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amount of bonds, certificates, or other evidences of debt, which have been issued, and which are now outstanding and unpaid, distinguishing under what act the same have been issued, and also what amount of money remains in the Treasury of the United States, applicable to the payment of the various liabilities above enumerated; and also what estimate I have made and forwarded to the Secretary of the Treasury to defray the expenses of the present and past legislatures, I have the honor to submit to the Council, the following statement.

In conformity to the provisions of an act of the last Legislature entitled, an act to provide for the payment of the expenses of the Legislative Assembly, approved February 19th, 1841, my predecessor in office, the Ilon. Francis J. Dunn, as will appear from an abstract or statement transmitted to me, by the Secretary of the Treasury, a copy of which is herewith enclosed, transmitted receipts to the treasury department to the amount of $33,722 66, for which bonds were issued to those in whose favor appropriations had been made, and, as far as I am able to ascertain from any information within my reach, $28,103 of this amount was to cover appropriations made by the last Legislature, and the balance for appropriations made at previous sessions, which remain unpaid. I have issued, since I have been in office, bonds to the amount $2,013 75. This makes the amount of bonds issued as follows: For appropriations of last Session,

$28,103 00 Previous Sessions, by my predecessor,

5,649 57 by myself,

2,013 73

Which makes the amount of bonds issued by my predecessor and myself,

$35,768 32 This amount of Bonds issued does not include the whole amount of indebtedness of the Territory on account of appropriations made by previous Legislatures, but, as far as I can learn from the various sources of information in my possession, there must be some $4,000 due by the Territory, and for which Bonds have not issued. It will be perceived, however, from the settlement of the accounts of my predecessor at the Treasury Department, something upwards of three thousand dollars of appropriations have been rejected and suspended; and I fear that the suspended items will be finally rejected as not applicable to the expenses of the Territorial Legislature, and will have to be paid out of the funds of the Territory.

The whole indebtness of the Territory on account of appropriations made for Legislative expenses may be fairly estimated at $40,000 00.

Deduct from this amount appropriations not applicable to the expenses of the Legislative assembly, and consequently not chargeable to the Treasury of the United States, say $4,000 00, leaves a balance against the Treasury of the United States of $36,000 00.

To meet this amount there remains in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the Territory, and subject to be applied to the payment of the debts above enumerated, as will be seen by the statement of the 1st Auditor of the Treasury, herewith transmitted, the sum of $24,807 12. Deduct this sum from the foregoing amount of 36,000 00, as properly chargeable against the Treasury, leaves a balance to be provided for by Congress of $11,192 88.

I would respectifully state in answer to that portion of the resolutions of your honorable body which requests a statement of me of the amount of the estimates I have made for the present and previous sessions of the Legislature, that, by the Organic Law, it is made the duty of the Governor of the Territory to furnish such estimates to the Treasury Department previous to the meeting of Congress. But it will not be improper for me to say that the estimate was made out and transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury some three months before the meeting of Congress; which estimates amounted, as nearly as I recollect, to the sum of $45,000, which was deemed a sufficient sum to defray the expenses of the present session of the Legislature and discharge all previous liabilities.

I have also the honor to submit a copy of a communication which I received from the Hon. Walter Forward, Secretary of the Treasury, in answer to one I addressed to him in August last, assuring the immediate transmission of the appropriation made by Congress on the 3rd of March last to defray the expenses of the Legislative Assembly of this Territory. Numerous and repeated complaints have been made by those who held claims against the Territory for the seeming negligence and delay on their payment: and if the fault

rested with me, as some are disposed to think it does, who are not acquainted with the cauaes which has produced that delay, I shonld be justly liable to censure. At the time I came to the Territory and entered upon the discharge of the duties of my office, I found His Excellency the Governor, absent on public business, and he did not return to the seat of government until sometime in September. This necessarily devolved on me the duties of the Executive Department, and was consequently prevented from executing and forwarding my bond until August, at which time I made an urgent request upon the Treasury Department to forward me without delay the funds that had been appropriated by Congress to pay our expenses. This was to: done; and the money yet remains in the Treasury, not subject to my order, nor under my control.--No steps, therefore, that I could have taken would have enabled me to have procured the money. I assure the Legislature that every thing was done in my power to procure the money, so that it might be disbursed amongst those who are honestly entitled to it, and who have a just right to complain of this unjustifiable delay on the part of the officers at Washington. If the money had been sent to my predecessor he would doubtless long since have disbursed it with strict fidelity. And it is a matter of deep regret and surprise that the wisdom and legal learning which at present distirguishes the officers of the Treasury Department, should not have enabled them in nine months to determine whether the appropriation should be sent to my predecessor or myself. All of which is respectfully submitted. I have the honor to be, sir, your ob’t serv't,

A. P. FIELD, Sec'y. W. T.


Dr. To Francis J. Dunn, late Secretary of Wisconsin Territory, in relation to the expenses of the Legislative Assembly of

From 19th February, to the 14th April, 1841. Amount of his expenditures made under the following acts of the

Legislative Assembly, viz: Act approved 19th February, 1841.

pay of the members of the House per abstract

5,880 00 of Council

2,935 00 Compensation to officers of the Council,

3,129 00

House, $3,148 06
Deduct this sum over paid Edward Elder-

kin, assistant clerk for 73 days, at $4,
should be $292 instead of $365. See vol.
71, over paid

73,00 3,075 00

15,009 00

Amount of incidental and contingent ex

penses of said Legislative Assembly, at their session ending 19th February, 1841, per abstract,

$13,021 09 Add this sum short charged for vouchers,


$13,021 72
Deduct amonnt of the following:
Voucher 88 Wm. N. Seymour, for ex-

penses in suits, against the
commissioner of Public Buil.
dings, disallowed,

6 007 Those charges 97 N.C. Prentiss for same dis’ld 334 00 are not applica98 N. C. Prentiss

25 00 ble to fund for 112 Moses M.Strong," 185 00 paying contin117 Francis J. Dunn,“ 100 00 gent expenses

of the Assembly

$651 00 and are disall’d. Deduct amount of the following, not being properly receipted: (Suspended)

Susp’nd'd for expl'atio Voucher 102 Colliers&Pettus 2,455 89 No auth'ty for Mr. Roun

tree to sign the receipt. 103 J. Mitchell, chapln 100 00 No authority to sign for


52 James Slingerland,

No authority to sign.
57 Henry H. Phoenix,

No authority for Elder ass't door keeper,

80 00 Skin to sign.

8 00


80 Austin Fairman,

for Hardware, 81 George Bowman, 123 John S.Horner,fuel

and house rent,

No authority for Rock4 34

well to sign. 5 00

No authority to M. L. 48 00 Š Martin.

No authority to w. 50 00

S Jones.

128 W. C. Bostwick,

118 This sum over paid Castleton & Stanbery for sta


83,331 89

Amount brought over, Amount his expenditures for

expenses of the said Assembly appropriated at their session ending 14th

Aug. 1840, per abstract, Deduct this sum over paid

Josiah A.Noonan,for printing for the House of Representatives in voucher 138 he should have paid $4,22 86 instead of $782 11 cts. accounting for the over payment by you is as

follows, viz: The whole amount appropri

ated to the editors of the Wisconsin Enquirer, Noo

nan and Sholes, was Of which Mr. Slaughter paid

and has been credited in Report No. 80,939,

1 66

3,331 89

9,689 83

$24,698 83

4,126 11

$892 86

470 00

422 86

And that this sum of
Is now to go to your credit

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