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Lansing, Tuesday, December 27, 1887.


The Association was called to order by the President.

Dr. Fiske, of Albion College, led in prayer, after which the High School choir, of Lansing, rendered a fine chorus under the direction of Mrs. Flora Rarrick.

Hon. Cyrus G. Luce, Governor of Michigan, followed with a most cordial address of welcome to the teachers of the State.

Supt. E. C. Thompson, of Saginaw, in behalf of the Association, heartily responded to the Governor's welcome.

The Association was then favored with a solo by Mrs. Rarrick, “My Lover is a Sailor Lad.”

President J. W. Ewing delivered the annual inaugural address.

The exercises of the evening closed with two quartettes, “ Last Night and “Heather Rose,” by Mrs. Rarrick, Mrs. Lee and Misses Nora Towne and Ella Baker.

Lansing, December 28, 1887.


Opened by prayer by Hon. Ira Mayhew, of Detroit.

A fine duet, The Song of the New Year," was given by Mrs. Rarrick and Miss Ella Baker.

Paper: “To What Extent are Thought and Feeling Mutually Exclusive,” Hon. J. M. B, Sill, Principal State Normal School.

Discussion opened by Prof. Daniel Putnam, of Ypsilanti, was continued by Dr. Fiske, of Albion, Prof. S. D. Barr, of Albion, H. R. Pattengill, of Lansing, Dr. D. S. Stephens, of Adrian, W. N. Ferris, of Big Rapids, and Supt. P. D. Cornell, of Harrison.

Principal Sill here reported that he had discharged the duties imposed upon him by this Association, and had delivered an address on behalf of the State Teachers' Association at the University Semi-centennial. The report was accepted with thanks and speech ordered spread on the minutes.

Miss Ella Baker then favored the Association with a solo, “ The Grand Old Ocean," and being encored responded with another solo, “ One Day."

Paper: “Reading,” by Chas. Carlisle, of Ionia. Discussion was opened by Supt. E. L. Briggs, of Grand Haven.

Before any further discussion the president named the following committees :

Committee on Nominations-Supt. I. M. Wellington, Muskegon; Supt. A. S. Hall, Cadillac; Supt. 0. D. Thompson, Romeo; Prof. S. D. Barr, Albion ; Supt. H. M. Slauson, Houghton.

Committee on Resolutions-Supt. L. R. Halsey, Battle Creek; Prof. D. A. Stephens, Adrian; Supt. J. W. Simmons, Dowagiac; Prof. Daniel Putnam, Ypsilanti; Miss Josie Williams, Ionia.


Music: Ladies' quartette, “Chimes,” Mrs. Rarrick, Mrs. Lee, Misses Nora Towne and Ella Baker.

Miss M. H. Ross, of Chicago, then delivered a very excellent lecture on “ The New Education an Outgrowth of the Old.”

Discussion of the subject was opened by Miss Jennie Tibbits, of Lansing, and continued by Supt. Church, of Greenville, Supt. Howell, of Lansing, Dr. Fiske, of Albion, Supt. Clizbe, of Ionia, and Mr. Gibson, of Lyons.

Music: “The Kerry Dance," solo, by Mrs. Flora Rarrick.

After a short recess, Supt. Seelye, of Marshall, expressed satisfaction in the work done by his teachers after a special drill in kindergarten methods, under the supervision of Miss Ross.

Miss Ross was asked to define a kindergarten, which she did to the satisfaction of all.

Miss Mary E. Tilton, the secretary of the Reading Circle Council, made a report of the Reading Circle for the past year.

Prof. Daniel Putnam, President of the Reading Circle Council, followed with a short report.

Supt. W. S. Perry, of Ann Arbor, moved that the Association adopt Prof. Putnam's report, enlarge the Council from five to seven and appoint three from the County Examiners. Carried.

Messrs. S. D. Barr, 0. D. Thompson, A. D. Bennett, J. N. McCall, Sinclair, Strieter, Cyrus Smith and Thornton gave some lively talks on the Reading Circle.

On motion the Reading Circle Council was authorized to establish a Reading Circle day at Bay View.

Moved that the members of the Reading Circle Council elected by the Association be chosen for one year, and that those of the County Examiners be chosen for two years. Carried.

Adjourned until evening.


The exercises of the evening were opened by & quintette, “Hie Thee Shallop,” Mrs. Rarrick, Mrs. Thorne, Nora Towne, Messrs. Pratt and Esselstyn. Pianist, Mrs. Kilbourne. The two gentlemen responded to an encore with a duet, “ Larboard Watch."

Mrs. Maggie Porter Cole, formerly of the Tennessee Jubilee Singers, favored the Association with a solo. "Being loudly encored, she responded with “ The Last Rose of Summer."

Address : “Universal Education the Duty of the Hour,” Dr. E. E. White, Superintendent of the Cincinnati Public Schools.

The Doctor spoke for nearly two hours without notes, in a most eloquent manner.

Dr. Fiske moved that the hearty thanks of the Association be tendered to Dr. White for his able and intensely interesting lecture, which was carried amid great applause.

Mrs. Cole again favored the Association with a solo, which concluded the exercises of the evening.


Exercises opened with music by the Episcopal choir, “Venite."

Devotional exercises conducted by the Rev. Dr. E. H. E. Jameson, of the First Baptist Church, of Lansing.

Music: “ Jubilate," Episcopal choir. .

Paper: “Should the Study of Mind Have a Larger Place in Our High Schools,” Hon. Geo. F. Mosher, President of Hillsdale College.

Discussion of the topic was opened by Supt. A. J. Swain, of Owosso, and continued by Prof. Putnam, of Ypsilanti; Supt. J.W. Simmons, of Dowagiac; Miss Ross, of Chicago; Dr. Fiske, of Albion; Supt. J. W. Smith, of Bay City; H. R. Pattengill, of Lansing; Supt. E. P. Church, of Greenville, and C. B. Thomas, of East Saginaw.


Music: Solo, Mrs. Sophia Knight, of Chicago.

Paper: “Manual Training,” by Hon. C. A. Gower, Supt. of the Reform School.

Discussion opened by C. N. Kendall, of Jackson; was continued by Messrs. David Howell, of Lansing; Austin George, of Ypsilanti, and P. D. Cornell, of Harrison.


The president read the following telegram from the Colorado teachers :

DENVER, COL., 28th Dec. Mich. State Teachers' Ass'n, Representative Hall :

Colorado teachers send greeting. Side track here for a rest, en route to California, July, '88.

0. W. REMINGTON, Pres. S. T. A.

On motion the secretary was instructed to send a suitable response. The following was sent:

LANSING, MICH., Dec. 29, '87. 0. W. REMINGTON, Pres. Col. Teachers' Ass'n, Denver, Col.: Michigan teachers send greeting and wish the Colorado teachers a Happy New Year

J. W. EWING, Pres. Mich. Tea. Ass'n. The following was received from California:

BERKELEY, CAL., 28th Dec. PRES. EWING, State Teachers' Ass'n :

The California State Teachers' Association in session here sends greeting to the Teachers' Association of Michigan, and invites every teacher in Michigan to attend the meeting of the National Teachers' Association in San Francisco next July.

A. E. KELLOGG, Pres.

MARY MADDEN, And the following reply was sent:

LANSING, MICH., Dec. 29, 1887. PRES. A. E. KELLOGG, State Teachers' Ass'n, Berkeley, Cal.:

The Michigan State Teachers' Association sends greeting to the teachers of California. We expect to grasp your hands at San Francisco next July.

J. W. EWING, Pres.

CHAS. W. PICKELL, Sec'y. Paper: “ The Teacher in Society," by Supt. J. N. McCall, of Ithaca.

Discussion was opened by Supt. 0. C. Seelye, of Marshall, and continued by David Howell, of Lansing; E. P. Church, of Greenville; Ira Mayhew, of Detroit, and Prof. Austin George, of Ypsilanti.



Paper: Report, “ Township Unit in Our Educational System,” Hon. H. R. Gass.

Discussion opened by H. R. Pattengill, of Lansing; was continued by Hon. Mr. Simpson, of Van Buren Co. ; State Supt. Joseph Estabrook, and Prof. S. D. Barr, of Albion.

The Committee on Resolutions then offered the following report:

Resolved, That we as an association extend our sincere thanks to the president and other officers of the association for their efforts in making this meeting a success ; to the Board of Control of the Capitol for courtesies extended, an to the railroad officials of the state for reduced rate privileges.

Resolved, That we express our hearty appreciation of the eloquent and instructive address by Dr. Emerson E. White: of the timely and helpful exposition of kindergarten work by Miss M. H. Ross, and of the excellent music under the efficient direction of Mrs. Flora A. Rarrick, so kindly furnished for the occasion.

Resolved, That, in accordance with the recommendation of the President of this association, we request the Executive Committee to make some provision for the consideration of questions more directly relating to the work of colleges in the state, either by arranging for the meeting of the association in sections during one or more of its usual sessions, or by providing for an additional session with this end in view, and also to arrange for a department meeting of primary teachers.

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