Catalogue of the Chicago Municipal Library, 1908


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Página 60 - State control in physiology and hygiene, with special reference to the effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants, and narcotics upon the human system.
Página 53 - York, and of the board of water supply of the city of New York, are complied with, and shall make such regular or special inspections as the state commissioner of health or the commissioner of the department of water supply, gas and electricity of the city of New York, or the board of water supply of the city of New York, may prescribe.
Página 9 - Report on the engineering and operating features of the Chicago transportation problem submitted to the Committee on Local Transportation of the Chicago City Council.
Página 27 - Charter of the City of Milwaukee. Being chapter 184, laws of 1874, as amended by subsequent acts of the Legislature to and including the acts of 1891, and general laws operating as amendments thereto, up to and including those passed by the Legislature of 1895.
Página 130 - Louis; reports of the several committees appointed by the Executive Board of the Civic League to draft a City Plan, 1907.
Página 28 - Statutes of the State of Rhode Island relating to the city of Providence, and the Ordinances of the city.
Página 70 - Die Stellung der privaten Beleuchtungsgesellschaften zu Stadt und Staat. Die Erfahrungen in Wien, Paris und Massachusetts. Ein Beitrag zur Beurteilung des wirtschaftlichen, politischen und administrativen Gemeindelebens.
Página 122 - Report on some forms of Mechanical Tramway Traction that have been tried, and more or less successfully worked in various towns and cities in England, on the continent of Europe, and in America.
Página 17 - With an Essay on the Vital Statistics of Boston from 1810 to 1841.
Página 30 - Report upon the books and accounts of the Collector's department of the City of Boston, with special reference to the results of the acts in regard to special assessments for laying out and construction of highways for the past ten years.

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