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A Letter to David Garrick, Esq. concerning a Glossary to the Plays of Shakspeare, on a more extensive Plan than has hitherto appeared. To which is added a Specimen. By Richard Warner, Esq. 8vo. 1768.

An Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakspeare, compared with the Greek and French dramatick Poets, with some Remarks upon the Misrepresentations of Monsieur de Voltaire. By Mrs. Montagu. Svo.

First Edition, 1769. Second Edition, 1776.

The Tragedy of King Lear as lately published, vindicated from the Abuse of the Critical Reviewers; and the wonderful Genius and Abilities of those Gentleman for Criticism, fet forth, celebrated, and extolled. By the Editor of King Lear. [ Charles Jennens, Esq.] 8vo. 1772.

Shakspeare. 4to. This piece was written by Dr. Kenrick Prescott, and is dated Feb. 6, 1774.

Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakspeare, and on certain French and Italian Poets, &c. Crown 8vo. 1774.

A philosophical Analysis and Illustration of some of Shakspeare's remarkable Characters. By William Richardson, Esq. Professor of Humanity in the University of Glasgow. i 2mo. First Edition, 1773. Second Edition, 1774.

The Morality of Shakspeare's Drama illustrated. By Mrs. Griffith. 8vo. 1775.

A Letter to George Hardinge, Efq. on the Subject of a Passage in Mr. Steevens's Preface to his Impression of Shakspeare. [By the Rev. Mr. Collins.]

4to. 1777. [Dr. Johnson observed of this performance, that it was “a great gun without powder and ball.") On the title-page of a copy of it presented by Mr. Capell, together with his Shakspeariána, to Trinity College, Cambridge, is the followa ing manuscript note: “Seen through the press by Mr. H., &c.

&c. Note in p. 18. added, and the poffcript new-molded by him. E. G.” i. e. Ed, ward Capell. From the foregoing circumstance it appears

that Mr. H. (like Congreve's Petulant) assisted in writing a letter to himself. This epistle, however, (as we have fince been informed,) received some additional touches from the pen of the late Lord Dacre. - Tantæ molis erat

But all would not succeed.

The subscribers to Mr. Capell's notes were fo few, that his editor was ashamed to print their names; and the book itself is become waste

paper. Discours sur Shakspeare & fur Monsieur de Voltaire, par Joseph Baretti, Secretaire pour la Correspondance étrangère de l'Académie Royale Britannique. 8vo. 1777.

An Essay on the dramatick Character of Sir John Falstaff. [By Mr. Morgan. ] 8vo. 1777.

A Letter from Monsieur de Voltaire to the French Academy. Translated from the original Edition just published at Paris 8vo. 1777.

A Supplement to the Edition of Shakspeare's Plays published in 1778.-Containing additional Observations by several of the former Commentators; to which are subjoined the Genuine Poems of the fame Author, and Seven Plays that have

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been ascribed to him ; with Notes, by the Editor [Mr. Malone) and others. 2 Vols. 8vo. 1780.

Notes and Various Readings to Shakspeare, by Edward Capell. 3 Vols. 4to. 1781.

Remarks critical and illustrative on the Text and Notes of the last Edition of Shakspeare. [i. e. Mr. Steeven's Edition in 1778.] [By Mr. Ritfon.) 8vo. 1783.

Contes moraux, amusans & instructifs, à l'usage de la jeunesse, tirés des Tragédies de Shakspeare; par M. Perrin, Editeur de la nouvelle Edition du Dictionnaire de Chambaud, &c.— A Londres, chez Robson, Cadell, & Elmsly. 1783. 12mo.

A familiar Address to the curious in English Poetry, more particularly to the Readers of Shakspeare. By Thersites Literarius. 8vo. 1784.

A Second Appendix to Mr. Malone's Supplement to the last Edition of the Plays of Shakspeare ; containing additional Observations by the Editor of the Supplement. 8vo. 1783._Of this Appendix only fifty Copies were printed.

Essays on Shakspeare's dramatick Characters of Richard the Third, King Lear, and Timon of Athens. To which are added, an Essay on the Faults of Shakspeare, and additional Observations on the Character of Hamlet. By Mr. Richardson. 12mo. 1784.

The Beauties of Shakspeare selected from his works. To which are added, the principal Scenes in the same Author. 19mo. 1784. Printed for Kcarsley.

Dramatick Miscellanies, consisting of critical Obfervations on the Plays of Shakspeare, &c. By Thomas Davies. 3 Vols. Grown 8vo. 1784.

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Comments on the last Edition of Shakspeare's Plays. By John Monck Mason, Esq. 8vo. 1785.

Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakspeare. By the Author of Observations on modern Gardening. (Mr. Whateley.) 8vo. 1785.

Macbeth Reconsidered; an Essay intended as an Answer to part of the Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakspeare. 8vo. 1786.

A Fragment o'n Shakspeare, extracted from Advice to a young Poet. By the Reverend Martin Sherlock. Translated from the French. 8vo. 1786.

A Concordance to Shakspeare; suited to all the Editions, in which the distinguished and parallel Passages in the Plays of that justly-admired Writer are methodically arranged. To which are added, three hundred Notes and Illustrations entirely new. 8vo. 1787.

Imperfect Hints towards a new Edition of Shakspeare, written chiefly in the Year 1782. 4to. 1787.

The Same. Part the Second and last. 4to. 1788.

Essays on Shakspeare's dramatick Character of Sir John Falstaff, and on his Imitation of Female Characters. To which are added some general Observations on the Study of Shakspeare. By Mr. Richardson. 12mo. 1788.

The Quip Modest; a few Words by way of Supplement to Remarks critical and illustrative on the Text and Notes of the last Edition of Shakspeare; occasioned by a Republication of that Edition [1785) revised and augmented by the Editor of Dodley's Old Plays. [By Mr. Ritson.] 8vo. 1788.

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An Index to the remarkable Passages and Words made Use of by Shakspeare; calculated to point out the different Meanings to which the Words arę applied. By the Reverend Samuel Ayscough. 8vo. 1790.

Cursory Criticisms on the Edition of Shakspeare published by Edmond Malone. [By Mr. Rition. )

Svo. 1792.

A Letter to the Rev. Richard Farmer, D. D. Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, relative to the Edition of Shakspeare published in 1790, and some late Criticisms on that work. By Edmond Malone, Esq. 8vo. 1792.

Cursory Remarks upon the Arrangement of the Plays of Shakspeare occasioned by reading Mr. Malone's Effay on the chronological Order of those celebrated Pieces. By the Reverend J. Hurdis, M. A. 8vo. 1792.

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