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Friedenwald Company, 1893

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Página 243 - Monsieur de Pourceaugnac. — Les amants magnifiques. — • Le bourgeois gentilhomme. — • Psyché. — Les fourberies de Scapin. — La comtesse d'Escarbagnas. — Les femmes savantes. — Le malade imaginaire. — Poésies diverses.
Página 241 - Voyage autour de ma chambre. — Expédition nocturne. — Le lépreux de la cité d'Aoste. — Les prisonniers du Caucase. — La jeune Sibérienne, i vol 9 fr.
Página 97 - Territory.— Harry Bolton's Curacy.— The Florida Pirate.— The Pandour and his Princess.— The Beauty Draught. VOL. X. Antonio di Carara.— The Fatal Repast.— The Vision of Cagliostro — The First and Last Kiss.— The Smuggler's Leap.— The Haunted and the Haunters.— The Duellists.
Página 231 - La maison du chat-qui-pelote; Le bal de Sceaux; La bourse; La vendetta; Madame Firmiani; Une double famille; La paix du ménage; La fausse maîtresse; Étude de femme; Albert Savanis.
Página 114 - Akenside, Harte. 10. Young, Gray, B. West, Lyttleton, Moore, Boyce, Thompson, Cawthorne, Churchill, Falconer, Lloyd, Cunningham, Green, Cooper, Goldsmith, P. Whitehead, Brown, Grainger, Smollett, Armstrong.
Página 1 - Museum. 7. Engineer; Rambles among the Alps; Three Gold Dollars. 8. Gibraltar Gallery; Alcove; Dialogues. 9. The Great Elm; Aunt Margaret; Vernon. 10. Carl and Jocko; Lapstone; Orkney. 11. Judge Justin; Minigo; Jasper. 12. Congo; Viola; Little Paul.
Página 132 - ... Goethe's Faust. Part II. Translated into English Verse. Second Edition, Revised. Fcap. 8vo, 6s. The Works of Horace. Translated into English Verse, with Life and Notes. 2 vols.
Página 95 - Pancha, by TA Janvier.— The ablest man in the world, by EP Mitchell. — Young Moll's Peevy, by CA Stephens.
Página 97 - Natolian Story-Teller.— The First and Last Crime.— John Rintoul. — Major Moss.— The Premier and his Wife. VOL. XII. Tickler among the Thieves ! — The Bridegroom of Barna. — The Involuntary Experimentalist.— Lebrun's Lawsuit.— The Snowing-up of Strath Lugas.— A Few Words on Social Philosophy. THE WONDER-SEEKER; Or, The History of Charles Douglas. By M. FRASER TYTLER, Author of ' Tales of the Great and Brave,
Página 178 - The maid of honour. — The picture. —The emperor of the East.— The fatal dowry. — A new way to pay old debts.— The city madam.

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