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Several excellent new inventions to take both foxes, pole-cats, and other vermin.

Item, To avoid crows, rooks, and daws from corn in the sowing, or in the ear.

Item, To cause all the moles in a field to resort to one place, and to take them very easily.

To preserve timber from rotting.

To make glew for the joining of boards, whether green or dry, that shall hold faster than the boards themselves.

That by travelling several years for the discovery of many rare experiments, &c. amongst many admirable collections for several infirmities happening upon four easy ways for the perfect curing of the King's evil, and neither of them with the seventh child, which are so excellent and (by the blessing of God) soexceedingly successful, that 1 desire to impart them to such as shall have occasion thereof.

Item, An infallible experiment for the gout and scurvy, which hath perfectly cured above a hundred.

Item, For the stone and strangury, which hath saved many men's lives.

Cum multis aliis, Sf-c.

Having many other rarities of most admirable consequence, which would grow so voluminous, that I am resolved to reserve them for an additional impression: In the mean time, I shall willingly demonstrate and impart of them, byway of exchange, or otherwise, to any thatshall be desirous thereof.

General accommodations.

WHOSOEVER shall have monies to let forth upon interest, may have sufficient security to his desire, and such present and positive directions for the more secure disposing of his monies, so far transcending all manner of adventure, that the result thereof may, by many degrees, be more satisfactory, and may more advantageously extend and conduce to his content.

Whosoever shall be provided for a purchase, of what proportion soever, either of lands in the country, or houses here in the city, may have several particulars presented to his consideration, and full satisfaction to his desire.

Whosoever hath occasion to sell lands, houses upon lease, &c. or to borrow monies upon lands, houses, leases, rents, &c. may be timously supplied to his desire, from fifty pounds, to five-thousand pounds.

Whosoever shall desire to increase the talent, divine justice hath put into his hands, and will deposit monies upon present annuities, or for estates in reversion, that shall appear, to the eye of judgment, exceeding advantageous, may have satisfactory compliancy to the full accomplishment of his expectation; or whosoever will give reasonable satisfaction, for monies during life, may have considerable sums seasonably parted with, upon honest and commonable terms.

Whosoever hath occasion for a necessary house, or shall desire to be provided with convenient lodgings, furnished, or otherwise; or shall be minded to be dieted, either wholly, or at meals, as an ordinary, of what condition or degree soever; they may have full information and satisfaction, with as much content as may be expected or desired; or whosoever shall desire to take a convenient mansion near London; or within twenty miles thereof, or part of an house, or lodgings, with their diet or otherwise; they may have such information and intelligence, as cannot but abundantly correspond with their expectations. Or whosoever shall have an inclination to take a convenient house or farm in the country, by lease for years or lives, whereby they might continue to themselves a convenient competency for their support and livelihood; they may, in pursuance of their desires, have plenary intelligence from most partsof England or Ireland; and may further, according to their capacities,be directed and furthered to more fructiferous employments under some eminent neighbouring gentleman, that may, by vertue of their relation and recourse, happily become their landlord, &c.or whosoever shall be willing to part with such habitation or place of residence, of what proportion soever, or in what part of England or Ireland soever; by hinting their pleasures, all industry will not be wanting, at least, so much as may occasion them to be inheritors of their desires.

Whosoever shall be minded to buy any goods, that London doth afford, either for apparel or otherwise, may be furnished at the first and best hand, at equitable rates, with all clarity and serenity, and with forbearance of their monies for the present or otherwise; or shall desire to have their wants supplied with any kind of houshold-stuff, at the first or second-hand, as linnen, pewter, brass, all sorts of hangings, or other requisites appertaining to houshold affairs; they may have their choice either by parcels, as they have need; or the full furniture of an house from executors, or from such as have occasion to give up house-keeping, &c. and constant information, where, with whom, and upon what conditions they may be had. Or whosoever, shall have com modi lies to sell, or what vendible commodities soever, shall come from beyond the seas, or out of the country,either in great parcels, or otherwise, upon information thereof, at my lodgings; they may have divers make address unto them, and may instantly vend whatsoever they shall have remaining by them.

Whosoever shall lose any papers, books of accompt, or any other considerable thing; whereas the finder may desire restitution to the owner, by leaving notice thereof, at my lodgings, there may happen a reciprocal accommodation between them. Or, whosoever shall have goods stolen, as horses, or any other cattle, may, by describing the marks, iVc. with, other necessary explanatory observations, have such an expeditious course taken, by posting of bills throughout the city, the market-towns and fairs, within a considerable distance, and by other scrutinies for suspicious persons about the city, together with such other probable and imaginable expedients, effectually prosecuted and pursued, as may consequently render responsible inferences of discovery, how to recover their goods again.

Whosoever shall desire to be entertained as a gentleman's chaplain, tutor, secretary, steward, &c. or shall be capable of preferment, especially youth, of what degree soever, may have such directions and furtherance as may very much tend to their advancement; or whosoever shall need any such servant, of what quality or condition soever, or any that would be set a work in their faculties, &c. they may be sufficiently accommodated to their desires. Or if they need any that are expert and excellent in teaching musick,short-writing, &c. or any artist whatsoever, or masters of bodily exercise, as dancing, fencing, &c. they may have such that will, according to the dispensations God hath conferred upon them, endeavourto ingratiate themselves to theiresteems, and some of the same qualifications, that will occasionally evidence their willingness by their industrious observancy toconform themselves as domestick, that are men of known trust, government, and integrity.

Whosoever shall have suits in law to commence, or shall happen into any kind of litigious controversies, discordances, and competitions, of what nature soever, or shall be prisoners, &c. they may have their doubts explained, matter of fact stated, substantially proposed, and methodically digested with seasonable directions upon easy terms, without retarding or remora's, and with the contribution of the concurrent opinions and free advice of the most candid and ingenuous judgments, that will stand by them in their just rights, and may happily address them unto some that shall, without partiality, resume the pursuit of the business for them by right, or else as referendaries, &c. make an amiable and an amicable composition and transaction of the matter for their best advantage with their adversary in their behalf.

Whosoever shall have debtors, that skulk and are latentin any part of England, Ireland, &c. they may have such real and pertinent courses observed and pursued for their discovery, and for recovery of their debts, whereby they may be made willing, if able, for all conscionable performances.

Whosoever shall need an agent or sollicitor, and shall desire the common intelligence of publick state-affairs, and othercommunicable occurrences, may have all honest and faithful services performed, with what respective credentials and considerable obligements, shall be necessarily required, in reference and order to such employments.

Whosoever shall be minded to undertake an office, or place of present benefit, and shall desire to be negotiated in any such condition, may be severally advertised very much tending to their future content and satisfaction. And such that will part with an office or place of benefit for present profit, they may find, by address, how to compass their desires; and those that shall be able to give intelligence of any such office, &c. which may happen by the sickness or death of any officer, or by misdemeanors, being themselves not capable to execute the same, upon their discovery, they may be sufficiently considered and rewarded therefore. Or if any man, living remote, shall be able to discover any material thing obvious to his observation, which may be advantageous to the publick, or to himself, not beingable to repair to London, to advance his design; upon intimation thereof, by letters or otherwise, fate may have all prevalent advantages, effectually pursued, to promote the execution thereof, without putting himself to the charge of a great journey at adventure ; and a condign recompence procured out of the benefit, which, thence may accrue to the publick, or otherwise, with as much reality, and sincerity, as if he himself were present, and able to prosecute the same. Whosoever shall be so instrumental to their own happiness, and future content, to avoid the pernicious effects of ignorance in their children, and season their tender years, by endeavouring the right framing of their studiss to the ready attainment of virtue and knowledge, during their flexibility (according to the order of duty, and the talent committed to them, whereof they must be accountable) may, in cases of such importance and concernment, have such excellent designs illustrated unto them, and such observable inferences for their educations, that those parents, that are truly generous and careful of their children's good, cannot but exceedingly approve thereof, and very much incline thereunto. See, Whosoever shall be inclinable to travel into any part beyond the seas, may happily, by address, enjoy the blessings of such unanimous consociation, as may most nearly be consistent with his disposition, so that by a candid and sympathetical participation and complacency in all occurrences, and by the intercourse of mutual friendship and correspondency, their affections may be so firmly tied together in bonds of unity, and so intirely woven within one another, that they may rationate,consult, and co-operate jointly in their travels, and the one may, by their amicable coherency and combination, meliorate, improve, and be helpful unto the other in their abilities; and may further, by men of worth, knowledge, and experience, be respectively intelligenced, instructed, and advertised of the manner and condition of travelling into what part soever, how to steer his course with cautiousness and circumspection, and to orderand deport himself in his peregrinations for matter ofexpences,andto discover and decline all false representations, and how likewise to regulate and associate himself with such sort of people as he shall obviate and be conversant with, and may be furnished with gold for silver upon all occasions, and be recruited and supplied with all conveniences, wheresoever he shall come.

Whosoever shall be desirous to travel into Ireland, Scotland, or any place of England, may, by entering their names, and the time they intend to take their journey, consort themselves with company suitable to their minds, and so pass in a coach together part of the way at an easy charge; or may be directed how to convenience themselves with horses to their desire, either by such as are to be returned by the carriers, or otherwise; or may know where to have horses at reasonable rates; or, if they will buy horses for their present occasion, they may have notice where to fit themselves, either from gentlemen or merchants here in the city, with such warranty and content, as may be fully satisfactory to their expectation.

Whosoever shall have relation to Virginia, the Barbadoes, New England, or any other country inhabited with English, or shall have cause to send into any of those places, or would inhabit, or transplant himself into those parts, he may have all intelligence and expedients, with as much conveniency as may be. And such here in England, that shall have means fall unto them in any of these countries, or any there that shall have the like in any part of England, and would have commodities transported from the one unto the other, or any other reciprocal negotiation, or intercourse of friendship, of what importance soever. And so likewise into any other country, as France, Spain, the Low Countries, &c. by their address and application, according to their particular ends and concernments completely expedited; and what equitable offices Christianity and humanity may afford, they may assuredly enjoy with all faithfulness and serenity. Cum multis aliis.


Plummet- and Crew is, Printers, Low-lane, EastCheap.

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