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for the ning 5885 tur. for the Desting, c

drop, 3 yrs, 6st 31b : 7 ran. Same meeting, carry carrying 8st 71b, was not placed for the New ing 5st 21b, was not placed for the Derby and Oaks Stakes-see Zaidée. At Goodwood, carrying 7st Stakes, for all ages, 4 tur.- see Bacon. At Hamp 21b, was not placed for the Nursery Handicap-see tou, carrying 5st lilb, was not placed, beaten off, Martinet. At Brighton, carrying 8st 21b (21b for the Railway (Opt Sell) Plate-see Cantrip.

ovor), was beaten off for a Plate-see f. by Or*1 WILD THYME, ch. c., by Chanticleer, out of Queen

lando, out of The Farmer's Daughter. At York Bee, Mr Rickaby's ; at Newmarket First Sp, car

August carrying 6st 711), was a bad third for the rying 8st 71b, was not placed for the Two-yr-old

Eglinton Stukes-see Augury. Same meeting, Stakes-see Lord Nelson.

carrying 8st 71b, won the Colt Sapling Stakes,

T.Y.C., by a length, beating The Impostor, 8st 71b, + WILD STRAWBERRY, bk. f., by Surplice, out of The

second, and Rohallion, 8st 71b. Baronet's damn, by Rocket, or Cardinal Puff, Mr Saxon's; at Bath, carrying est llb, was not placed YOUNG NAPOLEON, b. c., by The Magnet, out of Isafor the Weston Stakes -see Pomona. At Marlbro', bella, Mr Dawson's ; at Ripon si walfrid, carrycarrying 5st 81b, was third, two lengths from the ing st 71b, was fourth for the Commercial Trasecoud, in the first, and not placed in the second vellers" (Opt Sell) Stakes--see Sulpitia. heat, of the Ladies' Opt Sell Plate, for all ages, 6 fur, won by Primrose, 3 yrs, 7st 121b: 7 ran. At

ZAIDEE, br, f., by Red Hart, out of Subterfuge, Mr Reading, carrying 5st 71b, was not placed for the

Dennett's; at Ascot, carrying 8st 31b, won the Borough Opt Sell Plate--sec Sorceress. Same

New Stakés, T.Y.C.,' by a neck, beating Goldfinch, meeting, carrying 5st, was second, beaten a length,

8st 71b, second ; Schiedam, 8st 716, third, two lengths for an Opt Sell Stakes, for all ages, 4 fur, won by

from the second ; and the following not placed : Fashion, 3 yrs, 78t: 3 ran.

Aspasia, 8st 31b, a bad fourth ; Sydney, 8st 121b

(inc5lb éx), fitth; Double Glo ster, 8st 316, sixth ; WILLIE CRAWFORD, b. c, by Springy Jack, out of

Equity, 8st 31h, seventh; Somerset, 8st 71b, eighth; Ann Page, Mr Cunningham's ; at Lincoln Sp,

Y 'rkshireman'(h b), 8st 716 ; Equinox, 8st 31b; carrying 8st 715, was not placed for the Two-yr.

Black Tommy, 8st 71b; Salonica, 8st 71b; The old Stakes-see The Amorous Boy. At Liverpool

Duke, 8st 71b; Nereus, 8st 711 ; Admiral Lyons, Sp, carrying 8st 71b, won the Tyro Stakes, T.Y.C., 8st 716 : The Zouave, 8st 71b; Queen Bess, 8st 31b; by three-quarters of' a length, beating c. by Bur

Kingmaker, 8st 71b; Boscobel, 8st 101b (3lb over) gundy, out of Peggy, 8st 716, second ; 6. f. by

and Gilliver, 8st 71bAn objection to the winner, Chan ícleer, out of Hopeful, dst 3lb, third, three

on the ground of age, was overruled. At Reading, quarters of a length from the second, and the fol

carrying 8st 6lb (inc 3lb ex), was second, beaten lowing not placed : Sebastopol, 8st 71b, fourth; Se

a short head, for the Reading Stakes-see Gemma ducer Singleton, 8st 71b, a bad fifth ; Good Girl,

di Vergy. At Lewes, carrying 8st 8lb (inc 5lb ex), 8st 31b, sixth ; and South Western, 8st 716, last.

won a Sweepstakes, T.Y.C., by two lengths, beatAt Doncaster Sp, carrying 8st lllb (inc 4lb ex),

Strawberry, 8st 3lb, second, and John Peel, 8st 71b, was not placed for the Hopeful Stakes-- see Saun

who bolted, and did not pass the post. terer. At Manchester Summer, carrying 8st 5lb, was fifth, not placed, for the Two-yr-old Stakes-see * ZOUAVE, THE, b. or br. c., by Black Eagle, out of Lambourn.

Mantle, Mr F. Rowland's; at Ascot, carrying 8st WORCESTER, b.c., by Annandale, or Mentor, out of The

71b, was not placed for the New Stakes-see Zaidée. Hind, Mr Sutherin's; at Worcester Summer, carry

At Worcester Summer, carrying 8st 71h, was not ing 6st 7lb, was not placed for the Stand Plate, for

placed for the Two yr-old Stakes-see Gemma di all ages, I'mi, won by Chatteress, 3 yrs, 8st 31b : 9

Vergy. Mr Capel's; at Hereford, carrying 6st 71b, ran.MrG. Drewe's; at Reading, carrying 7st 71b,

was a bad fourth for the Trial Stakes, for all ages, won the Nursery Hp Plate, I mi, by two lengths,

one mile, won by Eardrop, 3 yrs, 8st 4lb : 4 ran. beating Coxwell, 6st 101b, second; Dexterity (hb),

Same meeting, carrying 4st 1216, was no placed 7st 310, third, three lengths from the second, wide

for the Licensed Victuallers' Handicap Plate, for intervals separating Orianda, 7st 21b, fourth; Sis.

all ages, one mile, won by Nathan, 6 yrs, 8st $1b : to Elfrida, 7st, titth; ch. f. by Trap-- Australia,

12 ran. Same meeting, carrying 5st 121b, was a 7st 121b, sixth; and Desdemona, 6st 71b, last.

bad second for a Handicap, for all ages, won by Same meeting, carrying 5st 101b, was not placed

Questionable, 4 yrs, 8st 101b: 6 ran. for the Whitley Hp, for all ages, 1 mi, won by * 1 ZUYDER ZEE, b. or br. c., by Orlando, out of BarAlembic, 5 yrs, 8st 3lb: 8 ran.

belle, Mr W. S. Craufurd's; at Newinarket July, YORKSHIREMAN, b. c., by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of carrying 8st 71b, was second, beaten three parts of

Sister to Golbo (h b), Mr E. R. Clark's; at Ep a length for the July Stakes-see Drumour. At som Summer, carrying 8st 71b, was not placed for Goodwood, carrying ost 10lb, was second, beaten a the Woodcote Stakes-see Commotion. At Ascot, neck, to the Ham Stakes-see Ayacanora.

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TUESDAY, Sept. 9.-The STAFFORDSHIRE STAKES of 50 sovs., added to a Sweepstakes of 10

sovs. each, 5 ft., and 3 only if declared; the second to save his stake; a winner after the weights are published of a cup or stakes value 100 sovs. to carry 5lb., twice 71b. extra ; three to start, or the 50 sovs. will not be added; the winner to pay 10 sovs. towards the expenses of the course ; two miles.--24 subs., 16 of whom pay 3 sovs. forfeit. Yrs. st. lb. 1 Yrs. st. lb.

Yrs. st. lb. Typee . .6 90 st. Clare . 5 6 0 Lily

. 4 5 4 Shoreham . . 4 7 0 His Piper . . 4 5 12 | Miss Harkaway · 3 5 2 Liberty . . . aged 6 9 Mary Ann . . 4 5 4 |

The CHAMPAGNE STAKES of 40 sovs., added to a Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, for two year olds

eolts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 3lb.; a winner once to carry 3lb., twice 5lb., thrice 9lb. extra; the winner to pay five sovs. to the fund ; three to start, or the 40 sovs. will not be added; the

last half mile.-9 subs. Lord Anglesey's b. f. Tricolor

Mr Flintoff's ch. f. by Cossack, out of WhaleMr Adkins's b. f. Fascination

bone's dam Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. Yorkshireman

Mr G. Mather's ch. c. The Kertch Chief Mr Copeland's b, f. Larnassa

Mr Saxon's br. f. Giantess Mr J. Dawson's b. f. Harrie

Ld Wilton's br. c. Peeping Tom

WEDNESDAY.The GOLD CUP of 50 sovs. in specie, given by the Members for the City

added to a Handicap Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each; three to start, or the 50 sovs. will not be added; the winner to pay 5 sovs. towards the expenses of the Course; two miles.--7 subs. Yrs. st. lb.

Yrs. st. lb Mr W.E. Oakley ns. b.h. Whalebone 6 8 7 | Ld Anglesey's ch. c. Astrologus . 3 7 3 Ld Wilton's b. g. Shoreham . . 4 8 7 Mr G. Mather's br. f. Lily . . 4 6 12 Mr G. Mather's b. g. St. Clare . 5 7 11 Mr Saxon ns. b. f. Miss Harkaway. 3 6 10 Mr Copeland's br. c. His Piper , 4 7 8

Second Year of a BIENNIAL PRODUCE STAKES of 10 sovs. each, h. ft., with 20 added, for three

vear olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 3lb.; the winner of the race at two years old to carry 7lb.

extra ; one mile and a half.-8 subs. Mr C. Breton's ch.f. Mavourneen

| Mr Copeland's br. f. Fashion *Mr Copeland's b. c. St. Dunstan

*Mr Flintoff's b. f. Oyster Girl b. or br. f. Rosette

Mr Gulliver's b. c. Illuminator
b.f. The Lune (71b. ex.)

Mr Meeson's br. f. Emily
Won, in 1855, by The Lune, by half a length, St. Dunstan second, and Oyster Girl third.


WEDNESDAY, Sept. 10.-The LINCOLNSHIRE HANDICAP of 10 sovs. each, h. ft., and only 3 if

declared, with 100 added; winners of any handicap after the weights were published (Aug.
19) 71b., of two or one of 200 sovs. value 10lb. extra; two miles.-27 subs., 14 of whom pay
sovs. forfeit.
[The highest weight accepting being 7st. 5lb., it has been raised to 8st. 71b., and the restin

Yrs. st. Ib. 1
Yrs. st. lb. 1

Yrs. st. lb Courtenay

4 8 7 Phoenix . . . 5 7 13 | Confederate . 4 6 12 Prince Piausible . 4 8 1 Marchioness. . 4 7 10 Adam . . . 3 6 10 Sir Richard.

. 5 . 5

8 1 | Elastic. . . 4 7 8 | Preston . . . 3 6 9 Yorkshire Grey , 4 7 13 Fanny Fern. . 4 7 5 De Ginkel



The GRANBY STAKES of 5 sovs. each, with 50 added, for two yes

geldings 8st. 31b.; winners of 50 sovs. once 3lb., twice 5lb., thrice 7lb. extra; horses having

started twice and not won allowed 3ib. ; three-quarters of a mile.-10 subs. Mr W. H. Brook's bk. c. The Impostor

Mr J. Osborne's ch. f. Augury Mr Cunningham's br. c. Huntington

Mr J. Scott ns. br. c. by The Flying DutchMr J. Dawson's b. f. Harrie

man, out of Lady Emily Mr Dodd's br, f. Amina

Mr Wilson's b. f. Perea Nena Mr G. Harvey's bk. c. Marmion

ns. ch. c. Brompton Mr H. Hunt's b. c. Mongrel (h. b.)


WEDNESDAY, Sept. 10.-The VISITORS' AND TRADESMEN'S PLATE of 50 sovs., added to a

Handicap of 5 sovs. each, and only 2 if declared, for three year olds and upwards; the winner of any plate or sweepstakes value 100 sovs., including the winner's own stake, after

the weights are published, 5lb. extra; one mile and a half.-18 subs., 10 of whom declared. [The highest weight accepting being under 8st. 71b., it has been raised to that weight, and the

rest in proportion.]
Yrs. st. lb.
Yrs. st. Ib. 1

Yrs. st. lb. Fulbeck . . . 4 8 7 Buckingham . . 3 7 5 The Caledonian . 3 6 9 Vulcan . . . 4 7 13 Cortes . .. . 4 7 2 Emulator . . 3 7 2 Red Rose . . 5 711 Flo

. 3 6 13

The ROCKINGHAM PLATE of 40 sovs. (Handicap) for all ages; the winner of any race after publication of the weights to carry 5lb. extra ; any number of horses the property of the same owner may run for this plate; entrance 2 sovs., to go to the fund; three-quarters of å mile.-12 subs. Yrs. Yrs.

Yrs. Inder. New Brighton .

| Little Tom . .

Bonnets o' Blue.

Tom Burke
Flo .
3 Adamant .


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the Golden Slipper

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THURSDAY.-The MEMBERS' PLATE (Handicap) of 50 sovs., for all ages; winners of any

race after publication of the weights 5lb. extra; one mile.
Yrs. st. Ib. 1
Yrs. st. lb.

Yrs. st. lb. Brother to Grey

Vulcan. . 4 7 4 Caledonian . . 3 6 2 Tommy . . 6 9 7 Vestige . . . 5 7 0 Bonnets o' Blue . 3 5 10 Fulbeck . . . 4 7 10 | Emulator . . 3 6 10 Slattern

. . 2 5 10 Templar . . 3 7 7 Flo

. 3 6 7 !

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The New STAKES of 5 sovs. each, with 30 added; two year olds 7st. 71b , three 9st. 3lb.; fillies

and geldings allowed 3lb.; winners once 5lb., twice 8lb. extra; maidens which have been beaten twice allowed 4lb., three times 9lb.; T.Y.C., about three-quarters of a mile.-9 subs. Yrs.

Yrs. Mr E. H. Banks's b. f. Maid of Perth

| Mr F. Fisher's b. f. England's Beauty Sir W. Booth's b. f. Fanfaronade

| Mr C. Formby's b. c. The Banner Bearer. 2 Mr G. Drewe's ch, f. Dexterity (h. b.

Mr Stevens's b. f. Barbarity . b. c. Rockley . . .

Mr W. Stone's ch, c. Boscobel. Mr R. Drewitt's ch. c. The Borderer. . 2

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Yrs. st. lb. 2. c. by Ratan, out 3 70

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 10.-A FREE HANDICAP of 60 sovs. ; winners of a handicap value 50

sovs. or upwards after the declaration of the weights to carry, once 5lb., twice 8lb. extra ; once round the course, about three-quarters of a mile.-18 subs. Yrs. st. lb.

Yrs. st. lla Kidnapper . i 5 9 3 Coleshill. . . 5 7 12 B. c. by Ratan, out Fatalist . . . 4 8 12 C. by Clumsy, out

of Alice . . 3 7 0 Van Lerius . . 4 8 9 of Bastile : . 4 7 12 | Sprig of Shillelah Maid of Cadiz . 4 8 8 | Primrose . . 3 7 8 i (late I never can) aged 7 0 Penelope . . 5 8 1 Jane Shore . . 3 7 6 Daring Ranger . 3 6 13 Rip Van Winkle . 3 8 1 Blue Bell . : 3 7 6 | Bacon . . . 2 6 4 Freckle . . . 4 8 0 | Elfrida . i 3 7 2 | Araby's Daughter . 2 5 7.

DONCASTER SUMMER. TUESDAY, Sept. 16.—The CHAMPAGNE STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h, ft., for two year olds,

colts 8st. 71b., and fillies 8st. 5lb.; the owner of the second horse to save his stake, and the winner to give six dozen of champagne to the Doncaster Racing Fund ; Red House in.--

29 subs. Mr Baker's gr. c. Captain Barclay

Mr Merry's ch, c, The Prophet Mr Bowes's ch. c. The Bird in the Hand

Sir C. Monck's br. f. Vanity Mr W. H. Brook's br. c. The Imposter

Mr Morris's b. c. Decoy Bird Sir R. W. Bulkeley's b. f. Tasmania

b. c. Rotterdam Capt Christie's b. f. Wild Honey

Mr Newland's b. f. Imperieuse
Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. South Western

Mr E. Parr's ch. c. Lambourn
Mr R. E. Cooper's b. c. King of the Forest Mr Robinson's ch. f. Lady Malcolm
Mr W.S.S. Crawfurd's b. c. Zuyder Zee

Mr F. Robinson's b. c. Anton
Ld Glasgow's b. c. by The Flying Dutchman, Baron Rothschild's b. f. Electra
out of Barba

Mr Sidney's b. f. The Dutchman's Daughter Adml 0. V. Harcourt's br. c. Wardermarske Mr J. M. Stanley's c. Kingmaker (foaled in Sir J. Hawley's br. f. Sagitta

France) Mr Hope's ch. f. Orianda

Mr J. White's br. c. Gilliver Mr Howard's br. c. Goldfinch

Ld Wilton's br. c. by Orlando, out of Ma Mie Ld Londesborough's bl. c. Lucan

Ld Zetland's br. c. Sharpshooter Mr Merry's b. c. King of the Isles The GLASGOW STAKES of 30 sovs. each, 20ft., for two year olds, colts 8st. 71b. each ; Red

House in.--8 subs. Mr Capel's ch. c. Delos

Mr Howard's br. c. Rohallion Capt Christie's ch. c. Amati

Ld Milton's b. c. Ignoramus Mr Cunningham's bl. c. Huntington

Mr Morris's ch. c. General Bosquet
Ld Glasgow's ro. c. by Hernandez, out of Mr Pedley's ch. c. Comquot

The REVIVAL PLATE of 100 sovs., in specie, for two year olds 7st., three 8st. 10lb., four 9st. 4lb.,

five and upwards 9st. 61b.; mares and geldings allowed 4lb.; winners of any stake amounting to 100 sovs. 5lb., of two of that value or one of 200 sovs. 71b., of any stake amounting to 500 sovs. 10lb. extra ; maiden two year olds at starting, if they have run thrice, allowed 5lb.; maiden three year olds, ditto, 7lb.; maiden four year olds, ditto, 101b.; matches not reckoned as winnings or losings; Red House in.-31 subs.




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Mr. G. S. Thom.c. Potboy.eodora.

Mr Brown's bl. f. Coal Black Rose . . 3 Adm Harcourt's b. c. Wardermarske : 2
Mr Buckley's br. f. Jane .

Mr A. Harrison's gr. f. Spinster.
Sir R. W. Bulkeley's br. f. Bel Esperanza. 2 Mr Harrison's b. c. Strathnaver. ..
Capt Christie's b. f. Wild Honey . . Mr Jepson's ch. c. King of Argos
Mr Copperthwaite's b.c. Sprig of Shillelagh 2 Mr J. Osborne's b. c. De Ginkel.
Mr J. Dawson's Harrie . .

Mr T. Parr's br. c. Fisherman
Mr T. Dawson's bk f. Sneeze.

Mr C. Peck's b. f. Princess Eugenie b. f. Red White and Blue

br. c. Bashi Bazouk b. f. Janet . .

Mr Phillips' br. f. Emily . Mr Drinkald's bk. c. Black Tommy .

Mr G. S. Thompson's b. c. Codrington - M. Dobler . . .

Mr Stewart's b. c. Potboy.

. Mr Elsley ns. Volant. .

Mr T. Walker's ch. f. Theodora. Mr J. Gilby's b. f. Ella

ch, f. Orianda .. Mr Gill's b. f. Plausible

Mr Wood's b. f. Pera. . Mr Hancock's br, f. Lady Florence

3 | Ld Zetland's b. c. Skirmisher Adm Harcourt's b. f. Ellermire . The CORPORATION PLATE of 100 sovs., in specie, added to a Handicap Stakes of 10 sovs.

each, 5 ft., for all ages; the winner of any handicap amounting to 100 sovs., after the weights are published, to carry 5lb, of two of that value or one of 200 sovs, 8lb extra ; the owner of the second to receive 15 sovs. out of the stakes, and the winner to pay 10 sovs. to the Race Fund ; T.Y.C.--35 subs. Yrs. st. lb. | Yrs. st. Ib.

Yrs. st. lb. Ellermire . . 4 9 0 Emulator . . 3 7 7 King Brian . 3 6 10 Plausible . . 4 8 0 Porto Rico

3 7 7 Miss Harkaway . 3 6 Newmarket. 8 0 Peter Flat

Gemma di Vergy. 26 Hospitality , 7 11 Gaudy.

3 7 6 Emily . . . 3 6 King of Scotland 711 Kestrel.

7 3 Bel Esperanza . 2 Baroda . . . 4 7 10 Panmure

7 3 Slattern.

5 11 Lady Florence 7 9 Mr Verdant Gre 7 0 Evelyn .

5 10 Alfred,

. 3 79
7 0 Pontifical

5 10 Jack Sheppard . 4 7 9 Thames Ditton 3 70

Black Tommy.

5 10 Flyaway

Alma . .

7 0 Mr Dobler Breeze Imposture


5 7 Bessie .

Pyrrha . .

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The GREAT YORKSHIRE HANDICAP of 25 sovs. each, 15 ft., and only 5 if declared, &c., with 100

added ; the second to receive 20 sovs. out of the stakes, and the winner to pay 50 sovs. towards expenses, &c.; the winner of the Leamington Stakes or the Great Ebor Handicap 9lb, extra, or of any handicap of 200 sovs. value, with the winner's own stake, from the time of declaring the weights to the time of starting, both inclusive, 5lb. extra; no horse to carry more than 9lb. extra; St. Leger Course.—82 subs., 56 of whom pay 5 sovs. forfeit. Yrs. st. lb./ Yrs. st. lb.

Yrs. st. lb. Mr Sykes (h.b.). 6 90 Vandal. . .4 70 | Prince of Orange . 3 6 2 Typee . . . 6 8 12 Bolton . . . 4 7 0 Gaudy. . . 3 6 Hungerford . . aged 8 4 Imogene . . 4 7 0 Preston (inc5lb ex) 3 6 3 Saraband

| Lundyfoot . 3 7 0 Kestrel . . : 3 5 Lady Tatton (i | Mishap. .

Br.c. by Orlando 9lb ex) . . 4 8 4 Marchioness.

Clarissa . . Alembic . . . 5 7 6 Pantomime. • 6 6 8 Houghton . . 3 5 7 . Courtenay . . 4 7 6 Gortschakoff. . 3 6 8 | Panmure . . 3 5 7

Yorkshire Grey 4 7 3 Termagant. • 3 6 6 Miss Harkaway . 3 5 5
Stork . . . 3 7 2
The DONCASTER PLATE (Handicap) of 70 sovs., for three year olds and upwards; the winner of

any handicap after the publication of the weights to carry 5lb. extra; entrance, 1 sov., to
go to the fund; one mile.
[The weights to be published on the Tuesday after the Warwick race week.]

Yrs. Saraband .

. .

4 The Mosanita
The Mosquito .

. . 4 Emulator .
Gaudy .
Græculus Esuriens.

Forbidden Fruit

New Brighton
Midhope .

| Porto Rico
Notre Dame
Good Friday

Glautias .


Flyaway .

Kestrel .

Dame Judith
The Early Bird .
Breeze .

The Medway
5 Welham

Byrsa. Prince's Mixture 3 | Lord Albemarle

. The FILLY STAKES of 30 sovs. each, 20ft., for two year olds, fillies 8st. 71b. each; Red House

in.-13 subs. Mr E. Buckley's br. f. Jane

Ld Londesborough's br. f. Ornament Capt. Christie's ch. f. Equity

Mr Morris's b. f. Matilda br. f. Nougat

Mrs Osbaldeston's eh. f. Dardanelles Ld Derby's b. f. Morra

Mr W. Robinson's ch. f. Lady Malcolm Mr J. S. Forbes's b. f. Roulade

Mr Sidney's b. f. Sister to Nancy Mr S. Hawke's b. f. Marguerite

Mr Wentworth's ch. f. Beatrice Mr W. I'Anson's b. f. Blink Bonny WEDNESDAY. - The MUNICIPAL STAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. for two year olds, colts

8st. 71b., and fillies 8st. 4lb.; the second horse to save his stake; Red House in.-4 subs. Mr Bowes's ch. c. Bel Oiseau

| Ld Eglinton's b. c. Zuyder Zee Ld Derby's b. c. Athlete

| Ld Glasgow's ch. c. by Surplice, out of Clarissa The St. LEGER STAKES of 25 sovs. each, for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b., and fillies 8st. 21b. ;

the owner of the second horse to receive 100 sovs. out of the stakes; the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards the expenses, 25 sovs. to the Judge, and 25 to the Starter; St. Leger Course.

-133 subs. Col Archdall's b. c. Rip Van Winkle

Mr Copperthwaite's b. e. The Wild Irishman. Mr D. Balding's bl. c. Merlin

Mr G. B. Cornish na. b. c. Bonnie Scotland Mr G. Barton's bl, f. by Surplice, out of The Mr Dawson's br, c. Bobby B. Biddy

b. c. Billy C. Count Batthyany's br. c. Peaceful

Ld Derby's br. g. Assailant b. c. Absolution

- b. c. Fazzoletto bl. f. Coal-Black Rose

br. c. by Melbourne, out of Meeanee Mr W. Baxter's b. f. Horatia

Mr W. Disney's b. c. Artillery Mr Bowes's br. c. Fly-by-Night

Mr Jonas Duckett's br. c. by Magpie, out of b. f Victoria

Gramachree: Sir R. W. Bulkeley's br. c. Marco Polo Mr Dunn's br. c. by Damask, out of Sister to - br.c. Gortschakoff

Broadwath" Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. Mark Foulis

Mr Michael Dunn's b. or br, c. King Brian Ld Clifden's ch. c. Indulgence

Ld Durham's ro. c. Warlock Mr Jas. Cookson's ch, c. Vaivode

Ld Eglinton's br. f. Mary Copp Mr W. Conlon's b. c. The Earl of Hills

Mr W. Etwall's b. c. The Danube Mr R. E. Cooper's b. c. The Czar

Ld Exeter's br. c. Peter Plat ch, c. by The Libel or Don John, out

b.c. Laird of Hazlewood. of Baleine

b. f. The Flying Duchess.

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