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Rep M
Rep M



PRESIDENT. Wyandott Wyandott Mass Conn 34 Phys’n Rep M E. P. Bancroft Emporia Breckin'e NY Mich 32 Land A Rep M J. F. Broadhead Mound City Linn

NY NY 30 Lawy'r Rep M J. C, Burnett Mapleton Bourbon Vt Vt 35 Lawy'r Rep M J. Connell

Leavenworth Leavenw Ky Ky 42 Farmer Dem M H. B. Denman Leavenworth Leavenw Ohio


32 Lawy'r | Dem S H. R. Dutton Hiawatha Brown NY Iowa 34 Surve'r Rep S P. P. Elder

Ohio City
Franklin Me Me

38 Atty H. W. Farnsworth Topeka Shawnee Vt Conn | 44 Miller 0. B. Gunn Wyandott Wyandott Mass

Ind 32 Civ En Rep M S. E. Hoffman Neosho Falls Woodson Penn Iowa 26 Lawy'r Rep S S. D, Houston Manhattan Riley Ohio Iowa 42 Farmer Rep M J. M. Hubbard Wabaunsee Wabaun'e Conn Conn 28 Farmer Rep S S. Lappin

Seneca Nemaha Ohio La 30 Farmer Rep M J. Lockhart Hibbard Johnson Sco'd Ill 28 Farmer Rep M E. Lvnde

Grasshop'r Fs Jefferson Conn Ohio 40 Farmer Rep M J. A. Martin Atchison Atchison Penn Penn 23 Editor J. H. McDowell Leavenworth Leavenw Va Ky 36

Dem M Josiah Miller Lawrence Douglas SC SC 31 Lawy'r | Rep M R. Morrow Lawrence Douglas NJ

Wis 35 Specu'r Rep M T. A. Osborn Elwood Doniphan Penn Mich 24 Lawy'r Rep S J. A. Phillips Paola

Lykins NC Ind 24 Lawy'r | Rep S H. N. Seaver Highland Doniphan NY NY 50 Farmer Rep M H. S. Sleeper Neosho Rap's | Breckin'e NY Ill 28 Surve'r Rep S W. Spriggs


Anderson Ky Ind 34 Lawy'r Rep M S. N. Wood Council Grove Morris Ohio Ohio 35 Farmer Rep | M J.J. Ingalls, Secretary Atchison Atchison

Mass Mass 26 Lawy'r Rep S J. Stotler,

Ass't Secretary Emporia Breckin'e Md Ohio 26 Editor J.R. Lamdin,

Journal Clerk Chelsea Butler Va Ky 26 Clerk D. Wilson

Docket Clerk Ogden Riley Ohio Ohio 31 Lawy'r Rep S A. W. Pickering Engr. Clerk Neosho Falls Woodson Ohio

23 Stude't Rep S T. S. Wright Serg't-at-Arms Seneca

Rep M


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Nemaha Penn Ind

52 Lawy'r Rep 1 H. M. Robinson Door Keeper Hiawatha Brown Ind Ind 27 Mecha Rep

M F. R. Davis

Messenger Lawrence Douglas N Y NY 11 Messen Rep S

*Married or Single.

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W. W. Updegraff,

W. F. M. Arny
J. B. Abbott
P. M. Alexander
A. Allen
D. C. Auld
D. E. Ballard
0. Barber
J. C. Bartlett
J. J. Bentz
W. D. Blackford
F. N. Blake
N. B. Blanton
W. E. Bowker
E. J. Brown
H. Buckmaster
T. Butcher
J. M. Calvert
S. R. Caniff
A. J. Chipman
R. W. Cloud
G. A. Colton
J. E. Corliss
J. D. Crafton
S. J. Crawford
H. W. Curtis
G. A. Cutler
W.R. Davis
A. Ellis
J. E. Eaton
A. Elliott
F. W. Emery
W. P. Gambell
W. H. Grimes

Osawatomie Lykins Pern Ind 39 Physic Rep M

Anderson DC IN 48 Farmer Rop M
Lawrence Douglas Conn Conn 42 Mecha | Rep M
Lawrence Douglas Ill Ill 34 Farmer Rep M
Wabaunsee Wabaun'e Ohio Ohio 33 Farmer Rep M
Nottingham Marshall Penn Ohio 51 Farmer Rep M
Washington Washing'n Vt Iowa 24 Farmer Rep S
Kanwaca Douglas Penn Ohio 44 Farmer Rep M
Topeka Shawnee Ohio | Ind 31 Merch

RepM Leavenworth Leavenw Gery | Mo 34 MerchRep M Lawrence Douglas Penn Penn 26 Lawy'r Rep S Junction City | Davis Me

36 Editor Reps Humboldt Allen Μο Mo 30 Farmer Rep M Indianola Shawnee Me Me 31 Farmer Reps Leroy

. Gray
A. K. Hawks
J. E. Hayes
H. H. Heberling
T. P. Herrick
E. Hoheneck
N. Humber
J. H. Jones
W. C. Kimber

Coffey NY Ohio 33 Farmer Dems
Oskaloosa Jefferson Penn Ohio 46 Phys'n | Rep M
Atchison Atchison Penn Wis 50 Contor Rep M
Kickapoo Leavenw Ky Mo 46 Farmer Dem M
Burlingame Osage NY NY 28 Manuf Rep M
Co’ncil Grove Morris Vt Mich | 26 Merch Reps
Waterloo Breckin'e Ohio Ohio 45 Farmer | Rep M

Lykins Vt IN 31 Lawy'r | Rep M Shawnee Johnson Vt Iowa 53 Farmer Rep M Leavenworth Leavenw Va

40 Merch Dem M Garnett Anderson Ind

26 Lawy'r Reps Topeka Shawnee Ohio Ill 39 Farmer Rep M Leroy

Coffey Tenn Mo 30 Phys'n Rep M Baldwin City | Douglas Ohio Ill 46 Profes Rep M New Lancas’r| Lykins Ohio Ohio 44 Farmer Rep M Leavenworth Leavenw Ohio Ohio 40 Cont'or Dem M Pardee

Atchison SC Μο 54 | Farmer Rep M Palermo Doniphan Me Me 25 Editor Reps Leavenworth Leavenw NY NY 29 Lawy'r Dem M Atchison Atchison Md Ohio

57 | Phys'n Rep M Quindaro Wyandott NY NY 29 Lawy'r Rep M Hartford Breckin'e


Mass 32 | Farmer Rep M Olathe

Johnson N H | Ill 42 Merch Rep M Ridgeway Osage Va Ohio 52 Farmer | Rep M Highland

Doniphan NY NY 28 Lawy'r | Rep | M Wabaunsee Wabaun'e Prus Ohio 32 Distil'r Rep is Easton

Leavenw Ky Mo 46. Farmer Dem M
Twin Springs Linn Va Iowa 35 Farmer Rep M
Palermo Doniphan lohio Mo 33 Miller Dem M


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C. B. Keith

Muscotah Atchison Vt Mich | 29 Merch | Rep M H, Knowles Marmaton Bourbon Me Wis 40 Merch Rep M J. Kunkle

Lecompton Douglas Penn Penn 42 Merch Rep M W.W.H.Lawrence Peoria City Franklin Ohio Ohio 34 Lawy'r Rep S J. F. Legate Lexington Johnson


Miss 31 Lawy'r Rep M E. P. Lewis


Atchison Penn Penn 24 Lawy'r RepS E. J. Lines

Wabaunsee Waba un'e Conn Conn 31 Lawy'r Dem M A. Lowe Doniphan Doniphan Md

Ohio 49 Merch Rep M J. McGrew Wyandott Wyandott Peon Iowa 39 Merch Rep M S. B. Mahurin Fort Scott Bourbon Ky Tex's 30 Farmer Rep M J. A. Marcell Minneola Franklin NJ NY 43 Farmer Rep M J. E. Moore

Shawnee NJ 111

32 Clergy Rep M P. G. D. Morton Chelsea

Butler Мө Mass 35 Lawy'r Rep S A. W. Mussey St. George Pottawate Vt Vt 27 Farmer Rep M J. T. Neal

Barnesville Bourbon Tenn 111 30 Phys'n Rep M T. Pierce



Ohio Ohio 38 Farmer Rep M J. S. Rackliff Medoc

Platte Мө

39 Farmer | Rep M A. Ray


Jackson Ohio Ohio 46 Farmer Rep M G. H. Rees

Americus Breckin'e Ohio Iowa 42 Farmer Rep M W. B. Sanders

Coffey N Y NY

40 Farmer Rep M
J. W. Scott Carlyle Allen Penn Ind 36 Phys'n Rep M
0. H. Sheldon Superior Osage N Y N Y 27 Farmer Rep M
J. H. Smith Robinson Brown Conn Conn 45 Farmer Rep M
L. T. Smith Leavenworth Leavenw NY Mich | 33 Hotel P Dem M
W. H. Smyth Manhattan Riley Me Iowa 26 Civ En | RepS
C. Starns
Leavenworth Leavenw Tenn Μο

48 Farmer Dem M A. Stark

Moneka Linn Conn Conn 27 Farmer Rep M J. W. Stewart Baldwin City | Douglas Ohio Iowa 40 Clergy Rep M E. D. Thompson Lawrence Douglas NY NY 23 Banker RepS B. Wheat

Coffey Va

Va 52 Farmer Rep M
R. P. C. Wilson Leavenworth Leavenw Mo Tex's 25 Lawy'r Dem S
L. Woodward Eudora Douglas Ind Ind 30 Farmer Rep M
D. B. Emmert,
Chief Clerk Auburn

Shawnee Penn Ill 24 Editor RepS A. R. Banks,

Ass't Chof Clerk Minneola Franklin Ohio Penn 25 Lawy'r Rep S Arthur Gunther

Journal Clerk Lawrence Douglas Sax'n Wis 23 Clerk Reps T. Hopkins Docket Clerk Miami

Lykins Penn | Iowa 27 Mecha RepS D. M. Adams

Engrossing Cik Zeandale Wabaun'e NH NH 28 Farmer Rep M B. P. Noteman Enrolling Clerk Olathe

Johnson NY Ill 36 Merch Rep M C. Clarkson

Serg't-at-Arms Leavenworth Leavenw Penn NY 49 Merch Rep M F. House

Ass. Ser-at-Arms Wyandott Wyandott Vt NY 31 Lawy'r Reps W. V. Barr,

Door Keeper Iowa Point Doniphan NJ NY 46 Mecha Rep M C. T. K. Prentice

Messenger McKinney Douglas Conn N Y 14 Clerk Reps A. L. Bartlett

Messenger Topeka Shawnee Obio Ind 9 Clerk




AN ACT making Appropriations for the Current Expenses of the year 1861.


Mast. Gen's, dep't.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas :

SECTION 1. That the following sums, or so much thereof as 1861. may be necessary, are hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purposes herein named, for the year 1861 :

For Executive Department, The Governor's salary, two thous- Executive and dollars; for office rent, two hundred and forty dollars; for furniture for office, one hundred dollars; for stationery, one hundred dollars; for postage, seventy-five dollars; for fuel and lights, forty dollars; for secret service fund, one thousand dollars; for pay of private secretary, six hundred dollars.

Adjutant General's Department, five hundred dollars ; Quar- Adjlat and Quar: ter-Master's Department, five hundred dollars.

Secretary of State’s Department—For salary of Secretary of secretary of State, fifteen hundred dollars ; for clerk hire, six hundred dollars; for office rent, one hundred and fifty dollars; for furniture, one hundred dollars; for stationery, fifty dollars; for fuel and lights, fifty dollars; for record books, seventy-five dollars.

For Legislative Department—For rent of Representatives' Legislative dep't Hall, one hundred dollars ; for rent of Congregational Church, seventy-five dollars; for rent of Senate Chamber, one hundred and seventy-five dollars ; for rent of Committee Rooms, one hundred and four dollars ; for stationery for the Legislature, one thousand dollars; for State printing, fifteen thousand dollars ; and miscellaneous for seals of State and counties, three hundred dollars ; for per diem allowance for one hundred members of the Legislature, twenty-two thousand dollars; for allowance for President of the President of the Senate, five hundred and four dollars; for extra allowance for

State's .

State appropriations.


No member to receive pay when absent.

Treasurer's dep't.

Attorney Gea's. dep'

Auditor's dep't.

Superintendent's depot.

Speaker, two hundred and forty dollars ; for mileage of the members of the Legislature, twenty-four hundred dollars ; for transcribing the journals, five; hundred dollars , for the officers and messengers of the House, thirty-five hundred dollars ; for the officers and messengers of the Senate, eighteen hundred dollars ; for E. G. Ross, for four hundred and forty copies of the “ State Record,” eight hundred and eighty dollars : Provided, That no money be paid to any member of the Legislature for time when absent from the Capitol, either with or without leave.

Treasurer's Department-For salary of Treasurer, twelve hundred dollars ; for office rent, one hundred dollars; for stationery and furniture, two hundred dollars ; contingent expenses, une hundred dollars ; for clerk hire, three hundred dollars.

Attorney General's Department For salary of Attorney General, one thousand dollars; for office rent, one hundred dollars ; for contingent expenses, one hundred dollars.

Auditor of State's Department For salary of Auditor, fifteen hundred dollars; for clerk hire, six hundred dollars ; for office rent, three hundred dollars; for books for office, sixty dollars; and for fuel and lights, forty dollars.

Superintendent of Public Instruction-For the Superintendent, twelve hundred dollars; for office rent, one hundred dollars ; for furnishing office, one hundred dollars ; for record books, fifty dollars; for stationery and postage, fifty dollars; for traveling expenses, two hundred dollars.

Judiciary Departinent-For salary of Chief Justice, eighteen hundred dollars ; for salary of two Associate Justices, three thousand dollars; for salary of five District Judges, seven thousand five hundred dollars.

Miscellaneous-For Cox & Baker, for furniture and labor, two hundred and seventy dollars and ninety cents ; for N. W. Cox, for furniture, fifty-six dollars and seventy-five cents; for H. P. Aiken, for labor, twenty dollars ; Goodell, for teaming, five dollars ; for William Young, for teaming, twenty dollars ; for — Pickett, for teaming, twenty dollars ; for J. C. Bartlett, for sundries, one hundred and thirty-five dollars ; for J. M. Burleigh, teaming, twelve dollars and seventy-five cents ; for D. Blush, for teaming, forty dollars ; for I. Willetts, for teaming, nineteen dollars and fifty cents; for G. W. Sapp, for teaming, thirty-three dollars; for N. P. Blackledge, for teaming, thirty-two dollars; for I. S. Cook, for services, twelve dollars and fifty cents; for I. C. Gorden, for services, sixteen dollars ; for James Murray, for services, forty-seven dollars and

Judiciary dep't.


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