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Children call d, and Meekness recommended.

A Mbition now the chosen Twelve divides,
Which shou'd be first, which thus our Lord

decides :
A little Child he to himself did call,
And sets him in the midst amongst 'em all;
Then thus ( when him he in his Arms had plac'd,
And with a Mother's Tenderness embrac'd.)
If you'd be great, hence your Example take,
This Innocence you must your Pattern make.
If you the heav'nly Kingdom hope to gain,
And with me in my Father's Glory reign;
Ler fond Ambition pass, be meek and mild,
And teachable, and humble like this Child.
Wo to the wretch who one of these offends,
How just, how dire a fare his Crimes attends!
Far better for him that he found a Grave,
A thousand Fathom deep beneath the briny Wave.

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St. MATTH. Chap. XVIII. Ver. 2,

3, 4•

2. Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

3. And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye hall not enter into the kingdom of heaven,

4. Whosoever therefore mall humble bimself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of beaven,

XXXVI. The King who took account of his Scrvants. A King there was, whom, tho' both Wisc and

Great, His faithless Servants long conspir'd to cheat; Tho' long they reign'd, discover'd at the last, He asks a strict Account of all that's past; And with the greatest Villain first begun, Who twice five thousand Talents had out-run : Insolvent found he bids'em take away, And sell the Wretch, the vast Account to pay; Low at his Feet the Hypocrite did fall, Have Patience with me, and I'll pay thee all. Mov'd with Compassion, him his Lord forgave, And from his juftly threaten'd Fares did fare; What yet remain'd, advis'd him to improve, As he'd regain his Confidence and Love. O're-joy'd and free he from his presence went, Bow'd low, and promis'd fair, but no Perfor

mance m.capr.


Chap. XVIII. Ver. 23,
to 27.

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23. The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a certain king which would take account of bis fer

24. And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him which cught him ten thousand talents,

25. But forasmuch as he bad not to pay, his lord commanded him to be fold, and bis wife and children, and all that Le bad, and payment to be made, &c.

The cruel Fellom-fervant deliver'd to


T00 soon did he his Fellow-servant find,

From whom, as chanc'd, a trifling Sam behind, An hundred Pence was on Account unpaid ; Throttling he seiz’d, and did the Wretch upbraid ; Who clasp'd his Feet, his Patience did implore, And us'd the Plea, the other did before ; But usd in vain, it now could find no Room, A loathsom Goal his unrelenting Doom ; The rest commiserate his hapless Fare, And to their Lord with speed the whole relate : Enrag'd he did the Wretch remand in hafte, And thus th' irrevocable Sentence pass’d; Cruel and Wicked! thy Request I heard, And hadft thou no Compassion, no Regard To other's Prayers ! Hence, from my sight away, 'In Dungeons mourn, till tbou the Debt do pay. Such Measure shall they from high Heav'n receive, Whofe Hearts with Rancor fill'd, their Brother not forgive.

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