Virgil's Husbandry: Or An Essay on the Georgics: ...

W. and J. Innys and J. Pemberton, 1725

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Página 19 - Mark well the flow'ring almonds in the wood : If od'rous blooms the bearing branches load, The glebe will answer to the sylvan reign ; Great heats will follow, and large crops of grain.
Página 1 - What makes a plenteous harvest, when to turn The fruitful soil, and when to sow the corn; The care of sheep, of oxen, and of kine, And how to raise on elms the teeming vine; The birth and genius of the frugal bee, I sing, Maecenas, and I sing to thee.
Página 26 - Strict to their figure, though in wider space, Before the battle joins, while from afar The field yet glitters with the pomp of war, And equal Mars, like an impartial lord, Leaves all to fortune, and the dint of sword — So let thy vines in intervals be set, But not their rural discipline forget...
Página 33 - While he from high his rolling thunder throws, And fires the mountains with repeated blows : The rocks are from their old foundations rent ; The winds redouble, and the rains augment : The waves on heaps are dash'd against the shore ; And now the woods, and now the billows, roar.
Página 47 - What rocks did ^Etna's bellowing mouth expire From her torn entrails ! and what floods of fire ! What clanks were heard, in German skies afar, Of arms, and armies rushing to the war ! Dire earthquakes rent the solid Alps below, And from their summits shook th...
Página 15 - Of graceless guests, th' unhappy field subdue ; And oats unblest, and darnel domineers, And shoots its head above the shining ears ; So that, unless the land with daily care Is exercis'd, and, with an iron war Of rakes and harrows, the proud foes expell'd, And birds with clamours frighted from the field ; Unless the boughs are lopp'd that...
Página 36 - Thy vineyard must employ the sturdy steer To turn the glebe, besides thy daily pain To break the clods, and make the surface plain, T' unload the branches, or the leaves to thin, That suck the vital moisture of the vine.
Página 46 - Th' unerring sun by certain signs declares What the late ev'n or early morn prepares, And when the south projects a stormy day, And when the clearing north will puff the clouds away. The sun reveals the secrets of the sky; And who dares give the source of light the lie? The change of empires often he declares, Fierce tumults, hidden treasons, open wars. He first the fate of...
Página 35 - Let every swain adore her power divine, And milk and honey mix with sparkling wine : Let all the choir of clowns attend the show, In long procession, shouting as they go; Invoking her to bless their yearly stores, Inviting plenty to their crowded floors. Thus in the spring, and thus in summer's heat, Before the sickles touch the...
Página 35 - And dances in the wind ,those fields are in his grace. To Bacchus therefore let us tune our lays, And in our mother tongue resound his praise.

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