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Upon Invitation. Miss Julia A. King, Ypsilanti.

George S. White, Jackson. C. B. Thomas, Saginaw.

J. W. Simmons, Dowagiac. Chas. Kelsey, Marquette.

Mrs. Cora D. Martin, Paw Paw. H. R. Pattengill, Ithaca.

Mrs. Carrie H. Stanley, Kalamazoo. E. B. Fairfield, Jr., Grand Haven.

L. C. Hull, Detroit. J. W. Robinson, Manchester.

Miss Fanny Gray, Ypsilanti. Miss M. Louise Jones, Charlotte.

Wesley Sears, Coldwater. David Howell, Lansing.

J. N. McCall, Ithaca. Frank Landon, Niles.

J. S. Crombie, Big Rapids. E. C. Thompson, Albion,

Mrs. S. A. Crane, Houghton. F. A. Barbour, Coldwater.

Miss Eliza Benton, East Saginaw. Mrs. L. F. Selfridge, Jackson.

Miss Nettie Dally, Lake Linden. E. P. Church, Greenville.

James H. Hopkins, Ypsilanti. Z. C. Spencer, Battle Creek,

E. M. Russell, Paw Paw. M. T. Gass, Flint.

H. M. Slauson, Houghton. H. R. Gass, Jonesville.

Miss Mary Bassett, Allegan. Miss Lina Schenck, Fenton.

Chas. F. Adams, Detroit. J. G. Plowman, White Pigeon.

Miss Martha Goodwin, Olivet. R. W. Putnam, Ypsilanti.

Upon Examination. James Warnock, Jr., Spring Lake.

W. W. French, McMillan. L. 0. Chatfield, Mt. Pleasant.

C. C. Wood, Wacousta. C. E. Swift, Lexington.

E. J. Wiley, Sault Ste. Marie. W. A. Fallass, Cedar Springs.

James Brassington, Hart. James A. Smith, Evart.

E. A. Condit, Morenci. Frank Millis, Lapeer.

G. J. Edgecumbe, Benton Harbor. J. G. Johnston, Three Oaks.

W. J. Cox, Calumet. Wayne Simmons, Augusta.

Fred Glafke, Jr., Mendon. Abram Knechtel, St. Charles.

Wm. E. Tripp, Weston. John Evert, Moorepark.

T. Dorland Brown, Port Austin. Mrs. T. Dorland Brown, Port Austin. Wm. H. Munson, Centreville. Frank H. Farnham, Gaylord.

Albert P. Cook, Milford. Eugene H. Hinkley, Lawton.

Frank A. Hamlin, Blaine. Vesta G. Lanning, Bancroft.

Chas. O. Hoyt, Grass Lake. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Gallup, Milford. J. W. Humphrey, Wayland. Miss Marcia Hall, Otsego.

Miss Abbie Barker, Paw Paw. J. M. Rogers, Schoolcraft.

A. H. Bennett, Bangor. Previous to the passage of the statute of 1879, the Superintendent of Public Instruction was authorized to grant State certificates without examination. These certificates were issued for life, and a list of persons to whom these certificates were granted was published in the report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for 1873.

TEXT BOOKS ON PHYSIOLOGY, &C. The legislature of 1887 materially amended the statute providing for instruction in physiology and hygiene, &c., restricting the choice of textbooks. The following is the text of the amended act :


Sec 15. The district board shall specify the studies to be pursued in the schools of the district [districts), and in addition to the branches in which instruction is now required by law to be given in the public schools of the State, instruction shall be given in physiology and hygiene with a special reference to the nature of alcohol and narcotics and their effects upon the human system. Such instruction shall be given by the aid of text-books in the case of pupils who are able to read and as thoroughly as in other studies pursued in the same school. The text-books to be used for such instruction shall give at least one-fourth of their space to the consideration of the nature and effects of alcoholic drinks and narcotics, and the books used in the highest grade of graded schools shall contain at least twenty pages of matter relating to this subject. Text-books used in giving the foregoing instruction shall first be approved by the State Board of Education. Each school board making a selection of text-books under the provisions of this act shall make a record thereof in their proceedings and text-books once adopted under the provisions of this act shall not be changed within five years except by the consent of a majority of the qualified voters of the district present at an annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. The district board shall require each teacher in the public schools of such district, before placing the school register in the hands of the directors (director) as provided in section thirteen of this act, to certify therein whether or not instruction has been given in the school or grade presided over by such teacher, as required by this act, and it shall be the duty of the director of the district to file with the township clerk a certified copy of such certificate. Any school board neglecting or refusing to comply with any of the provisions of this act, shall be subject to fine or forfeiture the same as for neglect of any other duty pertaining to their office. This act shall apply to all schools in the State, including schools in our cities or villages, whether incorporated under special charter or under the general laws.

The following text-books on Physiology and Hygiene have been approved by the State Board of Education for use in the Public Schools of the State, in accordance with the provisions of the above quoted Act.

ADVANCED TEXT-BOOKS. Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, by Jerome Walker, published by A. Lovell & Co., New York.

The Human Body, by H. Newell Martin, published by Henry Holt & Co., New York,

Hygienic Physiology, by J. D. Steele, published by A. S. Barnes & Co., New York and Chicago.

Eclectic Guide to Health, by Eli F. Brown, published by Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., Cincinnati.

Principles of Hygiene, by Ezra M. Hunt, published by Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., New York and Chicago.

Intermediate Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, by John C. Cutter, published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.

Physiology and Hygiene, by Joseph C. Hutchison, published by Clark & Maynard, New York,

ELEMENTARY TEXT-BOOKS. The House I Live in, by Eli F. Brown, published by Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., Cincinnati.

Beginner's Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, by John C. Cutter, published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia

Child's Health Primer, published by A. S. Barnes & Co., New York and Chicago.

Hygiene for Young People, published by A. S. Barnes & Co., New York and Chicago.

Child's Book of Health, published by Lee & Shepherd, Boston.

Practical Work in the School Room, by Sarah F. Buckelew and Margaret W. Lewis, published by A. Lovell & Co., New York.

Lessons on the Human Body, by Orestes M. Brands, published by Leach, Shewell & Sanborn, Boston.

Good Health for Children, by Orestes M. Brands, published by Leach, Shewell & Sanborn, Boston.

The following books will be approved as soon as a sufficient amount of matter relating to the nature and effects of alcoholic drinks and narcotics is added to meet the requirements of the law:

The Human Body and its Health, by Wm. T. Smith, published by Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., New York and Chicago.

Primer of Physiology and Hygiene, by Wm. T. Smith, published by Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., New York and Chicago.

Our Bodies and How We Live, by Albert F. Blaisdell, published by Lee & Shepard, Boston.

How to Keep Well, by Albert F. Blaisdell, published by Lee Shepard, Boston.
Tracey's Physiology, published by D. Appleton & Co., New York.
Kellogg's Physiology, published by Harper Bros., New York,


During the year the contract for furnishing books to the township and district libraries of the State was awarded to Eaton & Lyon, of Grand Rapids, they being the lowest bidders. The list of books selected by the Board is given in the accompanying schedules.


State Board of Education.




Superintendent of Public Instruction. Sir:-1 submit herewith a report of the State Normal School for the school year 1886–7.

SUMMARY OF ATTENDANCE. Enrollment in Normal Department.

675 Enrollment in Training School :

[blocks in formation]

The following table shows the number in attendance in the Normal School proper for fifteen years : 1872-3. 329 1880–1.

318 1873-4.. 364 1881-2

330 1874-5. 409 1882-3.

398 1875-6. 449 1883-4.

475 1876-7. 366 1884-5.

519 1877-8... 338 1885-6.

628 1878-9... 292 | 1886-7..

675 1879-80..



John M. B. Sill, M. A., Principal.

Daniel Putnam, M. A., Vice-Principal, Mental and Moral Science and Theory and Art of Teaching. Julia Anna King, Preceptress, History and Civil Government. Frederic H. Pease, Music, and Director of Conservatory of Music. Charles FitzRoy Bellows, M. A., Mathematics. August Lodeman, M. A., German and French Languages. Austin George, M. A., Director of Training School. Mrs. Lucy A. Osband, M. A., Natural Sciences. Edwin A. Strong, M. A., Physical Sciences. Florus A. Barbour, B. A., English Language and Literature. John Goodison, Drawing and Geography. Benjamin L. D'Ooge, M. A., Latin and Greek Languages. Helen M. Post, Assistant in English and French. William H. Brooks, Critic in Grammar Grades of Training School. Lois A. McMahon, Assistant in English Literature. Annie A. Paton, Assistant in History and German. Henry T. Coe, Assistant in Mathematics. Abbie Pearce, Critic in Primary Grades of Training School. Charles E. St. John, Assistant in Physical Sciences. Willis A. Weeks, Assistant in Ancient Languages. Amelia Hale, Instructor in Matbematics. Wilbur P. Bowen, Instructor in Mathematics. Clarence E. Smith, Instructor in English. Mrs. Lydia E. Kniss, Instructor in History. P. R. Cleary, Penmanship. Fannie H. Wood, Instructor and Clerk. Florence Goodison, Librarian.

Miss Eliza H. Murphy was appointed Instructor in History, but was, on account of ill-health, unable to enter upon duty. After a lingering illness she died January 16, 1887.

Mrs. Lydia E. Kniss, whose name appears in the foregoing list, was appointed in her place and served throughout the year.

Mr. Henry T. Coe, Assistant in Mathematics, resigned during the second term to engage in other business, and Geo. F. Key was appointed to fill the vacancy thus made.


Angie Bates, Eng., Hastings.
Georgia Barker, Eng., Rockford.
Edwin A. Blakeslee, Sci., Galien.
Clark L. Beebe, Sci., Marcellus.
Alice J. Bird, Eng., Romulus.
Minnie L. Bissell, Eng., Newcomb.
Nettie B. Briggs, Eng., Vicksburg.
May 0. Brown, Eng., Rawsonville.
Wilbur P. Bowen, Sci. Sh. Lat., Lima.
Alice Buckingham, Eng., Marshall.
Belle Crawford, Eng., Novi.
M. Emma Chase, Sci., Wayne.
Anna F. Crippen, Lat. Ger., Ypsilanti.
Annie M. Cottreli, Eng., Marine City.
Harriet Adelaide Cloyes, Eng., Farmington.
Hattie E. Cummings, Enj., Richland.
Alfred G. Cushman, Eng., Otsego.
Ettie V. Deake, Sci., Salem.
Grace Dow, Eng., Charlotte.
William H. Dorgan, Lit. Fr., Gobleville.
Nettie M. Durfee, Lit. Sh. Ger., Plymouth.
Thomas L. Evans, Sci. Lat., Samsonville.
Joseph B. Estabrook, C1., Olivet.
Evan Essery, Cl., Elmer.
Mary Fanson, Lat. Ger., Aurelius.
Lois A, French, Eng. Sh. Ger., Ypsilanti.
Lomina J. Fletcher, Lit., Wyandotte.
Gertrude E. Fimple, Sci., Sherwood.
W. H. Foster, Cl., Traverse City.
George Fowler, Lit, Sh. Lat., St. Thomas.
Gertrude Funkey, Eng., Hancock.
Mary Grattan, Eng., Williamston.
Jennie Gallatin, Eng. Sh. Lat., Tecumseh.
Mamie E. Gibson, Eng., Farmington.
Lizzie R. Hamilton, Eng., Big Rapids.
Anna M. Harnitt, Sci., Fenton.
Sarah C. J. Harnitt, Eng., Fenton.
Eva C. Harris, Eng., Dansville.
George E. Hancorne, Sci., Lowell.
Lulu M. Hendrick, Eng. Sh. Lat., Hamburg.
Warren E. Hicks, Eng., Mason.
Ella Hynes, Eng., Allegan.
Ida May Ingram, Eng., Hancock.
Richard D. Jones, Eng. Sh. Lat., Hancock.
Adelaide J. Kemp, Eng., Bennington.
James W. Kennedy, Sci. Lat., Sparta.
Fannie S. Kief, Eng. Sh. L., Ypsilanti.
Alice P. Kimball, Sp. M., Ypsilanti.
Sara Lamont, Eng., Lake Linden.
Fred S. Lamb, Sci. Sh. Lat., Novi.
Lucy Edith Lowe, Eng., Whittaker.

L. May McCracken, Eng., Farmington.
Kate Major, M. L., Centorville.
Mattie A. McFarlano, M. L., Detroit.
Minnie Millett, Eng., Richmond.
Nellle Miller, Eng., Richmond.
H. W. McIntosh, Lat. Ger., Hodunk.
Jean McDiarmid, Sp. Mu., Bear Lake.
Leonora J. McDonald, Eng., Southfield.
Eliza McDonald, Eng.Sh. Ger., Cheboygan.
William J. McKone, Sci. Lat., Montezuma, N. Y.
Clarence D. McLouth, Eng. Sh. Ger., Adrian.
Charles H. Naylor, Sci. Sh. Lat., Howell,
Meda Louese Osband, Eng., Perrinsville.
Helen M. Patrick., Eng., Pewamo.
Anna M. Pauline, Eng., Lake Linden.
Marshall J. Pease, Eng., Ypsilanti.
Esther Kinzie Phelps, Eng., Romeo.
Georgia G. Robinson, Lit., Battle Creek.
Jessie M. Rogers, Eng. Sh. Lat. and Ger., Eaton

Chas. M. Robbins, Lat. Ger., Constantine.
Frank E. Schall, Eng. Sh. Lat., Moorepark.
John G. Schafer, Eng., Fredonia.
Alma R. Steward, Eng , Wyandotte.
H. Annette Sherwood, Eng. Sh. Lat. and Ger., St.

Eugene Severance, Sci. Sh. Lat., Walled Lake.
Mary Kittie Stewart, Lit. Sh. Ger., Almont.
Kittie I. Smith, Sp. Mu., Lawton.
Lillian A. Smith, Eng. Sh. Ger., Niles.
Bertha Schlichting, Eng., Lake Linden.
Clara L. Stone, Eng., Ypsilanti.
Mary Stuart, Eng., Fremont.
Edith R. Titus, Eng., Coldwater.
Harry D. Thompson, Eng., Ypsilanti.
Josephine C. Townsend, Sci., Oxford.
C. Milton Thurston, Eng., Galien.
Jessie R. Warren, Eng. Sh. Ger., Whiteford.
Sadie J. Wheaton, Sci. Sh. Lat., Niles.
John A. Welts, Eng., Utica.
Sarah Whitley, Lit. Sh. Lat., Ypsilanti.
Nora D. Wilkerson, Eng., Dundee.
Flora Wilbur, Eng. Sh. Ger., Ypsilanti.
Mary White, Eng., Portland.
Margaret E. Wise, Eng. Sh. Lat., Ypsilanti.
Prentiss E. Whitman, Eng., Traverse City.
Estelle S. Witt, Eng., Almont.
Ida May Williams, Eng., Albion.
Mary E. Woodin, Eng., Weston.
Byron H. Wood, Eng., Commerce.
Luther B. Woodard, Sci. Sh. Lat., Orleans.

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