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tax annually,

school house, site,


tion of

Persons entitled


chase sri il school house, and to keep in repair and furnish the same with the necessary fuel and appendages. Sixth, To vote a Voto a distriet district tax annually, not exceeding one fourth of one per cent., on the taxable property in the district, for the pay of teachers' wages in the district. Seventh, To authorize and direct the sale Direct sale of of any school house, site, or other property belonging to the dis- or other property trict, when the same shall no longer be needful for the use of the district. Eighth, To vote such tax as may be necessary to fur- Tovote tax not to nish the school house with blackboards, outline maps and apparatus necessary for illustrating the principles of science, or to discharge any debts or liabilities of the district, lawfully incurred; Provided, The said tax shall not exceed one-fourth of one per cent. per annum. Ninth, To give such direction and make Provision for such provision as may be deemed necessary in relation to the prosecution or defense of any suit or proceeding in which the district may be a party. Tenth, To make such order as they Order for educadeem proper for the separate education of white and colored children. children, securing to them equal educational advantages; to alter Alter their proor repeal their proceedings, from time to time, as occasion may require, and to do any other business contemplated in this act.

Sec. 2. The following persons shall be entitled to vote at any kovote at mooth district meeting: First, All persons possessing the qualifications of electors as defined by the Constitution of the State, and who shall be residents of the district at the time of offering to vote at said elections. Second, All white female persons over the age of twenty-one years, not subject to the disqualifications named in section second, article fifth of the Constitution of the State, and who shall be residents of the district at the time of offering to vote.

Sec. 3. If any person offering to vote at a school district Il person chalmeeting shall be challenged as unqualified, by any legal voter, the tendered. chairman presiding shall declare, to the person challenged, the qualifications of a voter ; and, if such challenge be not withdrawn, the chairman, who is hereby authorized, shall tender to the person offering to vote, the following oath or affirmation: “ You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you are an actual resident of this school district, and that you are qualified, by law, to vote at this meeting.” Any person taking such oath or affir- If taken, entitled mation shall be entitled to vote on all questions voted upon at such meeting. SEC. 4. Every school district shall be deemed duly organized Districte deemed

organized when when the officers constituting the district board shall be elected; they shall signify their acceptance to the county superintendent, in

lenged, be


to do duty, forfeit ten dollars,

Officers of school district consti. tute board.

Hold office how long.

School district body corporate and possess oertain powers.

writing, which he shall file in his office. Every person duly elected to the office of director, clerk or treasurer of any school district, who shall refuse or neglect, without sufficient cause. to accept of

such office and serve therein, or who, having entered upon the Neglect or refasal duties of his office, shall neglect or refuse to perform any duty

required of him by the provisions of this act, shall forfeit the sum of ten dollars.

SEC. 5. The officers of each school district shall be a director, clerk and treasurer, who shall constitute the district board, and who shall hold their respective offices until the annual meeting next following their election or appointment, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

SEC. 6. Every school district, organized in pursuance of this act, shall be a body corporate, and shall possess the usual powers of a corporation for public purposes, by the name and style School District No. - (such a number as may be designated by the county superintendent,) county, (the name of the county in which the district is situated,) State of Kansas, and in that name may sue and be sued, and be capable of contracting and be contracted with, and holding such real and personal estate as it may come into possession of, by will or otherwise, or as is authorized to be purchased by the provisions of this act.

SEC. 7. An annual meeting of each school district shall be

held on the last Saturday of September of each year, at such Special meeting. hour as the board of directors shall name. Special meetings

be called by any member of the district board, or by any

five Notice of same. legal voters, but notice of such special meeting, stating the pur

poses for which it is called, shall be posted in at least three public places within the district, ten days previous to the time of meeting

Sec. 8. Whenever the time for holding an annual meeting in any district shall pass without said meeting being held, the clerk, or, in his absence, any other member of the district board, within twenty days after the time for holding said annual meeting shall have passed, may give notice of a special meeting by putting up written notices thereof, in three public places within the district, at least five days previous to the time of meeting; but, if

such meeting shall not be notified within twenty days as aforeConnty Superin-, said, the county superintendent may give notice of such meeting

in the manner provided for forming new districts; and the officers Bold offices bow chosen at such special meeting shall hold their offices until the

Annual meeting.


Clerk give notice of special meet


may give

next annual meeting, and until their successors are elected and qualified.


Voters determine

to determine.

shall pre , all or


Sec. 9. The qualified voters at each annual meeting, or at any length of time special meeting duly called, may determine the length of time a school shall be taught in their district for the then ensuing year, which shall not be less than three months, and whether such school shall be taught by a male or female teacher, or both, and whether the school money to which the district may be entitled, shall be applied to the support of the summer or winter term of the school, or a certain portion to each ; but, if such matters shall be the molest, not be determined at the annual or any special meeting, it shall be the duty of the district board to determine the same.

Sec. 10. The director of each district shall preside at all dis- Director of district meetings, and shall sign all orders drawn by the clerk, au- ders and appear thorized by a district meeting, or by the district board, upon the treasurer of the district, for moneys collected or received by him, to be disbursed therein. He shall appear for and in behalf of the district, in all suits brought by or against the district, unless other direction shall be given by the voters of such district, at a district meeting.

Sec. 11. The clerk of each district shall record the proceed- Clerk record preings of his district, in a book provided by the district for that purpose, and enter therein copies of all reports made by him to the county superintendent, and he shall keep and preserve all preservirrecords records, books and papers belonging to his oflice, and deliver the to his successor. same to his successor in office.

SEC. 12. The said clerk shall be clerk of the district board, Clerk shall be and of all district meetings, when present; but, if such clerk shall not be present at any district meeting, the voters present Voters naar Apmay appoint a clerk of such meeting, who shall certify the proceedings thereof, and the same shall be recorded by the clerk of the district.

SEC. 13. It shall be the duty of the clerk to give at least ten Clerk shall give days notice previous to any annual or special district meeting, and how. by posting up notices thereof, at three or more public places in the district, one of which notices shall be affixed to the outer door of the school house, if there be one in the district, and said clerk shall give the like notice of every adjourned meeting, when such Siyou noticence meeting shall have been adjourned for a longer period than one month. Every notice for a special district meeting shall specify aption shall spo

airy the objects for which such meeting is called, and no business shall be acted upon at any special meeting, not specified in said notice.

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SEC. 14. The clerk of the district shall draw orders on the Draw orders for treasurer of the district, for moneys in the hands of such treas


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Applied how.

Yake out tax list.

Make out and transmit report,

urer, which have been apportioned to or raised by the district, to be applied to the payment of teachers' wages, and apply such money to the payment of such teachers' wages, as shall have been employed by the district board, or by the citizens of the district, and said clerk shall draw orders on the said treasurer for moneys in the hands of such treasurer, to be disbursed for any other purpose ordered by a district meeting, or by the district board, agreeably to the provisions of this act.

SEC. 15. It shall be the duty of the clerk to make out tax lists of all taxes legally authorized by the district, and annex to such tax lists a warrant, under the hand of said clerk, directed to the treasurer of said district, requiring said treasurer to collect the sums therein named.

SEO. 16. The clerk of each district shall, between the first and containing what. fifteenth days of September, in each year, make out and trans

mit a report, in writing, to the county superintendent of public instruction, showing : First, The number of children, male and female, designated separately, residing in the district or parts of districts, on the last day of August previous to the date of such report, over the age of five and under the age of twenty-one years. Second, The number of children attending school during the year, their sex, and branches studied. Third, The length of time a school has been taught in the district by a qualified teacher, the name of the teacher, the length of time taught, and the wages paid. Fourth, The amount of money received from the county treasurer within the year, and the manner in which the same has been applied. Fifth. The amount of money raised by the district in such year, and the purposes for which it was raised. Sixth, The kind of books used in the school, and such other facts and statistics in regard to the district school, as the county superintendent may require.

SEC. 17. Whenever a school district shall lie partly in two or more counties, the clerk of such district, in making his annual report, shall carefully designate the number of children resident in the parts of the counties composing the district, and shall report to the county superintendent of public instruction of each of the counties in which such district may be partly situated.

Sec. 18. The treasurer shall execute to the district a bond, in double the amount of money, as near as can be ascertained, to come into his hands as treasurer of the district during the year, with sufficient securities, to be approved by the director and clerk,

conditioned to the faithful discharge of the duties of said office. Bond to be filed. Such bond shall be filed with the district clerk, and, in case of

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When district shall lie in two or more counties.

Treasurer execute



collect and pay over moneys,

the breach of any condition thereof, the director shall cause & In case of breach, suit to be commenced thereon, in the name of the district, and the money collected shall be applied by such director to the use of the district, as the same should have been applied by the treasurer ; and, if such director shall neglect or refuse to prosecute, then any householder of the district may cause such prosecution to be instituted.

SEC. 19. If the treasurer shall fail to give bond, as required if he fail to givo in this act, or, from sickness or any other cause, shall be unable to attend to the duties of said office, the district board shall appoint a treasurer, who shall possess all the powers of the district treasurer, and shall, before entering upon the duties of said office, give a bond, as the district treasurer is required to give.

Sec. 20. The treasurer of each district shall apply for and apply for; receive, from the county treasurer, all school moncys apportioned to his district, and shall collect all district taxes assessed in pursuance of the provisions of this act, and pay over, on the order of the clerk, signed by the director of such district, all moneys 80 received or collected by said treasurer.

SEO. 21. If any district treasurer shall refuse or neglect to If he neglect or pay over any money in the hands of such treasurer belonging to money, successor the district, it shall be the duty of his successor in office to prosecute, without delay, the official bond of such treasurer for the recovery of such money.

SEO. 22. If, by the neglect of any treasurer, any school mon- If, by neglect, eys shall be lost to any school district, which might have been forte he shall forreceived from the county treasurer, or collected from the district tax assessed, said treasurer shall forfeit to such district the full amount of moneys so lost.

SEC. 23. The treasurer shall present to the district, at each Present reports annual meeting, a report, in writing, containing a statement of vouchers. all moneys received by him from the county treasurer during the year, also, all moneys collected by him during the year from assessments in the districts, and the disbursements made, and exhibit the vouchers therefor, which report shall be recorded by the clerk ; and, if it shall appear that any balance of money is in his hands at the time of making such report, he shall immediately pay over such balance to his successor in office.

refuse to pay over


school moneys be


and exhibit

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SEC. 1. The district board shall purchase or lease such a site Distriot Board for a school house as shall have been designated by the voters

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