Rogeri de Wendover Liber qui dicitur Flores historiarum ab Anno Domini MCLIV. annoque Henrici Anglorum regis secundi primo: The flowers of history by Roger de Wendover: from the year of Our Lord 1154, and the first year of Henry the Second, king of the English, Parte 2


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Página 17 - JAMES HENTHORN TODD, DD, Senior Fellow of Trinity College, and Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University, Dublin. 1867. The work in its present form, in the editor's opinion, is a comparatively modern version of an undoubtedly ancient original. That it was compiled from contemporary materials has been proved by curious incidental evidence.
Página 28 - Canterbury; Bridport, Wallingford, and other Corporations; Lord Leconfield, Sir Reginald Graham, Sir Henry Ingilby, &c. SCOTLAND. Duke of Argyll, Earl of Moray, &c. IRELAND. Marquis of Ormonde. DITTO. PART II. INDEX SEVENTH REPORT, WITH APPENDIX. PART I.
Página 11 - Appendix contains several illustrative documents connected with the previous narrative. 17. BRUT Y TYWYSOGION ; or, The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales. Edited by the Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS AB ITHEL, MA 1860. This work, also known as " The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales," has been attributed to Caradoc of Llancarvau, who flourished about the middle of the twelfth century.
Página 10 - Roses, for the history of which period his work is of some value. 8. HISTORIA MONASTERII S. AUGUSTINI CANTUARIENSIS, by THOMAS OF ELMHAM, formerly Monk and Treasurer of that Foundation. Edited by CHARLES HARDWICK, MA, Fellow of St. Catharine's Hall, and Christian Advocate in the University of Cambridge.
Página 15 - Antiquaires de Normandie. 1863-1867. This work consists of two parts, the History and the Cartulary of the Monastery of St. Peter, Gloucester. The history furnishes an account of the monastery from its foundation, in the year 681, to the early part of the reign of Richard II., together with a calendar of donations and benefactions.
Página 17 - ... however, very meagre both for this period and for the time when history becomes more authentic. The plan adopted in the chronicle gives the appearance of an accuracy to which the earlier portions of the work cannot have any claim. The succession of events is marked, year by year, from AM 1599 to AD 1150. The principal events narrated in the later portion of the work are the invasions of foreigners and the wars of the Irish among themselves. The text has been printed from a MS. preserved in the...
Página 17 - The earlier portion, extending from 732 to 1148, appears to be a copy of a compilation made in Northumbria about 1161, to which Hoveden added little. From 1148 to...
Página 3 - PAPERS, &0. [IMPERIAL 8vo., cloth. Price 15s. each Volutne or Part.] As far back as the year 1800, a Committee of the House of Commons recommended that Indexes and Calendars should be made to the Public Records, and thirty-six years afterwards another Committee of the House of Commons reiterated that recommendation in more forcible words ; but it was not until the incorporation of the State Paper Office with the Public...
Página 11 - Saxons in 449 to the year 1298, in or about which year it appears that he died. The latter portion of this history (the whole of the reign of Edward I. more especially) is of great value, as the writer was contemporary with the events which he records. An Appendix contains several illustrative documents connected with the previous narrative. 17. BRUT Y TYWYSOGION ; or, The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales.
Página 16 - Edited by Sir FREDERIC MADDEN, KH, Keeper of the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum, 1866-1869. The exact date at which this work was written is, according to the chronicler, 1250. The history is of considerable value as an illustration of the period during which the author lived, and contains a good summary of the events which followed the Conquest. This minor chronicle is, however, based on another work (also written by Matthew Paris) giving fuller details, which has been called the "Historia...

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