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Freshman Year.

AUTUMN TERM.- Algebra-Newcomb. Ancient History-Swinton's Outlines. Eng. lishWhitney's Essentials. ElocutionLe Row.

SPRING TERM.-Geometry-Wentworth. Drawing-Free Hand, Lectures. Agriculture -Lectures. Declamations.

SUMMER TERM.-Geometry Completed. Botany-Gray's Lessons, Wood's Botanist and Florist. Rhetoric-D. J. Hill. Essays.

Sophomore Year.

AUTUMN TERM, - Algebra Completed. Trigonometry-Olney, half term. Moral Philosophy, half term-Bascom. Botany, half term. Agriculture, half term-Lectures. Declamations and Essays.

SPRING TERM.— Trigonometry completed, half term-Bellows. Surveying and Field Work, half term—Bellows. BotanyLaboratory Work, two hours daily. RhetoricA. S. Hill. Essays.

SUMMER TERM.—Mechanics-Atkinson's Ganot. Elementary Chemistry-Lectures, Bloxam. Agriculture, half term-Lectures. Landscape Gardening, half term-Lectures. Original Speeches.

Junior Year.

AUTUMN TERM.-- Mechanics completed, half term. Anatomy, half term-Lectures, Martin, and Laboratory practice. Horticulture-Lectures, text-book, and Laboratory practice. Organic Chemistry-Lectures. Blowpipes and Volumetric AnalysisLaboratory Practice. Essays and Public Speeches.

SPRING TERM.-Human and Comparative Physiology-Lectures, Martin. Laboratory work three hours daily for two weeks. Analytical Chemistry.-Laboratory work two hours daily, Kedzie's Hand-book. Logic-Jevon's Lessons and Fowler's Inductive Logic. Essays and Public Speeches.

SUMMER TERM.- Entomology-Lectures, Packard, Cook's Apiary, Laboratory practice three hours a week. English Literature-Lectures, Stopford A. Brooke, Select Texts. Agricultural Chemistry-Lectures. Essays and Public Speeches.

Senior Year.'

AUTUMN TERM.-Psychology-Bascom. Chemical Physics—Atkinson's Ganot, Laboratory practice. Zoology--Lectures, Packard, and Laboratory work. Agricultural Engineering-Lectures. Veterinary--Lectures, and practical dissection. Critical Essays and Public Speeches.

SPRING TERM.--Meteorology--Lectures. Civil Engineering-Davies' Surveying, Lectures. Constitution of the United States, half term-Cooley. Political Economy, half term--Chapin-Wayland. Veterinary--Lectures, and clinical instruction. Geology, half term-Lectures, Dana. Horticulture, half term-Lectures, and Laboratory practice. Essays and Public Speeches.

SUMMER TERM.--Chemistry--Quantitative Analysis, Laboratory Practice. Botany and Forestry--Lectures and Laboratory Practice. Agriculture-Lectures. Veterinary

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--Lectures, and clinical instruction. English Literature, half term--Lectures, Select Text. Philosophy of History, half term--Guizot. Astronomy--Vewcomb and Holden. Milton once a week. Public Speeches.


Freshman Year.

AUTUMN TERM.--Free-hand Drawing. Algebra--Newcomb. English-Whitney's Essentials. Elocution-Le Row. Shop Practice.

SPRING TERM.- Mechanical Drawing-Morse. Elementary Physics three times per week-Ganot. Work-shop appliances twice per week-Shelly. Geometry-Wentworth. Declamations. Shop Practice.

SUMMER TERM.- Mechanical Drawing. Elementary Physics—Lectures and Laboratory work. Geometry. Rhetoric-D. J. Hill, Shop Practice.

Sophomore Year. AUTUMN TERM.- Mechanical Drawing. Algebra, completed. Botany-Lectures and Laboratory Practice. Elementary Physics, half term. Trigonometry, half term-Olney, Loomis' Tables. Essays and Declamations. Shop Practice.

SPRING TERM.-Mechanical Drawing. Rhetoric-A. S. Hill. Trigonometry, half term. Surveying, half term-Bellows. Mechanics. Essays. Shop Practice.

SUMMER TERM.- Descriptive Geometry - Church. Analytical Geometry -- Olney. Elementary Chemistry--Bloxam. Original Declamations. Shop Practice.

Junior Year. AUTUMN TERM.- Mechanical Drawing. Chemistry--Blowpipe. Analytical Geometry, half term. Calculus, half term, Olney. French-Keetel. Public Speeches. Shop Practice.

SPRING TERM.-- Mechanical Drawing. Calculus. Analytical Chemistry. French. Public Speeches. Shop Practice.

SUMMER TERM.--Mechanical Drawing. Analytical Mechanics--Bowser. French. Public Speeches. Civil Engineering-Thurston's Materials of Engineering. Shop Practice.

Senior Year, AUTUMN TERM.--Book keeping, half term--Mayhew, Business Law, half termHaigh, Elements of Mechanism. Analytical Mechanics. Mechanical Laboratory Practice. Technical Essays. Public Speeches. Shop Practice.

SPRING TERM.--Elements of Mechanism, half term. Lithological Geology, half term. Civil Engineering, or U. S. Constitution and Political Science. Machine Design. Technical Essays. Public Speeches.

SUMMER TERM.--Astronomy-Newcomb and Holden. Steam Engineering and Thermodynamics. Metallurgy. Thesis Work in place of Shop Practice.

The text-books mentioned above are those used when the several subjects were last taught, but they are liable to be changed.

The needs mentioned in my last annual report have since been generally provided for by legislative appropriations.

Unfortunately these were made so late in the season that it was impossible to erect the needed buildings this year, so that we find it necessary to restrict somewhat the number of new students to be received, but by the next commencement—that of 1888—we shall have our capacity increased by a new dormitory, an additional building for the accommodation of officers and their families, a fine horticultural laboratory and an addition to our mechanical shops, which practically doubles their capacity.

Very respectfully,

Secy. Mich. State Board of Agriculture.
August 12th, 1887.





Superintendent of Public Instruction :
SIR—I have the honor to snbmit the following report of Adrian College
for the year ending June 23d, 1887.
At our commencement in June the following degrees were conferred:
Bachelor of Arts ...

Bachelor of Music..
Doctor of Divinity -

Graduates of Normal School...

3 The Board of Instruction for the year has been constituted as follows:

David S. Stephens, M. A., D. D., President, and North Illinois Conference Professor of Mental Science and Natural Theology.

George B. McElroy, M. A., Ph. D., Professor of Mathematics.
Bernard H. Rupp, Professor of Instrumental Music and German.
John Kost, M. D., LL. D., Curator of the Museum.

Charles E. Wilbur, M. A., B. D., Professor of History and English Literature.

Wilbert Ferguson, M. A., Professor of Greek.
J. D. H. Cornelius, M. A., Professor of Latin.
Walter H. Howard, B. S., B. Ph., Professor of Chemistry and Physics.
Joseph H. McCulloch, B. A., B. Ph., Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Geo. B. McElroy, D. D., Ph. D., Dean of the Theological School and Amos Professor of Systematic Theology.

James B. Walker, Corresponding Secretary.

William A. Moulder, Principal of the School of Commerce, and College Accountant.

Lettie A. Heberling, Preceptress and Instructor in Botany and Physiology.
Mrs. A. E. Winchip, B. M., Instructor in Vocal Music.
H. R. Stark, Instructor in the Normal School.
W. H. Howard, B. S., Secretary of the Faculty.

J. F. McCulloch, B. A., B. Ph., Financial Secretary. Charles E. Shepard, Librarian. Edw. Osborne, Steward. The following courses of study have been given during the year: [Studies printed in small type are preliminary, and must be completed before beginning the course immediately below.)

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-Latin Grammar; Cæsar, 4 Books; Cicero, 6 Orations; Vergil's Æneid, 6 Books; Jones' Latin Prose

Composition, 40 exercises1. Livy (Books XXI and XXII). Latin Prose Composition. Three hours a week, first

and second terms. 81 hours. -Same as for course 1– 2. Tacitus (Germania and Agricola). Three hours a week, third term. 36 hours. -Livy, 3. Plautus (The Captives). Terence (Andria). Three hours a week, first term. 45

hours. -Plautus4. Horace (Odes, Epodes); (Satires and Epistles, or selections from Juvenal.) Three

hours a week, second and third terms. 72 hours. -Ancient History; Livy; Rhetoric5. Quintilian (Books X and XI). Two hours a week, first and second terms. 54 hours. -Quintilian6. Cicero (De Oratore, Book I). Two hours a week, third term. 24 hours. -De Oratore; Mental Science7. Cicero (De Natura Decorum), or Seneca's Letters. Two hours a week, first and

second terms. 54 hours.

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-Greek Grammar; Prose Composition (Jones' Exercises-with special attention to the accents)

three Books of Xenophon's Anabasis; Herodotus, selections from books VI, VII, VIII1. Selections from Greek Authors. Boise's Prose Composition. Three hours a week

through the year. 117 hours. -Rhetoric: Herodotus2. Homer (six Books of the Iliad). Three hours a week, first term. 45 hours. -Homer3. Sophocles (Antigone, or Edipus Tyrannus). Three hours a week, second and third

terms. 72 hours. -Thucydides, 4. Lysias (selected orations). Two hours a week, first term. 30 hours. -Lysias 5. Demosthenes (On the Crown). Two hours a week, second and third terms. 48

hours. -Mental Science: Demosthenes6. Plato (Apology and Crito). Two hours a week, first term. 30 hours. -Plato7. Æschylus (Prometheus Bound). Two hours a week, second term. 24 hours.

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