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SINCE the foundation of the Royal Colonial Institute in 1868, two Catalogues of the Library have been published; the first in 1881, and the second (the cost of which was undertaken by Mr. C. WASHINGTON EVES, C.M.G.) in 1886. The rapid increase in the number of Books in the Library, however, has necessitated the publication of a new Catalogue, which is compiled in such a manner as will show the full titles of the works upon each Colony in the order of publication, together with an index of Authors and contents, which makes it historical as well as illustrative in its character. The plan of arrangement may be divided into fourteen headings, viz.: (1) Collections of Voyages; (2) Other Voyages and Circumnavigations; (3) the Australasian Colonies, including New Guinea, Fiji, and the Islands of the South Pacific Ocean; (4) British North America; (5) the African Groups of Colonies; (6) the East Indies and the various British Possessions of the Eastern Seas; (7) the West Indies; (8) the Mediterranean and other outlying Possessions; (9) the British Colonies generally, comprising their history, government, trade, resources, and such subjects as Imperial Federation, Emigration, &c.; (10) Colonial Botany and Flora; (11) Colonial Poems; (12) Transactions of Societies &c. ; (13) Handbooks, Almanacs, &c.; and (14) Parliamentary Publications. These are subdivided into seventy sections, in which the literature of every Colony is so arranged that the works upon any special subject connected with its history, government, trade, and development may be followed from its foundation to the present time. In order to

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