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The dumb Devil <ast put.

COme sullen Dxmon did a Wretch invade,

And struck him dumb, to Jesus brought forAid With Eyes of Pity first he him survey'd, Then bids the Fiend dislodge, who dares not staVj But murm'ring and reluctant glides away: The Patient freed from his Infernal Guest, His Great Physician's Pow'r aloud confess'd; Those who from the adjacent Regions came, Attracted by the heav'nly Healer s^Fame; When all the Works of this Great Day they saw, Pregnant of Miracles, with sacred Awe And strange Amazement seiz'd, they freely own, The like in Israel ne're before was known. Not all th' Inspir'd, who their Forefathers taught, NotmightyMo/b's selffo many Wonders wrought

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3> -4»«? as they went out, behold, they troughs '«fe <t dumb man possessed with a devil.

33. And when the devil wat cast out, the dumb Sfokf: and the multitudes marvelled, saying, It itas never so seen in Israel.

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XXIV. St. Matt H. Chap. X. Ver. 5, to 15.

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