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Resolucd, That the thanks of this House be tendered to John Catlin and John F. Meade, Esqr's, chief and assistant clerks, for the correct manner in which they have performed their arduous duties, during the present session.

A message from the Council by the Secretary thereof, “ Mr. Speaker-Messrs. Martin and Learned have been appointed of the committee on the part of the Council to inform the Governor that the two Houses have no further business before them and are ready to adjourn if he has no further communication to make to them.

I am also directed to inform you that the Governor has notified the Council that he has approved and signed “an act to provide for the taking the census of the inhabitants of the territory of Wisconsin, and to authorize the Governor to apportion the members of the Council and House of Representatives,” and that the Council is now ready to adjourn."

Mr. Brown from the committee appointed to wait upon the Governor, &c., reported that the committee had performed the duty assigned them and that the said committee were informed by His Excellency, the Governor, that he had no further communications to make to, the two Houses.

On motion of Mr. Whiton, Resolved, That the Clerk be directed to inform the Council that: this House is now ready to adjourn.

A motion was then made by Mr. Dewey that this House do now adjourn, sine die.

Whereupon, the Speaker addressed the House, in the following words: Gentlemen of the House of Representatives:

I address you with feelings of no ordinary nature. For two successive sessions we have been called together from different sections of our territory to aid, by our joint deliberations and actions, the rising interests of Wisconsin; many of us strangers to each other, meeting for the first time in the Legislative hall, yet all actuated by one common feeling, the welfare of the land of our choice, the garden of the west and our adopted home. For two successive sessions I have been honored by your having selected me to preside over your deli

berations, and the proud satisfaction of having been 60 selected, will remain with me through all the vicissitudes of my future life. With truth can I say to you, Gentlemen, that I brought with me to this Hall as an humble representative, every disposition to attend to the best interests of my immediate constituents, and the general welfare of the whole community. I, with the same truth affirm, that as the presiding officer of the House, my constant efforts have been directed towards the strict preservation of the rights and privileges of my fellow members, the correct construction of parliamentary rules and usages, and the honor and dignity of a legislative body. That I have succeeded in some measure, your approbation so lately expressed, has with great pleasure, assured me; and although matters may have occurred from time to time, on preliminary motions and in debate, in which the correctness of the decisions of the Speaker when given, were for a moment doubted, yet I feel pride and gratitude in acknowledging your general acquiescence in the decisions of the chair. For the confidence thus reposed in me, Gentlemen, accept my warmest and hearfelt thanks.

We are about to separate, perhaps never to meet on earth. With the deep and important reflections naturally arising from such situation in which we are all placed, permit me, Gentlemen, to make a concluding remark. May our acts prove salutary, by which the best interests of our constituents will be fostered and our common country politically blest. May her ways be ways of pleasantness, and all her paths peace. May you all return safe to the bosom of your families and friends. Gentlemen, I bid you collectively and individually, an affectionate farewell.

The question of adjournment was then put and passed in the affirmative.

So the House adjourned, sine die.




Documents accompanying the Governor's Message.

No. 1.

ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE, 2 Mineral Point, Wisconsin Territory, Nov. 30, 1841. Š * To His Excellency, JAMES DUANE DOTY,

Governor and Commander in Chief: Sir, I have the honor of making to your Excellency at this time the third annual report from this Department; and in performing this duty, I beg leave to state that the reason why an extended and detailed roster of the bounds of Regiments and Companies, together with the names of officers in commission, is not now made, is to be found in the fact, that few changes in such bounds or officers have been made since my report of November 30th, 1840, to which report reference can at all times be had, as the same has been embodied in Legislative documents. In all cases where important and essential changes in the militia organization have been made, they will be mentioned in this report.

General Staff.
JAMES DUANE DOTY, Commander-in-Chief.
David Jones,

John Falls O'NEILL,


John M. CAPRON, Quarter Master General,
William R. SMITH, Adjutant General.
David W. JONES, Paymaster General.
EBENEZER Childs, Commissary General.

Surgeon General.
A. Finch, JR.

Judge Advocate General.
ALBERT W. PARRIS, Military Secretary.


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