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Faith’s vićtories over fin and Satan, through new and farther discoveries of CHRIST, making believers more fruitful in holines; than all other pretenders to works.

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For when he manifests his glorious grace,
The charming favour of his smiling face,
Into his image fair transforms her soul”,
And wafts her upward to the heav'nly pole,
From glory unto glory by degrees,
Till vision and fruition shall suffice.
And thus in holy beauty Jesus' bride -
Shines far beyond the painted sons of pride,
Vain merit-vouchers, and their subtile apes,
In all their most refin'd, delusive shapes.
No lawful child is ere the marriage born;
Though therefore virtues feign'd their life adorn.
The fruit they bear is but a spurious brood,
Before this happy marriage be made good.
And 'tis not strange; for, from a corrupt tree

No fruit divinely good produc’d can be #.
But, lo! the bride, graft in the living Root,
Brings forth most precious aromatic fruit.

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* 2 Cor. iii. 18. Matt. vii. 17, 18. f Cant. vii. 2. § Rom. vii. 4.

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