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The Appearance of Christ to Mary

A Gain did Magdalena now repair,

Unto the Tomb to seek her Treasure there: Distract with Fear and Love, she can't believe The Witness ev'n an Angel's self did give; But leaning ore the Vault her beautious Head, Survey'd again the Chambers of the Dead; And when the Body there no more appears, Washes the Place, as once his Feet, with Tears. —Behind her now a sudden noise (he hears, Startled (he turns, and glimm'ring thro' the Leaves, Something that scem'd of human Form perceives, Which kindly ask'd her, Why she wept, and whom She sought so near the solitary Tomb? Who Joseph's Gardner him supposing said, O tell, tell me, where my Lord you've laid. -MA ^r, he said, the Master's Voice she knew, And at his glorious Feet herself in Transports threw.

LXXI. St. M A R K Chap XVI. Ver. 9,10,11.

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9. Hlien Jesus was risen early the first day ef the week, be appeared first to Mary Magdalen, out of whom lie had cast seven devils.

1 o; And (he went and told them that had been with him, as they mourned and wept.

II. And they, when they had hea>d that he was alive, and had been seen of her, believed not.


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AND now to well-known Bethany he goes,

And leads the small but faithful Flock he chose;

Imperfect yet, with Expectations vain, »

On Israel's Throne to sec their Master reign:

They ask if now the Scepter he'd restore

To Judah's Race, and let em serve no more?

Seek not, he says, with bold and curious Eye

Into th' Arcana of high Heav'n to pry;

But wait till the blcfs'd Spirit descend, and you

With equal Pow'rs for your great "Works endue,

I go, but he shall ever with you dwell,

Thus you I bless, and bid you thus Farewel!

He fays, and instantaneous (hoots away,

To his own native joyous Realms of Day;

They greedy after gaze, and sigh to find

Their Master gone, themselves expos'd behind:

But with his Promise cheer'd, thought long they mourn'd,

Their Faith and Joy receiv'd, they to the Town return'd.

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1 9.' After the Lord had spoken unto them, be **s reeeived us into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.

lo. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord storking with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

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The GOSPEL according to
St. LU K E.

CONTENTS referring to the Chapters.

TOEhoId St. Luke, in neat and courtly Stile,

Correct and clean our Saviour's Acts compile: He tells how Gabriel to the Virgin • came, The Baptist's strange Conception, and his Name. Our Saviour's Birth■, his Harbinger *, his Line, Temptation4, Conquest, Preaching', Pow'r divined The Ears of Corns, the Twelve: The Dead are

rais'd 7, The Baptist, and the Woman's Faith is prais'd. The Sow'r 8. The Twelve >, and then the Seventy

sent'% HisPray'r ": He bids the Pharisees repent. "Weak mortal Rage, and persecuting Hate ", His must despise, the Broad, and narrow Gate'». The Dropsy heal'd '«, the Prodigal returns ", The Beggar crown'd with BlisstS, and Dives burnsOffence '7. The Widow18. With ^accheus staid > Our Lord "; and silent all his Tempters made ,0£ The Widow's Mite ". The Saviour is betray'd •». 1 Unjustly doom'd, with Patience Death receives *, Rais'd; the third Day ascends **, in Bliss for ever

lives. ._

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