An historical sketch of the Portuguese settlements in China; and of the Roman Catholic Church and mission in China


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Página 300 - ... torch-light, by penetrating into recesses of the rock, where the slightest trip would be instantly fatal to the adventurers, who see nothing below them but the turbulent surf making its way into the chasms of the rock.
Página 278 - ... as hull or rope ; whereupon, not being able to endure their bravadoes any longer, each ship began to play furiously upon them with their broadsides ; and, after two or three hours, perceiving their cowardly fainting, the boats were landed with about one hundred men ; which sight occasioned them, with great distractions, instantly to abandon the castle and fly; the boats...
Página 162 - ... without reproach, is unquestionably certain. But it is equally certain, that this was neither the case of them all, nor even of the greatest part of them. Many of them discovered, in the course of their ministry, the most turbulent passions, and dishonoured the glorious cause in which they were engaged, by their arrogance and ambition, their avarice and .cruelty. They abused the power which they had received from the Roman pontiffs, of forming religious establishments among the superstitious...
Página 264 - Next morning the king presented himself before Ah-tsze, confessed his crime, and his arm was immediately restored. He then did obeisance to the priest, and took him for his tutor and guide ; and morning and evening the king waited on the priest, as his servant.
Página 75 - Knowing, as you ought to know, that the Portuguese inhabit a territory belonging to the celestial empire, how could you suppose that the French would ever venture to molest them : if they dared, our warlike troops should attack, defeat, and chase them from the face of the country.
Página 265 - The temple had then no hall for celestial kings, and at the outer gate there was a pool belonging to a rich man who refused to sell it, although Ahtsze offered him a large compensation. The king, conversing with the priest one day, said, ' this temple is deficient, for it has no hall for the celestial kings.' The priest replied, 'a terrestrial king, please your highness, is the proper person to rear a pavilion to the celestial kings.
Página 299 - Here the caves are only to be approached by a perpendicular descent of many hundred feet, by ladders of bamboo and rattan, over a sea rolling violently against the rocks. When the mouth of the cavern is attained, the perilous office of taking the nests must often be performed with torch light, by penetrating into recesses of the rock, where the slightest trip would be instantly fatal to the adventurers, who see nothing below them but the...
Página 300 - The labour bestowed to render it fit for the table is enormous ; every feather, stick, or impurity of any kind, is carefully removed; and then, after undergoing many washings and preparations, it is made into a soft, delicious jelly. The sale of birds' i ic&ts is a monopoly with all the governments in whose dominions they are found.
Página 238 - These stand close on the streets, and have usually but a single entrance, which is closed by a bamboo screen suspended from the top of the door ; within these houses there are no superfluous apartments : a single room allotted to each branch of the family, serves...
Página 223 - This designation was obtained from the following occurrence, viz : Five genii, clothed with garments of five different colors, and riding on rams of five different colors, met at the capital ; each of the rams bore in his mouth, a stalk of grain having six ears, and presented them to the people of the district, to whom the genii thus spake : — Yuen tsze hwan hwae, yung woo hwang ke : May famine and dearth never visit your markets.

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