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The Description of the Istfi Judgment.

rTl H E Son of Man with all his Glory crown'd,
His Father's menial Angels waking round;
High in Mid-Heav'n his radiant Throne, shall come,
And to the tremblingWorld pronounce their Doom-
On his Right-Hand (hall then the Sheep be seen,
The Goats o'th' left, how vast a Gulf between!
Then to the Just— O of my Father blefs'd!
Come, come to Joy, and Peace, and endless Rest!
Me in my Poor you did on Earth relieve,
Now in requital ail my Heav'n I give.
But to th" Unjust with angry Frowns he'll fay,
From Bliss and me, ye curs'd, Depart away,
To Flames prepar'd for impious Spirts that fell;
'Tis you who chuse it, and must share their Hell.
To me you in my Friends were once unkind,
No Mercy (hew'd, nor Mercy hope to find:
These (hall depart to boundless, hopeless Pain,

The Just in Life, and Bliss, and endless Glory

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JI. The Son of Man shalt come all the holy angels with him, then the throne of his glory.

3Z. And before him (hall be tions; and he Jhall separate them us a shepherd divideth his sheep ft

33. And he shall set the sheep tut the goats on the left.

in his glory, and shall he sit upon

gathered all naone from another, om the goats: on his tight handf


Christ sends his Disciples to provide the Passover.

AND now the sacred Festal Day took place,

Which banilh'd leaven from the chosen Race:

The twelve onr Lord address, and ask him, Where

They fhou'd for him the Paschal Feast prepare?

Who strait did to the crowded City send,

Bold Cephas, and his ^ebedean Friend:

Wh«re from the Brook you sec a man return,

And Water bear in no capacious Urn,

Follow, fays he, his steps, and thus accost,

As my Embassadors, the courteous Host:

"The Master faith, this Day I'll be thy Guest,

"And with thee celebrate the Paschal Feast.

He'll you to a fair furnish'd Chamber guide,

Make ready dicre, and What We want, provide.

They went, and all things found as he declar'd,

And soon the Wine, and Bread, and sacred Lao$ prepar'd.

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17. Nm the first day of the feast of unkavvied trend, the disciples came to Jesus, faying unto him, Wnerc mit thou that we prepare for thee to eat the fajsover >

18. And he said, Go into the city to such a man, unify unto him, The master saith, My time is at hand, I will kfef the pajsover at thy house with my disciples.

19. And the disciples did as Jesus had appointed t'oem, and they made ready the pajsover.


The Tafiover eaten, and the Betrayer foretold

TN a large Room prepar'd for such a Guest,

The Master celebrates the Paschal Feast Himself, for so his Father did ordain, Th' unspotted Lamb for our Offences slain, Whose Mpmory he bids his Friends retain, (Till Heav'n restores the Substance for the Sign) In Feasts pf mystic Bread and sacred Wine: Tho' firsts as all the Twelve around him fate, Deep musing on his near approaching Fate, He thus— O can it (yet it must) be true! The Son of Man's betray'd by one of you. J^ame, name the Monster, or some Signal give, They all reply, he not deserves to live. He did, the lurking Traitor soon is shown, The false Iscariot he, no more unknown: As soon he s by th' invading Fiend poslest, And Seeds of Murder fill his avaricious Breast.

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