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Auditor shall report to the legislature.

Banks shall annually publish

What such statemonts shall set forth.

ted. The Auditor of State shall, also, transmit, annually, to the Legislature, at the commencement of its session, a condensed summary of all the items reported to him by all the banks, which summary, verified by his oath, shall contain a true and correct statement of the condition of all the banks in the State at the time of the making of their last report.

SEC. 34. Every bank and banking association, formed under retation the provisions of this act, shall, annually, on the first Monday of

January, in each year, cause to be published, for six successive weeks, in one public newspaper printed in the county in which such bank may be located, and in some newspaper printed at the seat of government in this State, a true and accurate statement, verified by the oath of the cashier, of all deposits made with said bank, and of all dividends and interests declared and payable upon any of the stocks, bonds or other evidences of indebtedness of said bank, which, at the date of such statement, shall have remained unclaimed by any person or persons authorized to receive the same for two years then next preceding.

Sec. 35. Such statement shall set forth the time that every such deposit was made, its amount, the name and residence, if known, of the person making it, the name of the person in whose favor the dividend or interest may have been declared, its amount, and upon what number of shares and on what amount of stocks, bond, or other evidence of indebtedness of any such bank or banking association.

SEC. 36. All plates, dies and such like materials, of and shall be destroyed.

peculiar to any individual bank or banking association, which shall have closed business, either by its own voluntary act, or by operation of law, under the direction of the Auditor of State, in presence of the Governor or Treasurer of State, shall be destroyed; and such destruction, specifying the articles so destroyed, shall be officially certified to by all the three aforesaid officers.

Sec. 37. It shall be the duty of the Legislature, annually, to elect a joint committee, whose duty it shall be io examine the securities deposited in the Auditor of State's office, by banking associations and individual banks, together with books and papers therein relating to the business of banking; and the said committee shall report the true state and condition of that department to the Legislature.

Sec. 38. Every officer, agent or clerk of any banking association or banker authorized by this act, who shall willfully and knowingly subscribe or make any false statements of facts,

All plates, &c.,

Legislaturo shall appoint committee to examine banks.

Penalties if found railty.

entries in the books of such person or association, or shall knowingly subscribe or exhibit false papers, with the intent to deceive any person authorized to examine as to the condition of such bank or association, or shall willfully or knowingly subscribe and make false reports, shall be deemed guilty of [a] misdemeanor, and shall be subjected to imprisonment at hard labor, in the State's prison, for such term, not less than one year nor more Imprisonment. than ten years, as the court trying bim shall designate, and, likewise, any commissioner, examiner or other officer, willfully and knowingly subscribing or making any false report, shall be deemed guilty of [a] misdemeanor, and be subjected to like penalties.

Sec. 39. The Auditor of State shall, before entering upon the Auditor shall first duties prescribed by this act, give to the State of Kansas a bond in the penal sum of fifty thousand dollars, with not less than five sureties, to be approved by the Governor and Secretary of State, conditioned for the faithful discharge of all the duties of his office, provided for and incumbent upon him under this act, and deposit the same in the office of the State Treasurer; and the Auditor of State shall not be directly nor indirectly interested in any bank or banking association, or as an individual banker.

SEC. 40. Any banker or banking association that shall organ- Ebrede parecen ize under this act, shall be required to pay the Auditor of State for the service performed by him or under his direction, in behalf of such banker or banking association, [according to the provisions thereof,] one-half of one per cent. on the amount of circulating notes countersigned and registered as hereinbefore provided, and may require the same to be paid at the time of the delivery of such notes.

Sec. 41. In case the securities deposited with the Auditor of In case securities State, to secure the redemption of the circulating notes of any eighth per cent. bank, shall be sold in pursuance of the requirements hereof, oneeighth of one per cent. on the amount received for the same, shall be allowed the Auditor of State for his services in selling the stock and redeeming the notes of such bank, and the amount of such per centage together with all necessary expenses incurred in advertising and selling such stock, shall be audited by the State Treasurer, and on his certificates the Auditor of State may deduct the same from the proceeds of such sale.

SES. 42. Any person or persons violating any of the provis- Persons violating ions of this act, not hereinbefore specifically provided for, shall, sao. upon conviction thereof, pay a fine of not less than fifty dollars

Shall pay auditor


When and how to take effect.

or more than five hundred dollars for each and every offense, to be recovered before any court having competent jurisdiction; and all fines and penalties so recovered shall be paid into the State treasury.

SEC. 43. This act to be published in one newspaper in each county in this State, where practicable, and in one newspaper published at the Capital for six weeks previous to the next general election, and to be submitted to a vote of the electors of this State at the next general election; to be in force from and after its approval by the majority of the votes cast at such election. The ballots used at said election shall be written or printed, as follows : “ For Banking Law,” or “Against Banking Law,” as the case may be, and the returns of such election shall be made in accordance with the election law of this State.

Approved June 4th, 1861.


AN ACT to prevent the payment of certain Bonds purporting to have been

issued under the provisions of an Act entitled “An Act to provide for funding the indebtedness of the Territory,” approved February 11th, 1859, and certain warrants and certificat's purporting to have been drawn under the provisions of an Act entit ed “An Act to provide for the adjustment and payment of Ciaims,” approved February 7th, 1859, and an Act supplemenlary to an Act entitied “An Act to provide for the payment of Claims," approved February 11th, 1859, and to prevent th- issuing or putting into circulation of any Bank bills or notes purporting to be a promise to pay money or currency based upon any such Bonds.

Treasurer or other ottirer forbidden to pay bonds or coupons.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas :

SECTION 1. That the Treasurer of the State of Kansas, or any other disbursing officer of said State, be and he is hereby prohibited from paying any bonds or any of the coupons thereto åttached, issued under the provisions of an act of the late Territory of Kansas, entitled “An Act to provide for funding the indelteduess of the Territory of Kansas,” approved February 11th, 1859, so issued upon any warrant drawn uuder the provisions of an act of the late Territory of Kansas, entitled “An Act to provide for the adjustment and payment of Claims,” approved February 7th, 1859, and an act of the same, entitled "An Act

pay no iuterest,


prohibited from drawing warrants upon Treasury upon certificates,


supplementary to an act entitled “Au Aąt to provide for the payment of Claims,”” approved February 14th, 1859, or either of said last two mentioned acts, or from piyodany warrants drawn shall pay no warby the Auditor of the late Territory of Katsas upon the Treasu- Tweari desty or rer of said Territory, or any certificate of award issued by the Board of Claim Commissioners under the provisions of both or either of said last mentioned acts.

Sec. 2. That said Treasurer is hereby prohibited fron' paying Treasurer shall any interest upon said bonds or warrants, or drawing or granting any certificates therefor.

Sec. 3. That said Treasurer is hereby prohibited from indois Preasurer shall ing or issuing any bonds upon any such warrants, and the Auditorio bonds upon of the State of Kansas or any other officer of said State, is hereby prohibited from drawing any warrants upon the Treasurer all elicers are upon

certificates of award under both or either of said last tioned acts.

SEC. 4. That no officer of this State shall receive any such as ivf stato bonds or the coupons thereof, or any such warrants or certificates of award for the payment of taxes or other dues to the State of Kansas, or any county or municipal corporation.

SEC. 5. That no person or corporation shall issue or put in No person, acor circulation any bank bill or note purporting to be a promise to pay money or currency based upon such bonds.

SEC. 6. That it is hereby made the duty of every oficer of the Duty of state offiState of Kansas, into whose hands any paper purporting to be bonds. indebtedness of the late Territory of Kansas may come, to carefully ascertain whether the same is or was based upon the awards of the Commissioners appointed by virtue of the provisions of an Act of said Territory, entitled “An Act to provide for the adjustment and payment of Claims,” approved February 7th, 1859; and, if found so to be, such officer shall deal with the same as in this act provided.

SEC. 7. Any violation of any of the provisions of this act Violations of this shall be deemed a misdemeanor and punishable by fine not less than one thousand dollars and imprisonment in the county jail not less than six months.

SEC. 8. This act to take effect and be in force from and after when to take efits publication.

I hereby certify the above bill became a law without the approval of the Governor.


Sec'y of State.

shall put incrulation any bank bill based upon bunds.

cers concerning



AN.ACT xo`authorize the negotiation of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand

Dollars of the Bonds of the State of Kansas, to defray the current expenses of the

A. M. Clark, Jsc:
Stone are author-

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas :

SECTION 1. That Austin M. Clark and James C. Stone be holde tregotiate and they are hereby authorized to negotiate the Bonds of this

State to the amount of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, immediately upon the passage of this act, bearing a rate of interest not exceeding seven per cent. per annum, payable semiannually in the city of New York, which loan shall be paid and reimbursed in fifteen years from the time when the same is negotiated; which money, so borrowed, shall, on being first duly

appropriated therefor, be applied to the defrayment of the current Shall inform Leg- expenses of the State of Kansas. That said Commissioners are

hereby directed to inform the State Legislature, within serenty days from the passage of this act, the terms on which they can negotiate the loan proposed, and no final action shall be bad by said Commissioners until they shall receive the consent of the Legislature, or, in case of the adjournment of the Legislature, the consent of the Governor, Auditor and Secretary of State, or a majority of them, to the terms proposed.

Sec. 2. That the Bonds mentioned in section first of this act shall be made with coupons attached, issued and signed by the Treasurer, and countersigned by the Governor and Auditor, and shall have the great seal of the State attached, which Bonds shall specify the rate of interest and time when the principal and in

terest shall be paid, and each bond so issued shall not be for a For no less than, less sum than five hundred dollars, and shall specify thereon to

whom the same shall be made payable.

Seo. 3. That the proper officers of the State of Kansas shall cause to be levied and collected, each year, with the other taxes of the State, a sufficient amount to pay the interest as the same accrues, on all Bonds issued under the provisions of this act, and, also, to levy and collect a tax sufhcient to create a sinking fund for the final redemption of such Bonds, which taxes, when paid into the State Treasury, shall be and remain a specific fund

How bonds shall be made.

five hundred dollars.

Interzst paid by taxation,

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