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your memorialists believe that on the 30th of June, 1842, no adequate protection by the then remaining duties on lead in pigs, bars, sheets, old, or scrap lead, shot, white, or red lead, litharge, sugar of lead, and other manufactures from lead will by law exist.

We, therefore, representing the people of Wisconsin Territory, respectfully ask that the duties, as laid by the provisions of the act of 19th of May, 1828, the act of 14th of July, 1832, and the act of June 30th, 1834, in respect to lead and the several manufactures from lead, be revived and continued from and after the 30th of June, 1842.

Approved February 17, 1842.



ABSENCE, leave of, granted to Mr. Brazelton, 70.

Parkison, 259.
ARNDT, Charles C. P., death of, 355,
Accounts, presented and referred

Stephen B. Thrasher, 87.
R. L. Ream, 87,
N. C. Prentiss, 100.
C. D. Davis, 100.
T. Eastman, 112.
D. G. Fenton, 145.
N. T. Parkison, 153.
James Lemmon, 167.
Abner Nichols, 195.
Cady & Farwell, 205.
William T. Sterling, 208, 259, 373.
William D. Daggett, 208.
J. Kneeland, 203.
J. C. Dinnies, 208.
Edward M’Sherry, 230.
John Bracken, 230.
Alonzo Platt, 247.
Thomas Daily, 247.
Gideon Chapin, 247.
Daniel Baxter, 258, 373.
J. R. Brown, 342.
Ira B. Brunson, 342.
Harrison Reed, 357.
J. A. Noonan, 357.
H. O. Sholes, 357.

Accounts presented and referred-

M. M. Jackson, 372.

C. C. Sholes, 376.
Address, of Speaker, on taking chair, 30.

on vacating chair, 467.
Affidavit, of Thomas Foulston, 114.
Assembly, Legislative, begun and held, 3.

Brazelton, appeared and took his seat, 5.
Bills of the House of Representatives:-
No. 1. To incorporaie the Fond du Lac company. Introduced, ,

1st and 2nd reading, 55. Proceedings 60. In com-
mittee, laid on the table, 71. Further proceedings 84.
Passed 98. Passed Council, 199. Further proceedings

200. Signed 237. Approved 347.
No. 2. To incorporate the Janesville Bridge company. Report-

ed, 1st and 2nd reading, 76. In committee, 98. Pass-
ed 99. Passed Council 146. Further proceedings
148. Signed 156 Disapproved 171. Reconsidered
and passed 252. Reconsidered and passed in Council

No. 3. To amend the several acts to provide for the support of

common schools. Reported, 1st and 2nd reading 83.
In committee 113, 166, 209. Further proceedings
212. Passed 2:21. Passed Council 407. Further
proceedings 418. Committee of conference 446, 448.
Report of committee adopted 449, 454. Signed 455.

Approved 457.
No. 4. To incorporate the Farmers' and Mechanics' Association

Introduced, 1st and 2nd reading, referred 83. Report

of committee and resolution, 152, 153.
No. 5. To establish the Wisconsin University, and to provide for

the sale, investment, and use of the proceeds of the
University lands. Reported, 1st and 2d reading 97.

In committee 209. Indefinitely postponed 210.
No. 6. To provide for the reception and disposition of the pro-

ceeds of the public lands. Introduced, 1st and 2d rea-

ding 97.
No. 7. To provide for the punishment of idle and disorderly per-

sons. Introduced, 1st and 2d reading, 112. In com-

mittee, 158, 194. Indefinitely postponed 200.
No. 8. To organize certain towns in Crawford county. Introdu-

ced, 1st and 2d reading 112. In committee, laid on

the table 228.
No. 9. To prevent the sale of intoxicating liquors to soldiers of

the United States army. Introduced, 1st and 2nd rea-
ding 112. Indefinitely postponed 161.

No. 10. To repeal an act to restrain pedlars and other persons

from trading without license. Introduced, 1st and 2d

reading 115. Indefinitely postponed 160.
No. 11. To authorize the construction of a dam across the Rock

river. Introduced Ist and 2nd reading 115. In com-
mittee 157. Passed 161. Passed Council 194. Fur-

ther proceedings 200. Signed 210. Approved 233.
No. 12. In addition to an act entitled an act to provide for laying

out and establishing certain territorial roads therein
named. Introduced, 1st and 2d reading 115. In com-

mittee 157. Further proceedings 161. Passed 164.
No. 13. To establish an additional place of holding elections in the

lown of Bark river in Jefferson county. Introduced

1st and 2d reading 124. In committee 344.
No. 14. To change the name of the town of Watertown in the

county of Jefferson. Introduced— 1st and 2nd reading,
124. Proceedings, 166. In committee, 370. Fur-
ther proceedings, 378. Passed and title amended, 380.

Passed Council, 401. Signed, 408. Approved, 421.
No. 15. To amend an act entitled an act to provide for the ap-

pointment of a Territorial Treasurer, and to define bis
duties. Introduced—1st and 2nd reading, 130. In

committee, 165. Laid on the table, 236.
No. 16. To incorporate the Janesville Academy. Reported—

1st and 2nd reading, 145. In committee, 158.
No. 17. To amend an act to change the corporate limits and

powers of the town of Milwaukee. Introduced-Ist
and 2nd reading, 145. In committee, 209. Further
proceedings, 212. Passed, 221. Passed Council,
390. Signed, 404. Further proceedings, 394. Dis-
approved, 412. Reconsidered and passed, 419. Re-

considered and passed in Council, 430.
No. 18. For the relief of Thomas Foulston. Reported—1st and

second reading, 157. In commmittee, 176. Indefi-

nitely postponed, 207.
No. 19. Additional to an act entitled an act to amend an act con-

cerning justices of the peace. Introduced, lst and

2d reading, 157. In committee 176.
No. 20. To authorize Oliver C. Hubbard to build a dam on the

Manitouwoc river. Introduced, 1st and 2nd reading
161. In committee 174. Further proceedings 177.
Passed 186. Further proceedings 245, 246. Signed

255. Approved 342.
No. 21. To provide for laying out a territorial road from Mineral

Point to Milwaukee. Introduced, Ist and 2nd reading
161; in committee 175, 201; further proceedings 206;
passed and title amended 207; passed Council 347; fur-
ther proceedings 349, 350.

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