ye his hosts : ye servants of

his that do his pleasure. 11 For look how high the 22 Ospeak good of the heaven is in comparison of the Lord,all ye works of his, in all earth; so great is his mercy al- places of his doininion; praise fo toward them that fear him. thou the Lord, O my soul.

12 Look how wide also the east is from the west ; so far

PSALM 104. hath he set our sins from us.

13 Yea, like as a father pi- Raise the Lord, O my tieth his own children ; even foul; O Lord my God, fo is the Lord inerciful unto thou art become exceeding them that fear him.

glorious, thou art clothed with 14 For he knoweth where- majesty and honour. of we are made ; he remem- 2 Thou deckest thyself with bereth chat we are but dust, light as it were with a garment,


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