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1. Plummer, Printer, Seething Lane.

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AN Inquiry into the Causes of our Naval Miscarriages: With some

Thoughts on the Interest of this Nation, as to a Naval War, and of

the only true Way of manning the Filet, Dedicated to the Parlia-

ment of Great-Britain. ProVji the sVfyiii. Edition in Quarto, con-

taining thirty-seven pages, printed at London, 1707 ----- 5

The Character of a Sneaker. London, printed in the year 1705.

Quarto, containing five pages, and the picture of Janus in the

Title-page ..--..--28

Loyalty, attended with great News from Drake's and Raleigh's Ghosts.

Presenting the true Means whereby Britain may be recovered from

her Maladies, and obtain a lasting Happiness, Honour, and Re-

nown. In an lleroick Poem. London, printed for the Author, in

1705. Quarto, containing sixteen pages ---------32

Providence Displayed; Or, a very surprising Account of one Mr. Alex-

ander Selkirk, Master of a Merchant-man, called The Cinque-Ports;

who, dreading that the Ship would soon alter be lost, he desired to

be left on a desolate Island in the South Seas, where he lived Four

years and Four months, without seeing the Face of Man, the Ship

being afterwards cast away as he dreamed. Quarto, containing

twelve pages ------------------HO

The Royal Gamesters: Or, the old Cards new shuffled, for a Con-

quering Game. Quarto, containing four pages ------ 46

Reasons humbly offered to both Houses of Parliament, for Passing a

Bill for Preventing Delays and Expences, in Suits in Law and

Equity. Loudon, printed, and are to be sold by John Morphew,

near Stationers Hall, 1707. Quarto, containing twenty-two pages 49

A Trip to Dunkirk s Or, a Hue and Cry after the pretended Prince of

Wales. Being a Panegynck on the Descent. Said to be written by

Dr. Swift. Printed, and sold by the Booksellers of London and

Westminster, 1708 ----------------6

The Mighty Miracle: Or, the Wonder of Wonders at Windmill-Hill.

Being the invitation of John Lacy, Esq; and the rest of the inspired

Prophets, to all Spectators, to come on Tuesday next, the 35th Day

of this instant May, where, to their exceeding Astonishment, they

"•.,... 'Pa

may (without any Prejudice to their Eye-sight) behold Dr. Emms

arise out of his first grave, and dress himself' in his usual Habit to

all their View, and with a loud voice relate Matters of Moment,

preaching a Miraculous Sermon, giving a strange Account of past

and future Events; the like never seen or heard in England before,

exceeding any Wonder or Shew that ever was seen on Windmill-

Hill, at any Holiday-time. Licensed according to order. London:

printtd for J. Robinson, in Fleet-street, 1708. Folio, containing one page ------,.----- ...... gj

Esquire Lacy's Reasons why Doctor Emms was not raised from the

Dead, on the twenty fifth of May, according to the French Prophets

Prediction. London, printed for J. L. in Barbican, 1708. Folio,

containing one page --------------- g^

An Account of the late Scotch Invasion; as it was opened by my Lord

Haversham in the House of Lords, on Friday the twenty-fifth of

, February, 1708-9. Printed in the year 1709. Quarto, containing
forty-six pages .-...-.-.--- - - . . gg

The Geography and History of Mons. First written in French for the

Service ot an Imperial Officer in the Army about Mons, and now

done into English for the Satisfaction of our British Officers. By

John Mack Gregory, L. L. L. Professor of Geography and History.

Printed at Edinburgh, in the Year 1709. Quarto, containing four pages T----88

The Geography and History of Tournay: First written in French, for

the Service of Prince Eugene of Savoy, and sent inclosed in a Letter

to him, when he marched to besiege Tournay, and now done into

English for the Satisfaction of our British Gentlemen and Officers. By John Mack Gregory, L. L. L. Professor of Geography and His-

tory. To which is prefixed, as an Epistle Dedicatory, the Author's

Letter to Prince Eugene. Printed at Edinburgh, 1709. Quarto,

containing forty-four pages ----- - ....... 114

A Letter to a new Member of the Honourable House of Commons,

touching the Rise of all the Embezzlements and Mismanagements

of the Kingdom's Treasure, from the Beginning of the Revolution

unto this present Parliament. To which is added, an Account of

the National Expences, from November 3,1640, to November 1659;

and from November 5, 1688, to Michaelmas, 1700. Amsterdam,

Printed in the year 1710. Quarto, containing twenty-eight pages 140

King William's Ghost. From a Half-sheet Folio, printed in 1711 -16a

A Representation of the present State of Religion, with Regard to the

late excessive Growth of Infidelity, Heresy, and Profaneness:

Drawn up by the Upper House of Convocation, of the Province of

Canterbury, and transmitted to the Lower House for their Approba-

tion. Folio, containing five pages, printed in 1711 - - - - 163 A particular Description of the famous Town and Cittadel of Dunkirk,

with all its Foitifications, viz. Rice-bark forts, Harbour, Peere, the

Bason, the Number of the Ships in the Harbour, and Cannon in

each port, as it is now in the Possession of the Queen of Great-

Britain. Printed 1712. Quarto, containing twenty-one pages -170

<The Br—sh Ambassadress's Speech to the French King, M. S. - - 181

•Europe a Slave, when the Empire is in Chains: Shewing the deplorable State of Germany, from the Invasion of the French, and the

fatal Consequence of it to us and all Europe -------- 183

A Satyr on the Earl of Oxford, Lord Bolingbr-k, Mr. Moorland Mr. Prior, M.S. 195

Verses spoke to the Lady Henrietta-Cavendish Holies Harley, in the

Library of St John's College, Cambridge, November the 9th Ann.

1719. By Mr, Prior. ib


An Epitaph on BonSrfidt, the French King Lewis XIV. MS. - - - 196

An authentick Relation of the many Hardships and Sufferings of a Dutch Sailor, who was put on Shore on the uninhabited Isle of Ascension, by Order of the Commodore of a Squadron of Dutch Ships. Taken from the Original Journal found in his Tent by some Sailors, who lauded from on Board the Compton, Captain Morson Commander, in January 1725-6. Octavo, containing twenty-eight pages ----. 197

Advice to a Young Clergyman, how to conduct himself in the common Offices of Life, in a Letter from a late Right Reverend Prelate. Octavo, containing twenty-five pages ----,-----.. 203

The Travels of three English Gentlemen, from Venice to Hamburgh, being the Grand Tour of Germany, in the Year 17S4. MS. Never before published --------------.... 218

A Journey from Laubach, or Lubiana, to Gratz, the Metropolis of the
Dutchy of Stiria. MS. Never before published ------ 229

A Journey from Gratz, the Metropolis of Stiria, to Vienna in Austria,
MS. Never before published.. ------------ 246

The Continuation of the Travels of three English Gentlemen. A
Journey [from Vienna in Austria to Prague, the Capital of
Bohemia ------------------- 282

The Conclusion of the Travels of three English Gentlemen, &c. MS. 319 A Letter to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Cloyne. By a Gentleman in the Army, in the year 1739 --.----. 355

The true and wonderful History of Perkin Warbeck, proclaiming himself Richard the Fourth. London: Printed by E. G. for Nathaniel Butler, and are to be sold at his Shop in Paul's Church-yard, at the sign of the Pyed Bull. 1618. Quarto, containing one hundred and twelve pages ----.---.--------- 367

Chorographia: Or, a Survey of Newcastle-upon-Tine. The Estate of this Country, under the Romans. The Building of the famous Wall of the Picts, by the Romans. The ancient town of Pandon. A brief Description of the Town, Walls, Wards, Churches, Religious Houses, Streets, Markets, Fairs, River, and Commodities; with the Suburbs. The ancient and present Government of the Town. As also, a Relation of the County of Northumberland, which was the Bulwark of England against the Inroads of the Scots. Their many Castles and Towers. Their ancient Families and Names. Of the Tenure in Cornage. Of Cheviot-Hills. Of Tinedale and Reedsdale, with the Inhabitants.

Potestas omnium ad Caesarem pertinet, proprietas ad singulos.

Newcastle, printed by S. B. 1649. Quarto, containing thirty-four pages, besides the Title and Preface to the Reader ------ 446

A Declaration of the Right Honourable James, Marquis and Earl of Montrose, Lord Green and Mugdock, Captain-general of all his Majesty's Forces, raised and to be raised for his Service, in his Kingdoms of Great-Britain, concerning his Excellency's Resolution to settle his Majesty, Charles the Second, in all his Dominions, July 0, 1649. London, printed in the year 1649. Quarto, containing five pages ----------------.-- 469

A Winter Dream.

- Qua me suspennnm insomnia terrent t Sapefutururum prasagia somnia rerum. Virg.

Printed Anno Domini Quan Do ReX AngloruM VectI victltabat Captlvus, 1649. Quarto, containing twenty-two pages - - - - 47s

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