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Catalogue of the

Chicago Municipal Library


Compiled and Issued by
Bureau of Statistics and Municipal Library

May 1908


This Catalogue of the books, pamphlets, periodicals, etc., which constitute the Municipal Library, as maintained in connection with the Burea'u of Statistics, is the first ever compiled.

Heretofore, as there was no Catalogue, the large mass of valuable material which has grown out of, or directly concerns, the Executive and Legislative branches of city governments, has practically scarcely existed for the Heads of Departments and the Aldermen of the corporation of Chicago. Few only of those officials have made it convenient often to visit this Library, and consequently its many possible benefits have been much too little availed of.

A copy of this Catalogue is sent to His Honor the Mayor; to the Secretary to the Mayor; to all the Heads of Departments and to their chief clerks and deputies; to every Alderman, and additional copies to the Chairmen of Committees of the City Council; and to all members, together with the chief clerks, of the permanent Commissions and Boards.

Supplements to this Catalogue will be issued at such times as increases in the number of important books and documents shall appear to justify the cost of printing.

It is hoped that all members of the City Government, and all persons responsibly connected with the Executive Departments, whenever they may desire special information on municipal and statistical matters, will apply either in person or by letter to the Bureau of Statistics, in confident expectation of being served promptly, and as well as present facilities will permit.

The titles as given on the ensuing pages will serve to guide the inquirer; but these are few as compared with the number of direct or implied references, under the 3,450 title headings, to other publications which the Library contains. The total of books, pamphlets, magazines and typewritten folios reaches the number of fifteen thousand; and new acquisitions are constantly being made. In the last three months, two hundred and sixty-five bound volumes have been received, many coming from cities of this country, others from the principal cities of Europe, and some from furthest continents, all in exchange for Chicago reports and documents. It is not an exaggeration to say that most of the noted municipalities of the world are represented here.

That Chicago officials do not fail to recognize the advantages of this Library is evidenced by the fact that valuable gifts have recently been made to it by the Chairmen of some of the leading committees of the City Council of their accumulations of works on municipal subjects during their respective terms of service.

Also, the President and the Secretary of the Charter Convention have donated to the Municipal Library, besides many books and other documents, full verbatim reports of the proceedings of the convention, including those of the committees; and scrap books well filled with letters and newspaper clippings having relation to the endeavor of Chicago to provide itself with a charter such as it was believed the spirit of the time and the public needs of the people both demanded.

It may be remarked finally that not only is this Catalogue the first ever made of this Library, but it is the only one ever made of a purely Municipal Library in the United States.



Annual Reports when not referring to any specific department include all departmental reports of a city. When subject entries

are consulted see also under respective cities.

Abattoirs. Breslau. Schlachthof und Viehmarkt zu Breslau. 1900.
The Model Abattoir referred to by President Roosevelt in his Report

to Congress on the findings of Special Agents Neill and Reynolds'
inspection of sanitary conditions prevailing in establishments where
meats are prepared. Consists of magazine articles descriptive of

the “Model Abattoir.” New York. 1906.
Abbott, Frank B. Fire-Proofing of Warehouses. 1898.
Abbott, Willis J. Carter Henry Harrison. A Memoir. 1895.
Aberdeen, Scotland. Public Library. 22nd Annual Report. 1906.


Allen, Wm. H. Better Business Methods for Cities. Reprinted from Re

view of Reviews, February, 1908. Boston, Mass. Report upon the books and accounts of the Collector's

Department of the City of Boston, with special reference to the results of the acts in regard to special assessments for laying out and construction of highways during the past 10 years. By Harvey S.

Chase, Expert Accountant. May 8, 1901. Cambridge, Mass. Report of Harvey S. Chase, Expert Accountant, to

Mayor and City Council. March, 1903. Chase, Harvey S. Municipal revenues and expenditures in relation to the

control of quasi-public enterprises. Feb. 2, 1906. Chicago, Ill. Report on the methods of accounting of the City of Chicago.

Made by Haskins & Sells, to Special Committee of Merchants' Club,

Chicago. March 21, 1901. Address on Reform in Municipal Accounting, by C. W. Haskins, at 29th

meeting of Merchants Club. April 20, 1901. The Accounting methods of the City of Chicago. By Haskins & Sells.

Being supplemental letter to report of March 21, 1901. April 13,

1901. Report on the Special Assessment Accounts of the City of Chicago, from

Oct. 9, 1871, to April 30, 1901. Made by Haskins & Sells, Public
Accountants, to the Committee on the Revision of the Accounts of

the City of Chicago. Letter transmitting report relating to system of Municipal Accounts

for the City of Chicago, the necessary ordinances and other data.

By Haskins & Sells. Nov. 20, 1901. Cleveland, F. A. Chicago Accounting Reform. Paper read before 9th

annual conference of National Municipal League, April 22-24, 1903. Municipal Accounts. Reprinted from Political Science Quarterly, Vol.

XIX., No. 3. 1904.

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