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Legislature together. There shall be appropriated annually, the appropriations. usual sum to be expended by the Governor, to defray the contingent expenses of the Territory, including the salary of a clerk of the executive department; and there shall also be appropriated annually, a sufficient sum to be expended by the Secretary of the Territory, and upon an estimate to be made by the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, to defray the expenses of the Legislative Assembly, the printing of the laws and other incidental expenses ; and the Governor and the Secretary of the Territory shall, in the disbursement of all moneys intrusted to them, be governed solely by the instructions of the Secretary of the Treas- Expenditures, ury of the United States, and shall, semi-annually, account to the said Secretary for the manner in which the aforesaid moneys shall have been expended; and no expenditure shall be made by said Legislative Assembly for objects not specially authorized by the acts of Congress making the appropriations, nor beyond the sums thus appropriated for such objects.

Sec. 31. And be it further enacted, That the seat of gov- seat of Governernment of said Territory is hereby located temporarily at Fort Leavenworth ; and that such portions of the public buildings as may not be actually used and needed for military purposes, may be occupied and used under the direction of the Governor and Legislative Assembly, for such public purposes as may be required under the provisions of this act.

SEC. 32. And be it further enacted, That a delegate to the Delegate to conHouse of Representatives of the United States, to serve for the term of two years, who shall be a citizen of the United States, may be elected by the voters qualified to elect members of the Legislative Assembly, who shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as are exercised and enjoyed by the delegates from the several other Territories of the United States to the said House of Representatives; but the delegate first elected shall hold his seat only during the term of Congress to which he shall be elected. The first election shall be held at such time and places, and be conducted in such manner as the Governor shall appoint and direct; and at all subsequent elections, the times, places and manner of holding the elections, shall be prescribed by law. The person having the greatest number of votes shall be declared, by the Governor, to be duly elected, and a certificate thereof shall be given accordingly. That the Constitution, and all laws of the Laws intended to United States which are not locally inapplicable, shall have the Territory. samc force and effect within the said Territory of Kansas as else


Election of, &c.

take effect in this


Appropriations for public buildings, &c.

where within the United States, except the eighth section of the act preparatory to the admission of Missouri into the Union, approved March sixth, eighteen hundred and twenty, which being inconsistent with the principle of non-intervention by Congress with slavery in the States and Territories, as recognized by the legislation of eighteen hundred and fifty, commonly called the compromise measures, is hereby declared inoperative and void ; it being the true intent and meaning of this act not to legislate slavery into any Territory or State, nor to exclude it therefrom, but to leave the people thereof perfectly free to form and regulate their domestic institutions in their own way, subject only to the Constitution of the United States; Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to revive or put in force any law or regulation which may have existed prior to the act of the sixth of March, eighteen hundred and twenty, either protecting, establishing, prohibiting or abolishing slavery.

SEC. 33. And be it further enacted, That there shall hereafter be appropriated, as has been customary for the Territorial governments, à sufficient amount, to be expended under the direction of the said Governor of the Territory of Kansas, not exceeding the sums heretofore appropriated for similar objects, for the erection of suitable public buildings at the seat of government, and for the purchase of a library, to be kept at the seat of government for the use of the Governor, Legislative Assembly, Judges of the Supreme Court, Secretary, Marshal and Attorney of said Territory, and such other persons, under such regulations, as shall be prescribed by law.

Seo. 34. And be it further enacted, That when the lands in the said Territory shall be surveyed under the direction of the government of the United States, preparatory to bringing the same into market, sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six in each township in said Territory, shall be, and the same are hereby reserved for the purpose of being applied to schools in said Territory, and in the States and Territories hereafter to be erected out of the same.

SEC. 35. And be it further enacted, That until otherwise provided by law, the Governor of said Territory may define the judicial districts of said Territory, and assign the judges who may be appointed for said Territory to the several districts ; and also appoint the times and places for holding courts in the several counties or subdivisions in each of said judicial districts, by proclamation, to be issued by him ; but the Legislative Assembly, at

Survey of lands, &o,

Judicial districts,

their first or any subsequent session, may organize, alter or modify such judicial districts, and assign the judges and alter the times and places of holding the courts, as to them shall seem proper and convenient.

Sec. 86. And be it further enacted, That all officers to be officers required appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent security. of the Senate, for the Territory of Kansas, who, by virtue of the provisions of any law now existing, or which may be enacted during the present Congress, are required to give security for moneys that may be intrusted with them for disbursement, shall give such security at such time and place, and in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

Sec. 37. And be it further enacted, That all treaties, laws Treaties, laws, and other engagements made by the government of the United forced. States with the Indian tribes inhabiting the Territories embraced within this act, shall be faithfully and rigidly observed, notwithstanding any thing contained in this act; and that the existing agencies and superintendencies of said Indians be continued with the same powers and duties which are now prescribed by law, except that the President of the United States may, at his discretion, change the location of the office of Superintendent.

Approved, May 30, 1854.




Adopted at Wyandott, July 29, 1859.

WHEREAS, The Government of the United States is the

proprietor of a large portion of the lands included in the limits of the State of Kansas, as defined by this Constitution; and

WHEREAS, The State of Kansas will possess the right to tax said lands for purposes of government, and for other purposes ; now, therefore,

State will tax lands of U.S., &0., on certain condi. tions,

Be it ordained by the People of Kansas :

That the right of the State of Kansas to tax such lands, is relinquished forever, and the State of Kansas will not interfere with the title of the United States to such lands, nor with any regulation of Congress in relation thereto, nor tax non-residents higher than residents ; provided, always, that the following conditions be agreed to by Congress :

SECTION 1. Sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six, in each township in the State, including Indian Reservations and Trust Lands, shall be granted to the State for the exclusive use of Common Schools ; and when either of said sections, or any part thereof, has been disposed of, other lands of equal value, as nearly contiguous thereto as possible, shall be substituted therefor.

SEC. 2. That seventy-two sections of land shall be granted to the State for the erection and maintenance of a State University.

Sec. 3. That thirty-six sections shall be granted to the State for the erection of public buildings.

SEO. 4. That seventy-two sections shall be granted to the State for the erection and maintenance of charitable and benevolent institutions.

SEC. 5. That all salt springs, not exceeding twelve in number, with six sections of land adjacent to each, together with all mines, with the lands necessary for their full use, shall be granted to the State for works of public improvement.

SEC. 6. That five per centum of the proceeds of the public lands in Kansas, disposed of after the admission of Kansas into the Union, shall be paid to the State for a fund, the income of which shall be used for the support of Common Schools.

Sec. 7. That the five hundred thousand acres of land to which the State is entitled under the Act of Congress entitled "An Act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of Public Lands and grant Pre-emption rights," approved September 4th, 1841, shall be granted to the State for the support of Common Schools.

SEC. 8. That the lands hereinbefore mentioned shall be selected in such manner as may be prescribed by law; such selections to be subject to the approval of the Commissioner of the General Land Office of the United States.

PREAMBLE. We, the people of Kansas, grateful to Almighty God for our Preamble. civil and religious privileges, in order to insure the full enjoyment of our rights as American citizens, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the State of Kansas, with the following boundaries, to-wit: “Beginning at a point on the western boundary of the State of Missouri, where the thirty-seventh parallel of north latitude crosses the same; thence running west on said parallel to the twenty-fifth meridian of longitude west from Washington ; thence north on said meridian to the fortieth parallel of north latitude ; thence east on said parallel to the western boundary of the State of Missouri ; thence south with the western boundary of said State to the place of beginning.

BILL OF RIGHTS. SECTION 1. All men are possessed of equal and inalienable nat- Equal rights. ural rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

SEC. 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and all Political power free governments are founded on their authority, and are insti. tuted for their equal protection and benefit. No special privileges privilegel Frantor immunities shall ever be granted by the Legislature, which

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